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Title:MyDashWallet: Easy Wallet Creation, Management, Tipping and Hardware Support
One-time payment: 25 DASH (606 USD)
Completed payments: 1 totaling in 25 DASH (0 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2017-12-18 / 2018-01-17 (added on 2017-12-22)
Votes: 792 Yes / 92 No / 8 Abstain

Proposal description will provide an easy way for anyone to create Dash wallets locally and send Dash to anyone (to normal Dash addreses, to emails, on twitter, reddit, telegram, discord, etc.).

After talking to well known community members (e.g. charlieb and moocowmoo) and other developers this week and thought about technical limitations and what makes sense, we spend some time building a quick prototype (no backend yet, but you can see all the planned features for the next months):
  • Some Dashers reported Hardware Wallet support is a high priority and we should start adding Ledger and Trezor wallets as one of the first features
  • Tipping will also be included in the first version and we promise a much better user experience than current tipping services on reddit or discord.
  • As far as technically possible MyDashWallet will support instant send, super low fees (0.3 cents via 1 duff/byte) and anything else the community wishes for.

Elevator Pitch
Like this service allows the easy creation of wallets in your browser, it is not an online wallet, all data stays with the user locally (except when he deposits or tips or sends DASH obviously). The service is free to use, there are no hidden fees. Later iterations will make it easy to obtain Dash with other coins at a cheaper rate than ShapeShift, there is also already an uphold button to buy dash with fiat, which might need better interation in the future. See Swap and Wallet on the site for early integration ideas on this.
  • MyDashWallet IS NOT a competing product to the full wallet, any thin client, the upcoming Dash CoPay Wallet or the Evolution release in 2018, none of these products will help you to do anything provided on MyDashWallet! We don't want to provide an alternative, just fill a missing gap as there is no online DASH wallet available out there that doesn't hold your keys as far as we know.
  • MyDashWallet is complementary service, you can keep all your coins in your normal wallet, whatever you choose. It just gives you an easy way to use DASH online in the web, quickly send DASH around to pay for stuff or tip others, or swap for other coins if you need that. Since MyDashWallet is a website it has already several benefits over the full Dash Wallet or anything on your phone as you don't need to leave your browser if you want to do anything with DASH.
  • If there are any questions, feel free to ask them below, maybe there is something we haven't thought of or didn't communicate clearly. If for example everyone thinks generating private keys in the browser is unsafe and shouldn't be done for DASH we can gladly remove that feature and provide other ways or limit usage to safe hardware wallets, etc.

Unlike Ethereum the Dash desktop or mobile wallets are already great, this service is NOT a replacement for those, it is an addition and provides easy online and browser access. The use case here is NOT storing huge amounts of Dash, but quickly using small amounts for tipping, online purchases, etc. without touching your cold wallet you might have on your PC or hardware wallet. Due to the superlow fees in Dash you can easily move back and forth.

Earlier Preview (not final design, just for a quick illustration), check for a more up to date version: 

Currently sending someone new any small amount of Dash requires explaining one of the following options:
  • Paper Wallets, how they work, how to redeem them, how to check them, etc.
  • Installing the full Dash Wallet on your PC or the Dash Wallets available on Android or iOS
  • More experienced users might have accounts with other services and can just create a Dash receiving address there (e.g. on exchanges)
While Dash is great and all, and Evolution will make it even better and easier, right now you can't simply send someone Dash on Twitter, Reddit, Telegram, Discord or via Email easily. This service will solve that problem and this is the immediate Use-Case for the first version pitched here to be released in January 2018! It allows you to send any amount, no matter how tiny (why not tip someone simply 0.01mDASH, which is less than a cent).

Basically you can deposit some Dash and send it to anyone, who will simply receive a link to click and redeem (or let it stay there and redeem later).
  • If the platform supports private messages (email, reddit, telegram, discord), the user receives a private link to redeem what was send to him.
  • If the platform has everything public or does not allow sending private messages to random users (e.g. twitter), the user receives an authentication link only he can use with his authentication data.
  • Optionally the sender can set a timer until when the Dash has to be redeemed, if it is not used by then it will be send back automatically (useful for tipping, where often tips are not redeemed weeks later).
If the new user has no wallet yet, he can keep the received Dash amount and use it later, but he can also send it to any other user or address.

Dash is by far the easiest to get into for new users, with this service it will feel even more close to PayPal before Evolution is out and thanks to InstantSend new users don't have to fully understand Blockchains or why you have to wait for confirmations. The only thing holding back new users is understanding why they would need Dash in the first place, where to spend it and the difficulties buying the first Dash. Over the next months this service will tackle these issues and be shaped into a useful service for new users.

The website will be provided as a non-profit service with the main goal to make the first experience for new users easier and straightforward, existing users can also benefit from an easy and safe online experience. The whole Dash community benefits from new users and new money coming in the ecosystem.

