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Title:FINAL FUNDING (Phase 2): DASH MERCHANTS Exhibition, RADIO Live Telecast + USERS Adoption Ongoing Project: ACCRA, GHANA WEST AFRICA By Ultimatecrypto
Monthly amount: 49 DASH (1275 USD)
Completed payments: 2 totaling in 98 DASH (0 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2018-05-18 / 2018-07-17 (added on 2018-05-09)
Votes: 791 Yes / 205 No / 4 Abstain

Proposal description

Dear MNOs
Please Read the letter MNOs Open Letter
Our Progress of Work and Proposal Updates for June 2018,
Kindly Click Forum Thread

Africa Youth Training and Education: 09th July 2018 to 11th July 2018
Merchant Pitching: 23rd July 2018 to 25th July 2018.
Dash Trade shows, Exhibition and Expo Fair: 27th July to 29th July 2018.
Africa Youth Training and Education: 21st May 2018 to 25th May 2018
Merchant Pitching: 11th June 2018 to 13th June 2018.
Dash Trade shows, Exhibition and Expo Fair: 22nd June to 24th June 2018.

  • Organize 3 Dash Education and Training for Africa Youth.
  • Pitching Dash to about 25,000 Ghanaian populations at the Expo-fair and Exhibition show
  • (Exclusive Dash).
  • 200+ Exhibitors and Dash Merchants Pitch training and education.
  • Dash Mini Mall for Display of Products by Entrepreneurs, Shopping Outlets, Food Restaurant,
  • Game shops and more.
  • 200+ Exhibitors stand to demonstrate how to spend DASH, 20,000+ attendees at the Funfair and 4,000
  • Parents, Family and Investors.
  • New wallets downloaded, Education about Dash achieved and Merchant Acceptance.
  • Live Radio Telecast to reach 43,000 Listeners and Viewers.
Gradually Cryptocurrency adoption in Africa is taking roots at an admirable pace. However, one critical area that needs a big push is Increased Merchants and Users base. DASH adoption in Africa is currently on a steady rise following ongoing projects and execution of the proposals by Ambassadors in Africa funded by  Dash DAO treasury but more yet to be achieving as we in DASH HUB ARE SET TO TRANSFORM AFRICA INTO THE FIRST DASH NATION.The goal of this proposal is to expand usage and make dash the best merchants’ solution alternative for businesses.
Dash aims to satisfy consumers
Dash has been able to consistently provide low transaction fees, fast confirmation times, and security for consumers looking to exchange goods and services online. Dash has been able to scale its network effectively so far and has plans to continue doing so in the future. Dash is providing the attributes that online users have demonstrated a preference towards. Some popular exchange website have chosen not to use Dash, but that has not slowed down the advance of Dash. Dash has launched 23 new partnerships in Q1 of 2018 alone with many of those being exchanges. In addition, more individuals are discovering Dash everyday as more merchants begin accepting Dash all over the world and Dash teams educate individuals about Dash. (

This project intends to reach about 20,000 attendees at the Expofair and Exhibition show, 200+ Exhibitor Stands, Dash
Booth as we join hands to celebrate an Expo-fair and Exhibition show, that would bring Entrepreneur's, Business owner, Restaurants, Companies display their products for shopping and trading.(DASH exclusively as a means of transaction).
Dash is a revolutionary digital money system which serves as a means of payment, for basic utility payments and use for transaction purposes (remittance and donation).
Youth are driving tool for change in an economy, to achieve the first goal of Dash- The youth must have knowledge about the revolution of money, accept it, use it and experience how it works better than Cash in all circumstances. Knowledge impacted in youth are easily shared and experiences can never be forgotten which tends to make them easily convince and inform their parents about Dash Digital Cash.
The problem with cryptocurrencies is the lack of real life use. As participants and newbies of Digital Cash want to feel how to spend Dash like Cash anytime anywhere. To increase awareness and adoption by spending and utilizing DASH in real life scenarios this created this idea (Dash Mini Mall, Funfair and Exhibition for Africa Youth).

What we intend to Achieve:

1. Increase Dash awareness and rampantadoption by businesses.

2. Expand the usage level of Dash in Africa.

3. Mainstream media would help publish and propagate the funfair creating an environment for new wallets creation and newbies acceptance.

