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Title:DASHOP.IO – Online Shopping Marketplace
Monthly amount: 81 DASH (5315 USD)
Completed payments: 5 totaling in 405 DASH (0 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2018-01-17 / 2018-06-16 (added on 2018-01-22)
Final voting deadline: in passed
Votes: 0 Yes / 0 No / 0 Abstain

Proposal description
DASHOP.IO - Online Shopping Marketplace

Alpha Version Sample Dynamic Concept Website:
Pre-Proposal Link:
Workplan Timeline for Milestone-Based Payments:
Major Merchant Letter of Intent to Become Listed at

Summary will be a multi-merchant, international,online marketplace offering an unlimited variety of (legal) products and services for sale - priced exclusively in Dash.
Dashop will recruit, empower and incentivize cryptocurrency holders as well as reputable, established small and medium sized businesses to create a diverse and rich marketplace all denominated in Dash. Dashop will activate the DashNation community members by offering bounties for recruiting high quality merchants in their regions. In Venezuela, DashHelp will be contracted to perform translation for the Spanish version of the site, customer support and merchant recruiting to become a sustainable entity. Dashop will level the playing field for small businesses to thrive and succeed against more well-known marketplaces by eliminating transaction processing fees from credit cards or crypto payment gateways. Dashop will also act as a powerful recruitment tool and will increase adoption of Dash by offering a platform for other cryptocurrency holders to realize some of their gains after converting their alt-coins to Dash. Dash holders and merchants can experience the speed and low fee attributes by purchasing goods and services at, resulting in a massive increase in utility, transaction volume and will make Dash the #1 cryptocurrency for payments. In a follow-up proposal, Dashop DAPP for Evolution will be built to be one of the first on the Evolution platform, with 30% equity stake offered to MNOs via "The New Zealand Trust," when available. As a result, Dashop will scale the demand for Dash by creating an online economy and will reward MNOs with its success.
What Problem is this Solving?
Dash has some of thebest technology, features and roadmap to be a major payments processing platform. However, there are few ways to easily use Dash online or anywhere, which is why the blockchain is not as active as other top projects. will aggregate and recruit Dash-accepting businesses into one easy-to-use online shopping marketplace. Dashop will be one of the first “killer apps” for Dash holders and other crypto users who wish to convert their altcoins to purchase quality goods and services from reputable businesses in their region. This will create an organic growth model and will support and build local economies around Dash, thus scaling demand for Dash.
How Will Dashop Accomplish This?
Dashop will leverage the Treasury and growing community to incentivize merchants and attract customers. There will be bounties to recruit and on-board established, reputable businesses to, available to anyone in the community. There will be a qualification and approval process for each merchant, with a maximum of two bounties available for each product category to attract a diverse mix of products and services available. Each bounty will be worth up to .25 Dash. This will put our vast community to work, resulting in a “win-win-win” for Dash, the merchants and the local customers/community members by giving them places to spend Dash and to be a part of creating the new Dash Economy. This program will roll out to North America and Venezuela to start. Dashop has an agreement with DashHelp Venezuela to support the growing merchant and customer base in Venezuela and other Spanish-speaking countries in the future. The roll-out will include a Spanish version of the site.
Promotional Campaign
Dashop will also create an incentive campaign to reward early adopters and merchants to join and participate in the marketplace. For the first 3 months of operation, Dashop will offer a 20% discount for customers and a 20% rebate for merchants, up to a value of 100 Dash. This program will cause an explosion of positive PR and interest in Dash from both merchants and customers. It will also highlight the power of the Treasury and generate more interest in Dash’s exclusive features and DGBB model.
As part of our marketing program, feedbands will conduct a target advertising blitz on popular platforms such as Facebook and Reddit. Feedbands’ approved advertising proposal has generated many impressions, clicks and conversions for Dash already and has an excellent system of monitoring metrics and shaping messaging to maximize efficiency and effectiveness of advertising. The budget for this advertising blitz is 50 Dash and will be conducted beginning 1 week before launch of  
Design, Develop and Publish Marketplace
Dashophas hired a local, specialist web design company (the “Web Team”).  This will make managing the project muchsimpler and provide a more cost and time-efficient result for the Dash Treasury. The Web Team has many years of experience in online shopping integrations and will design, develop, build and publish To provide the best ROI for the Dash Treasury, Dashop will be using WooCommerce Dash API (thanks to Nathan Marley – Core Dev) to eliminate any “transaction processing fees” associated with cryptocurrency gateways and legacy credit cards. Also, a unique qualification of this Web Team is that they are already well-versed in cryptocurrency and are excited to accept Dash as payment!
