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Title:Integrate Dash into PC/Android/iOS games payment (IAP) with Towers as an example
Monthly amount: 35 DASH (7147 USD)
Completed payments: no payments occurred yet (4 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2021-09-12 / 2022-01-09 (added on 2021-09-06)
Final voting deadline: in 6 days
Votes: 162 Yes / 32 No / 4 Abstain
Will be funded: No. This proposal needs additional 335 Yes votes to become funded.
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Proposal description

We propose to integrate Dash directly in our PC/Android/iOS Real-Time-Strategy game Towers and allow any other game developer to very easily add Dash for In App Purchases (IAP). Back in our last proposal over a year ago with almost 99% yes votes (thanks!) we hinted at our Free To Play game Towers and wanting to do Dash integration back then.

Update 2021-09-07: New shop screen mockup with prominent placed Dash buttons to show the 25% each player can save on purchases.

In this year a lot of interest came back to the cryptocurrency space, the ongoing lawsuit between Epic and Apple might also give us a hint on where the Apple and Google stores are heading (by having to allow apps to provide their own payment options as well) and there is a lot of smaller games, websites and projects that try to add crypto directly into games (like Fun, Enj, RVR, Game, Mana, PolyPlay, Decentraland, Axie Infinity, Battle Racers, cryptokitties and many more). While some of these projects look promising, for normal PC or Android gamers they are mostly unheard of and not really on anyones radar that is not already a crypto junkie. Most projects are websites or have very simplistic graphics or just a very casual gameplay, which doesn't sound interesting to more hardcore gamers. As far as we know all of these project have the crypto aspect first, which is for the much bigger target audience of gamers not very interesting.

In our game Towers we mainly want to create a fun strategy game experience that is very easy to learn, still hard to master and provides some ways for players to advance, customize via skins, play casually or competitive and either battle each other directly or try to gain higher scores on the leaderboards. We think of strategy games more like a sport that you can watch others play because of their skill. In our opinion this more gamer-focused approach has a much higher chance of reaching a greater audience and is also a much bigger scope than most smaller crypto games have (even though we are still very tiny in the game space). Still Towers is a great usecase for Dash to allow players to purchase, share, tip, donate easily on the Dash blockchain. Our previous game SoulCraft has accumulated more than 40 million downloads over the years and we are of course trying to reach as many players as possible with Towers as well.

Dash will be prominently shown on our main webpage and the initial scene of the game. Also the in-game store, where players actually buy Diamonds (see below) will feature the Dash payment option (via our MyDashWallet api), which is always at least 25% off and will make it the number one choice for any gamer that want to save some money.

Ongoing MyDashWallet improvements and support
Check for more detailed data
Transactions: 531418 (from 180k last year)
Dash Send: 501646.2 DASH (up 20% this year)
PrivateSend Transactions: 19712 (up 25% this year)
Dash Mixed: 180709 DASH (from 165k last year)
InstantSend Transactions: 9901 (up 25% this year)
Tip Accounts: 22634 (up 330% this year)
Tips: 389893 (up almost 400% this year)
CoinFlips (Bot Game): 15541 (up 1%, almost unused)

Our support for MyDashWallet and the bots is ongoing and while we didn't have much development work this year aside from Twitch and YouTube integration plus the 0.17 Dash network upgrade, we still have to spend some time to support, currently almost daily (seems more users are using the wallet and mixing services again). MyDashWallet is a very successful project that was funded five times already by the Dash DAO with a high approval rate (93-98%). There is over 100 Telegram and 20 Discord servers communities actively using the bot right now ;)

Our Bot Developer (@Xadarius) spent a lot of time on Twitch, YouTube, ongoing support and fixes late 2020 and while we created some proof on concept how things would work, we did not fully integrate In App Purchase into the Towers game yet back then. This was mostly because our game was not done and there was no real reason to buy anything from a store for an unfinished game. Since the beginning of the year we hired 4 additional developers (2 artists and 2 game programmers) and the progress on Towers is finally at a stage were we are ready to release the first public version. In recent months we have beta tested on Android and Steam (PC) and going to release a demo later this month for the Steam Developer Days, which gives us a lot of free visibility, marketing and advertisement (we already got a few thousand views and many Wishlist adds).

