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Proposal description


Title: Sports Sponsorship Activation: MultiGP DASH Drone Racing USA and Worldwide Properties Owner: MultiGP DASH Drone Racing

All Drone Pilots win!  World's largest drone league to bring DASH Digital Cash to all of it's 23,000 pilots and to the World.

Requested proposal funds: 385.5 DASH ($165,000 USD)  (Proposal Fee: 5 Dash) Total funds to be escrowed with DEMO Incubator Inc. will be 390.5 Dash. Dash Escrowed Managed Operations (DEMO) will release funds throughout our 12-month term based on deliverables. 

Young, affluent MultiGP drone pilots world wide will win, learn and adopt DASH and the DASH Wallet.
The entire great PDF Presentation with pictures, examples and detail available HERE:
MultiGP pilots adopting DASH Digital Currency

MultiGP and DASH Digital Cash - winning pilots get DASH fast!

MultiGP DASH Drone Racing will teach tens of thousands of people about DASH Digital Cash. The MultiGP Drone Racing League is the oldest, largest (23,000+) and most successful grassroots racing organization on the planet. Commencing June 2018 through May 2019, DASH and MultiGP Drone Racing League will partner in an engaging investment into the future of drone sports.

MultiGP Pilots will adopt DASH Digital Cash as their currency of choice. DASH Digital Cash will become the cryptocurrency of the MultiGP drone racing community of 23,000+ Pilots. All participating and competing pilots will be trained on the use of the DASH wallet. Over 8.4 Million Impressions will be generated while focused on DASH and competing pilots will win purses in DASH Digital Cash for further utilization of DASH Digital Cash. MultiGP, which reaches over 1.2 million people annually, will truly become a DASH environment!

DASH Digital Cash becomes the official currency of MultiGP
○ Every MultiGP pilot will participate by getting a DASH Wallet to then be eligible to receive DASH Digital Cash as a prize fund.
○ store & event registration system accepts DASH Digital Cash. All MultiGP pilots to carry DASH Wallet on their devices to be eligible!
○ Projecting MultiGP Pilots to be utilizing over 272 DASH ($128,550 USD) in Year 1!

Title Sponsorship of the huge MultiGP Regional Series and National Championship
○ MultiGP Regional Finals & National Championship Program
○ MultiGP News featuring weekly DASH broadcasts & social media blasts to 23,000 +
○ 12 major events, 12 cities, 22,000+ competing pilots, 50,000+ spectators, and a 1.2M Annual Reach!

DASH Fastest Drone Pilots Prize Purse ○ $50,000 = DASH Fastest Pilots Prize Purse with wide swath prize pool distribution.
○ 8 Races / Month x 12 months = 96+ DASH engaging and awareness building events
○ Up-to-480 pilots will receive DASH and begin using DASH!
○ All paid in DASH Digital Cash only to participants with DASH Wallets

Tier 1 Chapter Sponsorship
○ The most active grassroots chapters of the drone racing ecosystem to receive new MultiGP Chapter Start/Finish Gates with DASH branding adopting DASH first!
○ Over 80 Groups will be receiving 400 DASH Gates and 400 DASH Flags

DASH Drone Team USA/ World Cup program
○ A Drone Racing Series within a Series to decide whom will be on the DASH Drone Team USA representing DASH and MultiGP at the a World Drone Racing Championship Event.
○ Worldwide recognition of DASH and the fastest pilots in America (and hopefully World!)

What is DASH? on NBC Sports with MultiGP
○ A 30-second promotional video entitled 'What is DASH?' which couples drone racing with DASH Digital Cash, airing on NBC Sports
○ Delivering 66,000-71,000 household Impressions per episode

The DASH brand will be exposed to and engaging with hundreds of thousands of impressions and prospective DASH adopters. These impressions range from in-person engaging to long term digital impressions. The DASH brand will be embedded on prime locations within the MultiGP website, within video bumpers on MultiGP News, and expansive MultiGP social media channels. This activation will engage Participants, Spectators and Adopters every day on an annual basis!

Plus… DASH will retain all promotional and media rights indefinitely to any and all content created during sponsorship activation.
Information video - MultiGP Drone Racing League in 60 seconds:


One of DASH’s most successful proposals is the DASH Aerosports initiative.

