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Title:Introduction and Dash Giveaway to New Users
Monthly amount: 5 DASH (1523 USD)
Completed payments: 1 totaling in 5 DASH (6 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2017-09-18 / 2018-04-15 (added on 2017-09-23)
Votes: 904 Yes / 36 No / 54 Abstain
Will be funded: Yes
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Proposal description

I've been giving away Bitcoin for years to introduce people to the speed and ease of making peer-to-peer payments.  I've recently become frustrated by the high Bitcoin network fees.   I'd frequently give away $5 of my own Bitcoin to introduce the cryptocurrency, but at times the fees were so high that another $6 is spent just to send $5.   And with fees that high, the $5 becomes worthless because to use it would require paying most or all of it in fees.   Bitcoin Cash is much better in this regard, but does not yet have as much infrastructure as Dash.

My proposal is simple.   I'm proposing to give away Dash to people in my sphere of influence to introduce them to Dash and its benefits.   The Dash network benefits in three ways:
  • The Dash network gains new participants, which is a very important component to the value of any crypto-currency.
  • Introduce Dash to significant influencers in the space.  The nature of my work brings me in contact with entrepreneurs, millionaires, and influencers in the FinTech and cryptocurrency space.
  • Installation of the Dash wallet on more mobile phones and used by more people for peer-to-peer transactions.

  • Dash will be given to new users who have not yet been introduced to Dash.
  • No more than 1/10 (0.10) Dash per person.   Once Dash is over $500/Dash this will be adjusted to 1/20 (0.05) Dash.
  • New Dash users will be shown how to load a mobile wallet (Android or iOS) to use their new Dash.
  • New users will be given instructions on how to get more Dash, and how to spend Dash at merchants (like
  • Suggest to new users that they give some of their new Dash to others to continue the network effect.
  • I will not keep any of the Dash (except the refund of the 5 DASH proposal fee).  I will continue to find new users, or I will reduce the proposal to fit within my ability to introduce Dash to others.
Why me?
My name is Tron, and I currently work for a very influential company in the crypto space -- Medici Ventures (  It's owned by and focuses on advancing blockchain technology.  Medici Ventures invests in a portfolio of companies including Factom, Bitt, Ripio, Spera, and other crypto Fintech companies that fall into our six areas of investment.  Before working for Medici, I was buying, trading, mining, and created a company that tracked the value of cryptocurrency portfolios in real-time.   I worked for t0 (tzero), a portfolio company of Medici Ventures, that issued the first publicly traded SEC acknowledged parallel crypto-equity from (  I've also worked for ANX International, a Fintech company located in Hong Kong which runs a Bitcoin exchange, offers Bitcoin Debit cards, and is currently working on a decentralized exchange.  I'm working with another portfolio company, Spera, to enable the unbanked to participate in the western world's freedom economy while getting paid in crypto-currency.

As part of my work for Medici, I helped get Dash accepted by

I've written articles about Dash before it was called Dash.  Here is an article I wrote in Feb 2015 about Darkcoin (renamed a month later to Dash) where I recommend the technology, but suggest that "widespread adoption would be easier with a moniker less associated with the web’s underbelly."

Here is a video of a recent presentation I gave at the theater in the Peace Coliseum where I work.  We had people from two different Bitcoin meetup groups and people from the largest Dash meetup group, led by Rion Gull.

I operate a masternode and have Dash's best interest in mind.

I will give instruction, and Dash to 50 people per month.
I participated in a recent Dash sponsored event, TEDx Salt Lake City, where we introduced over a thousand people to Dash through event sponsorship and a Dash giveaway.   It is this very successful event, and my work with Rion and Alex, that inspired me to write this proposal.

5 Dash/Month for six months - distribution to 50 people/month
5 Dash - proposal fee

I submitted a pre-proposal and it seemed to be well liked, except by one individual that seemed to be universally recognized as a troll.

My intention was to submit for a recurring six-month proposal plus the 5 DASH proposal fee, but I didn't see an easy way to do that, so I submitted a seven-month recurring proposal.  Once approved, I'll begin right away and the final month will refund the proposal fee.  If it succeeds as well as I hope, I will submit a new proposal at the end of the six months.

Thank you fellow masternodes for your consideration of my proposal.

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-2 points,8 days ago
2 points,20 days ago
Whoa. Nice to stumble on your proposal, Tron. Looks like it's a hit already. For those of you who don't know Tron, he's a highly respected giant in the crypto scene here in Salt Lake City. His influence will do great things for Dash.
1 point,17 days ago
Thanks, Rion. I was inspired by the Dash activity from you and Alex. If you have some more Dash meetup business cards, I could give those out. I have four left.
3 points,21 days ago
Would love to see regular updates of your giveaways from your social media profiles. What are they? Thanks!
0 points,17 days ago
I included my LinkedIn (above). I don't do much with Facebook or Twitter.
0 points,20 days ago
Yes please
0 points,20 days ago
Easy yes.
0 points,21 days ago
This sounds like a fun project. Will definitely vote yes.
1 point,22 days ago
Great talk about trading. Spread those wallets Tron!
1 point,22 days ago
sounds like a reasonable budget proposal, just make sure you give plenty of feedback to the community as 7 months is a long time-period, which means you really need to secure and hold any yes votes.
1 point,22 days ago
Agreed. I wrote down several ideas for accountability. I considered taking a photo of each participant. I considered submitting the name of every new user. It came down to.... I didn't want to start off new users by associating them with their crypto address, as it sends the wrong message. If the community trusts me, this will work. If the community doesn't trust me, then it doesn't work as I could just make up names. For my own record keeping, I will keep the name (first and last initial) and txid to prevent duplicates. I'll let the community know how it is going. It will be easy at first, and likely more difficult in later months. If I'm unable to fulfill my goal of 50/month, I'll let the community know it.
0 points,23 days ago
Correct me if I'm wrong, but you didn't include reimbursement for application, so technically you will get 0 Dash and you will give away from your own money.
1 point,22 days ago
I did include it as the 7th month. If there had been a way to do 5 DASH reimbursement and also 6 months recurring, I would have selected that option.
3 points,23 days ago
The 7th month will act as the reimbursement for the proposal fee from my understanding.