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Title:Interactive talk show with 2 A-list celebrity hosts in Estonia (NEW! Detailed costs added, please check!)
One-time payment: 178 DASH (4904 USD)
Completed payments: no payments occurred yet (1 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2018-01-18 / 2018-02-16 (added on 2018-01-25)
Final voting deadline: in passed
Votes: 52 Yes / 246 No / 35 Abstain

Proposal description

Dash presents: “Viva la Krüpto” – Interactive talk show with 2 A-list celebrity hosts in Estonia


Pre-proposal link

NB! My apologies for submitting the proposal this late, nevertheless we have prepared this for some time now and it came from the heart.

3-month project: March-May 2018, 12 episodes(1 per week).

Show format: 45 minutes

It´s time to take vlogs and podcasts about crypto currency to the next level. Estonian biggest alternative news site Telegram ( has already launched crypto-web show “DashMania”, that got a proposal “YES” last year. Since we also have a conspiritual online-talk show “Tere, teile on Telegram” (“You´ve got Telegram”), we have decided to mix the two of them and come out with online (Facebook and Youtube) interactive talk show “Viva la Krüpto”, with two a-list celebrity hosts, quests from public figures to politicians and experts from all over the field. Show that should be fun, educating and foremost entertaining from interesting interviews to informative crypto news. Having public figures playing a game at the end of the show and thus winning Dash, creates interest in them and their followers, leading to more and more attention to Dash. 
There will also be an alongside benefaction Dash project, that we follow throughout the episodes.


Anu Saagim – one of the biggest female stars in Estonia. As a public figure, business woman and journalist she has hosted and participated in countless TV and radio shows, was the editor of chief for entertainment magazine Just! for 3 years and online entertainment site for 10 years. She is currently working as a Creative Director for one of the biggest and oldest Estonian newspapers Õhtuleht. She has co-hosted 17 episodes of talk show “Tere, Teile on Telegram” on 2017.

Jüri Muttika – much loved reporterin Estonian National TV, who has also worked for private TV channels and hosted many TV and radio shows. He has worked in journalism for almost 2 decades and received MA in movie directing in 2010. He has also worked as a director, screenwriter and producer.

Mariann Joonas – co-founder and editorin chief of Telegram for 5 years, she has researched the conspiritul realms for 8 years and has worked as a journalist and editor (both employee and freelance) since 2004. She’s the producer, editor and co-host of talk show “Tere, Teile on Telegram!”.

Hando Tõnumaa – co-founder and CEOof Telegram for 5 years, author of 13-episode conspiracy-themed web series “Ulmefilm” (2010-2012), that has over million views in Estonia. He´s the co-host of “Tere, Teile on Telegram!” and producer and host of crypto-web show “DashMania”.

Quests: It wouldn’t be interesting to reveal names of quest yet, but previous quests in “Tere, Teile on Telegram” have included politicians, musicians, activists (vegans, feminists, environmentalists), scientists, educators, healers, whistle blowers, journalists, business(wo)men, representatives of Wikipedia Estonia and Estonian Ministry of Social Affairs, etc.

“Viva la Krüpto” show structure:

Block 1: Weekly news /Anu, Jüri, Mariann and Hando

Block 2: Quest no 1 with hosts Anu and Mariann

Block 3: Crypto news update + Quest no 2 with hosts Jüri and Hando

Block 4: Interactive game between 2 quests(public figures) – winner receives 0.8 dash, second place 0.2 dash.


We have fully professional team of 15 people total.

Including the creators and producers:

Sten Karik – AD, producer, director, creativeforce

Hando Tõnumaa – creator, producer, editor

Mariann Joonas – creator, producer, editor

Felix Laasme – camera operator, digitalimaging technician

Joan Hint – stylist and advisor


Set designer, news editor, subtitle technician(it is important for us, that also people with severe hearing loss would be able to watch the show), lighting technician, sound technician, hair artist, make-up artist, social media marketer.