MyDashWallet API
Instead of directly integrating Dash into Towers (which we already did in a early mockup version a year ago as a proof of concept), we are going to extend our for anyone to integrate Dash into any website, game, app or project. There is already some smaller users and both our new website ( and some bot functionality is using the api instead of reinventing the wheel. The API allows any game/app/website to:
  • Create unlimited user accounts, each with their own Dash address for easy deposits directly on the blockchain
  • The user private data (private key) can be kept secure in the app or server or shared with the user (like our bot or website do), this is up to the developer, in Towers we won't share this, but give each user an easy way to interact with his Dash
  • The usual methods to check balance, deposit or withdrawal
  • Obviously users in the app (and outside) can easily tip each other, send rains, donate, etc. with their money
  • We are also going to support Dash usernames and any other features of Dash Platform once it goes live on mainnet
Towers - Game Details
Towers is a Multiplayer Real-time strategy (RTS) with Tower Domination as the game mode (most similar game is Mushroom Wars), with a strong focus and coop and user-generated content. Towers is a free to play game, which means anyone can download it on any supported platform for free. Players can buy optionally skins or items via the in-game currency. In our upcoming demo later this month, the multiplayer mode it is very important for us and competitive play. All players have exactly the same abilities (think StarCraft, the most successful multiplayer RTS game, still going strong after 22 years) and cannot buy stronger units or abilities, but instead get skins, graphical modifiers, emotes, etc. to show off. In the singleplayer there are certainly helpful items and abilities you can either play for or just buy to skip grinding or help you to get to higher skill levels.

In the current iteration we getting it to work on the most important platforms Steam and Android & iOS and getting all 40+ Singleplayer Missions done plus recently added Multiplayer support for competitive play. Our team has been developing games for the past 25 years, we have a ton of experience with triple A games on PC, Xbox and Playstation and all the app stores on Consoles, PC and Mobile Phones and Tablets. Our most recent and most successful project was our Diablo-like RPG game SoulCraft (and its spin offs SoulCraft 2 and our Moba Heroes Of SoulCraft), which was downloaded over 40 million times on all platforms and we still support to this day (but don't develop for anymore since 2017).

See above: One major problem with the Google Play Store, Apple App Store, Steam or pretty much any other platform games are available nowadays, is that they are Walled Gardens. It is simply not yet allowed or possible to integrate any other payment option in any game, free or not. Even streaming services are violating App Store policies. Apple, Google, Amazon and Microsoft are all constantly fighting and game developers simply do not want to fight the rules, this is why you will not find any game on these platforms supporting any cryptocurrency for IAP. We cannot change that fact, but we are still going to release our own .apk and windows installer outside Steam/Google/Apple stores to support all features. We also think there is no problem with Steam or Google anymore if we keep the Dash feature enabled in the released version (as of September 2021), if we have to disable the feature, we will comply and allow users to continue using the separate downloads that do not feature store support. Nothing forbids us from releasing our already free game on our Website, allow people to download the apk for Android (iOS users can't be supported that easily) and use whatever else payment system we like. We think it is a great way to experiment with Cryptocurrencies in games, not just betting or chatting on twitch/youtube/telegram/discord or supporting your favorite caster or producer on Patreon, but simply use it in game all the time like people use Dash on Telegram!

Unlike in our initial plans players do not earn Dash directly, but instead gain Gold and Diamonds, exactly like in the versions for the Steam/Google/Apple stores (there is actually no difference, any account from Steam, Google, Apple or Dash, or unlinked accounts can be linked together the same way MyDashWallet users can do over multiple platforms). Gold is the main in game currency and can be used to buy low level and common items, each player will have tons of it and the more you play, the more you get. Diamonds are very rare and while you get some from time to time and on completion, you will run out if you spend them or constantly want the newest skins and features. So players can buy more Diamonds via the stores or Dash.

However, every Diamond can also be converted back to Dash, which is a very cool feature. It will not be 1:1 as there would be a lot of trouble supporting all currencies, app stores, deals, sales, etc. but instead there will be a simple formula like this in place:
  • Every Diamond is worth $0.20, players usually accumulate 10-30 in their first playthrough, some items cost 1 Diamond, up to maybe 100 for the best stuff. So you basically get free money for just playing (plus in game Gold for all your common in game needs).
  • Players can buy more diamonds with money, $0.99 gives them 5 Diamonds, $2.99 gives them 20 Diamonds, etc.
  • Using Dash gives the player a 25% discount on any purchase (so $0.99 is now only $0.74 in Dash, but gives you the same value)
  • Diamonds stay with the player account, every player can link up as many platforms as they want (so 1 Diamond is the same on PC, Android or iOS obviously)
  • Every player can convert their diamonds back into money via Dash at a 50% rate (1 Diamond gives you $0.10), so if you sell 100 Diamonds into Dash, you get $10 worth of Dash and can withdrawal it within seconds.
  • This Dash is actually on the blockchain and each player has its own Dash account created via our bot api (described above)
  • Any player can send any amount he owns to any other player or any address, its his money and Dash is money!
  • Players can also use their dash (from tips, deposits, selling) and buy more Diamonds if needed
We have the Steam Developer Days demo ready by the end of September and will provide an early preview for the Dash integration by the end of October. This would still be a great usecase for Dash and anyone can simply point to the game and give an example of a game that fully has integrated Dash. Dash is a great currency for a local community or group to send money in between each other, even on-chain, we see this every day with our bots and internal usage. We think this concept also applies to in game currencies of games and it is my strong believe this will dominate all in app purchases in the future as it is so much better than the alternatives (huge fees on payment providers, crazy cuts by publishers and platforms, the cut is 30%). Dash does not have any of these problems, we can send the same one dollar around 50 times without losing even a single cent :)

