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Title:DASH at the largest tech event in Baltics #Switch!: strengthen ecosystem in Lithuania, create nework in Brussels, promote DASH for peer to peer instant payments
One-time payment: 150 DASH (4530 USD)
Completed payments: no payments occurred yet (1 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2018-09-16 / 2018-10-16 (added on 2018-08-21)
Final voting deadline: in passed
Votes: 21 Yes / 400 No / 70 Abstain

Proposal description

#SWITCH! Lithuania team, organizing the largest international ICT and entrepreneurship event in the Baltics on September 20thin Vilnius, is offering DASH to strengthen its ecosystem in Lithuania and increase number of users by organizing workshops, presentations, key note speeches and the exhibition booth at the event #SWITCH! to promote and increase the usage of DASH services in the Baltic Sea Region.
We offer DASH an opportunity to shape an opinion on blockchain and fintech in region via connecting with the municipal, governmental, central bank representatives to discuss establishment of pilot projects and
apply DASH decentralised governance solutions.

#SWITCH! team also offers extensive DASH brand visibility in the region via huge marketing and communication package which is available via #SWITCH! event media partners.
Last year DASH got great representation at #SWITCH! event. This year we are offering additional high impact measures to strengthen DASH expansion in Baltics, potential to start pilot projects, get new users as well as create network in Brussels. Check out the follow up of the #SWITCH! 2017
#Switch! event is non-profit. All funds will be used to cover event expenses including the travel costs for11 000 young people from the regions.
About #SWITCH! - the largest international ICT and entrepreneurship event in the Baltics
Date:20th September in Vilnius, Lithuania, the largest congress and exhibition centre LITEXPO.
Website: [u][/u]
#DASH first time in Lithuania in 2017: a keynote speech by DASH core team member Robert Wiecko as well as DASH meet up ( [u][/u] );
#SWITCH! 2018 - Who
57 speakers from 11 countries: US, Gibraltar, France, Belgium, Finland, Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, UK, Greece, Germany.
Influential EU decisionmakers: Opinion leaders of the Digital Single Market in the European Parliament MEP Michal  Boni, MEP Henna Virkkunen, European Commission Mr. Peter Ohrlander, advisor at DG FISMA, Arnoldas Pranckevicius, Head of European Commission Representation in Lithuania.
Ministers and national influencers: Minister of Finance Mr. Vilius Sapoka, Bank of Lithuania Board
Member M. Jurgilas, Minister of Gibraltar Albert Isola, and other.

Global companies: Google, Oracle, TransferWise, ConsenSys, LYMPO, Odem, Microsoft, IOTA and many other.
Why to vote? What we offer
1.     Help DASH to strengthen its ecosystem in Lithuania:
•       DASH Workshop at #SWITCH: Instant payments with DASH: why is it worth using DASH for peer to peer instant payments?
Audience of the workshop: 70-100 participants.
•       Since one of the main advantages of DASH is peer to peer instant payments, Lithuania is the place where DASH could promote and increase the usage of its services for the Baltic Sea Region. The national bank of Lithuania has recently announced its so called ‘LBChain’ initiative - a technology/regulatory sandbox and will set up a dedicated platform around the tech, through which companies can develop services. As well as its plans to issue a LB coin -one-of-a-kind digital collector coin already this year. The coin will be designed using blockchain or other equivalent technologies. This is where we see DASH could benefit from. We will organise meetings with the representatives
of the national bank of Lithuania as well as the project lead of ‘LBChain’ to discuss the involvement of DASH in the initiatives by the national bank of Lithuania.
•       Vilnius is already known as the city that welcomes fintech and blockchain companies to establish their solutions. That is why we offer to connect DASH with the officials of the Vilnius city municipality to establish a pilot project together with the municipality of Vilnius in order to apply its decentralised governance solutions for one of the public services of the city.
2.     Help DASH to create network at the heart of Europe – Brussels.
•       DASH networking event in the heart of Europe - Brussels for 100 invitation only participants. The event will be a great opportunity to exchange views on blockchain and cryptocurrencies with the high level officials from the EU
institutions which are already working on its policies in these areas. The event would be scheduled for February 2019.

2. Give DASH an opportunity to shape an opinion on blockchain and fintech:
•   Key note speech at #SWITCH Professionals part of the event. Target audience 1000 EU high level decision makers, ministers of national governments, global and national business professionals, and startups community;
•   A chance to meet and discuss with EU decisionmakers who are currently shaping the EU’s blockchain direction.
•   A chance to meet and discuss with Lithuania’s decision makers in fintech area: Minister of Economy, Minister of Finance, the national Bank of Lithuania members responsible for the sandbox project.
•   Direct contacts with the tech students and representatives of their professors.
3. Key note speech at #SWITCH Youth part
Target audience 11.000 tech enthusiasts and potential DASH users. This part will be live streamed by biggest news portal DELFI as well as number one TV channel in the Baltic States TV3.
4. Booth at #SWITCH! Tech zone
Possibility to demonstrate DASH user experience for new potential users. Target audience #SWITCH! Professionals and #SWITCH! Youth audience.
5. Personalinvitations to the VIP digital networking event
#SWITCH! VIP digital networking event will be attended by the high level speakers, high level representatives from the tech companies and public sector (in total up to 200 participants will be invited).
6. Communication campaign before and during #SWITCH event:
•   DASH Visuals, hand-outs, and other branding in event zones of your choice.
•   Event marketing and communication campaign (high intensity). Approximate value – 80 000 Euro:
#Switch! media partners: the biggest national commercial TV channel – TV3, the biggest news portal Delfi, business magazine IQ, outdoor advertisement JCDecaux, science magazine Iliustruotasis Mokslas, business news radio Žinių radijas, blockchain news portal
Lithuanian media:
- customized interviews forthe most popular news portals,
- advertisement campaigns inprinted and online media, customized radio reports.
Cryptomedia (
topical interview, banners campaign, video interview, branding in the special event page.
Social networks:
messages for Switch and Antanas Guoga social media audiences (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook). Number of followers in total: 200 000 followers.
What we ask for
We ask DASH to sponsor #SWITCH! up to the value of150DASH. Payment after event.
The organizer
Antanas Guoga (TonyG) is a world famous poker player, a well-respected businessman who founded a number of successful international companies, a member of the European Parliament and a committed philanthropist. Mr. Guoga is an opinion leader known for his efforts to promote a better climate for entrepreneurship and improving
conditions for business opportunities. He feels fit to raise ideas in the European Parliament on how to remove red tapes for SMEs, introduce more user-friendly and less complicated regulations, create and improve single digital market. MEP Guoga believes that Digital Single Market has huge growth opportunities, including online shopping, star-ups and online businesses. He also supports the idea that market liberalization and investment in future-oriented technologies such as blockchain is the way forward for the EU.