Costs include: 

- Production

- Team

- 4 hosts

- Technical equipment (some is rented, some is cheaper to buy out, like microphones)

- Building studio set

- Giveaway dash (12 dash)

- Budget for social media promotion (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube)

For detailed view of the costs:

Total: 173 Dash  ( calculated at 1 DASH=700€ ) + 5 Dash proposal fee

Estonia's biggest alternative news site Telegram celebrates it´s 5th birthday on 29th on January 2018. It has published over 6600 articles, has over 10 000 readers daily and over 120 000 monthly. Gives out paper magazine “Telegram” 3-4 times a year (5000 run), has held 3 all day conferences and has 62 600 organic likes in Facebook.

Telegram's web show “Tere, Teile on Telegram”started in 2017 and has currently aired 24 episodes. Each show has had ca 8000-15 000 views via Facebook and Youtube, but most popular episodes have almost 30 000 views and reached over 80 000 people in Facebook.

Link to my previous proposal:

The fruits of previous proposal project so far:
Telegram's Dash-supported web show “DashMania” has currently aired 6 episodes out of 8 (2 last ones coming out between 24th and 31st of January 2018). All episodes have been viewed together 25 000 times and reached ca 60 000 people. The proposal consisted 8 episodes, 2 articles, 1 back cover advertisement in Telegram paper magazine (5000 units).

Here are the online articles and videos:
Telegram magazine with Dash advertisement on the back cover is available all over Estonia with total run of 5000 units.
Every “DashMania” video also includes a full length Q&A article
as a bonus we made a Dash themed audio advertisement for the magazine running daily in four biggest supermarket chains all over Estonia.
Here you can see the Telegram magazine in the store (front and back cover):

*Previous proposal included interview requests with Evan, Amanda and Mark Mason,I have only received a reply from Amanda, who said she is too busy for interviews at the moment. But I will do the interviews as soon as they have time.
Waiting for your feedback and happy to answer all your questions,

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0 points,6 years ago
MNO, Sydney, Australia.
Voting NO.
You don't have some gear already? anyway.... . Cost too high IMO. Kind regards all the same to Estonians :-)
0 points,6 years ago
Hi, thanks for commenting. No, we don´t have any gear yet, we have always rented - also we have had just simple Youtube videos until now... I think it is fear to get fear pay for hard work and especially quality work. If you think that we would be involved with the show itself for three months - At least half of the crew would be engaged at least 3 days with it every week (some of us more), + preparing a month before + pre-preparing for a month now... All together 5 months engagement. I really don´t think the cost is too high. But no worries mate, we still love Australia, lived there for 2 years 5 years ago :).
0 points,6 years ago
*fair not fear
0 points,6 years ago
And even more detailed:

ONE TIME EXPENSES one month before the show (February 2018)
- Creating the show, ideas, finding the studio, meetings with the crew, negotiations, pre-picking the quests etc = 4.29 dash
- Building the studio set up = 6 dash
- 6 microphones (4 hosts + 2 quests), transmitters, stereo mixer = 2.86 dash (it is cheaper to buy the mics than to rent them for min 12 days during 3 months)
- Studio furniture, screens and other design elements = 3.14 dash
- Intro and outro music licencing = 0.29 dash
- Creating logo, animations, show introduction and outro, designing studio art, designing and programming "Viva la Krüpto" homepage/ landing page = 6.86 dash
Total = 23.43 dash

EXPENSES PER SHOW (12 episodes, March to May 2018)
Editors - topics, weekly news editing, crypto news editing, communicating with quests, script editing, creating questions etc = 1.11 dash
Studio rent = 0.43 dash
Lighting technician + lighting rent = 0.71 dash
Cinematographer, camera operator, digital imaging technician, montage (post-production) + cameras = 1.43 dash
Hosts fee (4 hosts) = 2 dash
Stylist (selecting costumes for hosts from designers or shops, picking them up, dry cleaning, taking them back, etc) = 1 dash
Make-up for 4 hosts + 2 quests = 0.21 dash
Hair for 4 hosts + 2 quests = 0.21 dash
Subtitles editor (subtitling the whole show) = 0.36 dash
Reporter on field aka keeping track of comments (replying, deleting, etc) on show homepage, Facebook, Youtube all week = 0.29 dash
Sound post-production = 0.21 dash
Art direction aka digital visuals and animations for show topics, set design, set vision etc = 0.29 dash
Production, running the crew, etc = 0.64 dash
Director = 0.71 dash
Total = 9.61 dash (x 12)

