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Title:Dash Maracay 2nd and 3rd Conferences: Merchants Only (June) & Users Only (July) / Venezuela
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Proposal description

Dash Maracay 2nd and 3rd Conferences: Merchants Only(June) & Users Only (July) / Venezuela

This proposal consists of making 2 consecutive conferences that will have specific objectives each one, with different public as well. The first conference will be held in June focused on merchants only. The second conference will be held in the month of July focused on general public.

Both conferences will have the same theoretical-practical format used in the previous conference in April, where attendees received in the morning the basic knowledge necessary to use Dash as a method of payment, and in the afternoon they attended to "Dash City" fair, where they lived the experience of buying local products with Dash.  

Below you can see the videos summaries of the event of April 19
Dash City Fair

It is important to indicate that the event called "Users Only " will be held at the Hyper Jumbo Mall, where attendees can buy at any of the stores of this Shopping Center


After our successful first conference held on April 19 here in Maracay, we have been invited to a series of meetings with businessmen, merchants and professional guilds. From these meetings we understood that it is necessary to separate the different targets in each conference; that is, the information required by an entrepreneur or merchant (Seller) is very different from the information required by a person from the general public (Buyer), since there are different interests in each one of them.

These meetings have motivated us to propose these 2 consecutive conferences.  The Conference called “Merchants Only" is aimed specifically to Business Owners and Freelancers; it will expose the basic tools necessary for companies to adopt Dash as a method of payment. After this conference, we estimate that a significant number of stores will adopt Dash as payment method. For this event we will especially invite the owners of the Hyper Jumbo Mall stores. In this way we will be ready for the following event, "Users Only”

"Users Only" will explain to the general public how to use Dash as a payment method and protection against hyperinflation.  This Conference will be held at Hyper Jumbo Mall, one of the most important Mall of the City, where there is more than 200 stores.

In Venezuela there is a problem of hyperinflation, according to experts in economics, it is estimated that this year Venezuela will suffer an inflation of 13,000%, which means that the Bolívar is worth less every day. Dash is the best alternative to protect people's money.

Proposal Main Goal:
The main goal of this proposal is to establish Dash as the main payment method in the Central Region of Venezuela.

Dash Maracay 2nd Conference: "Merchants Only"

This event will take place in June and will be aimed exclusively to Business Owners and Freelancers. The conference will provide the necessary tools to implement Dash in theirs business.

Our Dash Maracay Community Platform allows us to segment the target audience.  We have more than 1500 registered in our community, where more than half of them are business owners and freelancers.

Strategies for adopting Dash within businesses will be explained; for example, the accounting process that must be followed in Venezuela when using Dash and the different marketing strategies that can be applied.

Conference: 500 Attendees
Place: Hotel Pipo Internacional
Target: 100%
  • Business owners
  • Freelancers
  • Senior Business Executives
Dash City Fair:
  • 40 entrepreneurs
  • 500 Attendees

Dash Maracay 3rd Conference: Users Only 
This event will be held in July and will be focused on how to use Dash to acquire products, savings and capital protection. 

Through this conference, users will understand the alternatives that Dash has, its use, benefits and attributes.  It can even serve as a means of saving.

The hyperinflation problem in Venezuela would motivate the users to use Dash in order to protect their capital, because people lose quickly the value of their work.  The idea is to teach attendees how to protect their money by exchanging theirs Bolivars to Dash, so they can plan their purchases without losing the value of their work.

Essentially, this would mean a change in the consumer behavior.

500 Attendees
Place: Hyper Jumbo Mall
  • General public that has never attended any previous conference
Dash City Mall:
  • 650 Attendees

Total Budget in 2 Payments

In conclusion, with these two events, your support and hand and hand with Dash Venezuela,  we will continue to promote the adoption of Dash in the Central Region of Venezuela.


Results of our first event

visit us at: www,

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1 point,2 days ago
Hello, everyone.

Me and my team from DASH Venezuela have been witnesses of the great work DASH Maracay is doing. They have direct contact with a lot of companies in their city.

We are very proud of this new and strong community, born from the team work we all do in Venezuela.

I hope MNO read and vote YES in this proposal, so we can keep on working as allies to make of Venezuela the first DASH Nation.
0 points,2 days ago
Thanks Eugenia ..!

Your support and that received from Dash Venezuela has allowed us to achieve the proposed objectives.

We know that working together we will advance in positioning Dash as the cryptocurrency of Venezuela.

0 points,2 days ago
The proposal of Dash Maracay is very interesting, since the contents are going to be addressed to the 2 sectors in a different way, encouraging businessmen to accept dash.

And driving the public in general, to get whoever accepts Dash

Great idea¡
0 points,2 days ago
Thank you very much for your comment ... in effect the idea is that the merchants obtain directly the information they need to adopt Dash as a payment method
2 points,4 days ago
It is a good idea to create two separate conferences with a different focus for Merchants and one for Users. This way the effectiveness of the conference will increase significantly because each one has their own specific needs addressed. Once this formula is proven successful this team can share their experience with with the other Venezuela teams to help improve their conferences.

