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Title:DASH FORCE: January - April
Monthly amount: 350 DASH (61437 USD)
Completed payments: 4 totaling in 1400 DASH (0 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2018-12-17 / 2019-04-15 (added on 2018-12-13)
Final voting deadline: in passed
Votes: 0 Yes / 0 No / 0 Abstain

Proposal description


We at the Dash Force aim to be the Dash community's front line of defense and support. Our mission is to provide support to the human ecosystem surrounding Dash, ensuring that its network effects are maximized by building a community that is the envy of the digital currency world.
Whether it be countering online trolls, reporting critical news, helping local meetups flourish, encouraging economic activity to newly integrated services and exchanges, or bringing in new members and fans, we will do our best to ensure that Dash's community grows and strengthens into a positive social movement behind some of the most amazing and revolutionary technology of our time.
Above all, we seek to conduct ourselves as ambassadors of the Dash community in a polite and professional manner, using honesty and genuine goodwill to represent and preserve Dash's positive and community-focused brand, and relentless tenacity and commitment to quality work to ensure that the job gets done right.

Current Dash Force Operations:

Dash News (Rebranding Complete) publishes 2 or more new articles everyday covering the Dash community. There has yet to be a day when something notable was not going on. Fortunately we have a lot of good news to cover. Dash News is also translating articles into 6+ other languages. English, Spanish, French, Russian, German, Portuguese, Korean.
Dash News Webmaster Report

Discover Dash currently has 4000+ Dash accepting Merchants.
In an effort to provide the Dash community with the necessary resources to reach mass adoption as quickly as possible, we have started, a merchant listing and adoption website. This will give new users and businesses all the resources they need to start using Dash, and provide a powerful visual statement of how strong and diverse the Dash economy has become.
The site is actively maintained and strives to be “the” site for Dash business listings. Plans are to continue to grow this and provide easy to use guides for merchant adoption, meetups and more. Live chat has recently been added and 24hr. Live chat support will be available soon.
Update: Dash Core Group, Kriptomobile, Discover Dash Partnership announced!

Dash News YouTube – The channel currently has 3000+ subscribers and around 250,000 views with 1 to 2 weekly shows.
Dash News Podcast is done live and features the 3 partners that run Dash Force. This is an easy going discussion of the weeks topics with special guests and questions from the live chat.
The Dash News Podcast is now broadcasted on The Liberty Radio Network and is also available to listen to on the following platforms: ItunesTuneinStitcherGoogle PlayOvercastPodbean.
There are also special interviews with Dash related guests like Scott Farsworth AKA Dashracer and Bitcoin Jesus Roger Ver along with Evan Duffield, Dash Core Group CEO Ryan Taylor, DCG CTO Bob Carroll and many more.

Dash Force Meetup and Presentation Program
Meetup Programs
 in Mexico, South Africa, Haiti, Germany, Russia, England, the US and many more. Around 10,000 wallets have been set up during these meetup classes with potentially hundreds of thousands being exposed to Dash through the larger presentations and festival events.
The November 2018 Dash Force meetup program set a new monthly record with almost 1000 Dash wallets setup!

Swarms and the Mod Squad
Active engagement on DiscordRedditTwitterBitcointalkYouTubeFacebookTelegram and other social media Platforms. Everyday task include, article sharing across multiple Social Media Platforms and moderation of said platforms, upvoting/downvoting positive/negative post and countering misinformation.
We continue to help with moderation of the Dashpay Reddit and the forums as well as several other social media platforms. Decentralized committee based moderation has been a success and is working as intended.

Dash Force PR
Dash Force has responded to the growing demand for Dash to increase its media presence to reach media outlets far beyond Dash News and end Dash’s conspicuous media blackout. In our first foray we have managed to get Dash’s incredible success story in Venezuela covered by over 75 publications, including Bitcoin Magazine and the ever-elusive Coindesk.
Our latest efforts saw Dash coverage in ForbesCCN and many more. Our goal is to ensure that Dash’s various and continuing achievements receive top-level coverage in all major crypto media outlets, as well as beyond the crypto world.
Dash Force PR Report Q4 2018 By Mark Mason.