EXTRA EXPENSES (during the production, March to May 2018)
Social media campaign for 3 months, incl work and adsets = 15.06 dash
Unpredictable costs = 7.14 dash
DASH prize, 1 dash peer episode = 12 dash
Total = 34.2 dash

ALL TOTAL = 173 dash + 5 dash proposal fee
1 point,6 years ago
Thank you for the detailed cost overview / cost breakdown, that is exactly what i was looking for.
0 points,6 years ago
Thank you for asking :)
0 points,6 years ago
So once more, here are the detailed costs for our 12 episodes 3 month project
March to May 2018 (incl one time expenses for preparing the show in February 2018):
0 points,6 years ago
A bit disappointing to see no feedback on your pre-proposal thread on the, i guess we are getting a bit overwhelmed with pre-proposal discussions there. It is unfortunate that this budget proposal was created so very late in our voting cycle, it directly undermines the sucess of this budget proposal as it does not provide much time for feedback.

I do think it is important to also get Dash traction in Estonia, but i feel this budget proposal in its current form is missing details in the costs specification and i also worry this interactive talkshow will be more focussed on crypto in general and less on Dash itself. For now you can consider me as voting "ABSTAIN" as i await further comments from masternode owners on this budget proposal.
0 points,6 years ago
My sincerest apologies - the right link was missing!
0 points,6 years ago
Hi, Thank You for your feedback! It will be a lot about Dash - for example we would introduce Dash in one show and tell about it´s uniqueness + there will also be an alongside benefaction Dash project, that we follow throughout the episodes + Dash giveaway in every show and so on.

Cost specification is in the pre-proposal. But yes, it really lacked the pre-proposal talk.
0 points,6 years ago
When I first heard about DASH last spring and got introduced to proposal system in fall, I thought - wow, this is it! The new thing that really allows everyone to be independent and take responsibility for themselves.

I honestly think DASH is genial - all of it. The decentralisation, mining/masternodes percent and of course the 10% budget for promoting Dash. And the possibilities it gives to human kind. Yes, I really think so and no, I don´t think I´m exaggerating.

Please don´t think You as a community should reconcile for low cost videos only. They are perfect too, I mean Amanda´s and other people videos are just fantastic and much needed.

But please allow also bigger budget shows to prove themselves – professional and bigger production gives certainty to regular people, who are a bit afraid of digital currency and its volatility, that they could also do big things with crypto, not only fiat. And it also gives back to DASH - makes people see that you can really do stuff with crypto, that it is not only a "stock exchange" kind of game – and people to see and trust DASH more.

And what would be a better audience for that than a community of 1,3 million people all speaking the same and very unique language in the world? You do know that smaller communities work better that the bigger ones, right? At least when it comes to taking over a new idea / system - it usually grows in and happens quicker :).

As much as I adore all the alternative movement and being part of it in Estonia, then I know that sometimes to a certain point to really make a change, you have to reach out to wider audience and cooperate – that´s why we would engage celebs – because when it comes to financial things, people tend to trust more people, who are already successful and financially secured, right?

And when it comes to quality - we have the best team. Let us show you that 1) a one camera two people team 5-minute video "Dashmania" is compared to 2) 4 camera 15 people team 45-minute show "Viva la Krüpto" a completely new realm to conquer. If you really read the whole proposal, You do realize, that it would be quite impossible to do so different productions for the same amount of dash (15-20 dash), like Wixamlee suggested, right? And each and every one of those 15 people in our "Viva la Krüpto" team are eager to do their best and really make a change. And if you make a strong team believe in DASH – do you realize what that means?

