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Title:Promote Anonymous Dash Payments to 200,000 Hackers a Month on YouTube!
Monthly amount: 49 DASH (44215 USD)
Completed payments: 1 totaling in 49 DASH (5 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2017-02-03 / 2017-08-18 (added on 2017-01-11)
Final voting deadline: in passed
Votes: 166 Yes / 439 No / 0 Abstain

Proposal description

Would you help me share Dash with 200,000+ YouTube viewers watching my hacking tutorials every month?  Educating hackers about how to use Dash is the perfect opportunity to bring an audience interested in anonymity into our community!  My 11 hacking videos at have received 2.6+ million views in the last year with the average viewer watching 6+ minutes which gives me space to tell them about Dash!

How do I promote new videos on existing videos?

When you approve this proposal, you will employ me each month to MAKE A NEW DASH TUTORIAL VIDEO AND to PROMOTE THAT VIDEO on each of my 11 hacking videos using annotations, cards, links in the description, and comments.   I will begin by creating a video showing how and why to send money anonymously online with Dash and create a new video each month this is funded.  Using each new video, I will create annotations and cards designed to send viewers to the new video.  I will also add links in the description and comments to provide additional promotion of and other Dash websites!  View the complete hacking video on desktop to see example annotations which are sending hundreds of visitors to my website every day at

What is the cost of this advertising compared to paying to show ads on YouTube?

YouTube ads cost about $6 per thousand impressions (CPM) globally and about $50 CPM in the USA.  To run a similar advertising campaign on YouTube would cost about $1,000 in ad spend to demographics comparable to my YouTube viewers without reliable targeting options.  This proposal will reach an ideal hacking audience for 0.245 Dash per thousand people or about $3 rounded up with current Dash prices near $11.  If you consider the cost of advertising plus the production of a new Dash tutorial video, I hope this proposal makes a great deal for everyone involved!

Would you help me tell thousands of hackers every month about Dash by voting yes on this proposal and/or learn more by viewing these screenshots from my YouTube channel below?  Vote manually with mnbudget vote-many c56df5c592937bf0c029dcf596357c14ce15c579ac533d7b04719d9b782a973c yes

Here are the YouTube statistics for the 28 days of these videos from my YouTube channel.  I just released a new video that has potential to bring the videos to 300,000+ a month within the next 3 months.

See how these 11 videos over the last year even though many of them were made more recently than that!

See the detailed views including views by video, traffic sources, and demographics over the last year for these videos to verify that these are ideal types of views coming from organic sources globally.


Are these my videos yours or just a repost?
  • To create these videos, I paid Ermin thousands of dollars to film all of the videos in this playlist and to give me copyright.  I then added my own parts of the videos and uploaded them to my YouTube channel which means these are my videos even though I do not narrate the majority of them.

Will you be making more hacking videos and including those too?
  • Yes I am hoping to hire another freelancer to make more videos because Ermin now has become so successful thanks to these videos and the related courses I made with him that he is running his own business and making his own video course website.  I hope to give another person the same opportunity Ermin received and am still collaborating with Ermin to offer all my video courses on this new website.  On any new hacking videos for the six months of this proposal, I will feature Dash in the produced video.

Why six months?
  • The six month time frame is dependable for predicting the number of views and gives me the motivation to do the extra work to set this up now with the hope that it will be funded for the remaining five months also.  After six months, I will plan to make a new proposal given the current Dash price and state of my YouTube channel.

Why take the time to submit this proposal?
  • With my own masternode, I have an investment in the future of Dash and would like to see more worldwide adoption of Dash.  I love the community here even after my first proposal received a resounding NO vote and I hope to be a productive member here going forward.  The primary work I do is teaching online and I would like to use this proposal as a case study to bring more people like you and me into the Dash community to help us all grow.  When this proposal is voted in, I will be able to show all the steps I used to make it with the hope more people will submit their own proposals after seeing how mine was funded.

Thank you for reading this!  To make all of the time you spent here worth it, would you help me do this with a YES vote now?

Jerry Banfield

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Discussion: Should we fund this proposal?

