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Title:Dash Privacy Tools - Building dApps On Dash Platform
Monthly amount: 75 DASH (2328 USD)
Completed payments: no payments occurred yet (3 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2024-05-04 / 2024-08-08 (added on 2024-05-04)
Final voting deadline: in passed
Votes: 237 Yes / 153 No / 16 Abstain
Will be funded: No. This proposal needs additional 256 Yes votes to become funded.
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Proposal description

We are a team of developers building privacy focused applications on the Dash platform to provide users with decentralized, secure, and private alternatives to conventional online communication and storage tools.
Live here:

Why create privacy tools? 
One of the most pressing issues today is the preservation of online privacy, this concern has led to a growth in the number of online applications that claim to provide privacy protection, such as encrypted communication, tracking prevention, and anonymous browsing. However, in many cases, these technologies function differently than expected, but due to the closed source nature of these applications, there is limited capacity for review, making it impossible for users and third-party auditors to assess and validate security and privacy claims. Supposed privacy enhancing technologies that fail to deliver on their promises can be very harmful, as a false sense of security can severely compromise users' data. Using stolen data, fraudsters can create fake accounts in a person's name, generate bogus documents, incur debts, or sell a user's identity to other criminals. As user data is increasingly captured and tracked, it is ever more important to protect our identities and any identifying information that is unique to us. Ensuring the safety of personal privacy, data protection, information privacy, and information security requires the proper protection of personally identifiable information (PII). [1] The personal identification information (PII) of any person is considered particularly sensitive, and the individual concerned should have the right to decide who will access that information. [2] Dash privacy tools are designed to provide this feature without compromise. Privacy should be safeguarded in the sense that personal data and its flow should not be seen by anyone, and only the owner should have the authority to grant or withdraw permission for other trusted parties to view their data.

Why on the Dash Platform 
Right now, there is a growing trend towards blockchain technology as the best fit for safeguarding data security and privacy. The recent update from the core development team presents a good opportunity for us to explore deeper into the platform's capabilities. The inherent features of the platform, such as transparency, immutability, and decentralization, make it ideal for building open source privacy tools. 

Development project roadmap
The application is ready for use, it can be tested  here:
This is a decentralized file storage and sharing application, which uses Dash Identities and Dash Platform Name Service (DPNS) for user authentication. This means that users do not require an email address to access the platform. It's a secure and private alternative to traditional cloud storage providers. All files are stored on the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS), a decentralized file, sharing peer to peer (P2P) system that guarantees the decentralization and integrity of all uploaded data. 
(P.S: We temporarily have to change the sign-up process to use Dash wallet ID for identification instead of Dash name service due to what we believe to be a rate limit issue with the seed DNS, which we have been dealing with for the last couple of days. We have communicated this issue to members of the core team and await a solution to effectively transition to a likely Evonode connection. The Discord conversation can be read here; in the meantime, we would appreciate input from anyone on how to resolve the issue. We also had to switch to our server instead of IPFS for the time being, as it would be too much of a hassle to reconfigure it with the temporary authentication process.

This is an email service on the Dash platform. Users will be able to send private messages using methods that preserve their privacy, with a Dash username as their user identity and the Dash platform for metadata storage. It will also protect a user's data using end-to-end encryption.
Dash TempMail: This is a tool that we might integrate as a service with Dashmail or build as a standalone application. It offers disposable email addresses for easy online interactions. So the user can stay anonymous and keep their inbox clutter free.

Dash Domain: A planned decentralized internet address protocol, that aims to promote digital freedom. The service's decentralized nature will ensure uninterrupted content delivery by allowing people to own domains on the Dash platform, eliminating the need for central authorities and lowering the risk of shutdown or censorship.

We are requesting 75 Dash for three months and we will deliver the source code for the already developed application and continue the development of other projects on the roadmap. While DashFile is ready for use right now, we want to reskin the application to match Dash branding better and also add an about us, how to use, and contact page. We will begin development for DashMail once it’s done and development of DashTempMail after that, all of which will be completed within the timeline of this proposal. After which we will begin research and specification for DashDomain we estimate this to be the most challenging project on the roadmap. 

Benefits for Dash
The proposal benefits Dash in several ways. Firstly, it demonstrates the utility and versatility of the Dash platform for building decentralized applications. Secondly, it provides privacy protection tools for Dash users. 

Team members
@Paulinus is a seasoned software developer, with a master’s degree in software engineering. He has worked as a blockchain developer for over five years and has a deep understanding of blockchain protocols, consensus mechanisms, and cryptographic principles. He has been designing software since 2017 before focusing on Blockchain. He is a fan of privacy rights and decentralized applications.
@ Spyridon is a frontend developer with years of experience building dynamic applications across various industries and has experience building decentralized apps, he has a passion for building open-source projects. 

We plan to use this projects as a catalyst to improve our knowledge of the Dash platform and hopefully know enough to aid other developers who want to build on it. We appreciate your consideration and evaluation of our proposal.

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2 points,8 days ago
While we wait for the stated rate issue to be resolved, we are now working on reskining DashFile to improve the UI. For those who vote no to the proposal, if you could provide input on why, that would be appreciated.
4 points,7 days ago
They cannot answer to you. Most of the NO voters are from the crowdnode ...
.. and the crowd is not allowed to talk here in

As you can see in ...

... the NO votes from the crowd are 15.85 stronger than the votes of the masternodes.

So you have to find a way to communicate with the crowd, and convince it, otherwise there is no hope for your proposal.

I also suspect that the crowdnode investors are hidden government agents in their majority, so it is normal that these agents hate whatever has to do with privacy.
1 point,6 days ago
It's a different voting system than what I'm used to. Thanks for the information.
3 points,7 days ago
As you can see in

58.03% of the crowd is against your proposal, 19.12% abstain and only 22.84% support you.

