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Title: Cannabis Genomic Blockchain on DASH and CannMed 2018 Partnership
Monthly amount: 10 DASH (8538 USD)
Completed payments: 1 totaling in 10 DASH (9 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2017-12-18 / 2018-10-12 (added on 2017-12-24)
Votes: 781 Yes / 95 No / 7 Abstain
Will be funded: Yes
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Proposal description

Pre-Proposal Video:!UEwkiJyR!9oJFniBPkDJEcWIXcBtMyQf3TbZqIzB9-tiEq9vpFmA

Cannabis Genomic Blockchains driving DASH awareness in the Cannabis space.

Phase I. Migration of to the DASH blockchain and promotion of DASH at CannMed 2018.

There are many scam coins being introduced into the Cannabis space driving apprehension and distrust. Broad scale adoption of crypto in cannabis requires the attention of the Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) in the field and continued exposure through high traffic Cannabis credibility vectors., Medicinal Genomics and CannMed represent a network of opinion leaders that can integrate these KOLs to DASH, Alt36 and other crypto networks.

To drive credible DASH adoption we propose (100 DASH)
1) Port the blockchained cannabis genomic registry of over to the DASH blockchain and integrate DASH payments for this service.
2) Get DASH exposure to the premier Scientific conference on Cannabis – CannMed 2018

How we build trust in the Cannabis markets.
Medicinal Genomics is an entrepreneurial cannabis genomics company. We are a 15 person start-up best known for first sequencing the cannabis genome and open sourcing its genome as a scientific charity to the world. Our leading products are cannabis genetic tests that utilize PCR and Next Generation sequencing to

· Quantitate regulated microbial risks on cannabis (PathogINDICAtor). These tests are required by most Jurisdictions.
· Decentralized Cannabis Pathogen detection platforms (youPCR). This is a voluntary market emerging due to a lack of crop insurance in cannabis.
· Cannabis genomic tests for directed breeding and blockchain notarization (StrainSEEK). This is a voluntary market hacking the patent system.

As more jurisdictions legalize, our expertise in cannabis safety testing, our peer reviewed publication frequency and our conference organization of CannMed is resulting in rapid adoption of our cannabis microbial tests in over 15 states and strong reputational trust within the cannabis medical community.

Our decentralized point of grow genetic testing tools are gaining traction in 4 of Canada’s largest LPs (Limited Producers) and many other grows throughout the US.


We are also the largest provider of cannabis genomics tests (StrainSEEK). These tests are gaining rapid traction as growers scramble to publically register their genetics on the BTC blockchain to protect against cannabis patent trolls. This work was showcased at D10E 2016, the Texas Bitcoin Conference in 2017 and highlighted in many media outlets throughout the cannabis and blockchain space (Let’s Talk Bitcoin, Bitcoins and Gravy, The Crypto Show, The Tatiana Show etc…).

Some jurisdictions are discussing mandating DNA fingerprinting of mother plants to enhance the seed to sale tracking system while IBM is publishing whitepapers encouraging the cannabis industry to adopt blockchains. We have also published our own whitepaper on the importance of genomic information in any Cannabis Blockchain and the enhanced utility delivered with DNA fingerprints. A barcoding system based on genetics offers maximal scientific utility to the grower and user community compared to the present RFID tag via arbitrary number barcoding systems.!MRh0DDpT!tpaQ0P0NFEtP1bjHQhjNybjoiJe7qNL8h_mejrz4A8A

We are in discussions with various regulatory agencies in Puerto Rico, California, and Rhode Island about pricing for such a system and believe these discussions require we rethink the Bitcoin blockchains expensive and slow notary service.

In addition to these “picks and shovels” products for the cannabis industry, we also run the most prestigious medical cannabis conference (CannMed) at Harvard Medical School every year. Dr. Raphael Mechoulam is an advisor for the conference and is the scientific founder of the field of cannabinoid sciences. We encourage everyone to see the documentary on this landmark scientific discovery below.

The conference draws the most reputable names in the field from Dr. Raphael Mechoulam, Dr. Ethan Russo, Dr. Bonni Goldstein, Dr. Dustin Sulak, Dr. Orrin Divinsky, Dr. Alexandros Makryannis, Dr. Jonathan Page, Lyn Ulbricht and many more.

CannMed generates public videos of each speaker. These have generated significant media attention from the Wall Street Journal, VICE, PBS and others sources. This has created a strong out reach to the NFL community regarding cannabinoids, CTE research and opiate abuse.

As a result, CannMed was featured in the VICE series Chasing Strains which has gathered over 330K views since May 2017. Medicinal Genomics was also recently featured in the VICE series Weediquette for our work debunking the rejection of a cannabis patient from the Maine organ transplant list.

