Proposal “Make-DAO-Funded-Business-Property-Of-DIF“ (Closed)Back

Title:Make The Most Profitable DAO Funded Business Property of the DIF
Monthly amount: 100 DASH (7489 USD)
Completed payments: no payments occurred yet (12 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2019-10-15 / 2020-10-07 (added on 2019-09-28)
Final voting deadline: in passed
Votes: 17 Yes / 599 No / 44 Abstain

Proposal description

There are over 1,100 masternodes that should be making money for the DIF, making money for for you, the Dash investor! With your vote, perhaps you can make it happen.

This proposal is being submitted in pdf format. There are two interesting documents for you to read before you vote.

The first pdf document can be downloaded here.
Alternate link to the first pdf document.

The second pdf document can be downloaded here.
Alternate link to the second pdf document.

Thank you.


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Discussion: Should we fund this proposal?

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0 points,9 months ago
Big fat NOPE.

2 points,1 year ago
You could of saved yourself some money by asking dash partners Blockchainintel and Coinfirm. I'm sure any whiff of corruption would be found by them.
4 points,1 year ago
As samli88 pointed out, masternode owners have a 4th voting option available to them, which is to vote "delete yes" to delete this proposal from the budget list and memory entirely. It will need 66% support I think samli88 wrote. I'm asking rango if this option can be integrated into Dash Central.
0 points,1 year ago
Now it may be difficult to reach 66%, but it can serve as a strong signal to indicate something is very wrong with such a proposal. Specially if it gets more votes then the other voting options.
1 point,1 year ago
I opened the 1st pdf cause i wasn't sure what this was about--it's about this: <The truth is, Dash Core Team has been creating masternodes from DAO funds for many years now. They don't want you to know this, but it is true.>
1 point,1 year ago
This ''budget proposal'' is missing any proof of this and best be described a baseless complottheory. Even more concerning of this proposal is that there is a total mismatch between title and actual topic, making this a click-bait proposal.
3 points,1 year ago
Am I supposed to take this seriously?

1 point,1 year ago
Vote NO!
3 points,1 year ago
easy NO vote.
-2 points,1 year ago
babygiraffe: "Ask yourself, is it even remotely reasonable that DCG accumulated 1,100,000 Dash (worth $80 million) from a proposal system that has generated less than 300,000 Dash in its entire history?"

Great question! These two dash addresses used for receiving treasury funds for Dash Core Team have received more than 1.1 million Dash between the two of them:
XuLHt4TN6CinfMM2zHfy7Rsb4terC1MRX5 (received a total of 773,530)
XfNeikkfga1GUVt3TUE5XjB4jRhQXPPiKa (received a total of 345,358)

Total received on two addresses: 1,118,888 Dash

Just open a blockchain explorer and look at it for yourself. Use this one:

The answer is right there! Where did all of that money come from? Does Dash Core team have any other addresses to receive Dash with? Of course they do! Lots of them! So it perfectly reasonable to assume that Dash Core Team could accumulate 1,100,000 Dash to build masternodes.

Why has the only "transparency" come from quarterly video call presentations? Never is any outside verifcation or audit offered by Dash Core Team.

If you are OK with the fact that you will never really know how many masternodes Core team owns, then just stay on board! As Amanda says, "You are on the steadiest ship in the Crypto ocean!"

Or perhaps this is your last call to the life boats before the titanic goes under!

dmitri -- Turning believers into leavers!
1 point,1 year ago
It should be verifiable dmitri what the total payout of the DAO has been since inception. If it's 300k then, how could 1.1m Dash been accumulated to buy the masternodes?
3 points,1 year ago
"XuLHt4TN6CinfMM2zHfy7Rsb4terC1MRX5 (received a total of 773,530)"
I checked that address and I think it has received less than 50k dash from proposal payouts. The remaining is received as a change when they make payments from that address. Not gonna waste my time looking into the other address...
7 points,1 year ago
What a pointless budget proposal :

You want masternode owners to fund 100 Dash per month for 12 straight months ? Which means we have to trust you (someone we dont know) with our funding for a whole year, without you having any credible reputation build up in this Dash community? This on itself is a no for me.

Then there is the drive towards having Dash Core Group disclose their number of masternodes and voting behavior, which is even more disturbing, as it looks like just another tactic of trying to create a wedge between Dash Core Group and the Dash community. I developed a very strong distaste for such tactics.

Also looking at the comments, this budget proposal is hinging mostly on some poorly motivated guess-work, and is missing some supportive facts.

So i'm going to vote NO, for several reasons.
1 point,1 year ago
Its proposals like these (which read as budget proposals at first glance, but upon further reading turns out to be nothing more then bad attempts at a discredit campaign), that i would not mind raising the proposal fee from 5 Dash, to something more substantial in times of a low Dash price, to make these kind of 'proposals' a bit more costly.
11 points,1 year ago
Scanned the first document and checked the first few examples in document #2. Your analysis is seriously flawed.
- Wallet 576585 = Kraken (we don't control the funds after that, so whatever masternode they ended up in isn't ours)
- Wallet 179577 belongs to a PR firm... whatever they did with the funds after that, we have no visibility to that.
- In the third example, that is also the same Kraken address (in wallet 576585) as your first example... that's Dash we sold for fiat.
- In your fourth example, XtspXMnoGt4RF23CZ7MQQ7NFmkAebMUNME is our old core team payout address, which we consolidated into XuLHt4TN6CinfMM2zHfy7Rsb4terC1MRX5 which is our new core team payout address. That was all paid out to contractors or sent to Kraken... again, you can't follow where the money went from Kraken because it was no longer our funds. Some of it ended up in a masternode, but that belongs to a customer of Kraken, not DCG.

