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Title:DASH integration on HAZZA global payments infrastructure - used by traditional merchant aggregators
One-time payment: 649 DASH (18096 USD)
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Payment start/end: 2018-04-18 / 2018-05-18 (added on 2018-04-13)
Final voting deadline: in passed
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Proposal description

Executive Summary

HAZZA is a global payment technology network that is used by Payment Service Providers (PSPs), and acquirers to connect their thousands of customers (merchants) to a wide variety of card (e.g. Visa, Master etc.) and alternative payment methods (e.g. Paypal, AliPay, WeChat Pay, Yandex, etc.) in order to facilitate non-cash payments between the consumer and the merchants.  

HAZZA has the vision to facilitate seamless cryptocurrency payments over existing conventional payment networks, sees the strengths of presence, community and technology of DASH.

Therefore, we propose the direct, low level integration of DASH as a payment method on the HAZZA core engine, as the first cryptocurrency debut on our live payment network. We will also be offering DASH as the exclusive cryptocurrency on the HAZZA Network throughout 2018. To complement the technical integration, HAZZA will actively promote DASH via the Payment Service Providers (merchant aggregators) that are part of the HAZZA ecosystem, whose merchant base spans the globe and number in the tens of thousands. 

Expected Outcomes

Looking forward, widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies will not happen overnight.   The approach should not be an attempt to replace the traditional payment networks with new crypto networks and recruiting merchants from the ground up. This is a very long and costly process which creates unnecessary complexity for merchants. 

We believe that cryptocurrencies should be integrated directly into existing traditional payment networks in order to capitalize on existing networks and relationships to gain rapid adoption. This approach benefits the merchant, who may not be tech-savvy, as they are able to accept DASH payments while still being within their domain of familiarity. 

We see that together with HAZZA’s familiarity and reach into the traditional payments ecosystem, and with DASH’s robust community and technology, our partnership could be the domino that accelerates the change of the world’s financial system base to cryptocurrencies, with DASH at the forefront.

Walk through from the perspective of a eCommerce merchant (who is not tech savvy)

  1. Merchants’ traditional payment processing (VISA, Amex, etc) are being provided by a Payments Service Provider (PSP) on the HAZZA network
  2. HAZZA notifies PSP that DASH is now an available currency on the HAZZA network
  3. PSP notifies their merchants that DASH has been enabled and encourages merchant to start accepting DASH as a payment type 
  4. Merchant agrees
  5. PSP simply activates DASH payments to the Merchant via the HAZZA Service Provider Portal
  6. DASH is now seamlessly offered as a payment method on the merchant’s existing checkout page

Reference: HAZZA Service Provider Portal - MID management

This is the portal that Payment Service Providers (PSPs) use to manage their merchants. In this example live preview, the PSP can select a particular merchant by their MID, and view transactional details. Should the merchant transact in DASH, it would appear in 2 locations within this portal.

Benefits to DASH

One of the key challenge of getting cryptocurrencies to be accepted by merchants is the fact that the vast majority of merchants are utilizing legacy proprietary payment networks. While there are projects working on solutions to convert cryptocurrencies to fiat currencies via a traditional payment channel (e.g. TenX), these solutions are often point solutions that depend on partnerships with prepaid card issuers (such as Wavecrest) and are subject to approval by the respective card schemes such as Visa.  The result is that these solutions are subject to an external single point of failure. 

HAZZA’s solution instead adds native cryptocurrency acceptance on the existing payment rails. This removes the dependency on 3rd party approvals and leaves the decision to transact where it belongs, between the consumer and merchant. 

This approach will benefit DASH because of the following:

  • Native acceptance of DASH at the merchants, removing dependencies and approvals from 3rd parties.
  • DASH is available to merchants via one single existing traditional payment API (no additional integration or implementation of parallel networks required on the part of merchants)
  • Access of DASH to thousands of merchants via the PSPs that are part of the HAZZA ecosystem.
  • HAZZA removes the friction for merchants to accept DASH by adding it to the existing payment platform and giving merchants a single management, settlement and reconciliation report 
  • DASH will be available to both online (ecommerce) transactions and in-store (physical)  transactions


  • Native integration of DASH on the HAZZA payment infrastructure 

HAZZA engineers will work together with the DASH core team to bring native DASH processing to the traditional payments infrastructure. Since HAZZA’s infrastructure is fully licensed and has been processing traditional payments for years, it is a familiar platform to many payments players.

  • Dedicated support to traditional payments participants

Cryptocurrencies are new territory for traditional payments participants.To ensure trouble-free service, and excellent first impression of DASH as a currency, we propose to dedicate resources for DASH acceptance support.

  • Business development with traditional Payment Service Providers (PSPs), their merchant base, and other payment participants

An indirect approach of promoting DASH through the HAZZA payment network is a strategic advantage, as corporate players in the traditional payments ecosystem are aware and familiar with and use  payment platforms, but not cryptocurrencies. A cryptocurrency integration on a traditional payments infrastructure like HAZZA is unheard of and will open doors to the traditional payments ecosystem.  

Proposed Budget

Integration Engineering and Support - US$244,000
The expected duration of the technical integration is 4 months, with the following team:

  • 1 Project Manager
  • 2 System Analyst 
  • 2 Analyst Programmer 
  • 2 Quality Assurance 
6 months support upon integration completion will be provided for payment service providers opting to offer DASH to their merchant base and for key merchants.

What is a payment platform?