He is well-known promoter and advocate of blockchain technology and crypto-currencies in the European Parliament: [u][color=#0000ff][/color][/u]; [u][color=#0000ff][/color][/u].
Tony G is on advisor boards of different successful ICO projects. He is also the founder of Blockchain Centre Vilnius the first international blockchain centre in Europe connecting associated blockchain centers in Asia and Australia. Its main goal is to provide innovative friendly environment and assistance to blockhchain based start ups from all over the world.
#SWITCH! numbers and names in the years of2015- 2017
•   30 thousands participants from business and among young people throughout 3 years;
•   Inspiration, knowledge for business: fintech, blockchain, AI, cybersecurity, EFSI, app economy, drones, e-government, the forth Industrial revolution, e-healthcare, internet of things and many others;
•   Strong message to Europe and the whole world about openness to innovations:
#Keynote Vytenis Andriukaitis, the Commissioner of Health and Food Safety at the opening panel on e-health in 2017;
# Reached the Guinness World Record of the biggest programming lesson in the world in 2016;
# Facebook and its business delegation appearance for the first time in Lithuania by the courtesy of #SWITCH! in 2016;
# Keynote - Andrus Ansip, Vice-President of the European Commission at the opening panel in 2015;
# Uber attended #SWITCH! and 4 weeks after established their office in Vilnius - the fastest office opening of UBER
globally! in 2015;

#170 speakers from 20 countries: Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, Mastercard, Nasdaq, etc.
#Media coverage: more than 300 positive publications, TV shows supporting the strengthening of innovative technologies sector.

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Discussion: Should we fund this proposal?

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0 points,5 years ago
The "What we offer" section includes information about the event mixed in with proposal items (i.e. the specific things you'll do if you get funding). It would be better to clearly separate the proposal items IMHO, to make it easier for MNOs to understand what you're promising to actually do.

As I understand it, you want 150 Dash ($32,855) to do the following:
1) Host an instant payments workshop.
2) Organize meetings with the National Bank of Lithuania, and LBChain to promote using decentralized governance solutions to a public service (which one?).
3) Something about a Dash networking event in 2019 - are you organizing it or attending it? What are the goals of your involvement in this event?
4) Something about a Key note speech at the Switch conference. Has the conference already asked you to be a key note speaker and you're saying you'll talk about Dash if funded? In my experience conferences either ask people who are famously well-known to the target attendees (to attract more target attendees to the conference) or ask the key note to cover a specific topic that very tightly aligns with the goals of the conference organizers (in which case they either wouldn't want the key note to discuss Dash, or they _would_ want it and we wouldn't need to pay anyone to discuss Dash).

and a varied list of other marketing items including booths at events, online advertising, and inviting people to other networking events.

While any of these things _could_ be great for Dash, I'm leery of voting 'yes' for a proposal unless it includes concrete promises that are clearly outlined and can be verified by a 3rd party such as DashWatch.
0 points,5 years ago
ouch.....due to budget pressures. Sorry, NO at this time.
2 points,5 years ago
Echoing a few others. Sounds good, but we can't afford to fund your proposal at this time.
1 point,5 years ago
Thanks for the submission, but at this time with the limited resources, we have to focus on our most critical needs and there are other things that are a higher priority than this, IMO.
3 points,5 years ago
With the crypto downturn, we just don't have the money to be spending on conferences right now. Just keeping out Core team, D-A-CH team, Kuva, Venezuela, Dash Force funded is proving to be a pretty big challenge right now
1 point,5 years ago
Hi name3. Understand what you are saying. still we are trying to bring Dash to Lithuania for a second year in a row although many people turn away from crypto with the downturn. We have some Dash users here after our first year but still this could be improved
0 points,5 years ago
To add, what we offer together with my team is more than a participation at the event - I see many options for the business development and promo of peer to peer payments with DASH in Lithuania. I see opportunities how DASH can start pilot projects and could help with the meetings connecting with the decision makers in business and public sector.
4 points,5 years ago
I wish you good luck TonyG, nice to see you again to ask the funds from the Dash DAO but presenting a proposal on 8 days before the cycle ends is quite risky.
1 point,5 years ago
Thanks splawik21 nice to see you again. I sincerely believe that synergy between Dash and Lithuanian ecosystem would come out huge, even though the market is not the best right now this could still pull out huge
-1 point,5 years ago
easy no from me
1 point,5 years ago
Thanks for your opinion, appreciated.