“rated by most MasterNodes as “Excellent” or "an example for others to follow" regarding execution, delivery of added value based on rising DASH value and commitment to cross-marketing with fellow proposals, doubling the global Dash ATM count and market penetration utilizing our relationships and exposure of the Dash brand to over 1 million live spectators (currently), completely wrapped Dash Bus and trailer that travels coast-to-coast, will include NBC sports coverage in the 1st quarter 2018, including local media interviews at every attended airshow throughout the US-Brazil-Europe, we purchased control over content creation for our team's Docu-series on our extreme AirRace and airshow team, expert brand development with a focus on brand protection…”

This proposal aligns and complements that initiative in many ways:
● Anchoring major Air Shows (Sebring, Reno, Oshkosh, etc.) with the DASH Jet in the air, DASH Jet Pit Area, DASH Spectator engagement area...PLUS: DASH activation within the Drone Race
● Aligning with aviation enthusiasts - Full Scale Aviation and RC Flight - Jet Racing and ‘Show and Shine’ Airshows have the most affluent racing & show spectator base in USA; RC Flight is the fastest-growing and highest affluent market within RC
● DASH will be showcased in front of millions of qualified users around the globe while engaging an abundance of potential adopters
● Driving (or flying) home that DASH is the FASTEST Digital Cash!

Unlike “most” sponsorship proposals, this proposal literally converts affluent, tech-savvy potential DASH adopters into DASH users. Plus, it has all of the great marketing initiatives that continues to build DASH brand awareness like REACH, EXPOSURE and ENGAGEMENT.

It is projected that over 500 DASH (as a bare minimum) will be utilized by brand new DASH adopters in year 1 through MultiGP Drone Racers acceptance of DASH Digital Cash as currency for Race Fees, Store Merchandise, Prize Purses and even salaries and sponsorships (excluding this proposal!)

First and foremost, the DASH investment will be utilized for the sourcing and acquiring all of the branded materials: Gates, Flags, Banners, funding event managers’ DASH wallets for INSTANT purse pay-offs, Jerseys, T-Shirts and assorted marketing materials. Next, investment will be made into answering the questions:

● What is cryptocurrency today (2018)?
● What is DASH?
● Why do I want to adopt DASH?
● How do I get DASH into my wallet today?

… through this engaging and interactive sponsorship activation proposal.

Drone Racing has emerged to be one of the fastest growing and most exciting sports in modern history. This fusion of technology and human reflexes is as close to a real life video game as you can get. Pilots race drones around courses at up to 100 miles per hour at local, regional, national and international competitions. The new sport is propelled by using VR goggles that allow drone pilots to fly the agile machines as if they are sitting in the cockpit. It is a sport that has no age or gender barrier, and has generated events that have collectively had millions of dollars in prize purses for participants.

MultiGP is the largest professional drone racing league in the world. Because of this, MultiGP hosts frequent competitive gatherings and casual events within its extensive network. The Organization currently has over 20,000 registered pilots in addition to 500 active chapters worldwide. MultiGP nurtures its Chapters by providing tools, guidance and community support. Due to this structure drone racing is fun, organized and rewarding for pilots, Chapter Organizers and spectators.

MultiGP delivers engaging and interactive experiential brand moments using Immersive Technology that wows: beyond solely signage, digital assets and brand ambassadors, while leading the Industry in additional livestreaming and Virtual Reality experiences. These activations are extremely versatile and provide a cohesive program to align with partners’ initiatives and individual brand messages.

The entire great PDF Presentation with pictures, examples and detail available HERE: 
MultiGP pilots adopting DASH Digital Currency 
Here is a sample:

Download the entire PDF Presentation with pictures, examples and detail available HERE: 
MultiGP pilots adopting DASH Digital Currency 

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1 point,17 hours ago
Dear DavidR,
Im a fan of Drone. Its personnal, and im not here for my personnal interest.
In this proposal case you list all thing than we know today than they dont bring any adoption of Dash at the level invest in. printing, free price, artificial use case paid exposure ...
We need adoption proposal, adoption proposal give content to mainstream media to expose Dash freely .
And give a way for all Dash users to use it.(more important than exposure)
An other none efficiante part of you project, you dont use the "free" trust escrow service hown by the DAO, the CORE one. The DAO already payed it and controle it with real profesionnals for manage it.
Do you know why VISA, AMEX, MC, PAYPAL, ... never paid for that kind of project.
Because they are payement tools. As us.
As for the 2 others past proposal who dont pass about drone racing exposure and free price its a no.

Good luck and enjoy the racing anyway.
1 point,12 days ago
Yes! This is a great solution to introduce DASH Digital Cash to a demographically rich target market.
-3 points,12 days ago
This proposal is simply fantastic!

I would love to see the support of the entire community to achieve Dash in the Drones race!

This sport is really impressive and the community of Drones pilots are economically viable people to adopt Dash!

Together with my team we also continue working to form a team of Dash Race Dash based in Latin America.
1 point,12 days ago
thanks for the kind words!
you are correct, the participant demographic is tech-savvy, affluent and very in tune with what crypto is... now we just want to push them forward in sport and forward in filling their wallets with DASH!