Tournaments & Gaining Dash by Playing
50% of all Dash we will receive from this proposal or get from players through purchases will be reserved to allow paying out users that play and accumulate Diamonds and want to cash them out to Dash (normally buying in app purchase products is a one-way street, so this is one of the biggest changes). Additionally we want to feature gamers that feature the game, run tournaments with Dash price pools and use these funds to drive more marketing efforts, which will benefit the game and of course drive more Dash back into this reserve.

35 Dash per month (~$7500 at ~$215/Dash (30d moving average) = 6500 euro) for the next 4 months (September - December 2021) + 5 proposal fee reimbursement
This allows our game team to justify spending much more time on the shop, Dash integration, marketing plus ongoing support for MyDashWallet and the API. If the Dash price appreciates even more, we will have a longer supported development window and more funds for tournaments, marketing, and allowing users to get Dash from playing.

Feedback welcome, you can also contact me any time on Telegram or Discord or drop us an email at
PS: We are still updating the pictures here, new Hero is coming this week (see preview above), new website is being worked on and we will update all screenshots once we have our new stuff ready, our preparation for Steam Developer Days is eating up most of our time aside from improvements from our weekly alpha tests.

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1 point,4 days ago
Although I am a fan of deltaengine's work on mydashwallet, I'm not seeing where the value-add will be for this. To me it sounds like we're just doing this because we "can", as opposed to addressing a real market demand. I dont think that exclusive dash-integration into games is going to be the way to go. Players and devs want to be able to pay for things and receive payments in whatever currency they want. If we want to get a foothold into gaming then I would prefer us to be part of a multi-coin/coin-agnostic solution, which could potentially still give dash a slight advantage because of its speed. No one is going to be interested in copying this dash-exclusive solution; the only reason it is being considered in this case is because the game dev is already a dash enthusiast. So I am planning to pass on this one -
1 point,3 days ago
Hey Troy, yes we agree this is not an easy or straightforward way to convince players to use Dash. We basically just in a state where the game is released in a few weeks and want to try out Dash for payments.

Our main issue is that google/steam/apple will just not like what we are doing and force us to remove any hint of Dash from the game and then the Dash version of the game is only available on our website (PC and Android). Aside from that we see no issue in implementing it or getting players excited about saving 25%, at least people will ask about it and question how to get these Dash to make cheaper purchases. After that it is learning by doing, I think we all agree that we like Dash because it is so much easier, faster and more enjoyable to use as compared to most other crypto (and non-crypto) solutions, but that still requires you to be "in Dash".

Not sure why you are saying our game would be a dash-exclusive solution, we are open to all payment providers and also all cryptocurrencies, we don't really care. Dash just makes most sense as a on-chain blockchain payment provider, that is why we want to start here and try it out.
-4 points,4 days ago
What a silly thing to say. MNOs are NOT tasked with limiting proposals on what they can do, or "what they think will be 'the way to go'". We're only supposed to confirm whether or not a PO is faithful and honest in their work, that's it. Expanding Dash in another vertical like game payments is the exact kind of thing the network should engage in.

I must ask, have you been paid or otherwise compensated for any of your comments including this one on DashCentral? It is completely inappropriate for A MNO to fud a proposal with their SUPPOSITIONS.
0 points,1 day ago
Really? LOL Pot calling the kettle black, only the pot is the blackest of all!
0 points,22 hours ago
Can you show where I have fudded a proposal with supposition?
-1 point,15 hours ago
Furthermore, I noticed last time you didn't answer this question so while I have you here I'll repeat it:

Have you ever been paid or otherwise remunerated for your commentary here in DashCentral?