Concept Design
A Dynamic Concept Website has been funded out of pocket to provide a sample of the website design. Please view at will serve as:
·        a global directory of merchants (online and storefront) who accept Dash for payment
·        an integrated merchantportal for online shoppers to buy and use Dash
·        a Dash only or Dashalternative ecommerce site for individual merchants
·        a promotional tool forthe Dash cryptocurrency and merchants who use it
Visual and functional objectives include:
·        a clean, modern design
·        Prominently display Dash branding with useful links to learn more about Dash
·        Easy merchant setup,operation and maintenance
·        application and approval process
·        merchant pages setup and maintenance (e.g. add/remove products and change prices/availability) via .CSV, API or manually through login
·        shipment options,selection and payment
·        merchant order receipt and payment
·        merchant policies and contact info for consumer
·        product/service search integration
·        unobtrusive but transparent merchant integration
·        Customer-Friendly Features
o   Product/Service search integration
o   Merchant ratings and review built in to WooCommerce App
o   Live customer support 
We estimate a timeline of approximately 26 weeks from project start-up to site publication.
See attached spreadsheet for deliverable timeline. will escrow this
proposal and provide payment to to forward to the Web Team based on
these deliverables. Please see attached spreadsheet to view the deliverable timetable.
Evolution DAPP
The final stage of this projectwill be to build the Dashop App on the Evolution Platform using DAPI.
has a goal of being one of the first major apps on the Evolution Platform and will be a champion to promote the Platform. Dashop will raise awareness and
lower the psychological barrier to entry for businesses to build apps on top of Evolution. This will be a separate proposal with an ETA of July 2018, assuming
Evolution platform and DAPI will be available.
Why Build a Website When Evolution?
1)    New cryptocurrency users and existing altcoin holders will need atraditional method of interacting with Dash prior to Evolution. The lower the barrier
to entry into the Dash Network, the better. will be the gateway to enter the Dash Economy.
2)    We don’t know when Evolution will be released, or in whatcapacity. The Roadmap indicates that it will be released in “stages” –
therefore perhaps limited capability and number of users. Having a traditional website working before Evolution is scaled (and alongside when fully operational) will be complimentary to the Dash Network.
3)    There is already competition in this space with and, etc. Therefore, in order to build a customer base and create
awareness of Dash as a cryptocurrency with utility, we are starting with a traditional website. The users of will then make a seamless
transition to Dashop’s Evolution App when the time comes and it is built.
 Funding Request
-All-In Cost to Build Website: 200 Dash
-Completion Timeline: 26 weeks
-Promotional Budget for first 3 months of operation: 50 Dash/mo. X 3 = 150 Dash
-Budget for Merchant Recruiting Bounty System: 50 Dash
-ProposalFee: 5 Dash
Total: 405 Dash
Divided by 5 months
5 Payments of 81 Dash
*If the worst case scenario happens, MNOs can vote down the proposal after each period.
The Team
Dashop is comprised of myself and a local Web Team with decades of experience in designing web stores. You may know me as “Nate” on discord, or previously “djcrypt0” on slack, a long-time MNO, DashForce MVP, and a large contributor to the Foundation in 2015. I donated to fund the majority of BitToByte (August and
Jakub’s) expenses for their trip to London and through my escrow/incubator have sponsored many successful proposals, including: Dash
Serbia, Dash4Nigeria, Team Morocco, Bit To Byte, etc. By obtaining funding from the Treasury, Dash users and merchants will have a much lower barrier to entry
and will receive a price advantage over other marketplaces that must charge a higher rate to cover their startup costs.
Conclusion I am excited tomake this concept a reality and am looking forward to making an off-ramp from the legacy economy to the new Dash economy! Dashop will inform, incentivize and recruit other cryptocurrency users simply by offering a marketplace unavailable anywhere else. With hand-selected, high-quality merchants, low fees and instant transactions, will be the best place to spend your cryptocurrency. Please vote YES so we can get started building!

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0 points,6 months ago
Dash Watch May 28th 2018 Report on
DASHOP.IO – Online Shopping Marketplace by InstantKarmaFund
1 point,6 months ago
Completed payments: 4 totaling in 324 DASH

I'd like to see results now, where was the money spent?
1 point,6 months ago
Hello. :)
Some MNOs requested alerts when there are issues with a proposal. I'd like to alert you that there are issues here.