4. Impact on the lives of the youth and teaching them about the newest revolution of money (Dash Digital Cash).

5. Dash Booth would help create an enabling ecosystem for newbies and support needed about the Technology.

Previous Achievements
  • Central Region Edition of Dash Digital Cash Conference on 21st of April 2018   
  • First Dash Booth in Africa was at Gh. Ocassions in Accra
  • Sponsored and partnership at the West Africa Blockchain Conference in February 2018.
  • Dash Opportunity Desk for merchant’s recruitment for Dash payment system expansion.
  • Partnership with Ak Publication to launch the first Dash Advertisement on the Led Screen Billboard in Ghana.
  • 2days Dash Business Adoption Crusade in Kumasi.
  • Attended Dash Business Summit at Winneba, funded by Dash DAO treasury
  • Represented Dash At Accra Blockchain Conference
  •   Attended Dash Roadshow in Ghana. Dash DAO treasury funded
  •  Trained over 35 Ambassadors and Merchants for Dash 
  •  Achieved partnership with Handsup Foundation in East Africa to help develop an Ecosystem for Dash massive adoption.
Our Future Plans
We Plan to launch our pan African project which will focus Massive Usage, Adoption and Businesses Acceptance in East and Central Africa (Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, Mozambique, Uganda, Botswana, Ethiopia and Zimbabwe) and all Africa Francophone Countries (Senegal, Togo, Cote d’iviore, Benin Republic, Gambia, Mali, Burkina Faso), These countries have one of the biggest remittance markets in the world. Apart from this we also have partners with Handsup Foundation to help us transform Africa into first Dash Nation. Also, the rapid growth of Dash hub Africa team and Ambassadors anticipate for a DASH Consult or Venture, Website to make our activities more structured and formal as we expand and deal with major firms and government officials.

We are planning of Dash Freelancer and Agent Recruitment, This group of people would be employed and paid with Dash monthly to execute some task to help outreach to more businesses and increase partnership for Dash Hub Africa.  As we move forward we are brainstorming ways the advertising can more directly foster adoption.

Full proposal:
Previous proposal

Goals Accomplished
  • Partnership with AK Publication for Led Screen Billboard. Attached is the document
  • Approved granted by Ghana Education Service in collaboration National Youth Authority to hold the youth training and education from 21st May 2018 to 25th May 2018. Attached is the approved letter.
  • Partnership discussion on going with Y Fm 102.5, Kumasi FM and UTV and Multimedia Group for the Expo-fair and Merchants Pitch Live Telecast.
Objectives and RIO
  • Organise 3days Dash Merchants Pitch for all our exhibitors.
  • Organise 3 training and education seminar with High school students in Ejisu Municipal, Owne District and Bonwire Circuit respectively.
  • 3days Expo-fair show for the over 20,000+ attendees.
  • 200+ Exhibition stand where businesses display products and services, for High school students to purchase with Dash Digital Cash to show real life experience of spending Dash.
  • Dash Desk to help download and install wallets for payment.
  • Dash Exchange stand for changing Dash into Fiat and Fiat into Dash at the Mini Mall.
  • Dash booth will be present to explain the opportunity this technology offers to the general public and how one can use it for daily payment.


  Amount   (US$)

  Amount   (DASH)




Africa Youth Training and Education: 09th July 2018 to 11th July 2018





 Youth  Education and Training
 Africa Youth Training and Education:
 §   Motivational Talks
 §   Dash School Video
 §   Innovation and Technology
 §   Dash vs Cash
 §   Dash Winning Game (
 §   HODl, Spending Dash In store and Online.
 §   Dash Marketplace (

 Voting In  progress

Merchant Pitching: 23rd July 2018 to 25th July 2018.




 3days Merchants Pitch  and Orientation.
 Recruitment  and allocation of fair stand to businesses.
 §  Blockchain Technology
 §  Dash vs Cash
 §  Dash Merchant Directory  (
 §  How to receive payment
 §  Security and Safety of  Wallets.
 §  Dash Marketplace (

 Voting In  progress

Dash Trade shows, Exhibition and Expo Fair: 27th July to 29th July 2018.