In order to avoid being hypocritical allow me to go first. I have NEVER been paid, remunerated or otherwise compensated for expressing an opinion, engaging with other MNOs or otherwise posting in DashCentral.
4 points,4 days ago
If someone's work involves faithfully and honestly doing something that I don't see as benefiting Dash strategically, then it doesn't matter if they are faithful and honest, I'm not going to vote for something I think is wasteful.

It's frustrating and unproductive to discuss issues with someone who always questions your intentions whenever you have a different opinion. It happens all the time with you. As such, I am not going to continue to engage with you here.
-2 points,4 days ago
> that I don't see as benefiting Dash strategically

How can you possibly think that exposing people to a fun game that extends our already existing infrastructure (mydashwallet) can be anything but a benefit to dash strategically??

Mydashwallet is an important part of the Dash network, so off the bat, anything that ties into and expands its usage is a win for the Dash network. Just from that alone I can dismiss the rest of your comment.

>think is wasteful.

How can it be 'wasteful'? You don't know it won't succeed so you can't assume it will be a waste. There is no evidence of fraud so there is no reason to ASSUME it will fail and be a waste. You see, you are not being honest in your arguments.

I can tell by your assumptions that you have ulterior motives. If you were the same as me, only motivated to benefit the Dash network, then your motivations for commenting would be the same as mine. And you wouldn't assume things that are not true as being so. The fact that you do indicates you have a nefarious agenda. I've accused you of this before so this is at least the second time you've tripped my shill radar.

>It's frustrating and unproductive to discuss issues with someone who always questions your intentions whenever you have a different opinion.

That is CLEARLY not what I'm doing. I have had differing opinions with many others here and I've never questioned their intentions. Qwizzie, Ryan Taylor, quantum explorer, and others I have openly disagreed with without questioning their intentions. You clearly are not being honest with your commentary.

You're basically fudding and poo-pooing Dash's entry into gaming all based on your supposition. How can you not see that as justification of questioning your motives?? If you really cared about Dash you would support people trying to expand Dash's usage. But here you are, attacking a proposal using BULLSHIT REASONING.

It "happens all the time" with me because you're not being honest and have sold out the community. You disgrace yourself by appearing here and validating my warnings about 'Conflict of interest' being our greatest threat. You are wise to run with your tail between your legs, you have been thrashed every time we've engaged.
-3 points,4 days ago
I also noticed you didn't answer the question.
0 points,4 days ago
Yes from me, good luck with your budget proposal.
0 points,3 days ago
Thanks :)
-7 points,4 days ago
I just want to point out something that has been simmering for a while now. It is inappropriate for ANYONE other than the current proposal owner or a *current* masternode owner to post comments here. There really is no other way to say it. If you don't belong to either group, you should remain silent. It is a conflict of interest for ANYONE ELSE to comment here.

For example, this is an excellent proposal, yet we have three FUD comments from non-verified MNOs (I include GMD until he provides proof that he is a MNO) who also are not the PO, Grandmasterdash, masternoodle, and agnewpickens.

Agnew admits that he does not have a masternode and can only comment because he's a 'former PO'. This represents a conflict of interest. A former PO that was defunded or who didn't get funded in the first place, has incentives to 'retaliate' against the network. Just like if you blow the whistle in a big corporation, you can expect they will 'retaliate'. Not in an obvious, legally-actionable manner of course. But you will be blacklisted for projects, shunned in meetings, etc. This is the kind of behavior we are seeing currently and have seen in the past.

When Ben Swann was defunded in 2018 IIRC, Joel Valenzuela, who was then being paid from the DAO for the DFN proposal, went on an entire RETALIATION CAMPAIGN. He not only attacked kuvacash (which ended up turning out terrible as well. Two sides, same coin?), but he also got proposals kicked out of Dashboost by hogging those funds as well even though he was getting paid from the treasury too (DashHaiti was denied funds because of this). Not only that, but he further split the discord with his minions. He was defunded for these behaviors and more.

Now obviously, he can't retaliate OPENLY. But like corporate, you can expect subversive, destructive behavior from him. Which is why I argued against his most recent proposal. Looking forward to seeing the chaos that causes down the line. The point is, THESE ARE THE THINGS WE HAVE TO CONSIDER AS MNOS.

We can't be naive and 'trusting in the good nature' of people, because these feelings are the feelings that trolls and shills seek to take advantage of. I know because they've repeatedly tried it with me. They've tried to get me to believe lies that they thought I couldn't see through, or to 'trust' someone who they knew was lying. Why?

Because when you TRICK SOMEONE you gain power over them. You have to come out from under that before you can be rid of them now. They can parasite you because they have control over some part of your thinking. And because humans have a natural aversion to admitting their errors (due to the potential consequences), they use YOUR NATURAL MIND AGAINST YOU.