A payment platform, such as HAZZA, is the underlying technology that ultimately processes a wide variety of payment types between buyers and sellers. The platform routes transaction requests and approvals between merchants’ banks, a variety of payment types (credit cards, pre-paid cards, mobile wallets etc.) and consumers’ banks. Payment Service Providers (PSP’s) and acquirers aggregate merchants and offer them various payment types by using a payment platform such as HAZZA. HAZZA supports both online and physical payment modes through a single management portal and single API.

It is also an open platform that allows payment services (as payment gateways or acquirers) as well as merchants to directly sign up and use payment types or offer new payment services on HAZZA if they wish to do so.

Reference: HAZZA API integration guide


HAZZA’s platform is certified by the major credit card brands (Visa, MC, Amex, DCI) and has PCI-DSS Level 1 certification, the highest data security standard in payments. The core engine is ‘omni-channel’ which can transact online (ecommerce), in-store (physical), mobile point of sale (mPOS), etc. on a single system.  The platform processes payments globally, with a particular strength in Asian, European and Latin American payment methods. 

Payment participants (PSPs, acquirers and merchants) gain access to the network through the HAZZA Open API: a single integration that not only grants access to all the payment methods on the HAZZA network, but also allows these participants to manage their transactions, reconciliation and reporting through a single management portal, removing complexity and costs. 

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0 points,6 years ago
Dash funding this for other cryptocurrencies. voting NO.

Dash is not here to fund for other cryptocurrencies. 2018 will over before we know it. smh.
3 points,6 years ago
This is great but I can't vote yes on this. I hope you will have a pre-proposal discussion, seek escrow, and expand the Dash exclusivity agreement to cover a longer period of time.
6 points,6 years ago
Hmm, so these sorts of integrations can be a great partnership for Dash, but I have a few concerns:

1. No escrow - As has been mentioned, with an asking price for funding that high, we have little to no recourse if you don't deliver on your end of the bargain.

2. Exclusivity - The offer for exclusivity is great, but as has been pointed out for others, by the time development finishes, is a few months of exclusivity really worth this sort of expenditure for us? If you extended it significantly, it would be more worthwhile.

3. Burden - So it's clear that you want to expand the ability to use crytpocurrency on your network and are offering Dash the first choice, but it seems like you eventually plan to integrate others. Why are we having to pay for our integration when the groundwork laid by this funding would only enable our competitors to be onboarded for free?

4. Visibility - One of the problems we've run in to with previous integrations is that the option to use Dash is buried under several other menus, so even if the *potential* for vastly increasing use is there, it's never realized because users have no opportunity or incentive to really understand or use Dash on the platform. What can you do to incentivize the use of Dash on your platform?

If we can come to terms and find mutually agreeable solutions to these issues, I would definitely be more willing to support your project!
0 points,6 years ago
Thanks Arthyron, these are my thoughts too. HAZZA I hope you will put in another proposal next month that has good solutions to these concerns.
0 points,6 years ago
Yes, Arthyron has nicely summed up all my concerns and objections. If these problems are addressed, I would be an enthusiastic "yes" voter.
2 points,6 years ago
Well, it does sound interesting but with some issues. First of all the exclusivity period is way to short. At a minimum, it would need to be through 2019, preferably longer.
Not having Escrow is a problem if you had made a pre-proposal as one is supposed to someone would have told you that before it was too late. This is not a complete deal breaker for me but it's not good either.

And finally what PSP are using your Service? Who are those 10000 Merchants.
1 point,6 years ago
No answers to my questions means i will vote No on this.
2 points,6 years ago
No fron me. You need escrow
1 point,6 years ago
No working product, just a website and promises. Looks like an ICO website.

From the website the vision is to be a "Certified processor of Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, Diners Club, and American Express." That was the vision of many startups lately and they have been shot down by credit card companies. Do you already have an established deal with any of these card companies?
0 points,6 years ago
Thanks for the questions, let me clarify for you:

The payment technology is being migrated from Octo3 ( - a traditional payments platform, to HAZZA. This is why on the HAZZA website it says 'HARNESSING proven technology'. The technology has been in service by Octo3 for many years.

HAZZA migrates this platform AND their existing customers from Octo3. HAZZA is using this platform to create an open-access business model, add cryptocurrency support, and migrate the core engine to blockchain.

There is a working product, it has customers that are being migrated, and the technology is certified.

You can check the logos at the bottom of the Octo3 website, and you can also see this on the VISA website too
1 point,6 years ago
"Dash as exclusive cryptocurrency..... throughout 2018".
"The expected duration of the technical integration is 4 months".
If all goes well, you end this in September. That will give Dash 3 months of exclusivity. Wow, so impressive.

Let's ask the idiots at Dash $250,000 to fund our company's development and in return here's 3 months of exclusivity. Oh and no escrow, it's not needed anyway, trust us.

I would like to ask if you think we are stupid, but we have approved worse things than this.
0 points,6 years ago
I would like to clarify, that the core engine processing fiat payments is already in place, and that the budget is used specifically for the integration of DASH on our payment platform.

Since we service the payments technology layer to PSPs and other enterprise payments players, if we were to offer DASH on our system, they will expect it to run as seamlessly as any other payment options. This is not an easy task and I invite you to read the API integration guide on the proposal to get an understanding of this.

The integration is not easy and is costly, but it reaches the heart of the traditional payments ecosystem which most merchants are familiar with. If you think that approaching merchants individually and pulling them out of their familiar ecosystem for DASH acceptance is the most effective way for adoption, we may have differing viewpoints.
-1 point,6 years ago
$250,000 without escrow? I would love to say thank you for the 5 Dash donation but I'm pretty sure the idiots here will vote on it anyway.