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Title:ForceTech Dash Pay Plan
Monthly amount: 236 DASH (39038 USD)
Completed payments: no payments occurred yet (4 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2018-10-17 / 2019-02-13 (added on 2018-10-07)
Final voting deadline: in passed
Votes: 17 Yes / 387 No / 69 Abstain

Proposal description


Our IPTV solution currently only supports legal tender payments. We plan to add Dash payment to our products. We will train merchants and 200,000 new users to guide them to use Dash payment. While expanding the influence of
Dash, we will also upgrade our product so that our customers can pay in an easyand quick way.

About ForceTech

As a worldwide leading company in cloud streaming technology, Force Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in mobile live streaming, video-on-demand(VOD),and real-time messaging, providing professional operation solutions to telecom operators and other large companies.
ForceTech official website:
We are a solution provider for IPTV. Our business model is that we sell solutions to merchants who use our products to provide services to terminal users and charge them per year/month.
Even if the user is abroad, as long as their device (usually a set-top box) has ourproducts installed, they can use the TV to watch their programs of their own countries.
Based on p2p protocol, ForceTech’s solution for cloud streaming media can be used without CDN for smooth cross-nation playing of live streaming and VOD. With only several server nodes (similar to Dash’s host node) deployed, merchants are able to provide video services to terminal users around the world. Compared to our competitors, users using our solutions can see a smoother live video broadcast, and merchants have lower server bandwidth costs.
The system supports live streaming and VOD on various terminals on Windows, IOS, and Android, and is mostly used in OTT/IPTV business based on TV+STB. Customized programs are available to terminal users provided on demand by
network operators. 

About Users

We have hundreds of merchants around the world that serve millions of terminal users.
Our terminal users are mainly from mainland China, the United States, Canada, Brazil, Germany, Holland, Italy, Spain, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, etc.
Program language covers English, Chinese, French, German, Arabic, Japanese, Dutch, Korean, Thai, Hindi, Bengalese, Osmanli, Danish, etc. 

Introduction to userterminals

 The following is an example of terminals for Korean programs.

 Home page:

Purchase and payment page:

Live program list:

Case Study

1. iTalkTV
Headquartered in the USA, iTalkTV, an IPTV and VOIP operator, is using ForceTech cloud streaming media system for providing Chinese TV programs to overseas Chinese living in North America. The types of those programs vary from TV series, movies, operas, to financial programs, and other live streams.
With a large number of VOIP terminal users (60000 in total), iTalkTV, supported by a whole set of high-speed and stable internet television transmission system built by ForceTech IPTV/OTT service platform, is able to distribute a large
amount of quality Chinese TV programs to overseas users, provide them with a fantastic visual feast, and make them feel at home even when they are far away from the homeland.

2. Wasu, An IPTV Platform
ForceTech also provides cloud-based IPTV services to Huan. TV, and cooperates with Wasu to create a new generation of home video terminal—IPTV tv set.
Ø TV manufacturers we support: TCL, Changhong, Hisense, Skyworth, Haier,LG, Konka, Panasonic
Ø Average concurrent terminal users: 100,000+
Ø Gross sale: 2 million sets
Ø Number of servers: 380 sets
Ø Number of distribution points: 20
Ø Bandwidth: 40 G
Proposal Background

Terminal users of our system are from different areas of the world and use diverse kinds of legal tender to pay our customers, which make it unavoidable that our customers have to exchange the payment to their own legal tender and may take a risk in exchange rate fluctuation. In response to this, we propose to add Dash as one of the payment methods, for Dash supports quick payment, and can be easily exchanged to legal tender in cryptocurrency bourse, eliminating the risk and trouble that our customers are going through. 
Many terminal users are living overseas for work or study, but they still want to watch programs broadcast by their own countries, therefore, they chose our system. Be it student or worker, these users all have the need of currency
exchange, a need that can be satisfied by cryptocurrency exchange. If terminal users use Dash to pay for our system, they will gain more knowledge of this payment method so that they will probably tend to use it in other scenarios,
thus promoting Dash to more users.  
We believe that traditional currency is inclined to be replaced by cryptocurrency as a payment method in the future, hence, we propose to add the option of using Dash as payment method in our cloud streaming media system. Once our customers receive a payment paid through Dash, they can immediately exchange it to their legal tender, alleviating their trouble of foreign currency exchange and risk of exchange rate fluctuation.
200,000 terminals supporting Dash are expected to be established in this proposal, including STB, smart TV, smart phone, PC distributed worldwide. This plan can lead to a win-win result for both ForceTech and Dash, promoting the use of both our system and Dash.
At present, our products only support legal currency payment. We plan to add a cryptocurrency. Due to the high real-time requirements, Bitcoin is excluded. After screening, Dash is selected as an additional payment option. We plan to promote 200,000 terminals (users) to support DASH payments, because users are paid users, so we can guarantee that at least 200,000 people can know and understand Dash. Many of them will pay Dash payment to further drive the people around them; the program will bring more convenience to our users and merchants, and also promote the promotion of DASH. I believe that our cooperation with DASH is win-win.
A simple and friendly interaction design will be applied to Dash payment option to make it as acceptable as possible to our customers and terminal users. At the same time, a series of activities will be launched for promotion, encouraging
terminal users to use Dash for payment and experience the difference between cryptocurrency and traditional currency. If these activities perform well, we plan to add Dash as payment method on all the products of ours. 