Mark Mason Blockchain speech at UK Houses of Parliament for Bahrain Opportunities Forum 2018

Joël Valenzuela on using Dash for everyday purchases - CNN International

Crush The Street
Obsolete Central Banks – Cryptocurrencies Are Going NOWHERE! Joel Valenzuela Interview
Crypto Show Appearances at World Crypto Con

September Budget Allocation:
195 - 1.84 Rollover = 193.16

Dash Force Team Salaries (4 full-time and 11+ part-time) - 159.3
Website budget - 0.43
DC Donation- 1.0
PR Wire, Advance With Discount - 11.63
Dash Force Meetup Contest: 129 Wallets Setup - 6.753
Tip Fund - 1.207
Total - 180.32

October Budget Allocation:
195 + 12.84 Rollover = 207.84

Dash Force Team Salaries (4 full-time and 11+ part-time) - 179.77
Website hosting budgets, Upgraded DFN and Discover Dash - 1.53
Tipping Fund - 1
Large Meetup Presentation, Edwar - 2
Dash Force Meetup Contest: 337 Wallets setup - 9.2
Total 193.5

November Budget Allocation:
195 + 14.34 Rollover = 209.34

Dash Force Team Salaries (4 full-time and 11+ part-time) - 188.34
Website hosting budgets - 0.60
Tip Fund - 1
Dash Force Meetup Program: 955 Wallets setup - 13.4
Total 203.34

December Budget Allocation: 2 Year Anniversary!!!
195 + 6 Rollover = 201

Dash Force Team Salaries (4 full-time and 9+ part-time) - 195.6
Website hosting budgets - 1.09
Proposal Fee - 5
Dash Force Meetup Program - 9.35
340 wallets Set up
Total 211.04

January Budget Allocation:
350 - 10.04 Rollover = 339.96

Dash Force Team Salaries (4 full-time and 9+ part-time) - 310.25
Dash Force Meetup Program  - 9.95
116 wallets set up and 222 attendees
Total 320.20

February Budget Allocation:
350 + 19.76 Rollover = 369.76

Dash Force Team Salaries (4 full-time and 9+ part-time) - 369.76
Old Website - .79
Dash Force Meetup Program  - 2.5
11 wallets set up and 20 attendees
Total = 373.05

March Budget Allocation:
350 - 3.29 Rollover = 346.71

Dash Force Team Salaries (4 full-time and 9+ part-time) - 317.94

Dash Force Core Team
4 full-time roles:

Brian FreeMan @mastermined - Treasurer and Executive Director of Dash Force and Founder of
Mark Mason @MarkMason - Dash Force Webmaster, Media Relations and Director of International Outreach
Joel Valenzuela @thedesertlynx - Chief Editor and Writer for Dash News, Dash Force Community Ambassador
Justin Szilard - Dash News Lead Writer

10+ part-time roles:
Albert Arellanes - Discover Dash Support and Live Chat, DF Contest Manager
Agnewpickens - Mod Squad Leader
Solowizkid - Mod Squad Social Media Captain
kanuuker - Mod Squad Swarm Leader
Wilmar Toro - Dash News Spanish translator and Community Outreach
Yujin - Dash News Korea translator and Outreach
Roxane - DN French Translator and Outreach
Fabio - DN German Translator and Outreach
Dmitrii Zhludin - DN Russian Translator and Outreach
Rígille - DN Portuguese Translator and Outreach

Thanks again to all the masternode owners who continue to vote for us!
If you have any questions, comments or suggestion please share them below.
For more information please see the Original proposal and all discussion thereafter.
Dash Force Proposal

Requested funding for the January - April budget cycle:

Total: 350 Dash per month

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Discussion: Should we fund this proposal?

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3 points,5 months ago
Voting yes! Keep the momentum building!
Also confirming MN ownership for Dash Talk Discord. Thx
1 point,5 months ago
Voted yes. I don't agree with how you do everything, but you are a force for the benefit of Dash.
-1 point,5 months ago
DASH FORCE is enabling macrochip aka basilpop and his power complex by allowing him to go out of control as a moderator. He is not fit to be a moderator and has a long history of abusing his privileges and being a horrible representative for Dash.
See for countless examples where he doubles down on his behaviour.