These are the psychological tactics of manipulation that shills and trolls use to convince you of falsehood so they can SHAPE THE NARRATIVE and SPREAD THEIR SELF-SERVING LIES. Here's a perfect example:

In this thread, you can see in r/btc George Donnelly FUDING Dash. Just like Lysergic does on the most recent DashDelivery proposal.

0 points,8 hours ago This is a NO from me sadly, you have not provided a budget, you have not shown any evidence of usage of this service. We have no idea how your business model is to become self-reliant, we have no idea how you intend to spend the requested funds.

The DAO can better allocate this DASH."

Mark my words. These are the enemies of Dash. They are liars and selfish, stupid assholes. People with no couth, no principles. They are NOT REAL MEN! Real men don't lie (because of the consequences). Real men don't spread rumors about others (again, consequences). Real men don't subtly attack others while pretending to be good-natured!
7 points,4 days ago
Can you stop spamming this same point everywhere and take it up with Rango. None of us commenters can do anything about your complaint about who can post, and by now we ALL know how you feel about it. Enough already
-5 points,4 days ago
1. Its not spam.

2. No.

3. I've already taken it up with Rango and await his response on the front page.

The point must be made until something is done. I'm not reading off my fantasy football picks, or regaling you with tales of my weekend, I am alleging that SERIOUS MANIPULATION is afoot. This is not pleasantries or banal banter, as a MNO IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to verify whether or not what I'm saying is correct and to ACT ON IT.

Do you deny that people who shouldn't have commented in the past caused much havok here? Do you deny that shills and liars like henrygeorgist (who I successfully called out as a liar and infiltrated MNO twice over the period of a year both here and on r/dashpay) are/were present and have done much damage with their subversive comments?

If you do deny, then you are a liar. If you don't then you should realize how SERIOUS this matter is. We cannot afford to allow bad actors to curry favor and pretend to be friendly, while manipulating us into letting them post here! That means all the damage they do IS OUR FAULT!!

Then they can actually get away with saying, "Well, hehe hehe, you shouldn'tve let us comment. We never said we had masternodes. Hehe hehe".

I'm trying to prevent that from happening because you CANNOT SURVIVE TRAITORS FROM WITHIN. What is your goal with this comment?
-6 points,4 days ago
Furthermore, repeating the message lets everyone know that the commenters masternoodle, grandmasterdash and agnewpickens likely don't have Masternodes. Agnew for sure doesn't. Did you know that? I didn't know that before. So why is he commenting here?? You're a MNO. You should be on MY SIDE. The fact that you're not is suspicious. Why would you want non-MNOs commenting here and having the same influence that you, with your at least ~$200k investment in the network possess?

Only an idiot or a sellout would want something like that. To make a MOCKERY of the DAO because THEY HATE IT. And they hate it BECAUSE THEY'RE STUPID, SELFISH ASSHOLES. This is literally ALL that motivates these people. So it makes sense TO WANT TO KEEP THEM FROM COMMENTING.

Do you disagree?
2 points,7 days ago
I am inclined to vote yes, DeltaEngine has been a solid service provider to the community. Is it a game changer PO, probably not, but at this price point, I like the prospects.
-7 points,6 days ago
Do you have a MNO? I can't recall...
2 points,1 day ago
None of your business.
-2 points,1 day ago
In response to your post on r/dashpay:

We already have low voter participation rates so your concern about 'unknown MNOs' is already solved.

Secondly, this place isn't for 'all sincere discussion'. The MNOs EXPLICITLY asked Rango to limit comments to MNOs and POs. Agnewpickens doesn't have a MN, so why would you want him or anyone else to have the same amount of influence as you, a MNO, do?

That's not logical.

Finally, if you truly do 'cross your fingers and hope the MNOs' approve, please stop trying to go against our wishes and allow and/or support non-MNOs to comment. Thank you.
-4 points,1 day ago
Completely incorrect. As a matter of fact, agnewpickens confirmed that he DOES NOT have a MN, so it is very relevant. Why do you want non-MNOs to be able to comment here, given the negative history we have with those individuals? Do tell.
1 point,1 day ago
In my culture it's rude to ask someone about the financial condition.
1 point,1 day ago

not the
-3 points,1 day ago
Understandable response, it is rude in my culture as well. But we are in neither of our cultures currently. This is the Dash Masternode culture where whether or not you have a masternode is a very important and relevant question. I do not ask about the financial condition directly, only the masternode ownership.

And even then, only for the purpose of proof, I don't ask the number. So I hear your objection but I counter that it is not accurate because I only care about MNO status, not total financial condition. This concern of mine is justified by the network conditioning commenting/participation here on MNO status.