Implementation Plan

1. Dash payment is expected to be added to IPTV within one month for pre-test.
2. Once new version of the system with Dash option is released, new terminal users of the updated version are expected to reach around 100,000 within half a year.
3. Part of our old operator customers will also need to update the system to the new version with Dash, and will bring another 100,000 terminal users of the new version.
4. Explain to customers functions and usage of the new version, including procedures of paying, refunding, and exchanging between Dash and legal tender. Recommend customers to provide Dash discount for terminal users.  
5. Provide discount on our service charge to customers if they use Dash to pay our system.
6. Put out banners or notices on our official website and social media communities advertising the new version with Dash to hundreds of our customers and hundreds of thousands of terminal users. Main promotion channels include:
1) official website of ForceTech, a leading company in video solution 
2) 1905 digital entertainment platform, an updated and integrated post-cinema platform of traditional culture and digital entertainment service
This project is divided into 4 phases:
The 1st phase: 8weeks
4 weeks for system development and test and 4 weeks for trial use by some customers.
The 2nd phase: 8weeks
Installation and use of the updated version by new customers.
The 3rd phase: 8weeks
Updating to the new version for old customers and providing the new version to new customers. 
The 4th phase:last for 8 weeks
Further promoting and improving the system.
Budget Plan

It is expected that 200,000 terminal users will use the updated version, among which 100, 000 are expected to be converted to Dash users. Our cost is $343,000(1895 DASH, Dash is currently at around ~$181), and the cost of each new Dash user will be $3.43(0.0189 DASH). The cost will be used in the following aspects:
1.$50,000 USD used for system development and test, including the docking of payment function with background system, and procedures of customer settlement. 
2. $130,000 USD used for installation and updating of the new system. Once finished, 200,000 terminals are expected to have Dash pay function. 
3. $43,000 USD used for training customers and technology support. With customized training and technology support, customers will tend to use Dash more often.
4. $120,000 USD is used to discount merchants. The merchant will pay the user a discount on the use of Dash, and we will also give the merchant a certain discount on the new system. $120,000 USD for company and merchant losses.
We apply for half of the cost to Dash to cover our costs. Half of the cost is $171,500 (947.5 DASH), the payment cycle is 4 months, and the monthly application is 236 DASH ($42,875).


If the plan performs well and reaches the targeted goal, we will plan for another 500,000 increase of new terminal users of the updated version and convert 200,000 users to Dash users.

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0 points,4 months ago
Voting no. Integrating DASH/Crypto shouldnt cost 20k US.
0 points,7 months ago
If this proposal doesn't pass, you should consider doing a smaller project first, so the community can get to know you. And now is also a tough time because of low Dash prices.
0 points,7 months ago
Thank you very much.
1 point,7 months ago
<Our terminal users are mainly from mainland China, the United States, Canada, Brazil, Germany, Holland, Italy, Spain, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, etc. >perspective: these are very low inflation countries. That the strategy of allocating these funds to the very highest inflation countries could be much much smarter )
2 points,7 months ago
Price is much too high.
If you asked for something like 50-100 Dash in TOTAL (not monthly), for what you are offering, i could have supported it.
0 points,7 months ago
Thank you very much for your valuable comments.
0 points,7 months ago
"200,000 new users to guide them to use Dash payment"