The majority of moderators on Dash Force discord I mean Dash Talk discord, are Dash Force and the MOD SQUAD does not see this problem? What are you thinking? Without TaoOfSatoshi around to rein him in, basilpop reverts to his old toxic self. Obsessed with slaying trolls. Letting this person continue to fuck up the reputation of Dash and be associated in any way with representing Dash shows a giant lapse in judgment.

About macrochip aka basilpop I will only say the following, all in his own poetic words:

go on, ride my balls some more, scream my name, bitch ;)

I won't stop raping you until you cease and desist you pathetic loser.

He must have serious fucking mental health issues. Only therapy I can suggest is: Do it, dude. No one's gonna miss you.

Waiting for your next few cockpuppets, turd juggler.

This just shows what a fucking low life sad pathetic loser he must be. Probably most definitely zero IRL social contacts and sitting alone in his own filth eating dominos right now

MNOS, would you offer a moderator position to someone who acts like this? This has been going on for years. Time to clean house and fix this long standing problem.
WAKE UP MNOS and demand that DASH FORCE relieve macrochip/basilpop permanently from his moderator duty which he never should have had in the first place.
5 points,5 months ago
"DASH FORCE is enabling macrochip aka basilpop"

Dash Force does not employee Macrochip.

Evan made macrochip a mod on Reddit many years ago. Dash Force has no control over Reddit and does not control any Discord channels or the Dash Fourm.

Macrochip is a mod on the Dash Talk Discord which is not funded by this proposal or any other proposal.
Myself, Mark and Joel were unpaid voluntary moderators on the Dash Nation Slack and Discord for years. We continue to be voluntary mods on the Dash Talk Discord and several other Dash related social media platforms.
The Dash Talk Discord has mods from Dash Force, Dash Core and Independents.

Macrochip recently provided substantial evidence to Reddit administrators to have several sock-puppet troll accounts banned from the whole platform. Apparently you were one of them so I can understand why you are upset.

Banned users....

Thanks, Mastermined
0 points,4 months ago
< Dash Force has no control over Reddit and does not control any Discord channels>
Dashnews controls 'Dash Talk' Discord? (
-5 points,5 months ago
I don't care if Macrochip is paid by you. It's YOUR members who are the MAJORITY of the discord mods. Fact.
You're kidding yourself if you want me to believe just because you have some extras, that Dash Force doesn't have the control.

Lets have a look at your moderators.

agnewpickens. part time Dash Force
Albert Arellanes. part time Dash Force
Mark Mason. full time Dash Force
Mastermined. full time Dash Force
TheDesertLynx. full time Dash Force
pasta. not Dash Force
splawik21. not Dash Force but does he even do anything?
macrochip. not Dash Force and 100% unqualified to mod

Anyone else?
Tell me who decides that macrochip is a moderator? Dash Force has nothing to do with it? It's practically your whole team enabling him to do this shit. You are saying this is all splawik21 and pasta's fault?

I don't know who the Dash_Unicorn on Reddit is, but it isn't me. They copied some things I wrote and added to it.

Thanks, DashUnicorn
6 points,5 months ago
"Anyone else?"

Yes. And they are not Dash Force.
The Dash Talk Discord is not controlled by any one person or group. Everything is voted on and even if all the individual members of Dash Force wanted to remove Macrochip we would not have enough votes to do so.

Thanks, Mastermined
-4 points,5 months ago
Everything is voted on, by moderators who were originally appointed by who? Oh, Dash Force. Who was the person who created the Dash Talk discord again? Who originally invited all these brilliant minds who would vote anything but unanimously to remove someone with behaviour as toxic as Macrochip? It is laughable how you try to throw your hands up and distance yourself as if Dash Force had nothing to do with it and would not be able to stop it.
-1 point,5 months ago
Here is the latest from Macrochip:

"hey bitch aka DashUnicunt: Go fuck yourself. This is thunderdome. This Discord has free speech. I say whatever the fuck I want and it has nothing to do with my mod duties in here. You're just ludicrously butthurt I fucking nuked you and all your sockpuppets from orbit. You will never win shit for brains. I am your worst nightmare. Go try to sabotage Dash Force some more, I have absolutely nothing to do with their proposal you glorious moron.
or make some more retarded usernames in here trying to trigger us thinking anyone cares
Thanks for proving your identity btw. Nobody who wasn't the rat himself would make such an idiotic comment on DC on a completely unrelated proposal. you must be fucking mad as hell there is no proposal you piece of shit can vote down to get rid of me hahaha :joy:
News flash: you never will. I've worked for Dash for free long before you asshole showed up and will still be here long after you offed yourself

oh and btw: I haven't even modded anyone in here ever. this place hardly requires any moderation so what actual violation are you desperate loser even trying to make up here? your sphincter burning is not an argument, only proof how hard you lost the game."