InstantKarmaFund helps projects get funding from the Dash Treasury. But, they don't stay informed on those projects, help with investigation or resolution when there are problems after funding, nor frequent the forum for notifications.

There are major problems with @DashingDude after he did not distribute funds accordingly after he received funds for 2 Africa proposals. InstantKarmaFund was mentioned as helping by @DashingDude.

I KINDLY REQUEST THIS PROPOSAL BE UNFUNDED and all InstantKarmaFund submissions be rejected until further notice.

Their help in resolving all @DashingDude issues, and damages to @John Reed therefrom, would be greatly appreciated, immediately.

I think @DashingDude should be ban from Dash and the Forum until further notice. He shows mal action and intent on and off Dash properties.

For more info, please see @Helper Dash, @DashingDude, and @John Reed postings in the forum - starting with the most recent first.

Your assistance in keeping Dash 'sound' is greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much.

-Helper Dash
0 points,7 months ago
New Update!
0 points,7 months ago
I hope this will be self-sustaining and competitively usable going forward.
1 point,7 months ago
Dash Watch March 22nd 2018 Report on
DASHOP.IO – Online Shopping Marketplace by InstantKarmaFund
4 points,7 months ago
Is there a working product out yet?
0 points,8 months ago
Let's push them over the top so development can continue. We get to own a piece of this once it's done. Sorta like ebay, but better, and powered by Dash.

3 points,8 months ago
Been quite some time since you have given any update..
2 points,8 months ago

I submit updates on the 22rd of each month to Also you can see updates in Discord under InstantKarmaFund> Dashop Channel.

Here's some links for you:

-Monthly Update for March

-Sample Screenshots

We are still on target and looking forward to working with the community and teams in Venezuela to get merchants onboard!
-2 points,9 months ago
I hope this project becomes a reality. Voting YES
1 point,10 months ago seems not to exist anymore
1 point,10 months ago
Happy to see this pass. Dash needs more development and adoption oriented proposals that fit well with its stated use, which is digital cash. The cost is not very high either IMO if they deliver
0 points,10 months ago
Ambitious project. For the budget asked it's worth an investment and dividends will be very important for proposals.

Equity stake/dividend = good idea, it will increase scrutiny and engagement of MNOs. At this point every vote from a MNO is crucial for the development of the project.

The more ways to spend dash for real goods and services = Metcalfe's law winning.

It would be great if we could introduce Dash to ebay sellers and get them to accept a Dash escrow service instead of paypal. Instead of rebuilding ebay just hijack it.

* Good incentive design.

- Adds a level of gamification

- Community Effort

* Entirely on the Dash Network

* Reasonable cost/ask

We are voting YES

Opera Node
0 points,10 months ago
I've updated the proposal with a 30% equity stake offering to the MN-owned New Zealand Trust that Core has been working on.
Hopefully that closes the deal for those of you that are on the fence!
-2 points,10 months ago
Hello! Do you have a portfolio with same projects or that is your first work on coding? How to check your skills?
1 point,10 months ago
Hi TylerSwift,

Here are a couple examples of what you could expect the finished product to "feel" like.
These sites are built by the Web Team that I've hired. I am personally not a web developer and so I've hired the best team that is local to me that has been in business over 20 years experience, handling dedicated servers, VPS and websites online - both windows and linux. They have experience with websites of all stripes from to wordpress, xcart, joomla and many more. They build them, manage them and maintain them and have for more years than any company I know.
0 points,10 months ago

I am an employee of the web development firm that Nate had chosen to work with.

Yesterday, we were notified that he has chosen a new development firm.

Because our name has been attached to this proposal, we felt an obligation to let MNO's and others watching the project know that, at this point in time, it looks like development moving forward will be taken care of by another firm.

We wish the project great success and look forward to seeing the final product launched!
0 points,10 months ago
i voted yes, but like walter mentioned earlier, i think ur devs are taking u for a ride. Unless this is custom coded this is very expensive. this kind of funding for web dev would get u coders from major consulting firms.

