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Title:Specialized Course for Merchants/Maracay-Venezuela​
One-time payment: 62 DASH (4850 USD)
Completed payments: no payments occurred yet (1 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2018-07-18 / 2018-08-17 (added on 2018-07-11)
Final voting deadline: in passed
Votes: 360 Yes / 162 No / 26 Abstain

Proposal description

Yesterday (07/20/2018) we held a conference aimed at the Real Estate Sector, with the presence of 200 Real Estate agents and the participation of the most important Real Estate franchises in Venezuela: Remax and Century21.

Details here

The important thing about this activity was that the franchises asked us for a specialized workshop to carry out the sales of properties in Dash, as a form of protection against inflation.

I speak of this here because the specialized course, we can even do it stratified by Sectors of the Economy ... not only directed to Merchants.

Imagine that the Real Estate websites in Venezuela published the properties in Dash. I see this a big opportunity considering the amount of money involved in Real Estate sales.

Consider this point when voting for our proposal.

Specialized Course for Merchants/Maracay-Venezuela​

Presentation video

This proposal is designed with the specific objective of instructing 240 merchants interested in implementing Dash as a payment method in their establishments. To achieve this goal we propose to offer a specialized course to 8 different groups of merchants (30 per course).

We seek the greatest effectiveness at the lowest cost; therefore, the businesses that will participate in this program will be pre-selected through a survey that we will conduct to the people enrolled in our database. The courses will be face-to-face and each will have duration of 8 academic hours.

In several meetings that Dash Maracay has held with merchants and industrialists, we have noticed that their doubts are focused specifically on legality, accounting and implementation of control software. Although each business has its own working model, we thought it would be more effective to group together different merchants in one room to provide direct support and clarify any concerns in a group setting.

Given the current conditions in Venezuela and considering that our legal regulations allow us to advance in this area, we consider it important to develop this type of activities with the aim of making Dash the most widely used Cryptocurrency in the Central Region of the country.

Dash = Confidence
In a conversation with a trader who attended our first Conference on April 19, he pointed out that Dash has a great singularity: "Dash has a human side". He understood that the presence of our staff, coordinators and managers, shows that Dash isn't 100% virtual; that there are human beings with a long history behind this cryptocurrency. The merchant stressed: "This gives me confidence”. We highlight this point, as the course will be face-to-face and merchants will be able to interact with us (Dash Maracay).

Expected Results:
Upon completion of the project, the 240 businesses will be able to implement Dash correctly in their establishments. They will receive the necessary advertising material to promote Dash (Talkers, Decals and others). Additionally, they will be registered in Discover Dash and other promotional platforms.

The great advantage of taking the course with preselected participants is that it will substantially increase the effectivity and imply a lower cost in the project.

  • Number of Adoptions: We estimate effectiveness between 60% and 80%.
  • Time of recruitment: Immediate, since they will have a complete induction.
  • Low Proposal Cost.
  • Multiplier Effect: Merchants will place an announcement in their establishments indicating that "DASH, Digital Cash, is accepted here". This would have a multiplier effect on other parties who might be interested in implementing Dash in their establishments.
  • Brand Positioning: Users who visit the stores will have the opportunity to explore Dash as a form of payment.
  • We will increase the number of businesses registered on the Discover Dash platform, thus increasing the number of visits.


Pre-selección de los merchants/businesses:
Our community has over 1500 people, segmented as follows:
With the objective of increasing the database of businesses in our web platform, we have made an institutional alliance with the State of Aragua Chamber of Commerce and Industries. Under this agreement we will be able to invite more businesses to take the proposed course.

To select course attendees, we will conduct a survey to measure intention to adopt Dash as a method of payment; this will allow the course to be given to people who are really interested, thus obtaining a high effectivity.​

Number of Attendees:
We will ask merchants to attend the course with a companion (Business Partner, Store Manager or Trusted Staff); this will contribute to supplement the scenarios that may arise when implementing Dash in the establishments with different perspectives.​

Course Dynamics:
The course will have a Theoretical-Practical approach: the theoretical part will consist of explaining everything concerning the Basics, Legal Dispositions, Accounting, Taxation, POS System and Marketing Strategies for an effective implementation of Dash. The practical aspect will focus on classroom simulation of the implementation of Dash in each of the businesses. Merchants will be assured of the support of the general Dash community.

