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Title:Renew Airline In-Flight Media Campaign with United Airlines added
Monthly amount: 328 DASH (17371 USD)
Completed payments: 3 totaling in 984 DASH (0 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2017-08-18 / 2017-11-13 (added on 2017-08-09)
Votes: 850 Yes / 259 No / 48 Abstain
External information:

Proposal description

Renew Airline In-Flight Media Campaign with United Airlines added

Our Team would like to renew the Airline In-flight Ads for another three months with United Airlines added to the proposal as United airlines has recently approved our
advertisement content. This will effectively double the exposure of the previous campaign by including another airline with destinations to the Caribbean and parts of South America.


We propose renewing the 90 second video infomercial on American, Virgin America, and United Airlines. The Ad will run for a 3-month period (six months with Virgin America) reaching about 4,355,000 people per month for a total of 13,065,000.  These segments will run on the video screens located on the aircraft seat backs. Most commercials will air twice per flight on average.

The video is titled “What is Dash” and has been edited to remove 11 seconds to meet the airlines standards and time allocation.
We believe that this video is the best one available to introduce people to Dash. The video is located here
The cost is 328 Dash per month for three months. We added an additional 20 Dash (~6%) to ensure that we can run the Ad if the market takes a downward swing
(The 20 Dash is included in the 328 Dash total). We also request 5 Dash for reimbursement of the proposal fee (The 5 Dash is included in 328 Dash Total).
Total Reach:
The estimated number of views for this advertising campaign is approximately 13,065,000. That’s about $.0045 per view (4.52 cpm rate). Adding United Airlines will double our
reach with premium placement.
Why is airline advertising effective?
In a fast-changing digital world, it is becoming increasingly difficult to reach consumers on the go. In-flight video programming is one last remaining ways to effectively
reach millions of passengers in a captive, controlled environment. With in-flight programming; we can reach an emotional connection with an exceptional demographic, through an engaging video feature. People pay attention to a good story with captivating visuals. Frequent flyers are successful professionals with sophisticated tastes and the income to pursue their interests. In-flight media programming places traditional advertising in front of these elusive consumers at a time when they are not distracted by the
internet, cell phones or on-demand devices.

Why is United Airlines advertising effective?
Each month United Airlines features the greatest finds around the world on the LiveTV displays on United's default channel—the only free programming option for United Airlines passengers. More than 75% of all passenger’s view content here during flight, and onboard reporting confirms the actual exposure each month.  The video will be available on 17,000 flights each month on Live TV equipped narrow body aircrafts serving North America, Hawaii, the Caribbean, and parts of South America. All featured segments air within the first 60 minutes of free programming on the LiveTV default channel.

Some more facts:
  • Most viewers agree that in-flight television is a good way to pass time.
  • 58% of airline program members who typically take flights that offer television programming usually watch it. More than 75% watch on United flights.
  • 47% of those who watched the programming could remember the specific ad that was shown.
  • 36% of those who take flights that offer video entertainment have watched it on at least three out of their four past flights.
Customer demographics and statistics

United Airlines

Advertising rate: $40,000/month

Our negotiated price: $34,000/month


Median age: 47

Male 56%  

Female 44%

Average Household Income (HHI): $136,000      

Average Home value: $327,300

College Educated 91 %

Post Graduate degree 33%

Employment: Managerial 61%

Employment: Top Management 18%

The United Airlines program reaches our target audience for 90 consecutive days, in a captive and receptive environment, potentially reaching 6,300,000 people.

Seat back Video On-Demand is offered cabin-wide on select aircraft flying in the US and international routes with average flights times of about 3 hours.

Routes include:
North America, Hawaii, the Caribbean and parts of South America.

American Airlines 

Advertising rate: $14,500/month
Our negotiated price: $10,500/month
Median age: 47
Male 49%
Female 51%

Average Household Income (HHI): $111,900

Average Home value: $315,616

College Education Index: 187

Post Graduate degree index: 216

The American airlines program reaches our target audience for 90 consecutive days beginning December 2017, in a captive and receptive environment, potentially reaching 2,865,000 people of which 300,000 are business or First-class passengers.


Seat back Video On-Demand is offered cabin-wide on select A330 and 777 aircraft flying international routes.

Domestic routes include:

Dallas-Fort Worth, New York (JFK & LGA), Miami, Chicago, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Charlotte, Phoenix, and Washington DC.

Virgin America Airlines

Advertising rate: $19,500/2 months

Our negotiated price:$15,000/2 months
Demographics:Ages 18-49 66%
Male 52%
Female 48%
Average Household Income (HHI): $100,000+

The Virgin America program reaches potentially 3,900,000 people on over 30,000 flights, during 180 consecutive days, in a very captive and receptive environment.

Domestic routes include:
Los Angeles, Dallas-Love Field, New York (JFK, LGA, & EWR), Las Vegas, Chicago, Boston, Washington DC (Dulles & Reagan), San Diego, Austin, Seattle, Portland, Palm
Springs, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, Honolulu, Denver, Maui, Baltimore, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Nashville, Indianapolis, Raleigh-Durham, San Francisco, and Kona.