Do u have any background in programming so that u can call them out on padded timelines?
0 points,10 months ago
Agree, thats must be raaaather cheaper bro
0 points,10 months ago
Hi unchained,

Thanks for your votes. While I appreciate cost-efficiency as much as the next MNO, as mentioned in my reply to Walter, the value is not attained from saving a few dollars in the upfront cost - it is from having a tried, testing, flawless working site that can be maintained and secured and represents Dash well. This investment will literally pay dividends when we get the Dashop dAPP on Evo going and are able to reward MNOs with profit sharing through the New Zealand Trust. Also, Dashop will serve as a hallmark for the Evo platform and be a "work-ready" app that will attract users and other companies to it, increasing the desirability and utilization of the ecosystem.
-1 point,10 months ago
For what is offered here, this is unbelievably expensive. This is an enthusiastic NO
2 points,10 months ago
Hi hu-man,

Perhaps you don't see the vision.
Did you know that Monero's merchant announcements boosted their valuation by 50%? Food for thought...

The problem is that Dash doesn't have a marketplace. In order to be "on the map" I feel like a marketplace and Dash should be hand in hand. To me, it's obvious.

Here are some reasons why one might be in favor of supporting

- a place to spend Dash online in North America and Venezuela (to begin with)
- engages and activates the community by offering rewards with bounties for recruiting qualifying merchants
- offers a Spanish language site to build out the infrastructure being laid in Venezuela (with DashHelp Venezuela customer service)
- builds interest in Dash as a digital payments platform and use-case as digital cash in general
- attracts other crypto holders and investors into Dash because it will have everyday utility
- Dashop DAPP will offer good reason for users to adopt Evo platform with work-ready utility from the get-go
- attracts companies to build dAPPs with roll-out of Evolution
- offers 30% equity stake of Dashop Inc. to MNOs via NZ Trust (when available)

The problem I foresee with Evolution is that we'll have this beautiful platform to build onto but it could be a bit sparse with few options besides the wallet. What I want for Dash is to have something considerable besides the wallet app to use from Day 1 to encourage people to "make the leap," so to speak.

The hard work is in on-boarding and maintaining a vast amount of quality merchants that will represent Dash well and offer a multitude of products and services. This is why I'll be creating a bounty system to leverage the community to seek out and recruit high quality SME's to be included in the marketplace.
There will be a qualification process which will scrutinize the business history and ensure it's good standing to prove it is worthy of being a part of the Dash Economy.

I've been with Dash from the beginning and active for the past year so I feel like I've done my time to learn the nuances and am willing to put my reputation on the line to do something great for Dash.

I hope that you all will entrust your votes with me so that I can do my best to help grow Dashop Marketplace and DashNation.
The voting has been very positive so far but I'd like more show of support.

Looking forward to a mutually beneficial relationship with MNO community.
3 points,10 months ago

A few more questions:

- Which country will the website be operated from? And where will the data be physically hosted? This is important as it Governs what your obligations are with regards to data protection.

- There seems to be little in the way of details about how you plan to keep the website secure and protect customer data from hackers. Could you expand on these considerations please? A database full of Dash users, their names, addresses, contact details and wallet addresses could be an attractive target for hackers in the future.. I believe you're using Wordpress as your starting point (?) this is fine for e-commerce this article contains some very good points about the pros/cons:

- Another issue I have.. 1 week to integrate WooCommerce and WC Marketplace? Your web people must be doing it wrong if it takes a week.. If you're using WordPress with Woocommerce & DashPayments plugin by Nathan Marley (the impression I get from the work schedule) then a fully functional e-commerce site (unskinned and unpopulated with products/merchants) shouldn't take more than a day to build, and I'm being generous there..

- Likewise for the REST API integration, 1 week? Again, I'd question your web team on this.

- Could you send us a link to some examples of similar e-commerce websites that this specialist web design company have built in the past please? Does this company have a name? I assume this is being contracted out at this price? Which leads me onto..

- Finally, the cost.. 200 Dash ($160,000) is a lot of money for a Wordpress site with woocommerce integration and Dashpayments plugin. There is no denying that. Are you sure your web team aren't trying their luck here? I'd be expecting a website to be coded from scratch for that!


0 points,10 months ago
Hi Walter,

Thanks for your questions.

As you may know, Wordpress sites represent 26% of all sites in the world and is open-source, which incentivizes the worldwide community of paid and volunteer developers to create continuous updates and security patches. We will be implementing all security and DDoS protection features and methods available, within reason. While no platform on the internet is perfect, even the article you referenced says "go for it." In short, if you're comfortable shopping online, you should feel comfortable shopping at

If you're not, well, perhaps waiting for the Dashop DAPP is for you.

