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Title:Open Source DASH-Ripple gateway
One-time payment: 134 DASH (14515 USD)
Completed payments: no payments occurred yet (1 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2017-05-20 / 2017-06-19 (added on 2017-05-10)
Votes: 958 Yes / 26 No / 12 Abstain
Will be funded: Yes
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Proposal description

This is a complementary proposal to Pre-Proposal: Create the first DASH gateway on Ripple.
When implemented, the deliverable would allow any interested party to establish a DASH gateway on Ripple, using reviewed open-source code, thus creating more versatile value proposition to Ripple users and increase DASH exposure.

Scope and Deliverables:
We will deliver:
  1. Open source code that would allow
    1. automated DASH deposit and withdrawal
    2. trading against any currencies, issued on the Ripple network
    3. provable reserves
    4. maintaining Ripple Network ID with no KYC requirements.
  2. Working gateway with no KYC as a proof-of-concept.  Further gateway operation might be funded either from fees or by DASH network (a separate proposal).
Execution and Schedule:
DASH gateway implementation would take up to 6 weeks and will be done in the highly iterative manner: as soon as feature would be implemented, it would be deployed onto staging server for public testing.  Staging server would operate on the DASH testnet.
We will keep the community updated via communication on forum and at least weekly formal project updates.

About me and my team:
My name is Andriy Khavryuchenko and my identity could be confirmed by @balu and @dmitriybtc (I've met in person with both).   Also I've communicated frequently with @tungfa from the very beginning.
I'm active software developer for over 25 years and for last 15 years I develop mainly in Python.  I've started a completely distributed software development company 42 Coffee Cups in 2008, with focus on Python/Django for web.  We've worked in cryptocurrency projects since 2013, mostly on Ripple ledger.  Unfortunately, none of these startups matured to a real product, yet we actively use the Ripple stack internally.  I'm in DASH since late 2014 (you can track my posts on the forum).  

Amount requested:
129 DASH ($10000 / 80.758 SMA30 DASH/USD rate rounded) + 5 DASH proposal fee.  Totally 134DASH.

Given the 30 day average price changed after the initial pre-proposal,  we change the amount accounting for the deflation :)  
Since 42 Coffee Cups charges only for time actually spent, if the DASH price would change during the development, any unused funds will be used to provide initial liquidity on the Rippe DEX.

Proposal discussion:
I would appreciate comments on forum, since I check it more frequently.  I'll try my best to respond to comments here too.

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4 points,14 days ago
Yes to this proposal. AND yes to the other Ripple proposal. More is better. More is faster.

The folks behind the other proposal have lots of experience in doing this exact thing (adding a new coin to the Ripple network.) I have high confidence the goal will be accomplished. The price is not at all unreasonable for 2 professionals working for at least a month. If paying a little up front moves us to the front of the line, I'm all in favor of it.

The open source project supports people that are already in the Dash community and have experience with Ripple. Open source projects carry a very different risk/reward ratio. Evan recognizes this and likes the open source project.

This will produce open source software available to anybody who wants to use it to set up a gateway, wooo hoooo! But it will not necessarily produce an open functional gateway into the Ripple network. That's the other project. Correct me if I have stated this inaccurately.

DO BOTH. Both is faster. They are different and complementary paths to growing the Dash ecosystem. Asking them to work together is like asking Ford and Chevy to work together to make CheFords. This would not improve the car market for consumers. We need Ford and Chevy to work independently and encourage/force competition to improve both products.

2 points,7 days ago
Yes to both. Both bring new integrations, and the other also brings 100,000 GateHub users.
0 points,14 days ago
Regarding one of the two project is NON open source.

What is this one please, Open Source / Non Open Source?
1 point,14 days ago
This one is the Open Source version.
0 points,16 days ago
4. maintaining Ripple Network ID with no KYC requirements.

How does this work in practice ?
Could I actually sent USD, or Euro's from and to my bank account ?
Or does this OpenSourceRippleGateway, have restrictions compared to let's say ones compared business gateways ?
0 points,15 days ago
Remembed, the main deliverable from this proposal would be a software, not an operational gateway.

> Could I actually sent USD, or Euro's from and to my bank account ?

If you have, say, a partnership with a bank (or are a bank), then yes, you can. We won't operate any fiat integration on the reference gateway, at least initially, during this proposal.
0 points,16 days ago
My votes will be yes if the profits from this Gateway will go towards DASH MNO-er than my votes will be yes. Furher investing into the project will most-likely than be yes as well.

At the very minimum DASH should be become the majority stack holder in this company.

We should have power over Ripple not the other way around/
1 point,15 days ago
Main deliverable would be the software, not the operational gateway.

Yet, we plan to run a gateway to "eat our own dogfood". If MNO would decide to support its operation (server + devops) - it will have zero fees for DASH. If not - we will charge some fee to cover the costs.
0 points,14 days ago
That the most honest answer you have given so far. So basically the software will become open-source but you will run a gateway yourself as well, but this is for profit right ?

Will further updates be included ? or will you keep that code for your own Gateway ?
1 point,13 days ago
I don't plan to run a for-profit gateway: it's not my business. I develop software and do R&D in CS and Computational Chemistry.

I'm involved in fintech only because fundamentals of our everyday life are fataly broken, esp if you're not a 1st world citizen.

If MNO community would support the gateway **operation** later, that would include the code update. Open source, of course.
2 points,17 days ago
Yes to open-source
1 point,17 days ago
Why there is 2 DASH Ripple gateway proposal?
4 points,17 days ago
The first proposal is a gateway business, that integrates dash onto their service.
This proposal is to open-source it through software development and it comes from a trustwearthy source.

These two budget proposals dont conflict with each other, but rather complement each other.
2 points,17 days ago
can confirm - i know "that guy" ; )
akhavr has been around forever , we did many things together since back in the day - super clever dev , knows what he is doing

i like this as it is open source - it is not (as the other) a payment for "them" to use this (they make the gains) this is from the community (akhavr) for the community and Open Source for anybody to implement (other exchanges and such)
2 points,17 days ago
Agreed! I'd fund open source software 1000 times before funding a business. Great proposal
1 point,18 days ago
Maybe I missed some point - but where is the difference to this proposal:
2 points,17 days ago
As I've replied on reddit ( and on the forum, the first proposal is a gateway business, that integrates dash onto their service.

My proposal is a software development proposal. We will develop a free software, so anyone would be able to start and operate a gateway on the ripple ledger. Also, if budget allows, we will host a reference operational service.
-1 point,18 days ago
I'd rather see development to
Implement a system for us rather then use others systems
3 points,17 days ago
This **is** "a system for us" - we will release an open source code plus will host a reference operational service.
0 points,17 days ago
Never mind i thought this was like the other ripple proposal, I approve this one a lot more then the other! Good luck!