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Title:Diameter - IoT payments solution for Dash
Monthly amount: 119 DASH (31459 USD)
Completed payments: no payments occurred yet (3 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2018-06-18 / 2018-09-15 (added on 2018-06-05)
Final voting deadline: in 11 days
Votes: 182 Yes / 114 No / 24 Abstain
Will be funded: No. This proposal needs additional 398 Yes votes to become funded.
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Proposal description

IoT payments solution for Dash

We’re here to bring transactions, trust, transparency, and analytics to the Dash community!
Our pitch presentation! (with audio)

Here is our prezi link: prezi (no audio)

Again transparency is extremely important to us. Follow our real time progress below on gitlab:
Milestones that you can track are here: Gitlab Diameter Milestones

For Escrow:
Milestones we have setup with Dash Escrow are here:  Diameter Escrow Milestones (with detail)

Here is out IoT Platform Overview video!

Hope you enjoyed the overview.

Please take a moment to watch the campaign video. This will be a major asset to the MNO and Proposal community. This is outside of our core business, but our platform had all the major pieces already to enhance this functionality.

Dash has spent a ton on marketing, but the ROI is hard to prove. I’m excited to show off our campaign solution as a good step forward in fixing the ROI puzzle.

Here is our Campaign Video

For fellow nerds and engineers - we wanted to give a goofy behind the scenes tech video of how a connected car works with our platform  

Engineers definitely don’t excel at video editing lol. Please give us some leniency on the production quality :)

Proposal Details:
We have chosen to go with escrow for our proposal, this effectively breaks up our 6 months proposal into proposal 1 and proposal 2.

Proposal 1 will cover our first 3 months.
Proposal 2 (July) will cover our next 3 months before our December 2018 Beta launch.

Pre-proposal ->

Budget: $113,500 USD

Dash amt: ~356 (mkt price of 318 as of 6/04/2018)

Our total funding for Proposal 1 (June) -> 3  months

This will fund:

4 Engineers  
$85,000 total

Infrastructure, Legal, GRC activities

Proposal Fee
5 Dash

Branding, Design, and Wireframes Fee

Marketing and Design Fee

Proposal 2 will be in the September cycle, with escrow again. It will have the exact same budget.

The budget total for Proposal 1 + Proposal 2 will be: $227,000 USD (over 6 months or 38k per month)

Our budget is 80% cheaper than other tech projects that were recently funded. I hope you keep that into consideration. We will be delivering a lot of functionality in a very short period of time.

Taylor Ereio:

Again, Please feel free to reach out on discord at berz01-diameter

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2 points,10 days ago
Hello everyone, this is Omar Hamwi with Dash Core Group and I confirm that the Dash Core is in receipt of a signed escrow agreement
0 points,10 days ago
It will be great to see the future of the money (Dash) joining to the future of things (IOT).

Best of luck!

1 point,11 days ago
Our team would love to know why people are voting No. Please leave feedback here, email me at, or discord berz01. We ENJOY critical feedback, tell me why I'm wrong. I listen. Again, we're flexbile.. we can change something instantly if it would change your opinion.

Got some cool announcements to share next week when I can publicize them.. :)
1 point,6 days ago
I think it really comes down to there not being expendable budget this month
0 points,11 days ago
Some amount of No votes is quite common for proposals and unfortunately, these voters might never leave a comment.
Specifically for this cycle, if we fund all the core proposals the budget will be full already so to also fund you something else would need to be defunded that is a higher hurdle to cross.
8 points,13 days ago
Really impressive video presentations & business model. The future partnerships & the utility Diameter enables is exactly what Dash needs right now to differentiate us from the market. The IOT space is only going to continue to grow moving forward. I also like the Dash exclusivity offered. I can see this having many more applications beyond Uber / Lyft / parking meters / road tolls / property rentals. The smart energy meters is huge.

When I think of home smart meters and energy storage I think of the Tesla Powerwall. Well it turns out that this market is forecasted to be very competitive moving forward. Even IkEA are making their own version! This solution would be a perfect fit.

"Interestingly, it is not just utilities and commercial applications using Li-ion storage, homeowners are taking advantage of the technology. Several manufacturers have developed products specifically for this market. Some of the better-known systems are ABB’s React, Tesla’s Powerwall and IKEA’s battery pack systems. With the expanded interest, other manufacturers such as LG Chem, Nissan, Mercedes-Benz, Panasonic Corp., Saft and sonnen Inc. are providing a wide array of Li-ion ESS to homeowners and commercial customers, too."

We have so much potential here.