Thank you for your objection.
4 points,5 days ago
I am a delegate voter,
-5 points,5 days ago
I would say that that is an acceptable reason to be whitelisted to comment here.
1 point,5 days ago
Dash Central doesn't offer an option for delegates to register, Dash Nexus was going to to, then it got defunded. By the way, Grand Master Dash has an MNO badge on the Forum, not everybody wants to regsiter on every Dash site. He is a frequent contributor on the Forum.
1 point,5 days ago
I got in as a former PO. I wouldn't be able to post here as a delegate voter otherwise.
-3 points,4 days ago
Ah, so your answer before was actually irrelevant then? You probably should've led with that. As I mentioned, it is inappropriate for 'former POs' to comment on other POs, that's a conflict of interest.

I don't understand why you, GMD, Masternoodle and others want to make it acceptable to flout the rules like this, other than you want to have a deflection shield to point to so you can allow other bad actors in using these loopholes.

That is clearly bad behavior and shouldn't be tolerated at all. But the fact that you don't even have a MN really means you shouldn't be commenting here.
3 points,4 days ago
Agnew is a delegate voter AND a former PO. Being a former PO doesn't negate his being a delegate lol
-3 points,4 days ago
But it does negate his license to post here. Only POs and MNOs should comment here.
4 points,4 days ago
No, the Dash Central budget section has always been for people whitelisted by rango + proposal owners + masternode operators. That has always been the case. Your consistent remarks on ever whitelisted person commenting in here to clarify if they are a MNO or not is both irrelevant and clogging up the comments.

Please stop.
-2 points,3 days ago
That is not correct. At all. This section used to be open to a lot more people to comment. Rango had to change it at MNO request. There was even an announcement about it. MNOs did NOT ask for this "whitelisting" and IIRC there was pushback against it when it first appeared. YOU ARE WRONG.

These remarks are to prevent a loophole in the system from allowing subversive actors from commenting. Agnewpickens does NOT have a masternode. Why is he allowed to comment here? Do you deny that in the past the comments were overtaken by commenters who should not have been here and who spread much fud against proposals?

The three comments from non-MNOs here ARE ALL FUD. YOU DISGRACE THIS PLACE when you give place to liars and trolls, so I reject your request and request that YOU STOP.
-3 points,3 days ago
> both irrelevant and clogging up the comments.

And it is NOT irrelevant. This site is run by MNO donations. So we should be the ones who have a say on who's whitelisted and why. Why are you supporting people who are not MNOs commenting here? That is completely against your best interests as a MNO.
-4 points,3 days ago
Finally, it is a CONFLICT OF INTEREST to allow proposal owners from other proposals to comment on different proposals than their own. I shouldn't have to explain this, but I will.

When you have a proposal, you are basically competing with other proposals for DAO attention and funds. This means you have an incentive to FUD, attack and otherwise poo-poo proposals other than your own.

Therefore, it is in the best interests OF THE NETWORK that this be disallowed.

Do you disagree?
-3 points,4 days ago
Let me give you guys some advice, you can't 'shake me' by making me appear wrong or even be wrong. Being wrong is the name of the game in this business, its how you move on that counts. So these little tricks and emotional reversal tactics won't ever work.

True neutrality prevents ANY emotional attachment. In this way, decisions are made rationally instead. So you can't chip away at me or anything like that by holding out info until the end and tripping me up. Tricks like that just don't work on neutral people, FYI
-3 points,3 days ago
Just to expand on this, its YOU GUYS who have the responsibility to keep pushing your shill line, which is why you can never admit to being wrong. Not only would that kill your credibility, but it would also completely destroy the narrative you're carefully trying to craft. I, however, don't have any such restrictions, as the truth is all I care about.

So any deviation from the truth I make is quite easy and painless to admit, as that's the whole point of fact-finding. Being wrong is the name of the game in the TRUTH business, because that's the only way you can get closer to the truth, by testing your assumptions and fixing your flaws by the results.

You guys, on the other hand, are in a DIFFERENT business, which is why you're projecting this weakness onto me. I.e. you know you can't admit you're wrong and you think I also can't do so. You can't do so because yo have a hard narrative you're trying to spin and you have to coordinate all of your sellout pawns together as well, so you can't afford to be wrong and admit it, that would throw everything into chaos. Just like George Donnelly can't afford to admit he's wrong about Dash in Venezuela.

Also, you can tell these people are aligned together by the narratives they support, for example xkcd and others also lie about Dash's success in Venezuela. Its seems like they do it just to make me wrong...Just like they manipulate coinfairvalue just to make my arguments against Monero wrong. But can't you guys see that just by doing that, you're proving me right all along?

