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Title:Scaling up the Dash Mall and Parking to 150 Shopping Malls in Venezuela with Dash MyP Website
Monthly amount: 69 DASH (6703 USD)
Completed payments: no payments occurred yet (4 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2021-01-12 / 2021-05-12 (added on 2021-01-08)
Votes: 763 Yes / 96 No / 11 Abstain
Will be funded: Yes
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Proposal description

  The goal of this project is to scale up the Dash Mall Parking Solution to all car parks in Venezuela that have a parking payment problem. 

Update: Educational website for parking owners about Dash is LIVE:

Our market research shows that there are 150 shopping Mall car parks with a parking problem in Venezuela. Each shopping mall has approximately 5000 customers per month. This represents a total of approximately 750,000 users that could use Dash as a payment solution tosolve the parking problem.
Our Strategy:
  The cost for parking is low and has many users.   The DMP solution provides new users an opportunity to learn how to use Dash with very low risk to them  and to show them that Dash can solve a real world payment solution. Once we have built a large user base for the DMP solution it gives much greater confidence for Merchants in the Malls to consider accepting DASH as a payment solution. 
  Our strategy is to build a large, loyal user base of Dash customers with parking solution first and then to move to the shops in the Malls.  We have had many shop owners asking us how they can get a Dash POS system with payment cards, we hope to start distribution this month when Dash Retail ships Pos and cards.
 Currently we send address information to Ash of Dash Retail and he will provide us Payment Terminals and Payment Cards this month.
Stage 1: (Completed)

  Build and refine an effective Dash Payment parking solution for Merida first. We have now got DMP solution established in 7 shopping malls in Merida. By working locally first we have learn’t all the problems and challenges we needed to fix in order
to refine our parking payment solution.
This stage was necessary before we could scale upour Dash parking solution to more shopping malls.
Status on Stage 1:
  We have completed this stage. We have Dash Mall Parking payment solution installed in 7 shopping malls in Mérida and we have 2000 transactions per month despite Covid-19, we have refined our Payment Solution and worked out all the problems
and issues.
Stage 2. Scale up: (Completed)
  This is what our proposal is about.  We are now ready to scale up the DMP solution to all shopping malls in Venezuela with a payment solution problem. We have identified 150 such malls.   The way we will scale up the DMP solution is by the following:
a) Create a website showcasing the DMP parking solution that will enable on boarding of new Shopping Malls through all of
Venezuela to obtain the DMP payment solution. This  new website will enable us showcase the DMPsolution and to highlight its benefits.
Status on Stage 2: First version of this website is ready: (Completed)

  The new website will also enable shopping Malls to learn how to operate the DMP solution without us having to visit each of the malls personally. Therefore it will also be a support portal that will provide educational content and tech support for shopping Malls all around Venezuela.
Stage 3: 
  a) We will actively promote the new DMP onboarding website to the shopping malls across all of Venezuela so that they will learn about the DMP solution and know how to implement it on their own, In addition, they will be listed and contacted by our team via online to deliver labels and pop material.
  b) If funding permits we may also be able to organize a showcase event at one of our existing shopping Malls in Merida so that shopping Malls outside of Merida can attend the event to experience first hand the DMP solution.
  Our goal has been to be financially self sufficient and eventually not to rely on DAO funding to run our operation.   In order to achieve this goal we will use the POS systems, Payment Cards and Dash sales by whatsapp. 
  The MNO DeepBlue  has been communicating with Dash Retail on our behalf. DeepBlue has also been working with us to review and modify our business plan and strategies which we are implementing.

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-1 point,6 days ago
Unfortunately, I have decided to vote this particular proposal down due to the uncertainty surrounding DashRetail, which appears to be an integral part of the DMAP initiative.

DashRetail's crypto cards have "" printed on them, but there is no website at And then of course there is no website at explaining who is hosting the product, what it is, or how to use it.
3 points,6 days ago
The website will be ready before the arrival of the cards and usage of the cards in Venezuela. We're building our main website but right now our focus is on adding fiat off-ramping (which would require a lot of changes to any built website anyway).
-3 points,6 days ago
IMHO the DAO should not be awarding any more funds based upon your promises.
3 points,16 days ago
Yes from me.
0 points,16 days ago
Hello Qwizzie, thanks for your support!
-4 points,17 days ago
My advice to you is do not send any funds to DashRetail until they have an actual product. What they have now is a demo. And do not pay for any plastic cards that AFAICT do nothing right now.
3 points,16 days ago
Hello Geert, Thanks for all your coments.

