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Title:ADD Dash to SCC ATM exchange
One-time payment: 123 DASH (3556 USD)
Completed payments: 1 totaling in 123 DASH (0 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2023-03-12 / 2023-04-11 (added on 2023-03-07)
Votes: 549 Yes / 19 No / 7 Abstain

Proposal description

SCC ATM exchange proposal

SCC ATM exchange proposal

Add Dash to SCC ATM exchange


I am BlockChainTech, a Dash community veteran member,
Since I am a community Dash member I have made relevant jobs for the Dash DAO.

1) I am responsible for Spain in 2018 year 2 Large conferences explaining Dash as a P2P E-Cash System ideal for use in
international remittances in 2 spanish cities.

2) I am the responsible and co-author about the project: Dash ecosystem infographic, which is in the Landing Page in
webside, in several languages English, Spanish, etc.


What does this specific proposal fund?

OBJECTIVES (in business terms)

There is a need to increase Dash in the last mile: Fiat-Crypto bridges.

An objective with this last mile are that cryptocurrencies ATM companies.
In Europe there is the SCC ATM Inc. company.
They have the largest Cryptocurrencies ATM network throughout Europe, they has ATMs in the European Union and Ukraine (in war),
and they are expanding now to Latin America, starting with Peru.

Dash was at these ATMs but in 2021, It was Delist. The regulators FUD was strong..


Proposal value, Dash can be leader in Europe in the last mile as p2p e-cash system.
Increasing the user market share (more new wallet) and (a increase the new addresses).


I have been negotiating since 2022 to the inclusion of Dash in the ATM network with SCC Team company.
And I have achieved that this negotiation is successful.

I am pleased to announce to the community that my work and efforts have been successful:

Dash has been added to the ATM network again, and can be used since March 2023

Now Dash are available to be used since March 2023 in +200ATMs in Europe and LatAm.
ATM web:

Now any user can buy and sell Dash in the last mile (fiat-cryptocurrencie), in many cases without KYC (it depends regulations and the country).

I have made 2 reports, about my job since 2022, which attached, the which have led to succeed with this work. (see doc)
In addition,
I have been fighting troll FUD on the ATM Telegram channel company, since several users have been rampant that Dash could again
added. (See doc)
Although reason has prevailed vs hate. And Dash is available  +200 ATMs. (See Screenshots in SCC official Telegram Chat)


I have coordinated with Dash Core Group (Marine,Ernesto) a marketing campaign in RRSS in association with the SCC company.
This task will be published soon, and is already piloted by DCG, I have Advisor and Mediator tasks between DCG and SCC Inc.

This next advertising SCC partnership campaign will have focus to: Dash as P2P e-Cash System in the last mile to ATM users, vs.
their rivals into ATM. Now at the ATM has: BTC, LTC, ETH, USDT + DASH


The project and jobs is done successfully.  The job done so that Dash is available in an international ATM network with +200 ATM,worldwide.

The salary requested by the work done, and delivered.

A reward is requested, about the job with success done of the following concepts:

Fee proposal: 1 Dash
Advisor, consulting and negotiation (+-1 year): 99 Dash
Tax compliance 23 dash

Price dash: 61$

 Thank You People !!

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2 points,1 year ago
I am a yes on this. Thanks for the hard work.
2 points,1 year ago
Thanks for your support, and for your words of sympathy.
It has not been nice to read, what I have read from other colleagues regarding my work done.
6 points,1 year ago
~$6k to add Dash to 200+ ATMs... No brainer. Kudos for taking the initiative and then coming to the DAO for compensation. I believe this is worth it and awarding these funds sets a good precedent for others to hopefully follow. I am uncertain on the value of the planned marketing work, but the advantage is that I don't have to decide that now, when this PO comes for compensation for that work in several months I can look at the results and work done and decide then.
0 points,1 year ago
AshFrancis, About Marketing area, I can expand this detail ;-) :

An example in what we are already working . (see screenshots)

Now is ads run and live
2 points,1 year ago
In addition, if the proposal is approved, it would be a precedent for the Treasury and DAO's worlds to take note, that: there are other ways of working and doing things and that: 1ยบ you can work, obtain results and then receive reward for the success obtained.
And at the other extreme: if the proposal is rejected, it is also a notice for future proposals owners, and they can see that it is not better not to be proactive and get results; is better do the DAO's treasury can dream with events, thinks, business .., and then that the luck decide ..

Really the Dash DAO with this proposal is making a very important decision related to the rewards world in DAO's as decentralized autonomous organizations where the people can go to work.
1 point,1 year ago
Thanks for your answer.

The marketing work will be another very important phase and will be the key to the people can know the virtues about Dash as a p2p e-cash system vs. the competitors available at the ATM.
In Europe & Ukranie (next LatAm) people are using these ATM as last mile solution gateways vs banking system. (no kyc =1000eu.)