Everything I said is proven correct by your ham-fisted attempts to force the truth to be your narrative. Manipulating coinfairvalue just to "prove me wrong" and make monero larger than Dash, when it was the opposite for three years, only exposes the fact that you're manipulating financial markets, just like I alleged three years ago.

Back then it was just supposition, but the fact that you not only manipulated Dash's market price on exchanges so that its ALWAYS under monero's, but now also the fact that you deliberately manipulate fair value to make Dash and Monero switch positions (Dash used to be ~#20 and Monero was like ~#36), is solid PROOF that I was correct in calling you out for manipulating market value to make monero look bigger than Dash! You proved that all on your own.

But you can't change the truth. It is just "the truth". You just have to accept it. But just like George Donnelly refuses to accept our growth in Venezuela, and those like him think they can just keep ignoring and fudding proposals and attacking them until they go away, these guys refuse to accept the truth.

You're in the wrong business, you've been given a Sysiphian task that you can never complete.
-4 points,4 days ago
No need for the explanation, I already said I thought it acceptable. What are the requirements for having a MNO badge on the forum? Why does he need you to speak on his behalf, why couldn't he just answer with this himself? The point of my comment is to show that people who don't operate with good motivations shouldn't be commenting, because that's how you get subversive behavior, ala george donnelly, realmrhack, etc.

If you don't have a masternode and you're commenting here (without being the PO), or if YOU DO have a masternode, but refuse to prove it or provide evidence like everyone else, THEN YOU'RE BEING A BAD ACTOR. GMD trying to do emotional damage by hiding the fact that he's a MNO just to make me look bad, falls under the latter category of bad acting behavior. Finally, he is a grown man (at least I hope) and should answer for himself.
1 point,4 days ago
In order to have a mno badge on the forum you needed to sign a message from your MN collateral.
-3 points,4 days ago

1. Why doesn't he do that here?

2. Why didn't he answer this for himself?

3. How can he expect people, POs and MNOs alike to answer his questions like below if he completely refuses to answer the questions of others? I have asked him very politely at LEAST 4 times to prove that he has a masternode and he has deliberately refused. That is not behavior that is appropriate here or for MNOs.

4. This is not his living room, if he's going to participate it should be civilly. And before you comment, I only act uncivilly to people I HAVE EVIDENCE are misbehaving, abusing their position or otherwise being bad actors. Everyone else I treat with respect, you can check my posts from the very first one.
-1 point,6 days ago
1 point,8 days ago
Not saying this is a bad proposal but you can't go slighting Axie Infinity when it has achieved more adoption in the Philippines than 7 years of failure from dash. In fact, AXS / SLP are popular forms of payment in the real world. Spending and tipping options alone is going to add very little value. The key to Axie Infinity's success is the ability to earn and significantly supplement or replace traditional forms of income.

I understand the self interest to integrate with MyDashWallet but I'd appreciate you also let people do this via the official wallet in a similar way to Dash Direct.
1 point,3 days ago
just to make sure that everyone understands: The game accepts any kind of Dash, it is not a looked in system, all Dash transactions are on the blockchain and every player can use their Dash in any way they like (that is the way the mydashwallet bot accounts work as well, it is the same system). This means any deposit can be done from any wallet and any withdrawal, tip, spending, etc. can be done by the user to any other dash address.

We obviously would be very happy if there is an easy way to be integrated into other wallets or Dash Direct, if there is anything we can do to help this, we are happy to.
2 points,3 days ago
Thank you for the clarification. And yes, I'd very much like to see more collaboration between projects, so by all means reach out and brainstorm with Marshall at Cray Pay etc.

I'm a great believer that cash is something people should spend, save and earn, therefore, the more you can integrate all three aspects into your game, the better the outcome.

Anyway, after giving this some thought, I am switching some of my votes to Yes.
-4 points,3 days ago
Now that someone else has spoken up for you and provided the proof that you have a masternode, can you please add the MNO tag to your username? Its a simple procedure that takes literally 2 seconds and it helps in discussions to know that everyone posting is a MNO or the PO.

You can do what you want, and now that I know that you're a MNO I won't bother you about this again, but you do the network no favors by leaving this ambiguous. Also, I will remind you that you have NO RIGHT to ask ANY QUESTIONS if you refuse to answer them.

This is not your house or your living room, any pertinent and relevant questions are fair game and if you wish to have your questions answered you have a responsibility to answer questions as well. Notice I never ignore the questions of others. Never. Because that's what it takes. Get over your personal feelings towards me and DO YOUR DAMN JOB.

