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Title:Proposal:​ ​36​ ​+​ ​Dash​ ​ATM​ ​&​ ​Sponsorships
One-time payment: 1974 DASH (57815 USD)
Completed payments: 1 totaling in 1974 DASH (0 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2017-10-18 / 2017-11-17 (added on 2017-10-01)
Votes: 829 Yes / 8 No / 7 Abstain

Proposal description

Alt Thirty Six Official Statement

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Last month, Alt Thirty Six submitted two proposals to the Dash Network that successfully passed. Our 36 + Dash ATM proposal garnered a voting ratio of 908 Yes / 64 No / 1 Abstain and can be found here:

In addition, our 36 + Dash Sponsorships proposal garnered a voting ratio of 1017 Yes / 38 No / 3 Abstain and can be found here:

Unfortunately, both of these proposals will not be paid out due to the addresses associated with the proposals being multi-signature addresses. We were not aware of this restriction and Ryan Taylor, CEO of Dash Core Group, has made an official statement regarding this issue:

This current proposal is a concatenation of last month’s 36 + Dash ATM and 36 + Dash Sponsorships proposals. The payout address is Dash Core Group’s business development address. As soon as the proposal is passing, Dash Core Group will release the requested funding to Alt Thirty Six and Dash Core Group will recuperate the funds from this current proposal.

This solution ensures minimal delay for obtaining the funding for the two proposals and allows us to move forward with our launch event on October 14th, the Dash Sponsorship Packages, and the Dash ATM Network.

We have included both proposals below for those who are not already familiar with them. If you are already familiar with the proposals, here is the requested funding:

Total Requested Funding from Dash Network
1) 36 + Dash ATM Proposal        ï»¿                               1,625.49 Dash
2) 36 + Dash Sponsorships Proposal                                                        343.39 Dash
3) Proposal Fee                          ï»¿    ï»¿                                 5 Dash
Total Dash Contribution for Combined Proposals:                              1,973.88 Dash*

*Although Dash's value has decreased since the time of our original proposals, we are not adjusting the conversion rate on this proposal. The only addition to the amount of Dash is the proposal fee.

The team @ Alt Thirty Six thanks you for your understanding and apologizes for the inconvenience.

(Dash payment project by Alt Thirty Six)

Alt Thirty Six builds beautifully designed, simple-to-use payment technology for companies accepting digital currency.  We believe that digital payments are the future of global commerce, and we see the potential for Dash to revolutionize the financial industry - making payments faster, more secure, and less expensive on a global scale. Our fully-integrated, Dash payments solution solves all the problems associated with Bitcoin, traditional payments, and centralized banking solutions. Using seamless Dash payment technology, we remove the confusion and complex processes associated with digital currency.

Our main verticals are cash-based, cannabis retailers having difficulty accessing banking and payment services. In 2016, cash-based cannabis sales were approximately $6.7 billion and estimated to hit $11 billion by 2020. Federal regulation has resulted in cash-only transactions between retail merchants, suppliers, and their customers with limited or no access to banking institutions. The negative effects of cash handling include: increased time investment, issues paying suppliers/vendors/employees, and excessive fees which reduce the bottom-line.


The Problem
Currently, purchasing Dash is near impossible for the everyday person. Even for those who are familiar with digital currencies, one must often first purchase bitcoins and then exchange them for Dash. If the end goal is mass adoption of the currency, this is a major problem.                                                    
Regarding the accessibility of purchasing Dash, this problem can be broken into two issues that must be solved. First, a user-friendly system must be in place for anybody and everybody, including the non-technical, to be able to obtain Dash both safely and with ease. Second, with the user-friendly system in place, we must then work towards incentivizing people to purchase Dash directly without first buying bitcoins.

The Solution
Our solution is to host the largest network of Dash ATMs specifically for making the purchase of Dash as simple as possible. Every decision made regarding the ATMs will be metric driven and we will have ATM managers that monitor/evaluate the performance of each ATM, conduct market research for possible future ATM locations, and manage the throughput of each ATM to ensure the necessary liquidity is always available.

Unlike the current digital currency ATM owners, our business model is not to charge ridiculously high fees that end up making the purchase of digital currencies from an ATM very costly and unattractive. Working towards our purpose of mass adoption of Dash, we will be charging very low fees to use our ATMs.  Additionally, revenue generated from the ATMs will be directly reinvested into our ATM network solution. This includes, but is not limited to, purchasing more ATMs, hiring more ATM managers/business intelligence analysts to track metrics and evaluate performance, and increasing the cash/Dash reserves to add more liquidity to the network of ATMs.

Our fee structure will dynamically change based on analyzing real-time data. The fee structure will reflect the objective of the specific ATM. For example, if we want to empty the cash vault through selling Dash, we will lower the withdrawal fees. With that said, since our main objective is for Dash to gain mass adoption, the fee to purchase Dash will be 1% or less.