BUT ALL THESE PEOPLE ARE VERY FIEW, because their vote is magnified 15.85 times. This is due to the default delegation system of crowdnode which is of course very wrong (delegation should not be the default)

If you want to know which Dash addresses are against your proposal, you could ask the admins to code a custom filter for your proposal, similar to the one I have coded for the Encointer proposal.
3 points,7 days ago
Sorry, typo:

They cannot answer to you. Most of the NO voters are from the crowdnode ...
1 point,14 days ago
"Dash Domain: A planned decentralized internet address protocol, that aims to promote digital freedom. The service's decentralized nature will ensure uninterrupted content delivery by allowing people to own domains on the Dash platform, eliminating the need for central authorities and lowering the risk of shutdown or censorship." How is this different from DPNS? (Dash Platform Name Service)
2 points,14 days ago
Good point. Does the current infrastructure allow owners to host web applications for others to access via the web address? For example, can we host the current application on privacytools.dash? If it does, we will recalibrate the milestone to provide an easy-to-use interface for users to register their domain or other required needs.
1 point,11 days ago
It would't without a special browser plugin resolver. Unless you plan on buying the .dash domain you wouldn't be able to do that either.
2 points,11 days ago
How would the process work? if you are available for a chat. I want to get some clarification. The current idea for when we get to that part of the roadmap is for users to purchase it like they would a normal domain.
-3 points,15 days ago
Let me remind that all this platform bullshit will run in only 150 nodes.
"Decentralization" and "privacy", my ass!
2 points,15 days ago
Anyone can participate in owning a node so that makes it decentralized. But I guess that is your issue with the master node, you can take it up with them. Thanks for your input.
-3 points,15 days ago
It is not decentralized at all.

The scammers who promote and advertise the Dash platform stupidity keep refusing to pass any proof of personhood test, so due to this constant refusal it is highly possible that most of these 150 platform nodes to be owned by a single or by very few entities.
0 points,15 days ago
For what it’s worth, I agree with you, demo. There is no hope, we are
unable to get real privacy with only 150 nodes. Probably the number
cannot increase, Evonodes are too expensive. Luckily you share your
knowledge about the issues with the Platform project.

You’re right, there won’t be any decentralization. Thanks for pointing it
out. Hopefully you will continue to keep a critical eye, and thus protecting
us, the MNOs, from making bad decisions.
4 points,15 days ago
I do not agree. I think Dash is democratic and open for anyone to participate in, but we are not the best people to talk to if you have a fundamental issue with the Dash platform. It would be best if you raised your concerns with the team in charge of developing it as they would have the right answers for you. Thank you.
2 points,15 days ago
Ok. What about discussing that on Discord? ;)
3 points,15 days ago
Yes, I would like to discuss this with you. You can add me on Discord at Paulinus87.
0 points,15 days ago
Why not discussing it here? Discord is not a public discussion forum, and whatever is said there is hidden and thus cannot be proved later that it was misleading.

On the other hand whatever we say here in dashcentral or in the dashtalk forum, it can be read and recorded by anyone. And anyone even after 10 years can prove whether someone said something misleading. So the scammers and the misleaders tend to avoid the light of the public forums, and hide in secret Discord rooms.
2 points,15 days ago
The amount of nodes in a decentralized PBFT or SBFT is important only in the fact that there needs to be a minimum of nodes that is higher than the validator set. What is important however is the distribution of nodes between controlling individuals. Statistically if you have the same amount of coin distribution but more nodes, you will get more likely outliers in probability where some entity will control more of the network. It is counter-intuitive but more nodes with the same % of control is actually worse for the health of the system. We did a lot of research on this topic, it is written in our FAQ. Do you feel like there something wrong with the math?
-3 points,15 days ago
quantumexplorer said: "What is important however the distribution of nodes between controlling individuals"

The scammers who promote and advertise the Dash platform stupidity, they constantly refuse the idea for these 150 platform nodes to pass a proof of personhood test. Otherwise they would support one of my two personal projects, either :


You should note also that there is no other project here in Dash that investigates or implements any kind of proof of personhood. This idea when it has been initially presented to the Dash community it had the support of 18.8% of the dashtalk forum voters:

Now 40% of the dashtalk forum voters support the idea :

But unfortunately the stupid masternodes voters keep refusing the PoP idea strongly (82.1 %) :
-3 points,15 days ago
-3 points,12 days ago
vazaki3@dashtalk said:

"Let me remind that all this platform bullshit will run in 150 nodes only (300 at maximum and only after 10 years).
"Decentralization" and "privacy", my ass!!!!!!

In the meantime, Dash fell from rank 6 to rank 210 in coinmarketcap, but the stupid masternodes keep supporting and testing this platform bullshit that cost about 3 million USD from 2022-today, about 15 million USD from 2019-2021, and of course much much more if we calculate the cost of the rich years (2016-2019).

The smart person accepts, the idiot insists ....."
3 points,18 days ago
You have my support, sounds like very usefull decentralized applications for Dash to have. I hope you guys sort the rate limit issue out with DCG, so the sign-up process can operate the way its suppose to operate.
3 points,18 days ago
We appreciate your support. Thank you.
1 point,18 days ago
I think it would be fine to do a reveal of your code, after being paid, if the network had previously seen your work. If we could at least see your Github profile, that would help.
1 point,18 days ago
Here is the link
0 points,18 days ago
The link to view the application, which is already built, is attached to the proposal. We worked on the project before submitting the proposal. Also, we will be using a new GitHub account for hosting the projects for privacy reasons.