Verifying that you're a MNO and that you belong here IS PART OF YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES AS A MNO, I am only trying to get you to live up to this standard like everyone else. We have subversive elements and vicious, aggressive competitors who seek to abuse the ambiguity behind MNO ownership that 'whitelisted' commenters have AND YOU ARE HELPING THEM by stubbornly refusing this polite request out of spite. That is inappropriate behavior for a MNO as well as for an adult.
-5 points,6 days ago
The only reason Grandmasterdash can post here is because he had a proposal in the past (that failed btw). That's it. He created a proposal and suddenly he can comment on other proposals with no consequence. This is a clear flaw in Rango's system that should be addressed imo.
-3 points,3 days ago
It appears that GMD does indeed have a masternode and I rescind his name from this comment. Replace it with 'agnewpickens' and the comment contains the same weight and truth.
-4 points,7 days ago
I mean, you won't even give the rest of the network a good reason, hell ANY reason, for why you won't identify whether or not you have a masternode. But you admit to being around during the time when commenters without MNs would wreak havoc like realmrhack and others. So you know both that the rest of the network told Rango to limit comments and that this was an issue in the past with non-MN holders making subversive comments with conflicted interest.

Yet you want to FORCE the network to accept your comments as valid without knowing whether or not you're truly a MNO. Help me, I'm trying to understand.
-5 points,8 days ago
Why should anyone take your comment seriously when you refuse to confirm whether or not you're a MNO?
5 points,8 days ago
If you have the capacity not to take me seriously then others do also. You're not fucking God so fuck off.
-7 points,8 days ago
>If you have the capacity not to take me seriously then others do also.

This sentence doesn't make any sense as a response, care to rephrase? Why do you think people should take you seriously when you disrepect the rules and refuse to identify yourself?

>You're not fucking God so fuck off.

Never said I was, at all. I'm just tired of subversive, stupid assholes trying to throw their weight around while tricking others into supporting them by abusing loopholes in the rules here, so in that light I return to you your comment. Do you dispute that the MNOs only want POs and MNOs to comment here?

If not, then why do you think you're "special" and don't have to abide by the rules everyone else does? If anyone has a god complex, its you who has refused my polite request 4 times now.

Frankly, you yourself should've fucked off when I defeated you twice now; instead, you decide to prove everything I said about you was correct.

How pitiful.
1 point,10 days ago
Voting abstain until the PO gives a clear statement about the questions raised by MasterNoodle.
If he fails to do so within 72 hours, i will change my votes from abstain to No.
1 point,3 days ago
Hi Gonzo,

Sorry for the late reply, we were busy all weekend testing the game and I saw no comments last week and now there is quite a lot of chatter here (mostly unrelated, but still good that people ask questions ^^). Hope your question is answered and the statement below is satisfactory, if there is any other questions, let me know.

I am also always available on Telegram (Ben) or Discord (BenDeltaEngine) if anyone wants to live-chat and not wait in comments ^^
-6 points,9 days ago
Before you go giving POs ultimatums, don't you think it would be wise to find out of "MasterNoodle" is actually a MNO first?
-3 points,9 days ago
*if "Masternoodle"
1 point,10 days ago
In that last proposal you alluded to, you promised YouTube and Twitch integration for the tipping bot. And it sounds like you did work on it: "we didn't have much development work this year aside from Twitch and YouTube integration" and "Our Bot Developer (@Xadarius) spent a lot of time on Twitch, YouTube".

But I still don't see any mention of it on your site: Are Twitch and YouTube live? How can I see it? To better evaluate this proposal, can you please provide an update on the actual results of your previous funding?
2 points,3 days ago
Hey MasterNoodle,

Good question. We were a bit vague about the Twitch and YouTube integration because it took much longer until it worked and we neither had time nor funding to invest more time and efforts into it. The interest at Twitch is very low and we almost got no feedback from YouTube testers and it seems like YouTube is not really the place for Dash tips (at least not right now), it is too complicated, too many limitations by YouTube, usernames are not unique and tons of other problems to even get a bot working, it will constantly get banned/shadow-banned, etc.

Anyway, the Twitch bot is live since early this year and can be used by anyone on Twitch:

The youtube bot only works when it is added to a channel list manually and it is very cumbersome and crashes all the time, gets banned, etc. if anyone is interested and wants to test it and has some users that want to use it, let us know, we want to test it for our own channels as well once we have some content (e.g. game release), but it is not pretty like any of the other platforms we support (Telegram, Discord, Twitter, Reddit, Email, Twitch)