 Dash  Trade, Expofair and Exhibition
 §  Payments of  goods and services will be exclusively Dash
 §  200+  Businesses listed on

 Voting In  progress

 1st  July to 30th July 2018




 Mainstream  Media and Materials.
 §   Live  telecast
 §   Life  presenter mention
 §   Publicity
 §   Dash  Talk and Discussion
 §   Dash  fair jingle
 §  Led Billboard
 §  Tv Advert.

 Voting In  progress
Estimated RequestedAmount
  • Total USD: 20,745.00
  • Estimated DASH: 44.02





 Youth Education and Training


 Conference Center (FREE.. funded  by Ghana Education Service)
 Exercise Book customized Dash Core  2,000books*$0.80 cents =$1,600
 Mathematical set 200*$2 =$400
 Catering and Drinks =$900
 Sound system and Lighting $125
 Video Coverage $100
 Media Engagement $250



 3days Merchants Pitch


 Conference Center $400
 Conference Material $320
 Snacks and drinks $420
 Food and Catering 3days*297_$890
 Banner and Dash Booth $300  
 Video and Editing $170
 Photographer $100
 Organizer $50



 Mainstream Media And Materials

 Publicity & Advertising
 2 Radio Station $600*3  =$3,600
 (Package-LPM, 3 Radio talk,Dash Jingle on  all Show)
 2 TV Show $800*2=$1,600
 4G Internet Access -$150 (Live Video on  Twitter and Facebook).
 2 Led Screen Billboard =$3,000



 DASH Give-Away

 Recharge cards on kikoo  and bitrefill 500attendees*$1= $500
 Newbies Give-away 100*$5=$500
 Miscellaneous Expenses =$400



 3days Dash Expofair and  Exhibition

 Event Center (Rantray  park) $550
 Tent and Stand $450
 Chairs and Table $300
 Event Management $270
 Sound system $300
 Generator and Fuel $260
 Electricity $150
 Security $150
 Medical Assistant $200
 Photographer $250



 General Expenses

 Dash Advert logo $90
 T shirts and Lacoste 700*$15 $1,050
 Flyers and Poster $300
 Dash materials at the stand $450
 Graphics Designer $80
 Technicians $120







 2 Months Timeline for Execution

 Monthly amount will be multiplied by 2 months to held in KUMASI AND  ACCRA








 Proposal Fee Reimbursement + Proposal Risk



 5 + 5  
Total $20,745 at Dash rate 2nd May 2018 $471.20

Requested Total Value: 44.03~44+ 5 Dash Proposal risk =49 DASH

In case of Increase in Dash value, surplus will be transfer to the next phase of our project.

Dash-hub Africa is a team of 6 youth Advocates headed by  Abdullah Adeleke Known as Ultimatecrypto, who are DASH and Cryptocurrency enthusiast and intend to grow DASH Digital Cash through Campaigning, Outreach, Projects and Integration of Cryptocurrency into the Africa economy. Our mission is to ensure that Dash community grows and strengthen into a positive social movement behind some of the most amazing and revolutionary technology of our time through relentless tenacity and commitment to work and task ahead.

Dash Hub Africa team will continue transforming Africa into Dash First Nation, continue creating partnership with organizations and enterprise focused on achieving DASH goal thus massive adoption, integrating more Businesses to adopt DASH as a means of payment in Ghana and beyond and lastly, continue increasing adoption by scaling up both Merchants and Users.

Report and Evaluation

Update will be posted on all Dash official channels (forum, discord, reddit, twitter and telegram)
Comprehensive report submitted to Dash watch and on the pre-proposal link


Dash discord: dash-hub-africa Channel 
Dash Reddit:
Facebook page DASH-HUBAFRICA. [i][/i]
Twitter handle for DASH-HUB Africa [i][/i] 
YouTube channel [i]

Thank you for your consideration and Support, DASH HUB TEAM appreciates all your support in our projects. Africa is the becoming DASHY.

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4 points,5 years ago
Passed! Congratulations!
3 points,5 years ago
Just a few more YES votes, please MNOs!!
3 points,5 years ago
Dash Watch June 26th 2018 Report on
Dash merchants exhibition, radio live telecast + users adoption phase 2: Accra, Ghana West Africa by DashHubAfrica

Dash Watch June 26th 2018 Report on
Expanding outreach of Dash in Africa @Dash-Hub Africa (April to July 2018) by Ultimatecrypto
2 points,5 years ago
Thanks Dash Watch for the report!!
3 points,5 years ago

Open Letter to MASTERNODE Owners.

