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Title:Renew Sponsorship of The Crypto Show and Unsung Hacking Hunger
Monthly amount: 137 DASH (3793 USD)
Completed payments: 1 totaling in 137 DASH (2 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2017-02-03 / 2017-05-20 (added on 2017-01-10)
Votes: 725 Yes / 91 No / 0 Abstain

Proposal description

The Crypto Show would like to extend its partnership with the Dash network by continuing a sponsorship for the show and the show’s involvement with the charity Unsung.  The Crypto Show is the longest running FM program dealing with cryptocurrency news and discussion and its hosts and producers seek the network’s approval for a sponsorship package for the show.  The hosts of the show are even more dedicated to growing awareness and adoption of the DASH network and currency after getting to know the Dash dev team and community over the past three months.  The show has interviewed most of the leading voices in crypto and other decentralized technologies, and feels that Dash is a great sponsor due to the features that set it apart from other projects in the space.  The team feels even more confident in presenting the reasons for the adoption of Dash to its crypto-minded audience. In addition, the Crypto Show has a successful track record of fundraising for charitable organizations and the show would like to continue to make Dash the lead sponsor for the its partnership with the organization Unsung Hacking Hunger in Austin, TX.               


The show continues to be a prominent voice in the crypto community and the team at the show believes strongly that highlighting Dash’s decentralized funding and governance model as the show would do, would continue to elevate Dash’s visibility and advantages in the space. This is something the show has strived to do on air and in interviews over the past 3 months.  The hosts Danny Sessoms and Chris Nenedal have cultivated quite a name and presence in the space. With experienced radio hosts at the helm and a spotless reputation in the community the guys at The Crypto Show have created a vast network of connections throughout the world of cryptocurrency (see sample guest list below).  The show airs twice a week on Sundays and Wednesdays from 8-10pm, a total of 8 episodes a month.  Due to its regular time slot on an FM radio station, The Crypto Show is the most consistent radio and podcast content provider in crypto because of its set time each week.  The hosts have made it a point to mingle Dash into their interviews with leading Bitcoin gurus to help raise the profile of Dash in the minds of some of the leading people in the space.  The hosts of the show are very much still dedicated to growing awareness and adoption of the DASH network and currency.  After interviewing most of the leading voices in crypto and other decentralized technologies, the show feels that Dash has been a great sponsor due to the features that set it apart from other projects in the space. Our website with the Dash banner proudly displayed:

Public Relations 

The Dash protocol has tremendous vision and we at the show feel that vision has not been communicated to the wider crypto scene effectively. Unfortunately there is still a reputation haunting Dash that the show would like to help eliminate. Talk of instamines and scams still plague the Dash project and the show would like to help remake Dash’s image by presenting some of the revolutionary aspects of the protocol to the leading names in the space.  A major hurdle for bitcoin has always been the negative press of scams or hacks.  But we have found that showing the ability for a coin to support charities in a decentralized way like the efforts of Bitgive, Sean's Outpost, FreeAid and others is tremendously valuable PR to the public and also helps a lot of people.  The show has helped dozens of charities with its work, even helping to raise over $12,000 for Ross Ulbricht's defense fund in a series of fundraisers it conducted.  We would like to bring this kind of charitable attention to Dash.  The sponsorship would also include an increase to 30% of the Dash going towards our partnership with Unsung Hacking Hunger in Austin, TX.  Please see some of the ways Dash has helped change peoples lives here in Austin.  [size=100][/size][size=100]

The most read article on  is about the Crypto Show’s partnership with Unsung that Dash has already helped sustain. Read it [color=#1155cc][size=100]

Unsung is the brain child of popular cryptocurrency activist and philanthropist Jason King. is an application that feeds the hungry by delivering unwanted food from local caterers and restaurant and rewards its drivers with bitcoin. The Crypto Show helped make Unsung a reality by creating a partnership with another decentralized organization here in Austin, Arcade City. Both organizations give credit to the show for making this effort come to life.  An article detailing this partnership even made the front page of Reddit with over 210,000 views. The show has also played a big part in helping the decentralized Uber, Arcade City, get off the ground leading to worldwide attention.         