So please take another look at the proposal before you vote "no", because you may do so just because others do the same. Have you ever heard about Robert Cialdini´s Classic Football Fan Study? Cialdini wanted to show that when people are associated with a winner, even in most tangential ways, they take steps to "bask" in the reflected glory and when they are linked to a loser, they take steps to distance themselves. So even when their favorite football team loosed a game, they would rather not be supportive of them. Even though - they are still the same team and it doesn´t mean they suck. And I myself am just an advocate for people thinking for themselves, that´s why we started too. I sometimes wish that in these kinds on votings you could see the Yes/No amount after you have voted yourself. Pls also see what take Princeton, Harvard and Yale scholars have on thinking for yourself:

Honestly. If you want to make Dash the no 1 crypto in the world, you need to take some bolder steps once in a while. But that´s just my opinion and what the hell do I know about taking over the world. I only now, how to become no 1 alternative news site in Estonia.
0 points,6 years ago
I love the high quality of the video and audio in this proposal. I'm ready to say yes but I would ask to lower the cost for a starter series that we can see, then increase the fees after that. I wish more Dash video proposals concentrated on audio and video quality with the amounts they are receiving.
0 points,6 years ago
Hi, thank you! Yes, that is exactly one of the things what we are aiming - the quality. You think we should make a one month proposal for starters? And with smaller team? Then of course we couldn´t put it all out we have thought this show could be... But maybe you are right. Thank you so much for your opinion.
0 points,6 years ago
Hi, I´m Mariann Joonas, one of the "Viva la Krüpto" creators and hosts. Please feel free to ask any any questions.
0 points,6 years ago
The total population of Estonia is 1.3 millions. And you have your own language there. Nobody else in the world can watch this content.
2 points,6 years ago
Yes, that´s true, but it is meant for Estonian audience. And it is a good thing - it is much easier to reach the whole community with the help on celebrities in Estonia, than to reach the whole nation in a bigger country.
1 point,6 years ago
This should not be more than 15-20 dash. Done right, these shows cost almost nothing to produce. $2000 can get you nearly the best equipment. Seems like a blatant attempt at cashgrab, which is becoming all too common..

Making youtube videos doesnt cost $150000. Please get real and please dont throw fake fluff at us..

Also, just because you want to host a show doesnt mean it is a good investment for us. Where is the part where you explain WHY we should give you this money apart from you getting a brainwave to do something useful with your time?
0 points,6 years ago
Thanks for the critique :) , but I was just thinking, that Handos previous proposal was 16 dash (+ 5 dash propopsal fee), and it seemed reasonable for 2 person team (Hando had 1-2 helpers depending on topic) doing 8 episodes of 5 minute Youtube video. Now you say the same amount should be OK for 15 person team, 45 minute per episode, professional production and a-list stars show? :) Please comment on that, I would really like to understand the logic.
0 points,6 years ago
That is 45 minute per episode and 12 episodes all together.
0 points,6 years ago
Hi, I´m sorry if you feel that way. As I said, this will be a team of 15 people, it will be a TV-like production not a simple Youtube video, like Dashmania was. Please look at the costs from excel. We have met all the crew many times and calculated very carefully to meet high standards for all kinds of viewers. This is not fluff.

It´s not about me wanting to host a show, but about getting 2 a-list stars to promote Dash and host the show, in witch I only play a little part to discuss the crypto currency news - and this was crews decision to count me in, because I already now the basics of crypto.

"Viva la Krüpto" is about getting influential people and celebrities to use Dash in Estonia - in every show we give out dash to 2 quests, who will compete for the 1st (0.8 dash) and 2nd (0.2 dash) prize. And that´s only the cherry on top. The show is about talking timely topics and crypto news with people, who´s opinion matters to Estonians.

+ there will also be an alongside benefaction Dash project, that we follow throughout the episodes. This will be a topic important for Estonians, that the officials haven´t been able to fix or they think it´s not that important, but we try to fix it with the help of Dash. That way the people can see, how many possibilities the crypto world has and how much freedom it can give to civil society.

And we also plan to take the show to TV starting from fall.
1 point,6 years ago
Wixamlee, I would also like to thank You for the Yes last time, I made a proposal. I did my project with whole heart and I can really assure you I will do it this time too :).