Dear Beloved MNOs

I am so delighted to share with you current condition of Dash Hub Africa progress.

We submitted a proposal last month which was passed and funded with 49Dash last cycle, This proposal aims to achieve the core goal of Dash thus increased Users and Merchants in Ghana and Africa as a whole.

Dash Hub Africa has successfully meet all Milestones and over delivered to show commitment and passion for this beloved network.

Our 2nd and last funding for this Ongoing Project is now defunded, Information gathered from the community feedback shows as a result of tight treasury,so MASTERNODE had to defund it to create more space for funds.

Am not against anyone decision to fund our proposal But I have to empathetic and state clearly that
1. The progress we have made with this proposal can't be disregarded.
2. We have signed contract with EIB network (Radio and Television) to Live telecast the Exhibition fair for more outreach. Kumasi is done and Accra is scheduled for next month.
3. On any platform I discuss this Accra exhibition show to move traffic and Dash Euthausist on that day (next month)
4. Businesses and Organization we reached out in Accra are expecting us in July 2018
5. We have put a lot planning and prepaid some expenses for this project since we were funded in June.

Am confident that this appeal note will be considered with utmost faith for us not have failed anyone, stick to promises and achieve more positive growth for Dash as we pledge.

Lastly, Do consider Africa ecosystem growth because this economy is at grassroots for Cryptocurrency and Dash should keep leading the race.

We don't want to abandon our progress because of funding, Your Upvote can make us progress in Africa.

Best Regards

Abdullah Adeleke
Dash Hub Africa Coordinator
3 points,5 years ago
Voted yes!
3 points,5 years ago
Thanks for the Vote. we promise to work more hard to achieve greatness for Dash in Africa
8 points,5 years ago
I don't like the idea that we defund a group who has been doing good work. What is the reason for abandoning a project we agreed to fund when they perform well in what they promised to do? Is this opening up funds for this month's proposals that someone wants to go through? I think all the proposals that came up after the fact that the Core group took almost all the funds available are pretty much a lost cause and a failure on the part of proposal owners if they didn't see it as gambling. Dash Hub Africa is working hard at the grass roots level, and they expected and rely on these funds to finish what they promised and we are pulling the rug out from under them. I think that's wrong.
4 points,5 years ago
Thanks @Tantestefana. We don't want to abandon the initiative we started last month, We spotted the funding into two phases for accountability and transparency...Kumasi Expofair was done last week and we have over delivered even though the price is down.

Next month is Greater Accra the Capital of Ghana, If we can't pass this proposal I would have failed a lot of people as we have spoke and discuss this to Ghanaians and they expect to hear from us on this Exhibition in July.

This proposal is a win win affairs for Ghanaians, Africa and Dash community.
3 points,5 years ago

Please Upvote us to extend this project to Accra next month July 2018
8 points,5 years ago
I also don't understand why this project is being defunded. This makes no sense to me. These are the hardest working people in Dash Nation!
5 points,5 years ago
His latest work is phenomenal. Hundreds of people in the crowd at his speech.

5 points,5 years ago
Report to Masternode Owners.

Dash Hub Africa held an Introductory Dash Business Directory ( to Ladies where over 800 attended and less than 10% know about Cryptocurrency and Digital payment. Over 500 new wallets were achieved.

We are building an ecosystem for Africa that would make Dash become the mainstream currency spent here not excluding Women from Dash.

Please Watch the YouTube Video

The second phase of this proposal needs more YES Votes, we cant achieve all this without your support. Thanks for your cooperation.
We are so happy working for this network.
7 points,5 years ago
To see this possibly be defunded with all the videos showing your educational speeches, but see Kuvacash with 10x the expense and only youtube slideshows to show us.

Just wow.

I'm at a loss for words.
4 points,5 years ago
Hi @RobbhDash01, we greatly appreciate your support.

This proposal is the best strategy we see best fit for expansion and usage of Dash In Ghana, Africa. Last week, I travelled around West Africa-Togo, Benin and Nigeria for Dash. I confidently tell that we are employing the best tool for Dash in Africa.

We have reached over 600+ wallets through the exhibition fair in Kumasi, Check it out

And more to be achieved in the coming days, we can't achieve greatness for Dash in Africa if not for passing the first phase of this proposal by MNOs.