Our implementation process for the network of ATMs will be based on market research when choosing a location, and then evaluated monthly based on performance metrics. If a certain ATM location fails to meet a certain transactional volume criterion, over a 3-month average period (period duration subject to change), we will relocate the ATM to a location that, through extensive market research, is shown to produce more volume.

Initially, through the extensive network of high cash-handling locations developed by the Product36 platform, all ATMs will be implemented in cannabis dispensaries that enable Dash payments through the platform. Currently, we see these as the most natural and synergistic locations that will generate the most volume through the ATMs and Product36. Listed below are the reasons that support this initial implementation decision and the benefits for the Dash ecosystem:

1. The cannabis industry has a huge cash handling problem and wants to realize the benefits of transacting in Dash. Specifically the dispensaries that enable Dash through Product36 will be incentivized to have customers only pay in Dash, allowing them to realize the cost benefits. This in turn incentivizes dispensaries to promote the ATM by encouraging customers to purchase Dash, and then using Dash to purchase product. This increases the throughput of the ATMs as well as increases the amount of Dash injected into the cannabis ecosystem.
2. The consumers purchasing cannabis come from all levels of society and therefore the type of exposure that the Dash ATMs gain, is not restricted to one specific type of demographic. Furthermore, those in the cannabis space are early-adopters and generally very open-minded to new and exciting things. We believe this is the best population to introduce the Dash ATMs and that this audience will be more than welcoming to this new way to transact digitally.
3. With the current digital currency ATM business models, it is hard to get constant feedback and reassess the effectiveness of a certain location/implementation strategy. If we implement the Dash ATMs in dispensaries, we will be able to get constant feedback from the dispensary owners on the sentiment of the customers. With that information, we can work on changing the location strategy, the user experience, the fee structure, etc.
4. We are working closely with the ATM manufacturer and the current POS (point-of-sales) systems to allow the ATMs to essentially become Dash self-checkout machines. We believe this will make the transition from fiat to Dash currency seamless and allow customers to instantly realize the benefits of Dash.

We plan to implement the ATMs into dispensaries at the same time that Product36 begins beta testing. Currently, this is set for early December 2017. For every new dispensary that enables Dash payments, we want to provide them an ATM machine. We are proposing this to the network in September to give us the funding and time to do the necessary development work to enable the features we need on the machines. We are partnered with an ATM machine company and will be using a brand new, unreleased model that we cannot give any more details about. This partnership allows us to customize the software associated with the ATMs to fit our needs. Such additional features include being able to exchange bitcoins to Dash and creating the self-checkout interface for dispensaries.

Alt Thirty Six will need to test the existing functionality and customizations prior to our December launch. We work very closely with the talent at Arizona State University and will be placing an ATM in the development labs in order to test the software and interoperability with Product36. Furthermore, we believe ATM security is a very high priority so we will be conducting extensive security and hacking tests on the machines.

We are requesting funding for the first 30 ATMs, associated costs with operating the ATMs, and additional development costs needed to perfect the user interface/experience for each specific location. Thirty ATMs is the amount needed to expedite the manufacturing of the brand new ATM models and will allow us to scale quickly. Our detailed proposed costs and funding request from the Dash network is listed below.

Requested Funding from Dash Network
1) ATM  $13,000 x 30
2) Technical Support/Testing                                           $160 x 30
3) ATM Legal/Compliance Fees                                           $22,500
4) Cash Collection/Garda                                                        $3,000
5) Alt Thirty Six ATM Manager & Policy Management   $6,400 x 2           
6) Alt Thirty Six Initial Development Costs                         $109,000
7) Alt Thirty Six Developer Security/Maintenance/Upgrades          $10,000
8) Proposal Fee                                                                                    5 Dash
Total Dash Contribution for ATM Proposal in USD$552,100 + 5 Dash
Total Dash Contribution for ATM Proposal in Dash1,625.49 Dash*

*Based on Dash/USD Conversion Rate as of 10:46 AM MST on 9/20/2017

In the unlikely event that Alt Thirty Six completely stops using the ATMs and/or Alt Thirty Six closes down, we will return the ATMs back to the Dash Core Team or to an organization of the network's choice that will continue to grow the network of ATMs.


One of Dash’s goals is to incentivize projects that promote and contribute to the mass adoption of the Dash currency. The partnership between Alt Thirty Six + Dash is creating an ecosystem that will make it as easy as possible for businesses to accept Dash as payment, and for regular, everyday consumers, to transact with Dash when making purchases.

The cannabis industry has proved to be the best primary market to devote our resources and focus, as there is tremendous pain associated with the flow of funds from growers to end consumers - and everything in between. The economic value that Alt Thirty Six + Dash provides to the industry is unmatched by anything else in the space, which puts us in a very unique position to set the trend in how the cannabis industry evolves in the future. Most notably, the value add that comes with accepting digital payments exists across industries, and we are confident that others, outside of cannabis, will follow suit.