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0 points,10 months ago
Learn from Amanda
she knows how to do it well !
I am voting yes to her with my eyes closed !
2 points,10 months ago
"I am voting yes to her with my eyes closed"
maybe that is the problem
read it twice
1 point,11 months ago
Thank you for your feedback! I will make another proposal next month to make an online class for Dash that is free with a one month price.
1 point,11 months ago
Proposals need to offer more to the currency than they cost... at least that would be the idea of a good investment, which is what would get YES votes from me. Best wishes Jerry!
5 points,11 months ago
This is going to get voted down only because JBanfield is a really unknown individual. He needs to start smaller and grow. Start with a 1 month proposal and complete it well, then a 2 month proposal and complete it well. Look at others who have submitted. Some are well known entities with a known reputation, and sometimes they get voted down too. Please don't take a no vote as discouragement. Take it as a lesson on how to build reputation.
1 point,11 months ago
Also, long term proposals will be outdated when 12.1 comes out and everything will start anew :)
-3 points,11 months ago
You know what? This proposal will need to be resubmitted next month, so it's really a single month "trial" the way I see it. I'm going to vote yes on this, and if it works, great. But please be prepared with some evidence that you're targeting a good audience for us and any statistics you can gather once the first show is put out there. If you hurry (and also wait until the last minute of the next cycle) you may be able to get enough views and statistics to convince us to do a longer term contract?? I do like the idea of getting Dash into the faces of non-crypto, but techno savvy people. And you seem like an energetic sales man. Just be sure the content is correct please. Many of us are happy to help, and Amanda Johnson's Dash 101 tutorials would be great for you to use as well as Evan's series. Good luck getting this to pass.
2 points,11 months ago
Again an outrageous claim "200,000 Hackers a Month on YouTube!"
It's an insult to our intelligence. Stop proclaiming such fantastic things.
Be less like Trump. Be Real.
1 point,11 months ago
if I take any video from his playlist:
and check the numbers: 616311 since Sep 2016
it is around 150000 per month
6 points,11 months ago
Voting no - 6 month proposal is too long for someone who has no credibility working for Dash.

We gave you feedback in your previous proposal - if you want it to succeed, submit a proposal with a single small payout (in my opinion around the 50 dash mark) to create a single video or something similar. If all goes well and the Masternode community deems it worthy, submit a larger recurring proposal which will have a better chance of passing. Or you can continue to waste your money submitting proposals. Up to you.
1 point,11 months ago

You can eventually vote note on the second month :)
And say, lets try one first month, if not delivering, then vote NO.

Anyway I also thik that with new version 12.1, all current budget will be kick out, and will need to be re-submitted, so 6 month not a problem... lol
3 points,11 months ago
This has NEVER worked for the Dash Governance system - when multi-month proposals pass, the effort to try and get people to vote NO when the person is not delivering is far too difficult. Look at the Lamassu proposal...month by month we kept paying with zero deliverable's.

I would rather maintain the integrity of the dash governance system by making unknown people with zero credibility prove themselves first and gain trust. Rather than try and scramble to get people to change their vote and make the governance system look like a blank cheque writing system where we approve anything and everything....
0 points,11 months ago
You have valid points.
But also I don't want to have a static system, where only proposal of BabyG are approved ;)
1 point,11 months ago
Definitely agree with you on this - if you read my threads on the forums you will see that one of my biggest criticisms was babyG submitting all proposals on behalf of the dash core team. Instead the PM or technical resource in charge of delivering should submit the proposal or should be listed in the proposal with their validation to ensure they can give proper updates and be held accountable.
0 points,11 months ago
I think I understand why this will not be funded, but I have given you a yes. As to what you need to change to make it successful, hopefully someone else will help you out there. Thank you for your proposal.
1 point,11 months ago
I have given him some ideas...
-2 points,11 months ago
you got my vote 'yes' here aswell
-2 points,11 months ago
you got my vote 'yes'

I think that many here were impressed too much by the previous proposal and the 6 month period. But I recommend to read the comments in
on it and reconsider your decision.
-3 points,11 months ago
This is my second proposal this month and I value your feedback as to what I can do to make the most effective proposal!
7 points,11 months ago
You might start by actually listening to the feedback given to you on your last proposal. You need to show us that the value is there with your promotion of Dash in your channels.

From what we can see the initial response is underwhelming.

If you can show us that the value is there by doing a small trial and evaluating the results, then we may be more open to a longer term. Your CV looks promising, but we can't see anything to vote for right now.

This is going to be expensive for you if you keep submitting proposals that ignore community feedback. Use Dash Forum to hammer out a proposal that will win you votes.

I wish you the best.