I suggest you share your work with someone knowledgeable before leveling serious allegations against any entity serving the DAO... it was a waste of 5 Dash and distraction for me on a weekend.
-6 points,1 year ago
Did I take away some of your weekend time? So sorry!

Babygiraffe, there is no wallet 576585, I assume you mean wallet 5765856. If what you say is true, then how do you explain the first example in the second document?
Funds are sent to wallet 5765856 to be quickly turned into two masternodes? Who funds 2 masternodes directly from a Kraken hotwallet using the same coins you sent? REALLY?

At least you @babygiraffe are admitting that Dash Core Team owns wallet 3460 which contains over 200 masternodes and has over 211,000 dash in it today. For others who are interested, page 3 of the first document shows wallet 3460 directly creating dozens more masternodes into other wallets. That alone should be enough for most people to realize that something is amiss.

I suggest that Dash Core Team informs the community exactly how many masternodes it owns, what they do with the income, and how they are voting.
9 points,1 year ago
How to explain the first example of the second document?... As I said, address XvEU6pEWA2oC4FVdcxVdXcxHaMjyLZvPdt is one of the Dash Core Group Kraken deposit addresses. Once deposited, those funds belong to Kraken and Kraken credits our account with Dash. We then sell the Dash for fiat. It is very logical that a person looking to operate a masternode would purchase large quantities of Dash on an exchange like Kraken. When a customer that has accumulated a large balance of Dash initiates a withdrawal, Kraken gathers enough inputs from its inventory to facilitate the withdrawal. To minimize the kb size of the transaction (and therefore the cost), an exchange processing a large withdrawal gathers a few large denomination inputs (rather than several hundred smaller ones). Therefore, it is highly likely that Kraken would select deposits that were made by DCG to facilitate a large withdrawal like would be required for a new masternode.

"Wallet 3460" is your label for the box in your first chart in the second document. In your chart, it only shows address XhvoRMJEDYhisjgoqXS3RW3K2RBdtDKbW1. The only thing I admitted was that address belongs to DCG. It was used for the infrastructure budget. I vehemently deny that wallet contains 200 masternodes. DCG does not operate any masternodes. It has never operated a masternode at any point in the past.

On page 3 of the first document, none of the addresses at Poloniex that you've listed have ever been recipients of funds from DCG. We don't even have a DCG account at Poloniex. My conclusion is that "Wallet 3460" (whatever it consists of) is tainted with mostly Poloniex's wallet or possibly another exchange and most of what you include in "Wallet 3460" has nothing to do with DCG at all.

Ask yourself, is it even remotely reasonable that DCG accumulated 1,100,000 Dash (worth $80 million) from a proposal system that has generated less than 300,000 Dash in its entire history (only a portion of which went to DCG, and DCG incurred expenses against the share that it did get)? Or is it more likely that your process is broken, one that depends on a tool with the warning "This feature is very experimental, inaccurate and not updated in real-time"?

I won't be replying to any additional posts about this. DCG has always been committed to transparency. If you would like an accurate depiction of our financials, review the accounting statements that we present during the quarterly call.
1 point,1 year ago
You are using this proposal as way to get your negative political ad in front of the MNOs. I remember talking about how proposals could be being used as a way to advertise to the MNOs back in the discord. So you're basically abusing the proposal system by creating a proposal that is not designed to raise funds from the Dash treasury. You're an asshole.
1 point,1 year ago
Congratulations. You've invented the "trollposal."
2 points,1 year ago
This is by no means the first troll proposal. I can think of at least two past instances of something similar
-1 point,1 year ago
I don't know if I remember a proposal where the PO did not at least fantasize about it passing.

Anyway, we have to endure this paid advertisement because no one is following the dashcrypto twitter feed. I don't see the point of responding to this ridiculous troll's accusation.
2 points,1 year ago
Uh, you do realize that a lot of masternode payout addresses are directly to exchanges, right? And that any withdrawal FROM an exchange could be coming from any other user's deposit address (and that therefore you cannot link a masternode that sends deposits to an exchange to the wallets those same funds are later withdrawn to)? And you realize that the "guesstimated wallet" is just that... a guess? It says right on the website highlighted, "This feature is *very* experimental, inaccurate and not updated in real-time". And that payments from DCG to employees / contractors does not mean the contractor's investments are "DCG's" right? 700,000+ active addresses and you think that's all DCG? They would have to be using 1,000 new addresses a DAY for that to be true. The analysis is obviously fundamentally flawed, includes an exchange, and a bunch of masternodes that are customers of that exchange.
-4 points,1 year ago
Keep on believing in Dash no matter what! Good for you.
Yes, it is easy to understand that there are at least 700,000 addresses. It is a very old wallet that has mixed coins. The mixed coins were combined with known coins in transactions adding the many addresses of the mixed into the wallet. There is an example of this in document #1 near the top of page 2.