And we have the advantage that Dash is the most competitive coin that the ATM now has, it is fast, and it is fungible.
1 point,1 year ago
I think it would nice to compensate for this work but first I want to see a signed contract between Dash Incubator and the ATM operator that any dash de-listing within 12 months would require a 90% return of the money.
1 point,1 year ago
Thanks for your comment.
3 points,1 year ago
Perhaps your English is not so good, perhaps it is mine, but can you explain exactly what you did? What is the benefit to the network and who asked you or why you did it?

My understanding is this proposal is to pay you for something you have already done?
0 points,1 year ago
Thanks for the question. Excuse me for my English, it is not my native language.

How I have explained in the proposal, there are several ROI:
1 The increase in Dash users in Europe.
2 The Wallet increase installed.
3 The increase in new directions created in the network.

My work is summarized in 3 .doc documents that I indicated in the proposal.

Yes, the proposal is pay to deliver a work done.
I think it is the -first time- that this type of proposal is launch in the DAO: First work, next ask for a reward .
I could have worked and not succeed.
My time has a value, like that of anyone people.
And any MN could have done it, and can do so in other scenarios and opportunities that he can sees. I saw the possibility, I struggled, I worked and I was successful.
2 points,1 year ago
>I think it is the -first time- that this type of proposal is launch in the DAO: First work, next ask for a reward .

It is indeed the first time, as far as I can remember.

Are you flexible in your compensation? What if the DAO would like to pay you 5000$ insteed of the 7000$ that you are asking. Will you accept it?

What if the DAO would like to pay you 1$. Will you accept it?

What is the minimum amount of money that you accept to be compansated for your already delivered job?
2 points,1 year ago
Well, for partial payment you would need something like fractional voting....
2 points,1 year ago
Yes...fractional voting is the best and fits exactly to the case.

But due to the lack of it, he could try the BASE4 numeral system.
2 points,1 year ago
And what is the maximum amount? What if I wanted to compansate you 14000$.

Will you accept it?
1 point,1 year ago
If you want send me a dash donation with a reward of $14,000 for my work and effort for other tasks that I have been doing in the project without requesting anything, you can, in my Discord account with mydashwallet tip bot or ask me for a donation address on discord.
I will be very grateful to you, appreciate my work of 5 years in the shadown.
2 points,1 year ago
So the maximum amount of money that you accept to be compensated is 11120725 dash .

ok...I will take into account your greed, when voting for your proposal.
1 point,1 year ago
Thanks for your comment, I'm not greedy,
I request what I think is fair. One job, one successful delivery.
I only respond to comments that I consider offensive, with humorous responses.
You can vote as you want, according to the result I will act accordingly in the future for other projects.
Thank you for your time & your future negative votes.
1 point,1 year ago
If someone would like to compensate you 14000$ for you delivered job, you just said it is ok, and you will accept this compensation. What about 24000$? What about 104000$?

Could you please define the maximum amount you think the job you delivered should be paid?

Could you please answer the exact question, instead of answering irrelevant things?
1 point,1 year ago
Sorry , but with your writing or your writing expressions about the jobs world, I think that either you don't have experience in this world or you are trolling me. (you are disrespectful with me).

I am going to explain about this so you can understand it, since I want to think that it is the first option and you do not know the world of work/jobs
In the world of work there are 2 types of payments for a job/work:
1) The agreed salary compensation
2) Variable salary compensation

In my proposal I ask for salary compensation (1), you can apply to me if you wish a variable bonus (2), in addition to my salary, that means that I have poorly valued my work, and you reward better it.
Thank you for your comment.

I hope we no longer waste my time, yours, and the people who read us, with your irrelevant comments..
1 point,1 year ago
In that case, could you please define the maximum amount of the variable bonus (2)?

For example, if the DAO decides to give you a variable bonus of 4592 dash ( 258602 USD) for the job you just delivered, will you accept it?
1 point,1 year ago
Well, it is complicated that the variable bonus can materialize.
I have not requested that in the proposal.
However, if you or any friend want to give me a reward as Bonus variable for mi work (whether the proposal can be approved or the proposal can be rejected), I and my sons will thank you.
If we see the note that: Dash price now +- $50 and my proposal was with an price $61
I had a loss of value around 10%+- about my work.
It would be a detail for your to me, thank you. If you have this detail with my humble person. Thank you for your question.

1 point,1 year ago
Thanks for your comment. That I think it don't have any sense.
Do you ask yourself the same questions for the DCG workers do?
I have evaluated my time-effort-ratio, and that is the fair price.

I want to notice that: I have specified the Tax concept, because I am a professional. And I will have to pay taxes (to my misfortune..).
2 points,1 year ago
So the minimum amount of money that you accept to be compensated is 123 dash.

Ok.. I will take this into account, when voting for you proposal, and in case I will judge that you deserve less money (for example 122 dash) I will vote No.
0 points,1 year ago
The way I see it, SCC added value to there ATM services by re-adding Dash as an option. If you helped them do this, then they should be the ones paying you for your time and effort.
0 points,1 year ago
Thanks for your answer.
I suppose that with that logic then you will agree that: Kucoin, Binance and now OKX should return to the previous Status Quo about deposit confirmations (10 confirmations) for Dash.