“The Crypto Show has been instrumental in advancing Arcade City in Austin and globally.  Connections they made for us turned into two of our most important strategic relationships: Airbitz for Bitcoin payments and security, and for connecting our drivers with a social mission of feeding the homeless. Their radio PSAs and well-done interviews are the cherries on top. We’ll always be happy to partner with The Crypto Show.” - ChristopherDavid, CEO of Arcade City  

"The Crypto Show has been fantastic in establishing The Austin chapter of Unsung and it is amazing. The amount of good they have been able to do on a very limited budget is astounding. Well over a thousand meals fed in a very short period of time. A real asset to the Unsung community."  - Jason King, Founder of Sean's Outpost and Unsung  

"I have worked with the Crypto Show in advertising the Texas Bitcoin Conference and other events.  His promotion was the most effective of all we used.  The Crypto show has shown a level of consistency and quality that has proved to be effective in promoting Bitcoin, Conferences, and businesses.  Additionally, they have provided great guests, information, and entertainment."  - Paul Snow, Chief Architect at Factom, Organizer of the Texas Bitcoin Conference

Great article on about the show in which the Dash sponsorship is mentioned:

What Prominent Guests have said about Dash with the Show:
“Your sponsor Dash tops my list [of altcoins].”  - Roger Ver
“You [The Crypto Show] popped my Dash cherry.” - Adam Kokesh
“hey @TheCryptoShow what happens if you tweet” - Jeff Berwick  [color=#3c78d8][size=100][/size][/color][size=100]

Broadcast Networks
TXLR 89.1 FM Austin, TX  
LTB Network

Logos Radio Network ï»¿
LRN FM  [color=#3c78d8][size=100]

Ratings and Stats
#1 Show on
41,000 Plays each month on Soundcloud2nd
Most listened to show on Let’s Talk Bitcoin Network after Andreas Antonopoulis’ show
Broadcast on 89.1 FM in Austin to the 35th largest radio market in the U.S. with radio coverage to potentially 1.6 mil listeners                                 

A Sample List of Some Past Guests 
Kim Dotcom, Entrepreneur and Internet Revolutionary                
John McAfee, CEO McAfee Associates
Andreas Antonopoulis, Author of Mastering Bitcoin
Cody Wilson, CEO Defense Distributed
Amir Taaki, Dark Wallet
Roger Ver,
Alex Winter, Actor/Director of Deep Web 
Jeffrey Tucker,
Peter Todd, Bitcoin Core Developer
Pieter Wuillie, Bitcoin Core Developer
Paul Snow, Chief Architect Factom
And hundreds more...Check out our Soundcloud for more:  [url=              

Dash Guests on the show since beginning of Sponsorship: 
Even Duffield, DASH Lead Developer  [/url]
Andy Freer, DASH Developer
Daniel Diaz, DASH Business Developer
Juan Gault, DASH Evangelist
Amanda B. Johnson, DASH Evangelist
Ryan Taylor, Director of Finance at DASH
Perry Woodin, Founder at Node40 [/size][size=100][color=#6d9eeb][size=100]


The show would ask for a 137 dash a month for a period of 3 months, a reduction from last period and an increase in our charitable giving from 25% to 30%.  This would help pay for our studio space, our costs for production and our ability to travel for remote events for interviews. For instance, the team plans on heading to Anarchapulco at the end of February to open 144 Dash wallets and give out 36 Dash to attendees.  
It would provide enough investment to fill the much needed gaps in Unsung’s budget and would directly purchase foodstuffs for the homeless community that Unsung serves. The show would also like to continue to give Dash away to leaders in the crypto space and have them set up wallets to help put Dash into the hands of influential people. We have already given out some Dash and you can see some of their quotes above.   What better platform to distribute the currency and introduce newcomers then one of the most popular and entertaining shows out there? And what better way to help remake the image of Dash but by using it to fund a charity that has received worldwide press?                 

Achievements and Objectives 

We believe that the Dash project has seen an increase in adoption, investment and awareness by funding the past sponsorship. We have been faithful to committing a 5-10 minute segment called "Dash in the News" in which the hosts and guests talk Dash. The show has served as a destination for the community to hear about the latest developments first hand from some of the project developers like Evan Duffield and Andy Freer and from leading business marketers like Daniel Diaz, Ryan Taylor and Amanda B. Johnson, all of whom have been guests in the past.  We have the Dash banner prominently displayed at the top of our website.  We have open up several wallets and distributed Dash at the local bitcoin meetups.  We have secured positive public statements from leading crypto people like Roger Ver.  