The Veteran community has also teamed up with CannMed for consistency in PTSD therapy. The Veterans for Cannabis uses as a tool to register strains that are working for veterans with PTSD.

The CannMed conference is 30% Physician attended and offers 22.5 Continuing Medicinal Education (CME) credits in the field of cannabinoid therapy. To accommodate the rapid growth of the conference we are moving the event to UCLA Medical School for the 2018 California legalization. We are expecting over 1500 attendees, 40-50 Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) speakers, and 30 exhibitors from the Cannabis field and we are organizing a Crypto track to get these KOLs familiar with cryptocurrency. We believe capturing the mindshare of the KOLs in the field is critical for cryptocurrency adoption in the cannabis industry.

Cryptocurrency is also changing the way science is being funded and reviewed. Excellent examples of this are the $1M crypto-funding of MAPS for politically controversial yet scientifically promising research on psychedelic compounds. made a splash this year by organizing a crypto-bounty peer review for the Kratom Genome Project thus fundamentally dis-intermediated the copyright industry and the broken journal driven peer review system. The Psilocybe Cubensis Genome Project was placed on IPFS/ with the goal to fund and MAPS. It is clear scientists are demanding neutral paths for funding and publishing scientific work on prohibited forms of intellectual pursuit. DASH should be at the forefront of crypto-science to drive credibility, truth and adoption rate onto their DASH Drive platform.

We propose a project to get DASH exposure with the KOLs in the cannabis field and to convert our Cannabis proof of existence market to the DASH network while providing DASH high visibility on this early but growing website. We also propose to adopt DASH as a payment option for customers utilizing this service. Concurrent to these efforts we propose a DASH sponsorship package and a DASH Partnership status to the CannMed 2018 conference at UCLA Medical School.

Budget Details migration and DASH adoption (15 DASH).

· 5 DASH/month. 3 months to complete but for simplicity in payouts we will amortize this payout with the 10 month cycle being used for the rest of the promotional activities.
1 FTE capable of
· Integrating a Blockcypher API for DASH notarization. Test and confirm with live genomic samples for showcasing at CannMed 2018.
· DASH payment integration with Bitcoin Transaction Coordinator and BitPay. This approach is compliant with our backend Netsuite ERP system and Bioinformatics pipeline handling the sequencing data storage. Tools from may assist in cross platform integration. Electrum wallet or Copay wallets to be integrated and security tested.
· Wordpress website updates to include DASH logos and links on every page in

CannMed 2018 UCLA Medical School, Diamond Sponsorship level ($35K value, 35 DASH in total. 3.5 DASH monthly)

· Conference spec sheet-!4EwUibIa!lgOw3qRmmTuciIfHuoaNTTx6ulE7zsJfTTh6bjDZXy8
· Speaking opportunity
· Advisory board role
· 20x20 Exhibit Space
· 20 full access passes
· Two meeting room spaces
· Recognition of signage
· Recognition on web platforms and printed materials
· Full color ad on conference journal
· Insert in conference bag
· A personal communication with Danny Sessoms from the Crypto Show was supportive of this effort. He volunteered to man any DASH related booth at CannMed and did not feel DASH compensation was warranted as he planned on attending the event anyway. If he allows, I will personally donate DASH to support his travel to CannMed and potentially host a CryptoShow at the event.
· Matt McKibbin of DecentraNet has expressed an interest to chair the track.

CannMed 2018 UCLA Medical School, Partner: Promotional activity until October 2018. (50 DASH in total: 5 DASH per month)

· CannMed 2018 Hosted by Medicinal Genomics and "DASH"
· Speaking Panel Opportunity
· Video on the Conference Website
· Advisory Board Role
· Inclusion in Press Interviews
· Reserved Seating
· Upgrade to a Suite When Renting a Standard Room
· Full Event Database (post event)
· Crypto Lunch Pavillion Brought to you by DASH
· 20 Full Access Passes
· Two meeting room spaces
· Recognition of signage
· Recognition on web platforms and printed materials
· Full color ad on conference journal
· Exclusive logo on conference bag
· Insert in conference bag
· Speaking opportunity and recognition at the opening dinner
· Inclusion of partner on all press related materials
· DASH logo featured on all websites notarized on DASH.
· DASH highlighted at the CannMed Israel Practicum- Dr. Raphael Mechoulam and Dr. Dor host physicians at Hebrew University to learn about Cannabinoids directly from the founder of the field. Exclusive 25 person VIP week long event at $6,000-$8000 per ticket-March 2018.

