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Title:Delivery Service With Dash in Venezuela: 10 Dash Cities - 500 merchants - Dash sales trough Delivery app - Consumer adoption
Monthly amount: 39 DASH (2813 USD)
Completed payments: 4 totaling in 156 DASH (1 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2020-06-14 / 2020-11-10 (added on 2020-06-17)
Votes: 749 Yes / 33 No / 34 Abstain
Will be funded: Yes
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Proposal description


  Venezuela continues to be a great market for Dash, not only because of inflation, but because we resolved many practical limitations of local payment systems, and although dollarizationwas taking place, there are very few banknotes currently in circulation and banking restrictions for Venezuelans.Therefore, Dash standsout as a less friction solution than many other payment options including dollars.
  Users who can buy $4 of products with Dash can do so, but with dollars often need to buy a total of $20 in purchases even if they only want to spend $8, with Dash merchants don't have to worry about having the right change or People do not have to worry about buying more than they want.

  The strategy for Venezuela since our inception has focused on closed ecosystems, this time we are achieving it on a larger scale and we need a greater force to achieve automated expansion, taking advantage of the good fit with real use cases and users recently trained by our team throughout the national territory.

    A recent achievement has been the alliance with a brand of delivery services in Merida Venezuela, with 300 affiliated
stores to date, where users can pay at any of the stores affiliated with Dash Digital Cash in seconds and receive at the door of their House.

  The platform currently serves the population of the state of Merida, and will allow purchases to be made in stores and commercial premises such as Ron Santa Teresa, Silvanitos, Fresh Market, Diegos Cafe, Susys cookies, Avila Burger, La Nota Bar & Grill, and many other businesses with a strong regional presence, we will also register 250 shopping centers stores
previously affiliated with Dash by our Dash Mall and Parking team to the delivery platform.

What Dash Gets

1. Dash Sale Button *Buy Dash here* in the servicedelivery application in 10 cities in Venezuela including Mérida, where users
will have the opportunity to buy a dash by Fiat directly on the Platform
without long registrations.
2. Promotions and discounts for users who make theirpayments with Dash through the delivery service platform
3. 10 Cities with Dash Delivery where users can useDash as a Payment method to purchase products and services.
4. 500 new active merchants (50 / per city). Completewith orientation, possibility to buy and spend Dash immediately, continuous support and promotions through the delivery service application.
5. 10 Streaming (2 / month) Private meetings with thestores affiliated to the delivery service with Dash and promotions on social network that allows reaching the largest number of people to the Platform, learn about Dash, acquire Dash and pay with Dash.
6. 250 new users per month knowing the benefits ofDash and Dash purchase tutorials and purchase of Products with delivery in the same place.
7. List of Merchants: Massive online program wheremerchants and stores that attend Meetups, Streaming and events can
automatically register in the delivery service application.
8. Flow of Contenton social networks: such as instagram, Facebook, twitter, youtube, reddit andothers.

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0 points,29 days ago
Dash Watch September 2020 Report on
Delivery Service With Dash in Venezuela by yoanacastillo
2 points,4 months ago
Voting Yes. I spoke with Yoana on several signal calls to get an update on their project and discuss in more detail their plans on this project. They will be promoting DASH as payment method in the PIIDDO shopping application. This app will enable users to buy supplies and goods directly through the app and have them delivered to their homes. The team will be having meetings with the companies in the APP to explain the DASH payment method but also be having other meetings with shops that are not yet on the app. The shops features in the app are not obliged to accept DASH as a payment method and therefore Yoana's team need to educate the merchants on DASH as a payment method in order for them to accept DASH. The team will also be selling DASH to people who use the app through Whats App and they will make a small commission on each DASH transaction of around 5%. The team will be creating a tutorials for customers on how to use the app and pay with DASH. The tutorial will be featured in the app itself and on their youtube channel. There will be around 250 shops featured in the app. The app developers will charge Yoana for each city they wish to be represented in for the DASH payment button. This fee is a one off fee for installation into the app.