  Unit 1:
The Basics of Dash
     Delivered by: Alexis Lugo, (Dash Venezuela)
     Duration: 2 Hours
        What is Dash? Features. Functions. Characteristics. Benefits.
        Dash Venezuela Community

  Unit 2: 
     Legal, Accounting, and Tax Aspects
     Delivered by: Mariela LLovera (Nayma Consultores)
     Duration: 2 Hours
        Venezuelan legal framework related to cryptoassets
        Using cryptoassets in Venezuelan business operations: taxes, billing, reports
        Case Study: Receiving payments with Dash in a shoe store.
        Cryptoassets and the IFRS for Small and Medium Entities. Accounting and financial records​

  Unit 3: 
     Dash Help Support Center
     Delivered by: Dash Help
     Duration: 1 Academic Hour
        Common Problems / Practical Solutions.​

  Unit 4: 
     Strategies for Implementing Dash as a Payment Method
     Delivered by: Representatives from the Dash Maracay Community
     Duration: 2 Hours
        Adopting Dash in Business (Héctor Gómez)
        Marketing Strategies (Williams Gollini)
        Implementation of the POS System (José Manuel Da Silva)

  Unit 5:
     Practical Simulation Exercises
     Duration: 1 Hours​

  Total: 8 Hours​

In determining the budget for the proposal, we considered the following aspects:
  • Project Term: 1 Month
  • Number of courses: 8 courses in a month
  • Number of businesses per course: 30
  • Number of Attendees per Course: 60 (Owner + Manager)
  • Total Businesses in the Proposal: 240
  • Hours per Course: 8 Hours.

With this specialized course we will take another major step forward in the adoption of Dash as a form of payment, making it the most widely used cryptocurrency in the Central Region of Venezuela.

With Dash Venezuela, Dash Maracay and Dash Help, merchants will understand that Dash is the world's most humanly backed Cryptocurrency.

Speakers or Professors:
Dash Maracay has a great team of highly qualified professionals with extensive knowledge of Dash.

  • Alexis E. Lugo González, DASH VENEZUELA (DASHVE, C.A.) Technical Assistance Coordinator, National Program Coordinator Dash Venezuela
  • Mariela Llovera, Lawyer and Human Resources Professional. Talent Management, Labor Relations & Taxes consultant. Speaker. Focused on using technology to improve business processes for SMEs
  • Dash Help, Technical Support Center
  • Williams Gollini, CEO Aragua. Consultant and Former Director of the Real Estate Chamber of Aragua State.
  • José Manuel Da Silva, President of the Chamber of Industries for Aragua State. Director of the State Program "Entrepreneurship Learning".
  • Héctor Gómez C, 1st Vice-President of Fedecámaras (Venezuelan Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Production) Aragua. Former President of the Aragua State Real Estate Chamber. Vice President of the Real Estate Chamber of Venezuela.
  • Eduardo Fuenmayor F., Director of the Real Estate Chamber of the Aragua State.

Dash Maracay

  Dash Maracay Activities 

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0 points,6 months ago
You can donate to this project here:

* only 7,5Dash per course needed.
1 point,6 months ago
Good day everyone .. we are pleased for the support received. Especially for the 350 Master Nodes that voted "Yes".