"We expect to add 10,000 dash users, and the cost of applying for compensation to each new user is $1.72 (0.0095 dash)"
0 points,7 months ago
Thank you for pointing out the mistakes.
We will upgrade and promote 200,000 terminals that support dash payments. We expect to bring 100,000 new dash users. The cost of each user is $3.43, and we apply for half of the cost ($1.72) as compensation.
2 points,7 months ago
Very confused. You want to accept crypto but you want us to pay you to accept crypto. No thanks. If you want to do it, do it. It should cost you a couple of thousand to do at most.
0 points,7 months ago
Integration is only a small part of our cost. Our main expenses are for the promotion of the new version, upgrade maintenance for different merchant systems, training and discounts for merchants and users.
1 point,7 months ago
While I like the business and I think this is actually a really good way to get people familiar with and integrated into the Dash ecosystem, the price is unjustifiable. Will have to vote no.
0 points,7 months ago
Our proposal seems to be more expensive than many other proposals. We expect to add 10,000 dash users, and the cost of applying for compensation to each new user is $1.72 (0.0095 dash). This ROI is reasonable.
Our strength lies in millions of users around the world, but the upgrade and maintenance of a new version, as well as discounts for merchants and users, can be costly.
0 points,7 months ago
Thank you for submitting this proposal.

Why was the decision made against the use of an escrow?
As you are a new entity to the Dash ecosystem, I think this would have put a few MNOs more at ease.

I understand you are only providing a service. However, the way your type of service is often used, means that Dash funding could tarnish our brand. It is like saying "" is just a service. True, but no brand will put their name to it!

Thank you for considering adding Dash as a payment option for your business.
0 points,7 months ago
We provide solutions for hundreds of merchants and provide timely system maintenance. Each merchant's business model is similar to that of Netflix. We don't do business like "".
2 points,7 months ago
1) not a known member of the community
2) no escrow
3) potential legal ramifications

High cost, low ROI
0 points,7 months ago
1) We submitted our pre-proposal before on:
2) Yes, we have not signed a escrow agreement. We discussed the proposal with the dash core group. Bradley Zastrow and Tungfa gave us a lot of wonderful suggestions.
3) We are an IPTV solution provider. We provide our solutions to merchants, and merchants provide with copyrighted live/on-demand content to end users. The merchants are responsible for the copyright.

We estimate that the cost of each new DASH user is $3.43 (0.0189 dash), and only half of the cost of $1.72 (0.0095 dash) is compensated by DASH. We think this cost is reasonablefor new users.
0 points,7 months ago
@MrHack - You really need to start doing your due-diligence before you start criticizing projects. Yes, they're not a known member of the community but they did go through the Pre-Proposal process: and were responsive to user's questions/criticism.
1 point,7 months ago
Thank you very much for reading our proposal so carefully and explaining it for us.
0 points,7 months ago
@arthyron at what point do i state he did not do a pre-prop?

I didnt please read the posts before replying in haste
1 point,7 months ago
I'm aware that you did not state this, but you did state they're not a "known member of the community." We have always been approached by businesses, corporations, and organizations outside of our community who want to partner with us. Whether or not you think a proposal is worthwhile or a business would be a good partner for Dash, it's rude to discount the effort they've put in to following protocol. Being curt with potential partners isn't helpful or beneficial. If you have criticism to offer or points to make, you don't have to be a jerk about it.
2 points,7 months ago
Hi you want to accept DASH in earnest please search for btcpayserver which now natively supporta dash.

Voting no for legal ramifications related to copyright infringement s which are a usual occurrences in your industry and lack of ROI.
0 points,7 months ago
Yes, btcpayserver is one of our alternative integration solutions. Btcpayserver supports these altcoins: Litecoin, BGold, BCash, Dash, Dogecoin, Feathercoin, Groestlcoin, Monacoin, Polis andViacoin.
Because of the fast payment, good communities of Dash, and its better Evolution version (which will be released at the end of the year), currently we only add Dash payment to our system. We plan to let users and merchants know more about cryptocurrencies first. If we get better feedback, maybe we will add more cryptocurrency options next year.
We estimate that the cost of each new DASH user is $3.43 (0.0189 DASH), and only half of the cost of $1.72 (0.0095 DASH) is compensated by Dash. We think this cost is reasonablefor new users.
0 points,7 months ago
Very misleading anf ambiguous answer