Alt Thirty Six has a go-to-market strategy that includes initial locations at brick and mortar dispensaries as well as a partnership with California’s premier cannabis specific B2B marketplace & CRM trading platform, CannTrade. This will allow us to begin implementing our solution across every part of the value chain shortly after our initial launch.

At Alt Thirty Six we believe that the largest hindrance in the adoption of any new technology comes in the form of familiarity and education. The more a consumer interacts with a brand, the more inclined they are to educate themselves on the value that the brand brings to the world. This is no different in the case of both Dash and Alt Thirty Six. This is why Dash has invested in people and organizations that are able to successfully translate the value that Dash brings in a way that creates interest among everyday consumers.

Our proposal to the network has two parts; Part I is specifically for a private launch event in October for the Alt Thirty Six + Dash platform. Part II is centered around getting the Alt Thirty Six + Dash brand at some of the largest cannabis conferences around the country from now until the end of the year. Through sponsorship and brand placement, we will be able to get consumers and industry leaders familiar with our business and the benefits of transacting with Dash, instead of cash.

Part I - Alt 36 Demo Day/Soft Launch
The Southwest Cannabis Conference and Expo is scheduled to be in Phoenix from October 12-14th. Alt Thirty Six is holding a special event to showcase the fundamental use case of our technology, including a demo of how our software benefits merchants from a technology, compliance and usability standpoint.

This is an invite only event, accessible by Sponsors and Alt Thirty Six staff. Dash is sponsoring the event; the CEO of Dash Core, Ryan Taylor, will also be attending. Each sponsor will be exclusive within their field; there will be no duplicate business types among sponsors. The guest list is comprised of around 200 attendees who are the decision makers for their respective companies. Some of the companies are listed under the Conference Details.

This event is unique because it will be one of the first times regular consumers will be able to experience not only how our platform works, but what it feels like to make purchases and receive funds from the Dash wallet. This is the best way to speed the adoption of Dash - allowing real people to make real transactions.

Alt Thirty Six Conference Details
Location: Palomar Hotel - Phoenix, AZ
Date: October 14, 2017
Time: 6:00 PM - Midnight
Invited Companies: Dash, BlockCypher, CannTrade, Coinapult, POS companies, distributors, growers, large industry brands, dispensary owners etc.

Southwest Cannabis Expo: A business-to-business event bringing together experts from the local, regional and national cannabis industry to network and share the latest industry information. Our event is running in tandem with this conference.

Alt Thirty Six Conference Schedule
This event has been prepaid, which allows us to provide the attendees with the experience of making point of sale transactions with the Dash mobile wallet. The ideal event process flow is as follows:

1. It will be mandatory for all sponsors and attendees to download the Dash mobile wallet prior to the event.
2. As they arrive, they will be guided by our demo assistants to a stand where each attendee will be gifted $50 USD worth of Dash through the Dash mobile wallet.
3. With the Dash mobile wallet, attendees will be able to purchase drinks and food through the entirety of the conference.
a. Each bar/stand will be equipped with a menu and iPad with drink/food items and pricing.
b. Our demo assistants will facilitate the digital transaction by requesting the appropriate item price in the Dash mobile wallet.
c. Guests will scan the QR code to complete the transaction with their Dash balance.
4. Alt Thirty Six core team members will be giving demos of our system to attendees between 7:00 PM and 10:00 PM
5. As attendees leave the event, they will be directed to our charity stations, where they will be prompted to donate the remaining Dash balance on their mobile wallet to our charitable sponsors.

The conference event flow and product demo will clearly define the benefits of utilizing Alt Thirty Six + Dash to top cannabis business owners, while also demonstrating the ease of use from a consumer standpoint.

Alt Thirty Six Conference Budget

1) Dash Sponsorship Cost:                                                                  $20,000*
2) Administrative/Equipment Cost:                                                   $10,000
3) Hotel/Event Space:                                                                           $25,000
4) SWCC Sponsorship:        $15,000
5) Entertainment:        $20,000
Total Cost of Sponsorship Proposal Part I:                                       $90,000

*Dash’s sponsorship money will be used to preload the guests’ Dash mobile wallet for use at the event

Part II - Alt Thirty Six + Dash Sponsorship at National Cannabis Conferences

Alt Thirty Six has curated a list of some of the largest cannabis conferences in the nation between now and the end of 2017. The general trend in the industry has been shifting the conversations towards technology and how it will change the industry moving forward. We have a special opportunity as a company partnered with Dash to educate stakeholders on how digital currency will play a role in the evolution of payments.