International Routes include:
Cancún, Los Cabos Puerto Vallarta

Seat back video on all flights

Why is In-flight media preferred over TV?
A national TV commercial in 2011 cost about $345,000 in production costs alone.  The cost to run the ad in a popular nationally televised program during 2011 was more than $100,000.
This infomercial will reach typically affluent and well-educated people, who for one reason or another, are trapped on an airline for several hours. We can reach a captive audience of about 13,065,000 people for a grand total of 328 Dash. United is the world’s 3rd largest airline and has better advertisement placement than the other airlines.
Once again, we believe this campaign will educate people about Dash and those people will spread the word around the world for a fraction of the cost of a typical TV
advertisement. The cost per thousand (CPM) rate is about $4.52.
Our Team
Our team consists of an IT professional with over ten years’ experience, an artist, and two retirees that have over forty years of experience in special event
management and marketing. We also have over 50 years’ experience working with contracts with State and Federal governments.
We have several other unique proposals in work now and we would appreciate your support of this proposal so that we may move forward with more exciting ones.
Let’s create some beneficial exposure for Dash!

1.    USD/Dash price based on the 30 day average market rate at closing. That rate is one Dash equals $195.00 as listed on
2.    We have confirmation that our previous proposal will be fulfilled by airing on American Airlines in November, and Virgin America Airlines in October and November. Proof of performance documents will be provided by each airline at the end of the Advertisement run dates.
3.    We are currently in the process of translating the “What is Dash” video into Spanish and Japanese with funds remaining from the last proposal. These videos are being translated and dubbed by Trusted Translations and will be made available to the Dash community to use on the website, or for other marketing endeavors.
4.   The United Airlines and American Airlines Ad will run after the current run cycle ends in Nov. 2017, for three consecutive months.
6.   The Virgin America Ad will run for six consecutive months after the current Ad cycle ends in Nov. 2017.
7.   Project Managers: Kerry Smith (Doewapapus), Zachary Smith (Metasync). Team members: Jim Conley and Jenna Vaziri (jv.darkroom). All four are stakeholders as we currently own Dash.
8.   There are no major risks or constraints associated with this campaign other than the market price volatility of Dash. We have added 20 Dash (~6%) or  to this proposal to
compensate for any possible downward market swing. If the market goes down by more the 6% we will attempt to renegotiate the price with the airlines so that we can run the Ads with the given amount of Dash.
9.     Proof of performance: Advertisement runs will be certified and provided in written form by each airline.
10.   Any unused funds will be used for future proposals.

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1 point,4 years ago
Wow. This proposal did have an impact in the crypto community. I think we could study the possibility to have adds on financials channels (bloomberg, fox buisness, cnbc...)
1 point,4 years ago
Here's some recent press about our ad!
1 point,4 years ago
Can you please contact DashForceNews when you receive press coverage like this, as it should really get more attention.
1 point,4 years ago
great job by the way..
0 points,4 years ago
I would really like to see some result from the previous proposal before funding more.
2 points,4 years ago
Hi there!
As outlined in the proposal, the Dash ad is set to air on United Airlines and Virgin American Airlines in October. Once it airs, we will be able to provide the Proof of Run documentation from the Airlines.
0 points,4 years ago
I agree.
2 points,5 years ago
Thank you all for your support!
We’re very excited to see Dash on United Airlines!

Here is a current rundown of the air dates for our “What is Dash” In-Flight Ad Campaigns:
October: Virgin America, United Airlines*
November: Virgin America, American Airlines
December: Virgin America, American Airlines
January 2018: Virgin America, American Airlines, United Airlines. **
February 2018: Virgin America, American Airlines, United Airlines. **
March 2018: Virgin America. **
April 2018: Virgin America. **
May 2018: Virgin America. **

*Originally, the United Airlines campaign was due to run Nov/Dec/Jan (with continued proposal approval), but due to the Dash payment timing and Ad reservation deadlines, United Airlines has been rescheduled to the times listed above.
**Pending continued proposal approval
0 points,4 years ago
Voted no purely because of United Airline, putting money in their pocket is similar to saying please bash the passengers.
5 points,5 years ago
Please get closed captioning added to any video you show on an airplane.
1 point,5 years ago
Yes, please do! Otherwise very few will get anything from it..
0 points,5 years ago
Link to the video/ad?
1 point,5 years ago
The link to the video is located in the paragraph below the image.
2 points,5 years ago
Hey good luck, your proposal, it got featured on our show 2:47
2 points,5 years ago
Thanks, Keep up the good work.
2 points,5 years ago
Nice initiative, can't do wrong to Dash, voting yes.
However, could we have access to the edited video ? The dropbox link sends us to the original video (90 s) while you are talking about a 11 s spot...

Also, I see you plan on doing a video that would be better suited for the target but when do you plan on doing that ? After the results of the first campaing ?