My humble plea to MNOs is to quantify the ROI of this proposal on Africa and Dash as the economy in concern offers great market and opportunities due to Hyperinflation and economic instability.

We need your Votes to keep going.
3 points,5 years ago
Updates from yesterday Dash Funfair and Exhibition in KUMASI, Keep supporting us ACCRA is the capital of Ghana, Next month is going to amazing. Please review and Vote our proposal.

Dash Stand in Kumasi

It was fun and interesting to have our first Dash Expofair and Trade show yesterday, more merchants and businesses were achieved.
3 points,5 years ago

SCHEDULED FOR JUNE 16 2018 - 8AM - 10PM GMT*******

Hi Dash Community,
The Dash Hub team is in KUMASI, the golden city of Ghana.
Our first Dash Expofair is Today and more update as we get over more Users and Merchants accepting Dash at this event.
In the week, I was at Togo, Benin and Nigeria expanding outreach of Dash. We are creating the Market first then the price will soon follow.

Live Link:



NB: This project is funded by Dash DAO through MNOs Voting.

Awaiting funding is the Phase 2 in Accra.
2 points,5 years ago
Hi Everyone!!
Sorry for updating you late, Am working hard down here in Africa, I travelled to Togo, Benin Republic and Nigeria for Dash expansion project.

We have started listing businesses accepting Dash in Africa.

First French business listed in Africa

Thanks for supporting us.
6 points,5 years ago
Ultimatecrypto, you and your team are doing great job out there by rapresenting Dash in Africa. Keep up the good job!
1 point,5 years ago
Thanks @splawik21, We greatly appreciate your support!!!
3 points,5 years ago
We have our certificate of Incorporation from Registrar Department for us to operate legally with restrictions in operation.

Thanks to MNOs for supporting Dash Hub Africa.
3 points,5 years ago
*without restrictions in operation.
3 points,5 years ago
Update for first month, Our Dash youth Education at Onwe District in Ashanti Region was superb, Dash is the future of money and youth are the future nation builders.
Kindly click and subscribe to our channel on YouTube for more updates.
2 points,5 years ago
Hi Dash Community.

Thanks so much for Voting us, we greatly appreciate..
We would make you all proud.
4 points,5 years ago
I hope MNOs will give this proposal a pass, it is worthwhile. Make it happen.
7 points,5 years ago
I admit that I do not follow exactly the achievements of the @Ultimatecrypto team but recently I looked at it more accurately and I must admit, that your track record is really impressive. I hope your proposal will pass.
6 points,5 years ago
@Ultimatecrypto is a true born of hardwork and dedication, I have being monitoring his work for Dash in the past and I strongly believe, If given the opportunity to undertake this project, He will deliver up to standard as he always do.
My plea to MNOs is that this proposal is great. It offers a clear vision and plans. Also a competent team is incharge.
Let us give him a chance.
Good luck on this proposal @Ultimatecrypto.
6 points,5 years ago
Thanks Dash lark. We have come very far since we started this Dash movement, and we just need to keep working harder to make DASH achieve its goal of Global payment system. The community's ongoing support means a lot and it's gonna be great to see our current proposal pass.
4 points,5 years ago
Can we get this pushed over the line guys?

Only 20 hours to go, and this should be able to fit in the budget.
1 point,5 years ago
Thanks for the support @Triptolemoose. I promise to continue working hard for this great network. Dash Digital Cash
5 points,5 years ago
Hi MNO's
I'm Abdullah Adeleke known as @Ultimatecrypto, Team lead for Dash Hub Africa.

On behalf of my team and myself, I want to appreciate the support given to us since we started the Dash movement and working to transform Africa into Dash Hub.
So far so good, We have always worked hard on the grounds reaching out to the unbanked people, professionals, Businesses and Youth to see how we can make Dash become the global currency for remittances, paying staffs and increase Merchants adoption.
Our current project Escrowed by GreenCandle:

This proposal intends to achieve is to Create an avenue for spending and usage of Dash everyday, And also our Dash Youth Education project intends to teach our youngones age 16-25years about the revolutionary money.
The Exhibition and Trade show will be held in two folds 9days each:
3days for Merchants pitch and training
3days for Dash Youth Education and Training
3days for Dash Trade and Exhibition.