Here's a quote from

"The security of WooCommerce is beyond question. Its dedicated team of developers as well as volunteers around the world (because WooCommerce is open source plugin) keep it tightly secured and safe."

I'll do my best to answer your questions since it's now the weekend and the Web Team is off until Monday, which is after the voting deadline. I wish you'd given me more time.

Q- Which country will the website be operated from? And where will the data be physically hosted? This is important as it Governs what your obligations are with regards to data protection.
A: Canada.

Q- - There seems to be little in the way of details about how you plan to keep the website secure and protect customer data from hackers. Could you expand on these considerations please?

A: Here are some off the top of my head - I'm sure the Web Team would have more to say about this:
-Continuous security schedule to update/patch platforms and plug-ins
-Secure passwords: changed periodically
-HTTPS Connections
-Encrypted User Data
-Secure Checkout/SSL Certs
-Jetpack Plugin to Prevent Brute Force Attack
-Dedicated hosting server with DDoS protection
-User Tips for best practices to reduce targeting

-The Web Team contractor does have a name. Since this project is intended to be as secure as possible, I'm not going to dox them. I suppose this requires some trust in me, however, perhaps you could sympathize with that security measure?
I’d need permission to share their portfolio. Unfortunately, the timing may not allow that. I will try.
The timeline granularity is 1 week - not 1 day. The Team is not working full-time for Dashop as they're busy and in high demand.

With regards to the cost, my focus is more about the final product than the lowest bid. Maybe I could get it built for 20 Dash in India. Could I trust the final product? NDA? Quality control? Web management? Prevent insider attacks? No on all fronts. I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night in that scenario. I think what’s most important is the competence of the Team and the fact that I can physically go down the street to meet them and resolve any issues.

I hope that answered your concerns.

4 points,10 months ago
Thank for your responses, much appreciated. I really like the idea and I genuinely want to support it but I really think you should consider a tender process for this Website Development work - given the high price you've been quoted.

You don't need to go to India to get it done for less than 20 Dash. The going rate for a website to the spec and standard outlined in your proposal is $15,000-$25,000 at the top end in the UK... I'm willing to accept that labour rates differ in various countries but the UK and Canada can't be out of whack by $140,000.. ? Even on a $1,000 day rate for a high quality web developer that's 160 days labour? Or 80 Days for two developers etc. It doesn't take this much labour to build this, that's all you're paying for if you think about it.. most of the software is open source, hosting is buttons, even paid for Themes are fairly inexpensive. The website is 80% templated out of the box with a CMS, various plug-ins for e-commerce, payments, security etc. It takes hours not days to get a functioning website up and running, they've already done the bulk of it in the demo link they've provided to be honest, if you don't know that then you should..

Please think about what I've said, you're being taken for a ride by your developers charging you $160,000 for this website. It's scandalous. At the very least get 2 or 3 prices in from different web agencies in Canada. This is a lot of money the MNOs are trusting in your hands and they won't be forgiving if it turns out you've been ripped off.. Especially if you didn't do enough due diligence through a fully transparent tender and selection process.

All the best with it, I genuinely want this to succeed, please don't waste all that money though, do this properly and get a second and third opinion from other web agencies in your local area.

2 points,10 months ago
Just one more thing.. As Colombo would say..

You state that your web team does have a name, yet you will not tell us.. Why shouldn't the MNO's know that name? I don't understand your logic about not 'doxing' them.. why?

You state that it's for 'security' reasons... These guys are asking you for $160,000 of our money.. What do they so desperately need to keep secret? It's a pretty severe security measure..
It's not like they have a copy of Colonel Sander's 11 secret spices here is it..?

..And if their web security is as good as it should be (for $160,000 remember..) then they shouldn't really be concerned about any potential security issues or 'honeypot' attacks...? These guys should be pros? I don't get the security angle you've taken, it doesn't stack up.

Also - you should already have permission to share the details of their portfolio of past works.. It's pretty basic due diligence and refusal to provide evidence of past works is a big red flag, frankly.

I'm afraid that your responses so far with regards to your "web team" doesn't pass the sniff test. No other web design company contracted to the network has ever refused to Dox themselves. I don't understand why it should be different this time around? I don't doubt your integrity, it's the web company you're contracting in that I have serious reservations with here..