I believe, for the future ad, spot should be aimed at companies and businessman (naming them in the video) that always travel abroad and always are in between countries.
In that case, an instant transfer and low fees will very make sense to us. Remittances could also be mentionned for all the immigrants sending money back home - tell them their fees will go from 10 to 30 % on whatever they send to 0.1 cts and watch the response... !
2 points,5 years ago
Thanks for your support. The 90 second video is the edited version. We removed 11 seconds from the original version posted on
We don't currently have a proposal to create new content but with the coming Dash updates additional content will need to be created for When new content video is available we will update the Ads.
Thanks for the input on future Ads.
-3 points,5 years ago
The main selling point is not n your ad and that is that it's a currency designed to secure your wealth from inflation. Think about it, who cares about all the selling points you mention, instant, low fees etc none of this is exciting to some who uses a debit card. You need to have that ploppy cartoony sound whilst showing a graph of their increasing wealth overtime. Voting No.
1 point,5 years ago
Did anyone saw the ad? Or may be read about it at Facebook? How we a gonna track the result of the campaign?

Abstain for now...
3 points,5 years ago
I'm not sure if I can put my finger on why, but I really don't like the ad. I think we could do way better. Maybe it's because I've seen way too many pitches like this for other cryptos which are in the exact same style and formula. But I might vote for this anyway because it seems like it is the only thing we have to work with at the moment and it still works towards familiarizing people with Dash.
2 points,5 years ago
We agree that the video could use some improvements but serves its purpose as a very general and informative video to introduce and familiarize the general public with Dash. This video is also consistent with the website. With the coming updates to Dash, more information will need to be added or changed. In the future we can make changes or even replace the video entirely to stay consistent with the website, with the proper lead time, in order to get approval across the Airlines.
4 points,5 years ago
UPDATE: July’s in-flight media campaign

Hey everyone,
We want to say thank you for your support for last month’s in-flight media campaign proposal.
That campaign is finalized and is set to air in October on American Airlines, and October through November on Virgin America Airlines. We will post “Proof of Run” docs from the airlines once our campaign airs. We have also had that same video dubbed & translated into Spanish and Japanese, for general use in the Dash community. Please find the links in the comments.

This month we have submitted a proposal to extend the air time of our video across American Airlines (+3 months) and Virgin America Airlines (+6 months), as well as include United Airlines in the campaign (3 Months). Adding United Airlines will potentially reach an additional 6,300,000 people during its run.

We will continue to post updates as we receive them. Thanks again for your continued support!
3 points,5 years ago
Here is the "What is Dash?" video dubbed in Spanish and Japanese. We are working toward dubbing this video in more languages. These can be used on the Website when browsing in the various languages.



Thank you for your support!
0 points,5 years ago
Thank you metasync
3 points,5 years ago
How do we know what United Airlines approved your content and so on? I would like to vote yes on this if it's not fake proposal. I really want to see some proofs here you are working with all these companies. First time I voted yes, but I thought when you'll make your second proposal you'll post some proofs, like dash video on the screens of real airplane with real passengers looking on it.
2 points,5 years ago
Our Ad was approved by United but not in time for the first proposal. We will provide proof of performance statements from each airline once we receive them. These Ads must be scheduled about 60 days in advance to reserve the space. The first proposal Ad will run in October and November and In order to continue this campaign we have to reserve the spots in advance.
-1 point,5 years ago
i do not see any impact from the Frist one on DASH right ? waist of DASH at this point of the Projekt just my 2 Cents.. need to vote no on this
3 points,5 years ago
Hey Schnuppdog, The first proposal is scheduled to run in October and November. This new proposal is to add an additional larger airline. We realize that we won't see any results right away as these Ads have to be planned about two months in advance to hold the spaces.
1 point,5 years ago
Was there extra Dash from the previous proposal? Or did you spend every penny?
2 points,5 years ago
As stated in note #3 we used leftover funding from the original proposal to translate the "What is Dash" video into Spanish and Japanese. The video will be available to use on the website and for any other marketing endeavors. We are waiting on "Trusted Translations" - an internationally known company to finish the production (Translation and audio dubbing) and then we will give it to the community.
2 points,5 years ago
This works out to be around 1.5 cents per viewer, which in my opinion is value for money. And let's face it, when you're bored on a flight ads can be quite engaging, much more so than walking off to the fridge during a commercial break at home.

Although I would request that a proposal review is conducted by Dash Force News in regards to the progress made from the recent prior proposal. MNOs are concerned about people ripping off the budget with unjustified expenses and also stagnating progress, I believe a review will help significantly for this renewal to pass.
0 points,5 years ago
I'll see what I can do to get some verifiable documentation and get Joe or Joel to do a report.
2 points,5 years ago
Certified proof of performance will be provided when it’s available from each Airline once they have completed running each month's campaign.
0 points,5 years ago
We're down!
-5 points,5 years ago

I never heard about the 1st one.
I can't say I've seen the video.
In fact - I see no words here....

lol - $66k / MONTH!!
I don't think so......

When was the last campaign?
I flew United in March 2017....
....I bet I just missed it -

----------------------------------> huh?
6 points,5 years ago
MangledBlue, if you search through the past proposals you will notice that their previous proposal is quite recent, around June / July and there is a video provided of what to expect. In saying that, there is no way you would have seen an ad on your flight back in March giving how recent it is.