We will not send funds to Dash Retail, we will receive the POS and we will do the tests together in Venezuela when everything works well the POS will be distributed to each of the parking lots and the Nfc cards to the users.

Thanks for your feedback,
-3 points,14 days ago
Thank you for responding Yoana. Can you explain why the NFC cards are necessary? Is there a significant percent of your potential users who have no cellphone?
1 point,12 days ago
Hello Geert, Thanks for your question.

The NFC card is part of a transition process for new users, this process between debit cards and the ease offered by Dash as a payment method, in addition, NFC cards would be marked with a link to train a beginner on their benefits and how to use it.

The NFC card does not require the user to have a phone and makes it very easy for anyone to use. Without technology involved, in addition, we have a large number of requests in each shopping center to distribute the cards, people need a solution that works quickly and with Dash and the alliance with the parking lots we are achieving it

Regards, Yoana.
-4 points,16 days ago
While we are on the subject, you should be using the most appropriate and cost-effective solutions AND NOT NECESSARILY something DashRetail has cooked up. Although Ash is a Dash Trust Protector, your funding does not depend on him or his project.

With respect to DeepBlue, he is just another anonymous masternode owner AFAIK who poses as a Dash whale. His aims here are unknown. Maybe you know his true identity? Unless you can verify exactly who DeepBlue is I would not assume he can be trusted, and under no circumstances would I send him funds.
3 points,11 days ago
@geert, you really need to get out more often away from your PC. You're talking so much bullshit that its beginning to sound like paranoid delusion.
-3 points,11 days ago
Please let's keep focussed on this proposal. DeepBlue, is it possible for you to add to DMAP's business plan a contingency in case DR is unable to perform? In the case that DR is unable to ship a usable product in a reasonable timeframe?
1 point,10 days ago
Here's a instructional video on rebounding to clear paranoid toxic thoughts through lymphatic clearing . Enjoy!
1 point,10 days ago
@geert my comments are focused on ensuring characters like you don't troll proposals like you have been doing. Your comments are paranoid. To prove my point that you are paranoid provide a link to the text where you claim that I'm posing as a "Dash Whale". I have never posed as a Dash Whale. Therefore provide your evidence - if you can't your statement is paranoid.

Secondly you warn DMP not to send money to me. Why on earth would I want money from DMP? I give my time freely to support DMP I don't want (or need) money from anyone. Therefore on what basis did you say this? Provide your evidence on which you base that comment. If you can't provide evidence then, once again your paranoid.

My suggestion for you to get away from your PC is genuine. Try some rebounding exercises. Rebounding helps to promote lymph flow which clears cellular toxic metabolites that can pollute the mine and lead to warped ideas about reality.
0 points,10 days ago
typo *pollute the mind
-3 points,10 days ago
You're not addressing my point. DashRetail does not have a useable product at this time, so DMAP should start thinking about alternatives. Is your loyalty to DashRetail or to Dash?
-3 points,19 days ago
DW December report as of today: "Dash Watch has not received an update for December 2020 reporting. If received, Dash Watch will update this report to reflect the new information."

DW November report: "We are finalizing details to receive from Dash Retail POs and the
NFC cards will cost around $ 0.30- $ 0.50 each..."

There is still no DashRetail user agreement or top-level website, and there have been no updates to the webapp since March. IMHO you should assume DashRetail has been abandoned. Do you have a backup plan for processing transactions? How are you doing it now?
3 points,18 days ago
There have been a ton of updates to Dash Retail since March, including the full release of the NFC card system, in-store exchange system, refactoring of a large part of the codebase (ongoing), support for 5+ different Android hardware POS devices, and a lot more.
-4 points,18 days ago
You are expecting DMAP clients to use a custodial crypto web app that has no user agreement, no terms of service, no supporting website and hosted by nobody? This is not the Silk Road and you're not Dread Pirate Ashton.
2 points,18 days ago
It's not custodial, we're working on our compliance and it's hosted by us (Astound Group Ltd).