Since for them this adds greater value to their exchange services, since an TX is safer and they don't should followed my advisor advice, which allowed they upgraded to InstantSend feature.
Can we match this way of seeing it?

Please, you can be serious.., We can speak with irony for another moment.
1 point,1 year ago
I'm not sure I understand what you are saying here. Are you saying InstantSend feature is not a value add for exchanges?
1 point,1 year ago
The way i feel about this :

Proposal owners should first check if there is an interest in a certain budget proposal by gathering feedback before launching a budget proposal, and then see if MNO owners value that budget proposal and agree with the requested amount for funding, by voting yes on it.

If there was a gathering feedback phase, then maybe some signals could have been received about the need these days to have Dash re-added to certain ATM exchanges / centralized exchanges against certain costs.

Personally i don't see a need for Dash to pay for getting (re-) added to an ATM exchange or any other centralized exchange. I feel those days are long behind us. There were several exchanges over the years, who first delisted Dash over Dash privacy technology concerns and then ended up adding Dash back on for free, after DCG provided feedback to them.
2 points,1 year ago
Thanks for your answer. I understand you about the check if there is an interest with a pre-proposal, but the opportunity arose, and I had to act to achieve success.

The reward is not paying SCC company for being added, it's for my work, meetings, training, my time to Dash can be added again. (The same work as a DCG employee would do).

In addition, any Dash community member (including MN) can do this work in any scenario where they see an opportunity to grow the adoption of the use of Dash. (I saw the opportunity, and I worked.)

As you have indicated, DCG can work about if Dash is delist in service as (exchange, atm, payment processor, etc.) obviously for this work they receive monthly financing from the DAO.
My action has been: I saw an opportunity, I acted and I was successful. Thanks for your comment.
1 point,1 year ago
It does not really matter if the reward is paying the SCC company for re-adding Dash beforehand or paying you for your work afterwards, it remains the same .. Dash ends up paying for re-adding to the ATM company, that delisted Dash previously.

So far you have not provided data that supports that Dash transactions were widely used on that ATM company prior to delisting, and that your work is therefore worthy of being financially supported by Dash.
1 point,1 year ago
I understand, your thoughts.

I can indicate that in Spain, and in Italy, (by other Dash community members), those ATMs were widely used with Dash, before Delist.
You can ask in Discord. I have commented with other members.

Also, FYI, yesterday I have other success for Dash Project:
The OKX Exchange upgrade its deposit policy, before they demanded 10 confirmations.
Next week, they will request only 1 confirmation or is possible next 0-conf (InstantSend).
Obviously that is the success again with my work, speaking with OKX CEO. And this information is public on Twitter and on the Discord channel. As the success with ATMs in Europe.

I remind you that Europe does not have now anyone representing Dash project and expanding business, since Robert & Fernando go out DCG..

Now if you allow it, I take off my proposal owner hat. And I put my MN hat to answer your comment about Alt36. The Alt36 project was a SCAM, and the data shows it. There is nothing more to say.

However, if you believe, that my pro-active work don't should have a reward with Dash's treasury, I respect you.
Surely it is better to burn the treasury funds, than to reward members than:
1) First they work,
2) They obtains quantifiable results for the project,
3) They request a fair reward for your time & work.

Thank you for your comments. I already understood your position.
1 point,1 year ago
Here is also a link to an overview of all budget proposals related to ATM's that i found on

Budget proposals regarding ATM's don't seem to have a high chance of passing and should really have been discussed, before putting work into it.

Link :
1 point,1 year ago
Note : technically the two ALT36 budget proposals (both the sponsership of the ALT36 ATM's & ALT36 ATM proposal itself) passed with regards to votes, but could not be paid out due to use of multi-signature addresses at the time. I am not sure if anything ever came of those ALT36 ATM's as ALT36 in the end could not implement Dash in their payment options and all the Dash funding became pretty fruitless.
1 point,1 year ago
Also having an ATM provider operate a website named sounds a bit unprofessional. I would be curious to see how many Dash transactions ocurred on that ATM's network, when Dash was listed there in the first place.
0 points,1 year ago
Well, the companies use creativity in marketing to attract customers. As I have already indicated, it ATM company is leader in Europe for years because they do not request KYC up to 1000 eu. (You can search in youtube).
Also now Dash is the only coin, which has fungibility + speed, they ask for 3 confirmations for btc and 6 for ltc.

Also, I am coordinating with DCG a marketing campaign to promote the use of Dash at these ATMs. You can ask DCG members. Thanks for your question.
0 points,1 year ago
So no data on how many Dash transactions took place through the ATM company in question, before it got delisted ? No data at all ?
2 points,1 year ago
Is there demand for Dash from ATMs? How do you quantify this demand?
0 points,1 year ago
Thanks for your question.

Yes, there is a lot of demand a handicap that they have is: that in the European Union for 1000 euros, they do not request KYC.
This allows anyone to use these ATMs as an entrance bridge with financial privacy.
The Dash european users know this.Remember now to LatAm!!

You can see many examples of use in videos on YouTube. e.g.: