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Title:Dash Watch Third Proposal Oct 2018
Monthly amount: 117 DASH (18575 USD)
Completed payments: 1 totaling in 117 DASH (2 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2018-09-17 / 2018-12-15 (added on 2018-09-19)
Votes: 658 Yes / 45 No / 10 Abstain
Will be funded: Yes
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Proposal description

Dash Watch Third Proposal

Dash Watch is submitting a proposal for three months of funding with an ask of 117 Dash or 21,500USD per month at $186/Dash which represents a 70% reduction from our prior proposal out of our concern for the welfare of other proposals. We have stopped web development and cut our salaries significantly (two of us completely) as of a few months ago in order that our proposal could last two additional months without requesting funding at a time when funding for other crucial proposals was very constrained.

Despite the limited budget, we hope that you agree that the work and progress we have made towards greater awareness and accountability of proposals is important, and that it should be continued despite the limited budget. With your support, we hope to continue doing monthly follow-up and reports on all active proposals, along with more detailed reports, video interviews, and financial reviews on proposals the community would like us to take a more in-depth look at.

The latest Dash Watch report can be viewed HERE which highlights the new style of reports coming in September

Proposal Summary

Dash Watch seeks to create a site that will house the most accurate, relevant, and up-to-date information on all ongoing proposals. Dash Watch will also publish monthly reports for masternode owners and community members. These reports will help readers grasp the current scope and progress of treasury proposals and increase accountability.

Key Proposal Hypotheses:

  1. Tracking and reporting on funded proposals will increase the accountability of proposal owners work

  2. Then MNO community will be able to make more informed decisions about funding projects by reading Dash Watch monthly reports and reviewing the metrics found on

  3. Dash Watch will be responsive to changes and improvements brought forward by MNOs

Work Completed

Dash Watch has produced 320 monthly reports and videos for Dash-funded proposals covering proposal status, milestone delivery, expenditures and additional news posted on since February.

New Key Proposal Hypotheses and Key Performance Indicators have been added to allow MNOs to better gauge proposal value on a monthly basis. 

Milestone verification has been added to all reports, allowing MNOs to easily see which milestones listed by the proposal owner have supporting documentation, and are verified as being complete.

Dash Watch performed a comprehensive review of all funded proposals to identify common pain points that can be addressed in the pre-proposal phase. A summary of these results can be found HERE. The Dash Watch team is working with Dash Nexus to find ways to address these issues systematically.

Dash Watch conducted a two-day full audit report with Kuvacash co-founder Drako Kerdemelidis including a two-hour video interview HERE, financial audit, and a review of the Kuva Application and software to confirm its functionality HERE.  Dash Watch has also conducted video interviews with HERE Scott Farnsworth regarding his FanDuel proposal HERE, and with John Clark, the CEO of Bit to Byte, HERE.

Dash Watch has sought to improve community engagement with reports, including producing a spreadsheet that links all of the completed reports for a given month with those that can be voted on at the top. This document is shared directly with the community on twitter HERE and DashNation Discord. 

Dash Watch has been able to extend its run rate to 5 months from the initial 3 months indicated in the proposal by stopping web development, reducing the compensation for the report team and cutting compensation completely for the project manager and of one the team members. Dash Watch will have exhausted all funds by the end of this month and will therefore be requesting additional funding in the September budget cycle to continue providing services.

Additional work completed

  • Dash Watch has published a video with Fernando of DCG and Jesse of Wachsman to provide clarity on marketing and PR activity HERE

  • Community concern reports Dash Venezuela Expenditures HERE, Dash Africa-Dash Leopard dispute HERE and Green Candle-Dash Boost HERE.

  • In-depth summary report for Dash Embassy HERE

  • MNO Guide to Dash Venezuela and Dash Caracas HERE

  • Support documents have been created to help proposal owners clearly define the key proposal hypotheses and key performance indicators they are going to be tracking and providing for Dash Watch reports HERE

  • Continued to add new proposals, metrics, events, milestones and reports to

  • Mediated Dash Boost and Green Candle dispute as an objective third party

  • Continued to answer numerous direct questions from individual MNOs about proposals and gather specific information when requested

  • Core calendar events added to the Dash Watch site

Monthly Budget Allocation

Four Person Reporting and Research Team (does not include project manager paragon): $14,500

Data Verification and Data Entry: $1,600

Project Management: $3,000

Web Hosting and Reporting Software/Miscellaneous: $400

Contingency 10%: $2,000

Note: We have never and will never take on the risks or benefits of appreciation or depreciation in the price of Dash. Any Dash appreciation has always and will always be rolled over to allow additional months of reporting to continue without requesting additional funding and any shortfall will be requested in a future proposal.

Future Plans

  • Continue producing detailed monthly reports on active and ongoing proposals

  • Continue producing video interviews and content on Dash-funded proposals

  • Continue to engage with MNOs to add additional features and components to the work we do to add value to the network

  • Continue doing more detailed verification reports for proposals that require additional attestations and due diligence work

  • Dash Watch reports posted on Dash Nexus

  • Continued work with DCG to update the community on PR and marketing efforts

  • Best practice guides and write ups for proposal categories

  • Meta analysis of previously funded proposals

  • Ensure GreenCandle and DashBoost dispute reaches a transparent and equitable conclusion

  • Video tutorial showing proposal owners the most efficient way to provide Dash Watch with your monthly update.

  • Continue to improve and professionalize the structure and appearance of Dash Watch reports

Feedback and comments are appreciated and welcome as we continue to evolve and improve the service we provide to the Dash community.

Please feel free to contact us at or on Discord as paragon, DashWatchTeam, Dash-Al, GJacobs123, MattDash, or peytondw

Thanks your support and we look forward to continuing to serve the masternodes and community!

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0 points,2 days ago
This is an easy yes for me.

But what makes me wonder is that allot of people don't believe or trust KuvaCash on certain aspects such as milestone, treasure spending, bookkeeping and software development, but dashwatch did these types of check-ups, but dashwatch is in the clear. At any-rate you can't have it both ways. Either in these for mentioned area's they are both at fault or they are both in the clear.
0 points,18 days ago
YES. this needs to continue to happen one way or another.
0 points,19 days ago
Can you go one step further summarizing by proposal owner: total $ funded, % of projects completed on time?
1 point,15 days ago
We've put a temporary freeze on web development spending as of a few months ago so that our proposal didn't overburden the constrained budget and so that we gave Dash Nexus enough time to fully develop its initial feature set. This will allow time for us to determine which features may become redundant that we intended to build. If you meant could we put this information on our reports, that's a different matter. I'd be happy to discuss this with the team and other community members.

It'd be great to speak with you about what you'd like to see via Discord, my username is paragon

1 point,20 days ago
Hi DashCentral MNOs and community members, Dash Watch has created a master proposal report document for the month of September. We recognize that community members have limited time to review all the reports and metrics available on and have created a simple document that organizes and displays links to all of our current September reports.
1 point,20 days ago
You have my votes.
3 points,21 days ago
Another easy yes. Dashwatch continues to put in the hard work to bring clarity to complex and contentious proposals.
0 points,20 days ago
Thank you solarguy for all your contributions to our project. You've been one of the biggest helps since conception.
-2 points,21 days ago
Your website's security certificate is expired, or there is another problem that prevents it loading from more than one of my computers.

I like the idea of DashWatch, and have found that a few reports have helped to guide my voting decisions, but the navigability of your website is kind of nightmare-ish.

I'd really just like for there to be a single button on the homepage that leads to a synopsis of ALL CURRENT, NEW PROPOSALS each month. I don't want to have to dig, scroll, manually cross-reference, or search.

Can this be done?
1 point,20 days ago
Hey Callalilly,
Thanks for letting us know about the SSL issue. Fortunately, we were also aware of it right away and were able to contact our web developer and have it fixed within a few hours.

Regarding the poor navigability of our website, please bear in mind, that we elected as a group to put a freeze on spending on web development as of several months ago so that we didn't require funding at a time when other crucial proposals may have needed it more, and also because we wanted to see what components of our website Dash Nexus might make redundant.

However, to further address the navigability concern and to make our reports more convenient and accessible, we do release a google doc before the end of every voting cycle listing all of our reports for that month. If you still prefer to use our website, when you click the reports button, you should see all of our reports uploaded in the order of most recent to oldest. Here’s a direct link:

I hope this helps
2 points,22 days ago
Yes from me.
0 points,20 days ago
Thanks for the continued support qwizzie
3 points,23 days ago
I agree, we really benefit from this proposal. Thanks guys!
0 points,20 days ago
We really appreciate you giving us an opportunity to prove ourselves TanteStefana, and we’re happy to hear you’re deriving benefit from our work. We’ve taken into account your and many others’ concerns about centralization of influence and have striven very hard to keep our work as factual as possible. Please let us know if there’s anything pertaining to objectivity that we can improve or if you ever feel like we’ve overstepped our bounds.
3 points,26 days ago
I have used the Dashwatch reports to help me make voting decisions and to better understand certain projects. Voting YES.
0 points,20 days ago
Thanks for your open-mindedness and continued support ec1warc1, feel free to let us know if there’s anything we can do to better serve your or other masternodes’ needs for objective, accurate, up-to-date proposal information.
6 points,26 days ago
You have my votes.

I would also like to see all Dash Core Group funding requests included in DASH Watch reports and projects like Alt36. These are amongst our largest spends. This would save time for DCG and would also be valuable information for investors who might be researching to learn more about a crypto before they choose to invest.

The network is appointing DASH watch to do reports on all major funding projects.

If other MNOs also want to see DCG included in the reports then this is the place to voice your opinion. If no MNOs request this then I will not raise this point again. It is important we raise points on how we expect our funds to be spent.

We need DASH watch reports on all major projects in my opinion including Core projects.

Voting yes.
0 points,20 days ago
Thanks for the feedback and continued support DeepBlue.

As you mentioned, Core and Alt36 have opted out of providing us monthly reports and instead have continued reporting through their own channels. Since they were doing this before Dash Watch began, much of the community has been accepting of it. However, if a significant amount of the community became outspokenly in favor of what you proposed above, I’m sure Core or Alt36 may reconsider.

In such a case, we would happily oblige and do our absolute best to incorporate it into the scope of our monthly work as quickly as possible, despite the fact that covering all of Core’s proposals alone would necessitate a substantial increase in our team's current man-hours, and therefore our operational cost.

Thanks again for your support and for voicing your perspective, we definitely will bear it in mind.
5 points,27 days ago
I would place the efforts of Dash Watch on par in terms of importance to the DAO only with Dash Core Group and Dash Nexus. I shudder to think at what kind of horrible mistakes the DAO may have made over the last several months without the constant vigilance and input of Dash Watch. They've done a fantastic job of covering all the important and relevant information of proposals while maintaining neutrality and avoiding editorial content. Objectivity is a very difficult thing to maintain when so much funding--even at these prices--is on the line. The work of Dash Watch is critical to the continued optimal functioning of the DAO and the progress of Dash as a whole as we move forward through the release of Evolution MVP and beyond. Please continue to support Dash Watch, it's essential to our collective work.
0 points,20 days ago
Thanks for the very appreciative and flattering words Arthyron. As you said, objectivity in our proposal coverage has been one our most important commitments since inception, and we fully understand the trust the community has put in us to remain as objective as possible while at the same time relaying all of the most important information. We hope to continue living up to your expectations.

Thanks for all your contributions to Dash Watch and to Dash itself
5 points,27 days ago
You guys are doing a great job and I find the reports really helpful, easy YES from me.
1 point,27 days ago
Thanks Technoir, we appreciate it
2 points,27 days ago
Definitly needed keep up the good work @paragon and team thank you on behalf of the dash network.
1 point,27 days ago
Thanks Mr Hack! We're really glad to have you as a supporter especially because there was a moment in the past where we had lost your support. Please let us know if we ever disappoint you.
5 points,28 days ago
2 points,27 days ago
Thanks a lot for the continued support Brian ever since the inception of the idea of Dash Watch