The other advantage of having two distinct DASH conferences is that there will be a significant increase in "social proof" between the attendees. There will be hundreds of merchants altogether in one room. They have specific needs and requirements that users don't have and a focus on their needs at the conference will only lead to better conversion rates and increase confidence - especially when they see hundreds of other merchants present at the same conference. The merchants can also share their experiences amongst each other which acts as another form of training and experience share.

If the merchants attending the conference could all agree to put a card in their window along with a point of sale card e.g. "DASH Digital Cash Accepted Here" To learn how you can accept DASH or buy with DASH visit Then have a special page on the Dash Help website specific for new people to DASH. This would make every Merchant attending the conference into an AD for DASH. Imagine how many customers visit a merchant shop each month. All their customers would be exposed to the DASH Point of Sale Ads repeatedly each time they make a visit to their shops.

By making the conferences specific the organizers will also learn more about the needs of the merchants because all the questions raised will be merchant focused. The learnings from the conference could be fed back to "Dash Merchants" team to improve the effectiveness of that other campaign.

I think MNOs may however be confused by the title of this proposal: "Flying to Dash Nation, Living in Dash Nation" . How is this title related to the conferences? MNOs only have a few minutes to make a decision. If they do not know exactly what the proposal is offering from the title they may not vote until it is clarified. MNO's do not have much free time to assess a proposal. I think this proposal would benefit from changing the title to be more indicative of what you are putting forward.

It took me quite some time to try and figure out what this proposal was actually offering because of the confusing title. I am sure I am not alone in this confusion. I am certain MNOs want to vote for another successful Venezuela conference which converts hundreds of people and merchants to active promoters of DASH. Building on the considerable momentum we have now in Venezuela. However MNOs may not vote due to the confusing title.

Something like this would be better:

Two Venezuela DASH Conferences: June: Merchants only / July: Users only / Maracay City Venezuela.

The last conference for DASH Maracay was a big success. Now this team have experience in running a successful conferences they can only get better and I suspect that is how they got the idea to have conferences with separate focus.

DASH Maracay have a youtube channel with an introduction the conference from Tao of Satoshi on the last conference.

Could you change the proposal title so that other MNOs know at a glance what is is your are providing and remove all mention of planes - as far as I can see it is not needed and only causing confusion for an otherwise well thought out proposal.

1 point,3 days ago
Our website ( is completely available for what DeepBlue is proposing. It is a great opportunity to promote any kind of information related to Dash and support.

Actually in our Dash Merchant Venezuela program, we are providing merchants with stickers and banners with this information.

Thanks DeepBlue for sharing your ideas, they are always very usefull!

Dash Help & Dash Merchant Venezuela
0 points,2 days ago
Thanks Alejandro ... we know that we count on you ..!
0 points,3 days ago
Thanks Deepblue for your comment ... always so precise and objective ...!

We are very sorry for the confusion created with our proposal. Your appreciations made us understand the problem that was being presented.

We will proceed to change the title and images presented, as soon as we have the material ready, we will make the changes in the proposal.

For this event we will invite the team of Dash Help and Dash Merchant, their contribution is essential to complement the conference. We will also be accompanied by the Dash venezuela team, a fundamental piece to promote the adoption of Dash in Venezuela.

-1 point,5 days ago
You have ambitious but reasonable goals. You have positive history with the Dash community. You have documented results. I vote yes.
0 points,4 days ago
Thank you very much for your support..!

We are working to convert Dash into the cryptocurrency most used in the Central Region of the Country.
1 point,5 days ago
Why not just ship in the essential supplies and food this nation has plundered out of the public markets and include DASH donation addresses to continue the welfare?
1 point,7 days ago
Just finished watching videos from your 1st conference, actually looks very cool, hope I can visit one of your next conferences. Voting "YES for your proposal!
1 point,6 days ago
Thanks for your support.

It will be an honor to receive your visit
0 points,8 days ago
Dash Central is cutting off the proposal text in Firefox and Chrome. I had this problem for a while, why is no one fixing it?
1 point,8 days ago
Hi tovarish, sometimes Central Dash cuts off the text, try to refresh the page, it is possible that this way the problem is solved.
Thanks for your comment
0 points,6 days ago
I had to edit the html manually to fix it.

Sorry this is not related to your proposal, but I had this issue for months and really wish Dash Central would fix it.
0 points,6 days ago
We hope so
0 points,8 days ago
voting YES at this point in time. Venezuela! I like generous 'DASH Giveways' of $14,000USD/30.43 Dash.
Website (Spanish):
Here is a 56 second promo video of a past conference:
2 points,7 days ago
Thank you very much Criticalinput, we appreciate your support..!

Our first event was a total success ... everyone in Maracay only talks about Dash ..! The main objective of positioning the brand was fulfilled.

Equally, we developed a web platform specially designed to manage the community. This allows us to see who is part of our community and which segment they belong to. This helps us a lot to plan the events according to the interests of the people who live in our sector.

We currently have the news channel enabled, then activate the Community tab, where all people can interact with each other.

Our website was designed as a landing page, where all the news can be replicated in our social networks, this is another strength that it has.

Finally, the platform can also be used by writers who touch on topics related to our community, they can write their own articles and thus the whole community benefits.
1 point,7 days ago
Good luck. I hope this proposal passes.
0 points,6 days ago