Also if this passes please speak to RE/MAX (Real Estate Maximums) as they already accept Dash for property rentals via GoCoin but this is next level stuff offering extra value to clients & their customers. I have lots of ideas for you. Thanks for choosing the Dash network.

This is an easy YES for me as essentially Diameter will be hustling on our behalf to establish new partnerships to help grow our network. The development costs and time-frame plus milestones are also very fair in my opinion compared to recent development proposals passed. For what they are asking risk/reward ROI based on potential partnerships in pipeline is a risk absolutely worth taking. It's important the Dash network keeps building & I'm pleased that Diameter are already planning on how they are going to utilize Dash Evolution.
1 point,12 days ago
Yeah it looks really good and worth a shot as it has lots of future potential, easy yes from me too.
4 points,13 days ago
Couldn’t agree more Mark! You’ve put into words exactly what I think. This has to pass next month if we can’t fit it in this month.

2 points,13 days ago
This was very kind of you Mark, Foxtrot, and Walters.
4 points,13 days ago
I thoroughly agree!
1 point,13 days ago
As I said in your pre-proposal, this could be a huge boon to Dash. From your demos, it's clear you have the technical ability to implement this platform--whether or not you can successfully interface the platform with as many IoT devices as you hope, though it seems highly likely that you can--and you already have several potential leads and customers lined up. As long as you follow through with your proposed commitment to adhering to your milestones and escrow agreements, I think this proposal will be a home run, maybe one of the best we've had come through in a long time if you're able to expand to multiple industries and major use cases.

The only real hurdles I foresee are three:

1. It's a hell of a month to be putting your hat in because of the large proposals from Dash Core, as you're well aware, so ultimately those will probably take priority, but there should be room for a few smaller proposals, and hopefully that will include yours. Do you have a plan to continue moving forward if Core edges out your proposal to next month?

2. There may be some snags and bottlenecks you run in to if your platform--and Dash, by extension--starts to see heavy use. We already have a few groups and companies testing extensive micropayments and while there were some technical hurdles, they seem to have overcome them for the most part. So do you foresee or have you run in to any obstacles in trying to integrate your platform with Dash, and secondarily to that, how do you foresee your platform and the way it interfaces with Dash changing when the first stages of Evolution drop--hopefully--later this year?

3. We have a few decent options for buying/selling Dash out there, but asking businesses to accept the currency fluctuation risk is sometimes a hard sell. How is your platform going to handle the complications surrounding businesses and users moving in and out of Dash, or does your system just deal with the transference of Dash and conversions to fiat or otherwise are the responsibility of the user?
0 points,12 days ago
Seems like If I post a lengthy response it will definitely clutter the other posts. Do most people just add all their answers in replies on the proposal? The forum or discord would be better for a conversational type of response. We'd also like some feedback if there is some. Thanks for spending the time to review our materials.
2 points,12 days ago
Most people just typically reply to DC posts in the subthread at whatever length is necessary. It's not ideal, but that's why we funded the Dash Nexus proposal to upgrade our primary format of communication with proposal owners during the voting process. I wouldn't worry about clutter. The people who were going to take the time to read are going to regardless, and those that won't weren't going to anyway.

Another option might be finding some of the common underlying threads of several MNOs' questions and answering them all more generally in one post at the top, but there will undoubtedly be more through the rest of the cycle.

Some choose to take their exchanges to other platforms (forum, Discord, etc), but of course there, other MNOs might not benefit from having seen the exchanges and you might end up repeating yourself across multiple platforms.

The proposal owners that are more engaged and thorough in their responses have tended to do better historically. How you handle it is up to you, of course, but that's generally what has been done in the past.
5 points,13 days ago
I really like this proposal too, it's about growing real world usage and not marketing, and that's a big positive in my view. I'm going to vote yes for it but as others have stated, there's a high chance that this will not gain funding this month due to the fact that funding is already tight given the number of commitments we have. Please don't let this put you off trying again next month if you are unsuccessful this month.

1 point,13 days ago
Would you mind writing more about the proposal here?
And are you using hitbtc to cash out the dash to pay fees?
1 point,13 days ago
Thank you all for the kind words. I love this community. People have already given us a few new ideas to consider, like adding a Tesla. Even sent me their API key, so I might start playing around with on-boarding a Tesla while we wait for the proposal to go through its process.
0 points,13 days ago
Well as expected the budget is now full. Hopefully, there will be space for you next month.
2 points,14 days ago
Hi guys, can we get some LinkedIn profiles of the diameter team up in the DC description please.
1 point,13 days ago
sure thing.
1 point,13 days ago
2 points,14 days ago
I like this proposal very much so voting Yes but not sure if there is still enough space in the budget after all the core proposals.