Regardless of not receiving the funds, we will continue working to make Dash the most widely used Cryptocurrency in the Central Region of Venezuela
0 points,6 months ago
Interesting proposal for sure. Venezuela to boot. Real Estate purchases hmmm...a lot of Dash changing hands.
Will vote YES ..but tight month for budget.
0 points,6 months ago
Thank you very much for your support ... in fact the budget is very committed in this cycle ... we hope the project will be approved
0 points,7 months ago
This is a very good example of what the Dash communities should become ... self-sustaining, with an impulse to create good ideas and programs to improve their community. Dash Maracay is a role model, with a great entrepreneurial vision.
-1 point,7 months ago
Thank you very much JahlexisTafari, we have learned a lot from you ... Dash Venezuela has guided us on the right path to develop a strong and self-sustainable community ... Thank you for your support
1 point,7 months ago
Hello Maracay team. If you create this training program could you ensure to record the entire course in such a way that the course can be put on youtube so that other Venezuelan merchants that could not attend the conferences can also benefit from the training? I have seen other recordings taken from the DASH conferences however many of them are not that useable because they were not recorded in a way that would enable them to be used by others on youtube. I really think you need to speak with the recording team and inform them that the training is going to be used on youtube and to ensure to setup the recording is such a way that it can be used as described for other merchants who cannot attend. That means showing all the slides in detail etc
0 points,7 months ago
Hello Deepblue, thank you very much for your comment.

In fact, we plan to record the course. Our production team will be in charge of recording and editing all the material of the course and then put it on YouTube. Just this week we met with all the production team to touch these details. We also confirm that the merchants will have the opportunity to interact with us to clarify any doubts.

The scheme of 8 courses, will allow us to obtain enough material for postproduction.
-1 point,7 months ago
If the course could be made online. And the course could be as if they were attending the course i.e. you could ensure all the materials are 100% usable, visible and recorded with high quality. Possibly also ensuring the slides are edited separately from the video so that you cut to the actual slide and not a projection of the slide then I think this merchants training could be invaluable here is why:

After much thought I have come to realise that the merchants hold the key to breaking the "chicken and egg" situation of not enough merchants not enough customers here's why.

A merchant can accept DASH as a form of payment with no risk to themselves once they have been on this course. But in addition the merchant no becomes an automatic "AD" for DASH because they will have the DASH, DIGITAL CASH ACCEPTED HERE point of sale cards on both their windows and near their cash tills. Now imagine how many customers even a small corner shop has that visit that shop every day, week and month? A small grocery shop will have several thousand people per month visiting. All of these people are going to be exposed to DASH branding and DASH message when they visit these shops that have received the training. Now imagine that these point of sales cards all have a link to this page: The customers would learn all they need to know about DASH. In this way merchants are now active promoters of DASH. Therefore just one merchant could convert thousands of their customers to DASH in a practical and real way.

Now also imagine that at these courses the merchants are instructed that if they refer another merchant to be trained they would receive $10 in DASH as an incentive to do some promotion activity e.g. post on social media about DASH, inform at least 5 other merchants about DASH and create an email signature that says "We accept DASH digital cash do you? Ti learn about the safe, secure digital currency DASH click here " that email signature would go out with every email they send out.

In this way the trained merchants at this event become decentralized marketing agents to spread the word of DASH to all their customers. The great thing about this campaign is that if you think about it the customers that learn about DASH will know where they can spend it! It is such an eligant and powerful social marketing strategy.

The merchants are the key to getting DASH established in Venezuela and other LATAM countries. Social, decentralized, focused marketing right in the heart of local commerce.

I think this team are very smart to work this out.

Voting YES!
-1 point,7 months ago
Hi DeepBlue, we were also evaluating what was the first step for the adoption of Dash. We conclude that we must definitely incorporate the merchants first and then obtain the users.

It is essential that merchants believe in Dash. That is why we design the course in this way, the merchants should feel that they have full support of a large community worldwide and especially in Venezuela.

I agree with your appreciation that all these merchants become an advertising vehicle for the brand. We look very carefully at your proposal to encourage traders to promote Dash. We will evaluate, with the budget we have, apply this mechanism without detracting from the quality of the project.

Thank you very much for your comment and your great support.

-1 point,7 months ago
Excellent proposal, and it's great that you're making it available for all afterward.
-1 point,7 months ago
Hello Unstoppable. Thank you very much for your support ...!