Also would be a pure online wallet be easier or is just the wallet generation like MyEtherWallet better? We don't know and will probably provide both options as both have usecases (to deposit for tips or to hold Dash locally), but by default it should be like MyEtherWallet.

Previous Pre-proposal discussion:

25 Dash: 20 Dash for the website and service development, this covers the cost for our small team and all running costs we will have building and maintaining this service. Plus 5 Dash for the proposal reimburstment.
  • First week is about the creation of the website and basic services (which should be easy with our previous work experience and due to the fact MyEtherWallet is open source as well)
  • Second week is about integration into Discord, Twitter, Reddit and Emails at least (optionally more services, if there is not enough time, a later proposal will be created for Telegram, WhatsApp, WeChat, etc. support). This will be the most amount of work and has to be done early as there are always many issues and testing live online services is a complex task.
  • Third week is starting the beta test and finish the remaining features, after speaking with some members in the Dash Community Hardware Wallet support has high priority and we will try to integrate this here as well. More advanced features in a followup proposal.
  • Final week is about the release, fixing all outstanding issues and going live
Due to the Dash price increase and the project length (1 month with our 3 people team) we don't think more funds are required, we also have a lot of software and websites up and running helping us to get this out quickly. All development will be done transparently with weekly updates and be completely open-source.

Here are some early mockups how the tipping via MyDashWallet would work on each social platform:
  • On twitter you just mention the @DashTip bot in your tweet (as a reply or in a new tweet when you also mention a receiver). That user gets a reply with a link only he can open when authorized and can redeem the tip. 
  • On Telegram you either chat with the DashTip bot or if it is included in the channel you are in, you simply type commands into the chat. 
  • On Reddit you simply mention the /r/DashTip user and type some message and any amount in a reply. I know there is a reddit tip bot already, but it is not easy to use and this would make it super-easy for anyone. 
  • On Discord we have some bot development already, but things are not progressing very fast, if that bot works we will just add support for MyDashWallet, if not we simply write our own bot (there is already a simple prototype on my github). This is a screenshot while code reviewing the java bot in development, moocowmoo and August asked for my help (bot in working in DashTipBotTestingGround if anyone wants to join and test, msg me on Discord) 
  • And finally via email invites, this is not fleshed out and will be part of the website, a simple hacky version is just to send out the invite link directly (obviously would be better if this is managed by the website and not seen by anyone except the receiver):

Our team has been working professionally in the game industry for the past 15 years. For about a year we have been involved in cryptocurrencies as well and have completed several projects:
  • BuyDash preproposal website for an early easy idea to buy dash via credit cards (was not approved)
  • Added support for several cryptocurrencies (including Dash) to a major bitcoin betting and prediction market website with many thousand users
  • Written several bots on Telegram, Discord, Twitter and Reddit for tipping purposes (again, including Dash). Up to 100 tips and new users processed per month.
  • Written some smart contracts, maintaining nodes for Dash, Eth, Ltc, Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash
  • Written Asset Exchange Service with cheaper fees than ShapeShift and Changelly (with Dash, Ltc, Eth, Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Support). Not yet released, msg me for a teaser.
  • Reviewed discord tipbot development progress
  • We are also hosting the the monthly Bitcoin Meetup in our city, where we talk about Dash too
  • We also maintain and operate several games on iOS, Android and Steam with 25+ million downloads (most known are SoulCraft and Heroes Of SoulCraft)

This proposal is for the first month of development, we rather create more proposals once this is approved for future updates than to include them now and plan them yet, when the service is not up and ready. Future proposals will most likely include these features, let us know if these are crucial and we should include them in the initial proposal:
  • Hardware wallet support: Ledger and Trezor are used a lot on MyEtherWallet, the apps for Dash on those devices are fine, but it might be easier to use the browser to quickly send out some Dash, tip people or simply check up much quicker through a bookmark in your web browser.
  • Quick and easy exchange: Fees and slow confirmation times can kill the fun of exchanging to Dash or from Dash into other crypto currencies. Due to our experience building an Asset Exchange we can integrate this here too and provide cheaper fees than ShapeShift or Changelly.
  • Integration into Fiat Services, maybe a super simple way to buy via credit card without any lengthy approval process (we started into this direction with our previous BuyDash proposal) or simply integrating existing services like Uphold, coinbase or exchanges to let the user buy there.
  • is currently taken and parked, but shouldn't be expensive to grab that one as well as some variations (.net, etc.)

By providing this free service we hope new users can be introduced quickly into the Dash world by receiving their first small amount. Power users can also benefit as sending tips will be easy and work across all and any social platforms. Dash is in the unique position to allow such a service easily with the low fees and instant transactions to make a good first impression to new users. We are still excited to work for Dash and do more amazing things for Dash in the future, let's do it.