What we intend to achieve.
1. All businesses exhibiting their products will be trained on how to accept Dash and list their business office on (Merchants directory)
2. We expect over 20,000+ attendees and 200+ businesses all in 3days (with Live Mainstream media telecast).
3. Dash Youth Education project has started our first phase ongoing.
4. Increase Merchants and Users base for Dash.
5. The same process will be expanded to Accra the capital of Ghana in July, First month is Kumasi-the largest city in Ghana.

In a nutshell, the Return on Investment is going to be great, As more people sign up for Dash and have available location to spend it anywhere and anytime.
If you have Questions regarding the proposal am Available to answer here or on Discord #dash-hub-africa channel.
Your Support is the Ultimate for this to become funded.
Thank you for the support and opportunity!!!!
7 points,5 years ago
This proposal still fits. Take one more look ladies and gentlemen. DashHubAfrica and UltimateCrypto are a known commodity in the Dash community. Good history.
Ambitious plans. Tiny price.
7 points,5 years ago
I know MNOs are waiting until the last minute to vote, but please give this proposal your attention as I think You will see the value these young people have been to their communities. I hope you'll vote Yes so we can give them resources to take it to the next level!
5 points,5 years ago
Thank you for your great support!!!
We hope to work more harder to make DASH become the No 1, global payment system and Merchants solution.
5 points,5 years ago
Dash will boom in Ghana if this proposal is being looked at. The much awareness the greatest the adoption. It has been critically observed that the youth are now getting more interest in dash due to the hard work overtime. Personally people have been calling me to ask me on what this dash digital is about which always make dash move to the apex level.Dash can do better than this that is why I whish this proposal pass.
3 points,5 years ago
Thanks, I really appreciate the support!!!
4 points,5 years ago
Making Ghana and Africa a dash hub center is our main priority @Megas .Thanks for your support .cheers
4 points,5 years ago
Seriously the team Dash hub Africa is doing marvelous work in Ghana. I had the chance to attend all the 3 days youth empowerment which empowered about 2500 youths. Great work and I strongly believe the team can do more than what you have done so far. Am highly impressed with the wonderful work you are doing for dash. Keep souring higher and put dash on the map. I strongly support this proposal and I pray it passes.
5 points,5 years ago
You got my support, good luck.
5 points,5 years ago
Thanks, I really appreciate your support.
6 points,5 years ago
great proposal. Keep up the good work!
5 points,5 years ago
Thank you for the support, Our delight is to see Dash Adoption increasing everyday.

6 points,5 years ago
Great one ultimate. You really getting to the root. Cheers.
6 points,5 years ago
Bonwire Circuit, Youth Empowerment and Dash Pitch was great...#Dash transforming everyday Life's in Africa.
Check out @DashhubAfrica’s Tweet:
8 points,5 years ago
You've been working very hard and have been accomplishing a lot so far. I'm glad to continue to support your efforts.
6 points,5 years ago
We really appreciate your support @Arython. I pledge to continue working hard to make DASH the best payment system and Merchants solution in Africa and beyond because continuous efforts yield greater results.
Thank you sir
8 points,6 years ago
Dash-hub Africa is more than ready to take dash digital cash to the climax .we are making sure to make dash digital cash as the number one digital currency in Ghana and Africa ...kudos to all dash digital cash African ambassadors ..Dash takeover ✌???
7 points,6 years ago
Good man! Keep it going! I see how many people you are reaching.
7 points,6 years ago
voting YES. The more people with Dash in their Dash wallets in Ghana the better.
6 points,6 years ago
Thank you! A continuous efforts to get more Merchants and Users in Ghana, will easily transform Africa into Dash Hub.
We are grateful for the support.

~Dash Hub Africa Team~
6 points,6 years ago
This sounds like a great concentrated effort! We really appreciate all the work you guys have been doing! Keep it up!
4 points,6 years ago
We are so delighted to work for DASH, Thanks for the support. More Merchants and Users adoption ahead.
6 points,6 years ago
Costa Rica supports the proposal. Voting yes
5 points,6 years ago
Thanks for your support! We are integrating bigger and bigger everyday,as our partnership wings now cover everywhere in Africa. Let's us help get more Merchants for Dash.