Update on Yoana's other project: Dash Mall & Parking
I also asked about the DASH mall parking project which is Yoana's other project separate project not connected with this one. The Dash Mall Parking project is still going strong even with the coronavirus issue. All the Malls where the team are establish are operational. Currently they have around 2,000 transactions per month for parking alone. They are established now in 7 shopping malls in Merida. The team provide DASH to the users and make a small commission of 5% on each sale however it is not enough to sustain their costs as yet. The main monetization model was to sell the DASH Cards and DASH point of sale devices however the delivery of these items have been delayed by DASH Retail due to both the coronavirus problem and also some technical details on the retail devices that need to be resolved. Ash informed me on a Signal message that he estimates it could take between 1 to 2 months before the cards and sample units could be delivered to DASH mall parking team. The delivery of these units is of critical importance for the Dash Mall Parking team to make revenue. Ash is aware of this and working hard to deliver. Ash highlighted the importance of ensure that the systems are 100% secure with something as important as payment.

My view is that the Dash Mall Parking team is doing a great job on such a limited budget of only 39 DASH per month. No other projects has generated 2,000 DASH transactions per month on real world application with such a small budget. These transaction numbers are also growing each month. If the team had the DASH retail payment cards and POS systems ready there would be many more transactions and users and the team would be able to start making sustainable revenue to support their project through the sale of the cards and POS systems.

Yoana's team have shown that working the niche markets in a closed micro environment is an effective strategy for DASH. The team are waiting for the Dash Retail systems and Cards.

This project and the Dash Mall & Parking project are solving real world problems for people that need it in a country that is crypto friendly and has a currency problem. This is our target market. At only 39 DASH per month I think is an absolute no brainer/ We need more projects like this.
2 points,4 months ago
Hello Deep blue for us it is a pleasure to share all the details of our proposal with you, despite the limitations for the different languages, we appreciate that you can express your comments and opinions with the whole community to make clearer the updates of the work that we have made as Dash Mall and Parking and this time with Piiddo in Venezuela.

Our efforts continue as the first day and we will continue adding value to the Network.

Thanks again, Yoana and the team.
2 points,4 months ago
Voting an absolute hell "Yes!" for this proposal. Not much needs to be said I think. I just want to make note of some key highlights that really show that this team is well worth every duff. Firstly, I wrote a thread about a week about (poorly recieved but true nonetheless) concerning this very topic. You can see it here on r/btc:

Or here on r/dashuncensored:

In r/btc you can read George Donnelly's lovely comments towards our network. I'm so very glad that I joined the call of others like @DeepBlue, and the (true) Venezuelan teams working for adoption to call out his behavior and correct it permanently.

Anyway, back on topic, the main thrust of that thread is that while Bitpay does roughly 100k transactions per month (as of this Apr) split between BTC, BCH and ETH at 91%, 5.6% and 2.6% respectively, *DASH actually does 5 times this volume combined!

According to many sources including the Spanish article included in this proposal:

Dash has seen at least 17,000 daily commercial payment transactions during the same period (Month of Apr) which means that Dash handles 510,000 commercial transactions per month! This is incredible growth and a large portion of the thanks for it goes directly to Yoanna, Dash Mall and Parking, as well as the other Venezuelan teams that have been busting their butts for adoption of our coin.

And its worked! We process more transactions per month that the LARGEST POW COINS! Now, with a solid foothold established with the 3 years of on-the-ground footwork for Dash, they plan to expand even further and grow our adoption to new cities and regions! This shows that our path has been a success! Self-sustaining growth in Venezuela is within our reach, and its all thanks to these teams!

This is important to point out because, like I always say, it is JUST AS IMPORTANT to recognize the things you've done right, as it is to recognize the things you've done wrong. This way you can work to repeat your successes and limit your failures. So highlighting the fact that YES we have grown considerably under this leadership in Venezuela is pertinent for the hour.

Secondly, I want to point out to those MNOs that doubt the viability and strength of this proposal. RealMrHack as well as other MNOs that I have debated recently in the MNO-only discord have repeated falsehoods about this proposal being a "cash-grab" and "not a good fit for the DAO". I never want to hear anything like that again!!

Notice the amazing PR that we've recieved. Multiple articles in Cointelegraph, Spanish publications and global, non-Dash related news orgs. This means that we have broken through the silence and have managed to gain the attention of the crypto-world, again thanks to the hardwork and dedicated service of Yonna, Hillary and team.

I repeat: This team is THE. MOST. PERFORMANT. TEAM. IN CRYPTO. If you can't get behind them then kindly GET LOST! We are winning and we are doing so with hard work, decentralized funding and globally-distributed DAOs of dillegent, thoughtful and savvy YOUNG PEOPLE, ready to do the legwork required to take DASH DIGITAL CASH to the masses before any other coin.