5 DASH to support the application fee
1.5 DASH per month for Kannapedia conversion
3.5 DASH per month for Diamond Sponsorship
5 DASH per month for CannMed Partnership status.
Total DASH including application fee reimbursement:105 or 10/Month

Skin in the game
Medicinal Genomics will be fronting over $1.2M for this conference. We have skin in the game and welcome Partners from the crypto space. We recently completed a $5M over subscribed convertible debt offering. We are committed, small, but have a keen eye for win-win relationships.

This proposal is the first part of a series of Phased proposals.
We envision a Phase II proposal that would create a seed to sale genomics driven blockchain on the DASH network. Given the above proposal is funded and successful we believe Phase II will mature as DASH Drive and Evolution mature.

With Medicinal Genomics focus on public charity science, safety testing and scientific authenticity in the Cannabis space, we believe we offer credibility to patients, physicians and regulators. This is an excellent platform to drive DASH awareness into the Cannabis space and also transplants a popular cannabis blockchain project onto the DASH network.

Background on the recipient!4V5FTKSA!i5wYrDI9TTXXjMMjyZ8ZirWCdjBw5susPg8TdAeepTQ

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0 points,1 day ago
A few updates for this Month.
1)Setup a company Coinbase account to handle any shapeshifting of DASH->BCH->USD required for the project. Where possible we will pay people directly in DASH. Where this is not possible we are forced to convert to Fiat to limit currency vol and tax implications. Coinbase verification was fun.
2)Productive calls with Alt36 and Ideas by Nature regarding Webstore implementation of DASH.
3) updated with Powered by DASH logo.
4)Announcements on Various Social Media platforms regarding DASH and CannMed partnership.
Medicinal Genomics Facebook Page :

5)First DASH Blockchain notarization of a Cannabis genome occurred today with the help from Very impressed at the speed these folks moved. Asked about using their service for DASH on a Saturday and they had Sunday response with a working demo on Wednesday.

The Hash stamped into the block is:

There is a 5354414d50442323 prefix added by Stamp. Actual Hash of the VCF file is seen below.

shasum -a 256 RSP11041_B6JYR_target.2b.vcf

Transaction shows up on Blockcypher and everything appears to be working.

Next steps are integrating our Netsuite API with a webstore DASH acceptance tool.

I will be speaking at Champlain Valley Dispensary, Burlington VT tomorrow and will thread DASH into this presentation:
0 points,23 days ago

Thanks for the vote of confidence. We are excited and already making plans to kick this off. I wanted to alert everyone that there are 3 YouTube video links didn't migrate from the Pre-Proposal. I've corrected the links below and hope everyone enjoys them.
0 points,21 days ago
Can you please ensure you send the community a heartbeat of updates on this as it moves forward? One of the challenges in the past has been lengthy quiet periods post proposal success. Thanks.
0 points,18 days ago
You bet.
Here is a promo video we will be circulating after the New Years to announce the DASH sponsorship.!8dgCUSQY!DrReRBhi0vztqSWQx_87Mj59AqtZ3W6HOHwi8xMyeIs

Our organizer will want to reach out to the DASH community regarding many of the Partnership perks listed above.
3 points,24 days ago
"Port the blockchained cannabis genomic registry of over to the DASH blockchain". Can you elaborate on the meaning here please?

Wish you the best on your well planned proposal!
0 points,24 days ago
A portion of the proposal is migrating off of BTC and onto DASH.

What is
We DNA sequence customers strains and etch their genomes into the BTC blockchain to create prior art defense from patent trolls. 4 Cannabis strain patents have emerged since 2015. They are broad and imply many more are coming. Our notary is a simple Hash and Stash (no pun intended) of the DNA sequence, customer name and chemotype into the OP_RETURN of BTC.

Plant patent laws in the US have a prior use exemption. This prior use requires Notarization of the business use 1 year prior to the patents emergence and banks don't comply with notarizing cannabis due to federal banking law overhang. Digital notarization of the chemotype and genotype of the plant is the next best protection (also more scalable). We are seeing some of this also play out on the Kratom Genome Project ( as that market attempts to adapt and learn from the cannabis industry.

We should and hope to store the DNA sequence in DASH Drive but currently open source it on In doing so we genetically compare their strain to everything else to make a genomics LinkedIn for growers and patients. Helpful for breeders and helpful for patients/consumers finding similar strains as they travel across borders and their medicine cannot.

This is very important for patients and scientists as the cannabis nomenclature system is full of counterfeits and frauds. Currently, if NYC has a high demand for Strain X, Strain Y adopts that name in Ohio on the way there.