As mentioned, brand placement at these events is essential to familiarize the community with Alt Thirty Six + Dash. Below is a list of relevant conferences including sponsorship pricing and sponsorship details.

Note: Alt Thirty Six will not be attending all conferences that we sponsor

Name: New West Summit - Cannabis Tech Conference
Location: OAKLAND, CA
Date: October 13 - 15 2017
Sponsorship: Silver Sponsorship - Panel spot*, bag insert, brand placement on site as top tier sponsor and swapped booth spot for additional branding at conference
Cost: $7,500

*Ken Ramirez, CEO @ Alt Thirty Six, will be on a 60 minute speaking panel. Topic: How To Deal With The Complicated World Of Banking In Cannabis.

Name: CannaGrow Expo
Location: DENVER, CO
Date: October 28 - 29, 2017
Sponsorship: Lanyard, listing on site, case study/article on, loyalty card branding (similar to gym/grocery VIP tab on keychain) used for drinks, and branding on cocktail napkins.
Cost: $3,500

Name: Cryptocannabis
Location: DENVER, CO
Date: October 21, 2017
Sponsorship: Annual Sponsor - Website ads, newsletter ads, “swagbag” insert and additional signage.
Cost: $1,000

Name: Marijuana Business Conference & Expo
Location: LAS VEGAS
Date: November 14 - 17, 2017
Sponsorship: Four team members attending, logo/brand placement on website and on conference floor, including show guide.
Cost: $6,500

Name: Cannabis World Congress and Business Exposition
Location: BOSTON, MA
Date: October 4 - 6, 2017
Sponsorship: Banner advertisement, solo show entrance stand with company description, meter board
Cost: $7,000

Name: Southwest Cannabis Conference + Expo
Location: PHOENIX, AZ
Date: October 12 - 14, 2017
Sponsorship: Gold Sponsor - logo/brand placement, $20,000 sponsorship package for $15,000, promotion for our private event included.
Cost: $15,000 (priced into Part I of proposal)

Total Cost of Sponsorship Proposal Part II:         $25,500

Total Cost of Sponsorship Proposal in USD:                           $90,000 + $25,500 + 5 Dash
Total Cost of Sponsorship Proposal in Dash:                                343.39 Dash*

*Based on Dash/USD Conversion Rate as of 12:00 PM MST on 9/21/2017

Summary (36 + Dash Sponsorships)

In total, this proposal has the ability to put the Alt Thirty Six + Dash brand in front of over 30,000 people, and allows 200 individuals to experience real transactions using the Dash Mobile Wallet, which means 200 more downloads of the IOS or Android Dash app. The 36 + Dash payment platform will allow business owners in the cannabis industry to immediately remove the large cost associated with cash handling fees, issues paying employees and suppliers, and help move the industry into digital payments exclusively with Dash. This proposal fits in perfectly with the Alt Thirty Six Q1 2018 launch schedule, allowing us to generate early lead velocity and product demand for the 36 + Dash payment solution.

Total Requested Funding from Dash Network
1) 36 + Dash ATM Proposal               1,625.49 Dash
2) 36 + Dash Sponsorships Proposal            343.39 Dash
3) Proposal Fee                             5 Dash

Total Dash Contribution for Combined Proposals:     1,973.88 Dash


Ken Ramirez, CoFounder + CEO
Lauren Murphy, CoFounder + President
Jeremy Liu, Portfolio Manager
Marcus Jones, Business Development
Shelly Du, Market Research Analyst

Board Advisors

Nitin Gaur, Director, IBM Blockchain Labs
Jeff White, Head of U.S. Acquiring, MasterCard Worldwide
Dragan Boscovic Ph.D., Director of CASCADE, Arizona State University
Mary Anne Keegan, President + CMO, Alert GPS
Joseph Ciccolo, Founder + President, BitAML
Rich Hybner, Former CFO, Wall St. Journal
Andrejs Bunkse, President, Endurance Strategy Group
Cory Skaaren, Principal + Creative Director, Skaaren Design
Daniel Berg, Regulatory Policy Analyst and Strategic Issues, U.S. Government Accountability Office.
Rick Oglesby, President, AZ Payment Group
Adella Toulon-Foerster, Director of Financial Legal Tech, Cogent Law Group
Brandon Willey, CEO, Fetch Rev

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Please vote down the invalid proposal as well
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Voted. These things happen! Glad it's getting resolved quickly and professionally.
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Sorry to hear about the missing payouts due to use of multisig, you have of course my support for this budget proposal.
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We should respect the vote from last cycle and vote this in ASAP
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Sorry to hear about what happened with the multisig address. Hopefully this will recieve the required votes in time to not delay your plans too much.
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We are happy Ryan and the Dash Core team were able to quickly put a solution in place on how to deal with the situation. We hope to receive a passing status as soon as we can. Thank you for your support!