In case you roll your eyes and think this is empty, vacuous praise, I would like to remind you all that we are NOT alone. WE DO HAVE COMPETITION. Most coins are beneath us, but there are a couple that can give us a run for our money and make us fight seriously. The teams in Venezuela are FIGHTING SERIOUSLY. This is the level of work and adoption needed to win the cryptocurrency competition.

If you take the time to read this report: on the current state of cryptocurrency adoption in Africa, you will quickly see what I'm talking about. I'll highlight a relevant section for you now, from the article:

"Electroneum, in terms of raw users, Electroneum (ETN) is probably the one of the more significant cryptocurrency-project in Africa. The project claims to have over **100,000** usersthroughout South Africa, Nigeria, Uganda, and Tanzania.

As high as these figures are, raising questions about their validity, they have been recently verifiedby the research firm, Cointelligence. Electroneum has combined several features and services thatare driving usage throughout Africa, specifically:

•Instant payments via the Electroneum application

•The Electroneum application rewards users with $3 worth of ETN per month•Buying of airtime and data with ETN through the Electroneum application

•A $80 smartphone, the M1to facilitate the usage of ETN

•An on-the-ground incentive program targeting merchants called ETN Everywhere

•A freelancing marketplace, called AnyTaskand e-learning site, TaskSchoolthat leverages ETN as its payment network"

Do you see that? And this? :

"Electroneum is specifically focused on mobile payments, a strategy well-suited to African markets. Its mobile application facilitatesinstant payments, clearing through a centralized database rather than the Electroneum blockchain.

Although this design choice sacrifices decentralization and possibly censorship-resistance, it focuses on features that users are already looking for, namely, instant and cheap transactions.

The distribution of monthly ETN rewards has also helped onboard users in African markets, where a $3 per month reward has meaningful value."

So our competition has an $80 cryptosmart phone (like KripMobile), they have instant payments, they have an African job board (mentioned in the article) and they have around *100,000* users all throughout Africa. Electroneum's community size there is about the same as our community in Venezuela. That article is about Africa, but if it works in Africa it'll probably work other places as well.

Which means that unless we "fight seriously" by actively, directly, deliberately and **CONSISTENTLY** fund the teams that are resposnible for this growing adoption, we very well may be beaten by a more centralized, less permissive system like Electroneum that doesn't have their heads up their butts thinking they've already won. Bitcoin Cash is being burned HARD by this now.

They thought they were in a better position than us because of Ego reasons mostly. They thought they had already won and just needed to "flippen BTC" and they cryptocompetition would be over. We the masternodes must not fall victim to similar wishful, pie-in-the-sky thinking. We must be vigilant, we must be humble, we must STAY LEAN and we must USE OUR HEADS while voting and put all conflicts of interest aside. If we do this we can't lose.

Therefore it is IMPERATIVE that we celebrate and reward these teams for their good work and service to the network. Not only so that we can see more of this behavior in the future, but also so that we may beat our competition into the hands of those who need truly decentralized digital cash. So please join me in incentivizing our growing and EXPLODING adoption in Venezuela by voting YES! for Dash Mall and Parking Delivery Service!
1 point,4 months ago
Hi, therealDashman21 - Once again, grateful for the comments of support for our team, we will work 200% to carry out the objectives in Venezuela for the growth of Dash on all scales.

The growth of Dash in Venezuela is heard more and more and we are pleased to be part of all that effort.

We will keep up the good work!

Yoana and the team.
1 point,4 months ago
Thank you so much for being open to feedback and suggestions. Not just mine of course, but all the MNOs who truly value your work and have provided tips, ideas and ways to further your impressive work. I happily look forward to the results of this proposal!
0 points,4 months ago
Yes from me.
0 points,4 months ago
Thanks Quizzie for your support and collaboration in each proposal, proud to show the excellent work that is carried out in Venezuela with Dash.

Yoana and the team.
-1 point,4 months ago
I like the pivot in strategy with the Covid-19 lockdown, this is some nimble work by this team, Yoana has already satisfied my earlier concerns about a working revenue model. I am a strong yes.
1 point,4 months ago
Hi, Agnewpickens thanks for the support and the YES for the proposal, happy to demonstrate each and every one of the details and scope in Venezuela with Dash and we will continue to do so.

Thanks again
Yoana and the team.