Dash is still in need of of an image makeover. This has already started to take shape in some of the ways.  Its main websites have created more stylish appearances and attracted more attention from Users. The shift from Darkcoin to Dash and Darksend to Privatesend are all examples of this shift. We would like to continue this makeover by highlighting the technology behind these names and all the different projects committed to building out that technology. We feel we can continue to play a big role in helping manage and promote this makeover. The show has made it a point to dedicate 5 minutes each week to reading the latest Dash news and the discussing some of that with our guests.  We feel like we bring an opportunity with the Unsung sponsorship to also help communicate the generous and problem-solving nature to Dash’s community. Dash is known for solving problems that plague other cryptocurrencies (i.e. block size, governance) so having Dash sponsor a problem solving effort of hunger seems like a natural fit and one that can really help Dash’s image. The show is downloaded and attracts the greatest amount of attention from people already involved in crypto-currency and therefore we can help persuade people already invested to look at Dash as a possible investment. Dash needs to target people who are already invested or who want to invest in the space. Its market cap is below projects with less development and less features and we feel we can help close that gap.  We hope that we can effectively address the needs facing Dash right now, i.e. an increased awareness of the networks advantages over other forms of crypto, like decentralized governance, masternode dividends, 2.5 second transaction speeds and its treasury model.  All of these key features make Dash one of the most exciting projects in the industry.   We would like Dash to be free of scandal or a bad reputation and for people to discuss and debate and judge the currency based on its merits alone.

Sponsorship Package  
 If the network decided that this was worth funding Dash would receive an official sponsorship that includes:                  
- live reads on air of our “Dash in the News”  
- a banner on our site.
- close attention to reporting and curating all Dash news for our audience giving it special attention for the purposes of advertising to our crypto minded audience.
- Free PSA announcements and commercials advertising the Unsung sponsorship by DASH during show
- A sponsorship of the show to attend Anarchapolco 2017 in Mexico, where the team will handout 36 Dash and open 144 new wallets.
- Mention of sponsorship in future media coverage of Unsung: Hacking Hunger
-The satisfaction of knowing the Dash community helped feed thousands of homeless people in Austin, TX

The sponsorship would last for another period of three months starting February 3rd and ending on May  3, 2017. If the network appreciates the effort we have made and feels it is worth funding in the future than we would present a proposal in the future.

The Crypto Show Team

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1 point,7 years ago
I voted Yes.
1. Good show
2. The show reaches people invested in bitcoin and altcoins who care about the details of their investment. This is the ideal target group for Dash
3. The hosts really believe in the benefits of Dash and the good of Unsung, they do not promote it just for the money.

Keep up the good work. Always love it when you have the big names in Crypto on your show.
0 points,7 years ago
Thanks much appreciated. Sounds like you were in Miami and got a peek at what's involved in doing this:)
0 points,7 years ago
It's a nice show that I watch most times, but I dont think its worth 18k/year.
1 point,7 years ago
Thanks for the compliment. As far as the sponsorship, please remember that 1/3 of the money goes to Unsung and is used to purchase food, blankets and handbags for the needy. Listen to of the organizers of Unsung and their gratitude toward Dash here:
-1 point,7 years ago
I've been following the show and you all are doing a good job. But like some are stating here, you need to be a bit sharper in your marketing, especially with posting on youtube and with your graphics.

I will vote 'yes' for this round but please continue to improve as you go. When you have big names on your show, continue to do a great job of bringing up Dash. We're all waiting to hear it mentioned when the opportunity arises :)

One last thing, Roger Ver has started purchasing "privacy centric" altcoins. If he's ever on the show, please corner him and find out if he's buying Dash!
0 points,7 years ago
I'm completely open to suggestions on the graphics idea I'm learning as I go here. What's your best suggestions on integrating graphics with the video?
1 point,7 years ago
Roger Ver Says his top Alt-Coin is Dash on The Crypto Show

Its at the very end at the last 15 minutes or so if i remember correctly, enjoy!
0 points,7 years ago
Yes thanks for adding that Mastermind. Its at 1:27 mark. Roger seems to imply he has diversified into Dash in our interview and he also implied that Dash was a major threat to Bitcoin if its blocksize is not increased. Pretty cool.
0 points,7 years ago
I will ask Roger that at the Miami Bitcoin Conference next week. Also I just confirmed with Jason King will be teaming up and feeding the homeless near the conference with Dash.
Jason is a keynote speaker and I will ask him to at least mention what we've done with Dash during his speech.
0 points,7 years ago
Previously unanswered questions from about a month and a half ago......

I can't tell if you addressed them in this new proposal as the font is too big to read, please fix. They have not been answered in the dash forum and were never answered in the comments section of the last proposal either.
I like the show but these issue need to be addressed and the reasons for why they were not addressed sooner and how you plan to address similar communication issues going forward. We did not get what was promised. Not too big of a deal overall but it is a problem. How do you plan to make up for it?

Cross post from the forums....
Hey guys how's it going. I missed the last dash interview and I'm just now getting around to listening to it. I did have a few questions though.

The best I can tell these things have not been done....

“a banner on our site."