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0 points,6 years ago
Yes, go ahead
0 points,6 years ago
Good and useful project. Not an expensive price. Yes for me.

0 points,6 years ago
Thank you very much and thanks for all the support, looks like we made it :)
0 points,6 years ago
Interesting proposal, you can cover a niche market, where Ethereum has been very successful. But for this, it is necessary to comply with a standard of continuity of the website.

The website In what term would be 100% operational and in production site?
What technical infrastructure are you going to use to provide 24/7 service?
Do you plan to support users?

Thank you for you proposal
0 points,6 years ago
Yes, good questions. We will strife to provide good service, obviously we are not a big company with hundreds of employees, but we will do our best and have tons of experience having services and websites up for many years (starting with creating our first multiplayer games back in 2000). We have quite an extensive server system up and running and are also experienced with cloud hosting if the demand arises.

As long as we don't have thousands of users and support requests we should be able to manage these just fine, but if things explode we obviously would need further funding to ensure ongoing support, but that would be kinda a luxury problem.

If this goes through well there will be more and more features needed and we would like to continue development and integration with ongoing proposals. We are all big fans of DASH and thought about making existing pain points easier for a long time (e.g. buying dash with our first proposal, which has been solved by others but IMO is still a pain point, maybe solved with coinbase soon, gifting DASH is really fun and cool, maybe it can be done even easier and tipping bots have been sup par as well, plus there isn't really a web wallet available for Dash).
1 point,6 years ago
It's cheap enough and we have plenty of extra funds so why not. Yes
0 points,6 years ago
Thanks so much, big fan :)
0 points,6 years ago
you got my support
0 points,6 years ago
1 point,6 years ago
I think this is a great ideas
1 question - opensource ??
0 points,6 years ago
Yes of course :) Check my github, we have been contributing to open source project for a long time (8 years on github, before that many years too, released 2006 a book with all my XNA source code too).
1 point,6 years ago

For your answer,
Do you confirm that the code will be on github, available for review?

About this:
You in forum: Again, we do not propose people huge amount of money on mydashwallet, it is for tipping and spending small amounts, so the danger should be lower (but we can not fully prevent people from doing stupid things of course) .

This worries me, since people do not understand technology, and if you see your useful service, you can use it to store any type of quantity and it should have a quality comparable to

Digital certificates, etc.

I would like you to extend more than possibilities, present and future will be able to be given so that a user can keep their purses over time.
Again, users do not know, and often adopt what seems to be missing, that's why myetherwallet has triumphed.

What can you tell us? Thank you
0 points,6 years ago
Good one , reasonable price , voting ye
0 points,6 years ago
Evolution is not ready yet and there is a slight chance it might be delayed. Therefore, discussion about this competing with Evo or not is irrelevant.

I liked MyEtherWallet, I think it is a good service and an important albeit small part in the ETH ecosystem.

We need something similar, but for Dash. Voting YES.
0 points,6 years ago
Thanks for your support. I am still a bit confused by the negative votes as I have heard nothing bad with anyone I talked about this so far. Maybe there is a communication error on my side and people still think this is somehow competing with Evolution or the upcoming Copay Wallet. Maybe I was assuming wrong that people know about MyEtherWallet and how it works. I added some sticky points at the top of the proposal. Thanks for your feedback and thinking process.
1 point,6 years ago
I guess its a temporary solution before evo. Dash can afford this. Voted yes
0 points,6 years ago
Thanks for your vote. This is not a competing service. It might be obsolete once Evolution is out and supports all the features MyDashWallet can do by that point, but I think the focus is completely different and highly unlikely Evolution will allow tipping, swapping to other cryptocurrencies, store private keys in your local browser cache, etc.

Evolution is like paypal with a login and user experience, it replaces remembering addresses and complexities of the blockchain, MyDashWallet is nothing like that, there are just addresses and making the current experience sending DASH easier with copy+paste addresses in your browser or going over social media accounts.
0 points,6 years ago
Sure. Hope this passes!
0 points,6 years ago
Since this will be open-source and will support HW-Wallets you get my support. It will be a great one for my dash tool-belt. Cost is reasonable. I hope this passes!
0 points,6 years ago
+1 here. HW (Trezor or other) + open source = yes vote.
0 points,6 years ago
You have my support..
0 points,6 years ago
as long as its open source, i voted yes.
0 points,6 years ago
This is not a competition with Evolution, it is just a simple service to use today's features available and make it easy.

Since I heard only positive feedback so far I am a bit confused about the huge number of NO votes in the first few hours of this going online, anyone care to comment? Thanks. If there is anything wrong we like to know and adjust our plans to make this project useful.
0 points,6 years ago
Is this going to complement or compete with Evolution?