This genetic data is also important for growers as their current form of seed to sale tracking (S2ST) is security theatre and provides no benefit to the grower and limited transparency to the patient. The current S2ST uses RFID tags in a closed garden database. This is random number barcodes zip-tied to plant stalks you can cut with pocket knife and limited DB access through broken APIs. This is an anti-viral architecture.

A more useful barcode for the patient and the grower (and probably the regulator) is a barcode that isn't random but related to the pharmacology of the product and could help with breeders understanding of how to breed their stocks while providing customers confidence in consistency. DNA fits these descriptions. The database architecture also needs to be figuratively chmod 777. Public, immutable and hack-proof compared to MJ Freeway and other honey pots. Ideally a fast transaction blockchain that has the best chance at Point Of Sale (POS) adoption. This is DASH.

Kannapedia currently etches into BTC.
Bitcoin is slow and expensive. It will not penetrate the cannabis industry due to block cycle time, artificial scarcity inducing fee inflation, and a misplaced philosophical aversion to extreme datatypes. Too small and you are "spam". Too large and you are equally un-welcomed via sat/byte fees. It does not have the master node incentive system that can scale to encourage DASH Drive or Evolution.

The cannabis industry is the 2nd fastest growing industry in many countries next to Crypto. The POS will not scale on BTC due to time and fee. To capture the POS market, you need to service the S2ST system with higher fidelity data that everyone prefers over random RFID tags. The POS systems have to adapt to the S2ST systems as the S2ST systems are the regulatory anchors in the industry and these regulators will favor genetics over time.The genetics are the only barcode that actually makes it seed to sale. The RFID tags evaporate over jurisdictional lines (diversion) and are meaningless to growers and patients. The RFID tags will have to adopt in time as public S2ST systems migrate to genomic blockchains.

This proposal is phase I. Get notarizing on DASH instead of BTC. Get the Cannabis industry comfortable with DASH so Alt 36 can make progress POS and we can get DASH anchored genetics into the S2ST system. Get the KOLs on board at CannMed.

We are not yet proposing to build a S2ST system with this proposal. That might mature as DASH Drive and Evolution mature. CannMed will make a great braingasm laying out such a collaborative plan with Alt36, Medicinal Genomics and DASH at CannMed 2018. Maybe sooner?

Does that answer your question?
1 point,23 days ago
Yes it does, and what an amazing answer!
1 point,24 days ago
This helps us take over the cannabis industry. This facilitates the more rapid development of medical cannabis. If you're not sure why this is important, there are many resources I can point you to. And this is a fairly inexpensive proposal. Yes for me.
1 point,24 days ago
Voting yes.
4 points,25 days ago
I hope people will consider this. Kevin has been a great supporter for Dash and one of our key contact points for people in the cannabis industry to help make connections for Alt36. I think it would be also beneficial if representatives of alt36 we're also present at Cannmed alongside of Kevin similar to what we did at the Texas Bitcoin Conference.
Kevin's statements about a year ago about how Bitcoin is no longer usable for the Cannabis industry because of high fees and slow transaction time was one of the things that inspired me to do our last proposal about Cannabis outreach.
Hey Harlan give this one a yes vote.
1 point,25 days ago
Thank you for the kind words Danny. My offer stands to have the CryptoShow at CannMed, with or without this. Thanks for your work on the charity front. When they come to call us all terrorists, work like yours will remind people otherwise.
0 points,25 days ago
Of course would love to be there.
4 points,25 days ago
With this proposal, we reinforce our presence in the cannabis industry while entering the research field. Thats a big deal. Voting yes
0 points,25 days ago
Appreciate your help on the pre-proposal!
0 points,24 days ago
I don't think DASH is on a mission to raise the standards of the product being sold to the users of dope regardless if for medicinal uses or purely recreational. DASH is all about POS payments. this business does not dovetail into that.
0 points,24 days ago in time will augment POS selection for people looking for precise strain selection.

This is very important for medical patients as CBD and THC have very different pharmacology.

We also believe the seed to sale tracking systems of the future will be genetic fingerprint driven.
2 points,25 days ago
Cool, glad it finally showed up.
0 points,24 days ago
You have my support. I hope that with all the investment of Dash in the sector they see their fruits in the year 2018. And that the legal industrial of cannabis in the USA, is responsible for more than 100,000 tx / day in the blockchain.
And that Dash is the leading cryptocurrencie in this sector.

Thank you for you proposal.
2 points,25 days ago
voting yes.
0 points,25 days ago
We will make the most of it.
2 points,25 days ago
awesome , voting yes
0 points,25 days ago
Thank you!
0 points,25 days ago
I just edited the proposal to provide a hyperlink for This edit does not materially change the proposal but instead provides more transparency.