I reiterate - I want this proposal to pass because I like the concept and fundamentals, but the Web Team (whomever they are?!) should be able to demonstrate their capability and/or professional integrity in some way before receiving any of this funding. I speak for myself but I'm sure the network would agree as it's not an unreasonable request. The information should have been there from the outset to be honest, that in itself is an oversight, but it's something that can be easily rectified post-vote.

2 points,10 months ago
I think "major merchant letter of intent" could be considered a bit misleading here.. I'm sure Mike's Computer Shop is a great business but - with respect to them - it not exactly a fortune 500 operation. It's got around 10 or 11 staff and a turnover under $2m according to Google. Also bear in mind that a good chunk of this turnover would have to come from their physical shop locations (3 shops) in order for those shops to be viable operations. So let's be generous and say they do $1m in online sales. Even if they did decide to use to supplement their online sales strategy would we really see a meaningful amount of trade as a result of the LOI? I'm not looking to cause trouble here, its just when I hear "Major Merchant" in the context of Dash being a multi-billion $$ market cap organisation I was kinda expecting a a lot more if i'm being honest. It also concerns me that some MNOs might take this claim along with the Letter of Intent at face value, without researching the company behind the letter. There is a risk that the MNOs could trust that your definition of "Major" aligns with that of the MNOs as a whole, when it probably doesn't if we're looking at it objectively..

0 points,10 months ago
Mikes computer shop is a small biz joke lol good catch :p
0 points,10 months ago
Hi Walter,

Thanks for your input.
It wasn't my intention to mislead anyone here.
With that said, any Fortune 500 company likely won't be listed on - they will just "Accept Dash" on their own. For example, I don't see Wal-Mart listed on, do you? The objective of, as quoted is to "level the playing field for small businesses to thrive and succeed against more well-known marketplaces by eliminating transaction processing fees from credit cards or crypto payment gateways."
I think that's pretty cut and dry and not misleading at all.

Remember, Amazon is based off of small businesses like those that will attract. This will help force the hand of Amazon and other marketplaces to accept Dash if they see it as a viable payments platform that can save them transaction and processing fees.
1 point,10 months ago
Why is 'Trollero'

(at best a non very funny faux troll MNO account as with " trollero MNO 4 days ago
But can I buy Mariah Carey music like with Monero!!!??? #REKT " )

answering Walter's question here (above) like they own the proposal?

Am I missing something @InstantKarmaFund ??
0 points,10 months ago
I don't doubt the objective of the project, and the overall proposal isn't misleading. I just want to make that clear! It's with regards to "major merchant letter of intent" I am referring to, I just think it's an unfortunate choice of words that's all..
0 points,10 months ago
We need to focus on integerations not try cresting amazon replicas using dash.

If we have a proper payment channel then we can use that with merchants all over the globe just my .2cents
1 point,10 months ago
Hi Realmrhack,

The whole objective of this proposal is to integrate Dash with other businesses. Dash is the payment channel.
0 points,10 months ago
Sorry for my misunderstanding
0 points,10 months ago
Exactly. We should focus on integration. Not creating exclusive marketplaces.
2 points,10 months ago
Hello Nate. You count with my fully support and from Dash Help team. Hopefully, we will do great things together.
-1 point,10 months ago
Happy to see escrow and clear milestones. Yes from me.
-1 point,10 months ago
This is one of the best projects submitted in this round. Serious Adoption Project.. Excellent work! You have my full support..
1 point,10 months ago
There are in my eyes a couple of critical features that are needed.

Merchants who already sell on Amazon, eBay or Etsy need to be able to easily import their listed products.

There needs to be support for multi variance products. Even the big sites IMO do this very poorly and for no good reason. Etsy is probably the least terrible example.

There also needs to be an interface for the merchant to print postage.

I have been a merchant on Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and Newegg and all of them lack some basic features or have them but in an absurdly over complicated way. I was working with the people who were putting together for a while, before they suddenly vanished, took down the site and stopped answer email.
0 points,10 months ago

The Web Team has advised me that the best way to transfer your inventory would be with a CSV file. So, export your products via CSV and then import them into your store. Should be very simple and fast.

Also, the store will include a shipping label plug-in to make it easy to print labels and ship with minimal effort.
1 point,10 months ago
Hi ericools,

I've taken note of your advice and will request the Web Team to implement these features into a user-friendly interface, where possible.

