Proposal “In-Flight-Media-Campaign-Ait-Canada“ (Closed)Back

Title:In Flight Media Campaign - Air Canada, jetBlue, United, American and Virgin America Airlines
Monthly amount: 360 DASH (23714 USD)
Completed payments: no payments occurred yet (6 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2018-04-18 / 2018-10-14 (added on 2018-04-10)
Final voting deadline: in passed
Votes: 110 Yes / 409 No / 19 Abstain

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0 points,7 months ago
I think six months is too long, with current volatility. I would support a lump sum or two-month request for a larger amount, especially once the price has recovered more.
0 points,7 months ago
I'd like to see more of this. Perhaps it just needs to take a break for a few months while we go through the re-branding.
4 points,7 months ago
This is one of my favorite advertising campaigns. With the budget as tight as it is it probably needs to be scaled back a bit now though. If it does not pass this round please come back next month with a smaller ask and shorter duration. We should have a better video by then too so that will help as well.
Thank you for taking the initiative to get this going and hopefully we can keep it going.
2 points,7 months ago
I agree, this is one of my favorite campaigns. Please come back when the Dash price recovers a bit more and there is more budget to play with.

Terrific work. Thanks.
-1 point,7 months ago
Yea with the budget as limited as it is atm I can't vote for something like this. We need to focus more on building up the ecosystem and less on advertisement.
-2 points,8 months ago
I said from day one the video is useless. Joe blogs does not care about instant transactions, low fees, security etc hes using a contactless debit card. You have to sell the currency not the payment system.

I think people are also beginning to see advertisement is not providing much benefit to Dash it would be far better spent on the ecosystem or the coin at this point.
2 points,8 months ago
Again, this video is being used because it is consistent with’s website. As more relevant media becomes available regarding Evolution, we will update the video content. Right now we believe that this is the best video available - as does
We have already exposed over 14,605,000 people to Dash and through the In-Flight Media Campaigns that have been funded in the past. With’s traffic booming as well as google searches related to Dash, you cannot pinpoint exactly WHERE this traffic is coming from - but it’s probably from the many proposals that have been spreading the word about Dash, ours included.
We don’t believe there is a downside to advertising with this video to another 52.8 million people. This is an extraordinary opportunity for Dash to reach millions more in a time when other cryptocurrency ads are being censored from most mainstream platforms.
-2 points,8 months ago
The "What is Dash"-video used in this campaign is terrible. It conveys exactly nothing about Evolution which is nearing its release. Also I think it's time to out this campain to bed. It raised some awareness, sure, but I'm not seeing any measurable increases in network activity considering the massive amount of people reached. Where's the increase in daily tx? It's been running quite a while. No marketing campaign should be continued into perpetuity.

But more importantly: This proposal is for 6 months, which is way too long, considering volatility and way too expensive at current price, which will only be exacerabed as soon as price recovers and we know that overfunded proposals won't be voted down when the time comes.
5 points,8 months ago
Macrochip, we do believe the video could use some improvements, however this is just an extension of the website. In the proposal we mention that once a new video is available we will replace this video. Again, we would like to remain consistent with the Official website.

We are sorry that you do not share the same sentiment as us regarding the effectiveness of our video placement. As other proposals have pointed out, there has been a significant increase in Dash searches via Google. We do believe that this is an effective way to continue to introduce and raise awareness as well as establish credibility for Dash, with the right people. Right now Bitcoin and Ethereum are all we hear about in mainstream outlets. When you search for Digital Currency or cryptocurrency, Dash is nowhere near the top of the list. We find it hard to believe that Dash will have mainstream adoption without first being recognized. That might not show a measurable increase immediately but is the first step in acceptance of a new product.

This proposal is for funding four months of all of the Airlines combined. We are asking for a reduced monthly amount over six monthly payouts to help make room for other community proposals that we do not want to see go unfunded. This is also to help us guarantee that we can fulfill the proposal in case of devaluation. Over the past 6 months Dash is down over 15% and over the past 3 months Dash is down over 40%. Also as stated in the proposal, we will apply unused funds or funds left over in the case of increased valuation towards additional placements.

Thanks for being the first person with feedback. Although it is negative, we do still appreciate it.

We hope that you reconsider.
-2 points,8 months ago
-2 points,8 months ago
*put to bed /this comment section really needs an edit function