“Every Dash interview on FB live we will convert to youtube and post on the Dashpay reddit”

I did not find a youtube of the last show with Evan and Andy but did find a link posted by tungfa to the LTB blog with a link to the fb live show....

The Crypto Show with Evan Duffield and Andy Freer of Dash (recording from last night)
submitted 16 days ago by tungfa

“The show would also like to give Dash away to callers and have them set up wallets to help put Dash into people’s hands. Adoption will only increase by putting Dash into the hands of users and having them interact directly with the currency. What better platform to distribute the currency and introduce newcomers“

As of 11-26-16 how much dash has been given away and how many wallets set up?
Are there any other updates from this proposal you would like to share? I saw the Halloween pics which was cool.

1 point,7 years ago
Mastermind, yes thank you for your feedback.

First off, the proposal text sizing is a formatting issue with the site. We've edited it many times, but it continues to show up like this. We are going to have to contact the site to resolve this now that its been over 24hrs. On the upside, we may have just scored a lot of votes from the over 80 Dash enthusiasts. JK. Sorry for the sizing.

The banner is on our site and located at the very top of our page and it is also located in our sponsors section. See it at the top:
We also dedicated a whole page on our site to the Dash/Unsung Partnership. See here:

A physical banner also sits behind the hosts so every youtube and FB live video sees it in full view every episode. We also made sure to put the banner on the Free Ross fundraiser page and behind some of the guests interviewed which was watched by over 10,000 people. We also donated 35 Dash to Ross during the event.

The FB live videos do go out every night we of the show and we do try to make announcements on the Dash reddit but with so many guests it sometimes slips though the cracks. We only in the last month have been able to convert all the fb live videos into youtube and we tried to start posting those Dash guests up but you're right that we haven't done a better job of this. We will be posting those. Just don't want to do them all at once.

We have done a few though:

Wallets rundown is like this. We gave away over 50 in Dash. We gave 35 to Lyn Ulbricht for Ross defense fund and it went straight to Ross' lawyer who opened up a Dash wallet. We gave an additional 10 Dash away to followers of Jeff Berwick "The Dollar Vigilante" and to Jeff himself.
See that here It was retweeted a bunch so the Dash was sent to the first 10. We also opened up several wallets for Arcade City drivers helping with Unsung and gave another 8 Dash away. We sent Dash to Adam Kokesh and had him open a wallet. We also had some bitcoin people at our local bitcoin meetup open wallets and take some free Dash. We did decide that it would be a better strategy to give Dash away to influential bitcoin/crypto guests on the show than to give it away to callers. The show is kinda packed so sometimes its hard to take callers anyway. This is a departure from the proposal but we feel its better for Dash's profile.

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to recall some of this. Hopefully that helps. Let us know of any other concerns.

0 points,7 years ago
To fix the font issues you may need to delete all the text and then save it as a blank page and paste it in again, that's what i had to do. Make sure the font you are copying and pasting from is small as well. The formatting here is very tricky and easy to mess up, i've screwed it up a few times myself.
0 points,7 years ago
So I tried that and it just led to more formatting issues. I'll try to fix it tomorrow.
0 points,7 years ago
Thanks! Ill try that tonight.
0 points,7 years ago
Thanks for the quick response. I will vote yes on the proposal but would like to see a bit more engagement with the community with someone coming here and answering questions or giving updates at least once a month, i don't think that is too much to ask.

Also, please follow through with your pledges to promptly post copies of the FB live video to youtube and then reddit after you have on Dash related guest. I really enjoy those!

I sent you a Dash tip after you posted the roger ver video on reddit where he mentions Dash but It was not claimed in time and was returned, maybe next time. You did get another one of my tips but I don't remember what it was for, enjoy.

0 points,7 years ago
The three months we've been your sponsor has been great. I'm glad we did it. I just don't see the value in re-extending it, so voting 'no.'
0 points,7 years ago
Maybe if they used a larger font in the proposal, you'll change your mind?
0 points,7 years ago
The proposal text sizing is a formatting issue with the site. We've edited it many times, but it continues to show up like this. We are going to have to contact the site to resolve this now that its been over 24hrs. On the upside, we may have just scored a lot of votes from the over 80 Dash enthusiasts. JK. Sorry for the sizing. And yes...I used this answer and bad joke twice now.
0 points,7 years ago
Good luck with your proposal, mea culpa.
0 points,7 years ago
Wish we could change your mind. If you thought it was worth it so far, why not now? Three more months of Dash evangelism to some of the biggest names in bitcoin seems worth keeping afloat.
1 point,7 years ago
Agree. Voting yes with my nodes. CryptoShow have been great Dash evangelists, IMO.
0 points,7 years ago
Much thanks! It will continue to be worth it.