As noted in the proposal, the listed products can be easily imported using a custom API, .CSV, or manually.
-3 points,10 months ago
But can I buy Mariah Carey music like with Monero!!!??? #REKT
2 points,10 months ago
I would like to see it live!
1 point,10 months ago
Wow, I can't believe this is the first i'm hearing about this, guess I missed the pre-prop discussion. This is a great idea however....

This is potentially a billion dollar private company/app in the next 10 years. The only way I would support Dash paying for it is if Dash shared in the profits.
I don't know that 6 days is long enough to make such important decisions and make a deal that most everyone would be happy with.

It's a great idea and I would consider funding it yourself so you don't have to split the profits with Dash.
The other option would be to get paid for overseeing it get built and having it fully community owned like DiscoverDash, which too will help bootstrap evolution merchants.
-1 point,10 months ago
>> It's a great idea and I would consider funding it yourself so you don't have to split the profits with Dash.
Me too
2 points,10 months ago
Hi Mastermined,

Thanks for your input.
The funding model was discussed in the pre-proposal and I've thought a lot about it since.
The reason this website needs funding is to leverage the Treasury and to pass on the savings to the consumers.
This will maximize adoption of customers and merchants into the Dash ecosystem and give them a positive experience with Dashop and Dash.

I thought about the DFO model as well, but that just doesn't sit right with me - coming to the Treasury every month for maintenance expenses. Not enough incentive for this project to reach it's maximum potential, IMO.

I've decided against a profit sharing model for this website at this stage because that can be gamed with excessively high "expenses" and I don't want to put other MNOs and the Treasury in that position, if and when there is a succession plan.

The benefit to MNOs such as yourself is that you will be able to live more exclusively in the Dash ecosystem. Also, this website should generate considerable gain in marketcap for Dash, boosting the value of your monthly rewards and net worth.

The second phase of this project will include the Dashop DAPP under a separate proposal. At this point, I'm expecting that the MNO Swiss Trust will be operational and I would like to make a proposal to MNOs at that time to determine a way to have a major stake in the success of the Dashop DAPP.
As you know, the Evolution ecosystem is the killer app in this space and I will be happy to share in the success of Dashop Evolution DAPP with MNOs once a more formal relationship can be structured.

1 point,10 months ago
Two more quick questions.
When you say " major stake" what does that mean numbers wise?

Also, I expect the price to rise significantly over the next 5 months. What will be done with the extra funds and will any funds be put into masternode shares to offset some of the cost?
0 points,10 months ago
Ok, I like that, thanks and keep in touch.
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Evolution DAPP should be added to summary and/or title imo
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Thanks for your input.
I've added a sentence about the Evo DAPP at the end of the Summary.
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MNO, Sydney, Australia.
Subject: Website maintenance of dead merchant links.

Perhaps it is just me, there any mechanism to weed out businesses that discontinue to accept Dash or business that fail and disappear.
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Hi Criticalinput,
The mechanism would be to remove their store from the website, which I believe would be against their best interests. As part of our on-boarding process, we will only be accepting merchants that have a solid reputation, understand the technology and how to manage it. There will be a "startup package" that educates each merchant and offers best practices on how to securely manage their funds and resources for exchanges in their area. We will do everything possible to ensure merchants are educated and have support to answer any questions. This will encourage their participation and offer a great user experience for customers of
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thank you
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did you not start the site development?
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Yes it has started.
The Dynamic Concept page demonstrates that.
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this seems to me very expensive, although i know from experience that developing a online shopping marketplace takes a lot of time, but you still do not have a system that we could test; moreover DASH does not need an exclusive online shopping marketplace, but many websites and many online shopping marketplace in different languages and different segments of e-commerce.
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I like the proposal and long-term goals (especially with an eye toward early Evolution integration). I would like to see maybe a bit more in-depth breakdown of how and why the budget is allocated the way it is. So for example, 200 Dash for building the website, how is that broken down, how many developers and how many hours are they working, etc? If we had a better breakdown of these costs, I feel it would be much easier to vote "yes."
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Hi Arthyron,
The Web Team is comprised of 4 devs and can scale as needed.
Did you get a chance to see the WorkPlan document? The funds will be disbursed bi-weekly based on completion of the deliverables listed. The payments of 15.38 Dash (200 Dash/(26 weeks/2 weeks per payment)) will go out every 2 weeks, assuming the timeline is accurate. The timeline is quite conservative though, so I expect it to be completed sooner than 26 weeks.