Your comment from my previous proposal:

Wixamlee 0 points,2 months ago
You have my complete support. Will be happy if you can publish results of this activity; Will gladly support something you do again.

Estonia is a great place to market dash. I was in Tallinn recently and it is a tech-hub of the future..
Hando (proposal owner) 0 points,2 months ago
Thank You :)

Previous proposal link:
0 points,6 years ago
Yes, I remember supporting your project because it was at a reasonable price.

This project is asking for 7-8x of what it is worth so I am voting no. My support is obviously subject to your ask remaining within acceptable limits which it hasnt. You might have thought that because your proposal went through easily last time so you might have asked for less. It is a mistake many proposal owners have made.

Would be happy to support this next time if you ask for something acceptable...
1 point,6 years ago
Thank You for answering. When doing Dashmania aka the first project, I realised, I asked too little, because I had no idea, that writing the script, making subtitles, making slides, going to microphone and technique rental every week, sound post production, answering all the dash questions in writing every week etc would take so much time - approximately 3 days every week. Considering all this, I would like to do things more professionally in the future :). And no, I don´t think it would be possible to do it for less money than we have asked for the professional production and team. A 45 minute TV-like show is not a 5 minute Youtube video.
0 points,6 years ago
We also asked for a prize for this kind of production from a few professional production companies, and they gave us bigger amount for only camera/sound/light/studio/sound and video post production and montage etc, and the price didn´t include content production aka themes, quests, script, news editing or hosts, subtitling, marketing, giveaway dash etc. So we gathered a team of professionals for ourselves and made it twice as cheap as the production companies would have.

So if you have time, please take 5-10 minutes to watch my video and read the whole proposal and examine the excel sheet. We have put a lot of effort to this and we think the outcome would be amazing and very effective for making dash known and popular in Estonia.
0 points,6 years ago

I also belrive the costs are quite high 170k usd for, the amount of viewers is quite expensive.

I unfortunately have to vote NO
0 points,6 years ago

Thank You for the very important question!

Since we also have a separate budget for internet marketing, a professional marketer and Facebook/ Instagram guru Anton Hmelnitski of Hooligan Hamlet takes over that part, we have estimated to reach via Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Adform Programmatic minimum 5,6 million people during 3 months (12 episodes) - so it´s not only Telegram readers, but much much wider audience.
For example, if an Estonian goes to some abroad/international media website, thru Adform Programmatic he get´s targeted adverts of "Viva la Krüpto".
We plan to be a household name in the beginning of summer to take if to the TV from fall.

+ please also read my reply to Wixamlee.

0 points,6 years ago
How do you reach an audience of 5.6 million when as previous user has mentioned estonias population is 1.6 mln
0 points,6 years ago
Sorry, one more VERY IMPORTANT reply on the theme! I was calling back and forth with the marketing person before and mixed something up, so now I took some time to look at all the numbers he sent me and here´s in short a clearer estimate:

So Telegram reaches without advertisment 350 000 per month and our current very modest and very low budget talkshow is watched by 15 000 people. So 4,3% of the reach watches the show. And that is without any marketing basically.

5 600 000 is the estimated reach for 3 months for "Viva la Krüpto", it is not unique viewer number. 3 months = 12 episodes and if we use targeted marketing as our very experienced marketer would, then overall viewers number for all 12 episodes would be min. 280 000, it would mean 38 333 viewrs per episode (so marketing brings 23 333 extra for the current audience of 15 000).

But the 5,6 million reach is minimum and very real - and it would be with additional DASH logo and message of course :).
0 points,6 years ago
Hi! The reach of the marketing is 5,6 million during the 3 months. In comparison - the reach of only Telegram Facebook, Telegram Youtube and is about 350 000 per month. If we look, that "Tere, Teile on Telegram" show is viewed by 15-20 000 ppl per one show, then "Viva la Krüpto" will be seen by 150 000-250 000 ppl per show atleast. Our goal is to make the show mainstream and go as big as it can be in Estonia.
1 point,6 years ago
Sry, 150 000-200 000 atleast. Typo.