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Title:Press For Truth Exclusive DASH Sponsorship
Monthly amount: 50 DASH (19646 USD)
Completed payments: no payments occurred yet (3 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2018-05-19 / 2018-08-16 (added on 2018-05-15)
Final voting deadline: in 10 days
Votes: 121 Yes / 30 No / 1 Abstain
Will be funded: No. This proposal needs additional 385 Yes votes to become funded.
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Proposal description

Dash Proposal

ABOUT PFT: Press For Truth was founded in 2006 with the goals and intentions of becoming Canada’s top news outlet, providing information that the mainstream media of the day was not willing to touch. Since then under the guidance of it’s founder Dan Dicks, PFT has emerged as Canada’s #1 alternative media platform with over 400k followers on social media, 165k subs on Youtube (and growing fast) bringing together activists, researchers, film makers and movers and shakers who are fed up with the status quo and who aren’t afraid to counter the propaganda coming from the mainstream establishment media.

For example PFT began covering the topic of cryptocurrencies since 2013 when it was just a “fringe” topic of discussion on TV. Back then Dan attended Bitcoin conferences interviewing the top names and figures in this space which contributed to the general publics acceptance of decentralized platforms. Since PFT’s inception Dan has produced 5 documentary films earning him multiple awards having traveled to multiple countries as a result to receive these awards. To this day Dan is still very actively producing video content (daily videos) which includes the goal of educating the public about the many benefits of blockchain technology and decentralized platforms.

SPONSORSHIP PROPOSAL: DASH, much like PFT has emerged as a powerful tool in aiding people to free themselves from the clutches of government control and rule by the international banksters. We feel it’s a match made in heaven therefore we propose that DASH become the exclusive sponsor of Press For Truth. Two years ago with zero sponsorships Dan managed to build a studio in Vancouver BC where he produced daily content and a weekly live show amassing tens of millions of views on YouTube alone! With the support of DASH as the exclusive sponsor to PFT we believe that together our drive and determination will be able to accelerate our viewership and the promotion of DASH at lightning speed and reach. 

WHAT DASH GETS IN RETURN: Press For Truth has cornered the Canadian market. There is no other alternative media platform in Canada that compares to the level and scale of what we do. We are currently putting out videos on a daily basis and with this sponsorship will be able to triple that too approximately 2 to 3 videos a day all branded with a DASH watermark and with mention of the benefits of DASH. At Press For Truth our following is growing on other platforms as well such as Steemit, DTube, DLive, Minds and Bitchute all of which will gain exposer to DASH through our videos that get uploaded to each platform on a daily basis. We also intend on getting the viewers involved by providing incentive for them to start a DASH wallet in order to receive promotional giveaways and various contests by giving away $500 to $1000 in DASH twice a month (with for example $500 being distributed out to the first 25 signups giving each person $20 in DASH each). Another contest we plan to run in an effort to get new people involved and to normalize Dash being used as money is to provide a “how to” page on our website as a guide to explain to people not only how to start a wallet but more importantly how to buy things with their Dash…then users who tag us on twitter showing what they bought with Dash will receive a Dash reward!

On top of that we will produce a DASH spotlight video at least once a month with an exclusive focus on DASH, what it provides, how it works and how to get involved by interviewing key people in the space and by producing slick well edited documentary styled videos to promote DASH. We feel that with DASH as the exclusive sponsor of PFT we will help expand it’s visibility and reach on a global scale but more particularly to the Canadian market which is massive and where there is currently a void for this space which we can help fill.

We are asking for 50 DASH per month for a three month period which will go towards the expansion of the platform by bringing on an east coast correspondent and an editor to help with the tripling of our video production output with promotion of DASH all along the way.   

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0 points,2 hours ago
Dan is a good guy and well respected journalist that deserves a shot to see what he can deliver. Yes!
2 points,3 days ago
voting YES
Dan, I too am very familiar with many hours of your work for probably a decade at least! (I live in Australia). Like Ben Swann, you have generally been supportive of cryptocurrencies and I like the way you support multiple platforms including Steemit etc.
I love the Dash contest idea and user experience within this proposal, and the Dash rewards. We need Dash in peoples wallets. "Hands on experience".
As you will know via Ben Swann, not all proposals get funded. I certainly wish you all the best with this one. Good luck :-)
0 points,2 days ago
Thank you for your vote and support!
1 point,4 days ago
Dan, ive been watching ur work for quite a while. i fully support the work of independent journalism like Benn, Josh, Luke and Yourself. The new indi media.
0 points,3 days ago
Thank you! Your support is very greatly appreciated!