Macrochip, I am not trying to sabotage Dash Force. The one who needs to go is YOU, and anyone who defends or enables your actions deserves to be reprimanded. You act a rabid animal and you alienate anyone who has an honest question or who doesn't see things your way. Tao should have removed you from Reddit but at least he made you behave like a civilized human, probably against your will kicking and screaming. Now Dash Force is just the latest example of your enablers, once again allowing you to represent Dash by association, and if they continue enabling you then they deserve every bit of blowback for that. "Oh it's not Dash Force, it's all voted! We're decentralized!" It's a sham and everyone can see it. Who are these people? Is anyone actually willing to defend you? What does the Dash Force Mod Squad leader have to say about this? Or the Dash Force Core Team? They won't defend you and are desperately trying to distance themselves from all responsibility because they know they will lose support if they actually try to argue that having you responsible for moderating any Dash community is a good idea.

MNOS, this is what you want everyone to see when they come to Dash? Would you hire this person to MODERATE your community? To RESOLVE conflicts? Way to represent the professionalism Dash is so proud of. Dash Force needs to own up to their role in allowing you to run rampant again, and do the right thing.

oh and btw: I am not Icebreaker. He is probably having a hearty laugh because you think I am him. I truly appreciate your suggestion for me to kill myself though, life for me is unbearable because after all I know I can never live up to you and can never hope to be as good a role model as you.
2 points,5 months ago
You are attacking a longterm and trusted community team member here who has done a lot for DASH in the last years.

Can I ask what you have done to counter fud and misinformation by different trolls and haters in the past?
How many answers have you written?
In how many debates have you engaged on different social media platforms like reddit, twitter, discord and youtube, etc.?
And what value in general did you provide to the network for the past years?

It looks like you have your personal agenda here, when we analyze how you present the information.

I have to admit that I don‘t agree with the speech and swear words.
But when you battle everyday fudsters and haters it kind of shapes you.

And macroship is doing that for free. Because he believes in DASH and freedom.

Where would you be now if you would have fought everyday for the network?

I guess you would lose it yourself sometimes, because it is ugly out there.

What I don‘t like, is that you only provide one part of the equation. Can you pls post the reason for macroships outbursts!
What triggered him so deeply that he lost his usually critical and engaging but always fair attitude?

What are your real intents @Dashunicorn?

Why do you want to weaken our network?

And why do you think Dashers will fall for your little selfish propaganda?

I am looking forward to be reprimanded by the way. Good luck with that.
-3 points,5 months ago
Making it about me is irrelevant. I do have a personal agenda. I want to protect my investment by making sure we do not have people associate with Dash someone who is off the rails like basilpop. Seriously, why do you think that having done a lot for DASH in the last years is a good reason to assign someone the duties of a moderator, when they display literally every quality that you don't want to see in a moderator? He can dedicate his life to battling fudsters and haters and being a jaded attack dog for free, fine. Just don't give him a moderator hat to feed his ego and cause all kinds of image problems, repeatedly. I couldn't care less about what trolls are saying that triggers him to do his outbursts. The real reason for his outbursts is that he has no damn self control. He is by far the one moderator who is constantly complained about on Reddit in the other cryptocurrency subs. And the reason is plain as day for everyone to see. Yet somehow he keeps being handed a role for which he has zero aptitude, as if he is entitled to it because Evan made him a mod in 2014 or because he's done these or those unrelated things. How can you not see that this is harmful to Dash's image? Dash Force core members enabling him on a new platform that they are responsible for creating, and are encouraging people to join on their You Tube show, is extremely disappointing and goes against all common sense. I don't believe this "voting" thing in the slightest. He wasn't voted in. The role was handed to him, again, and the people who handed it to him showed poor judgment in doing so. How many more years does this need to go on?
2 points,5 months ago
You have an interesting opinion.

It really sounds that you’re obsessed.

I am around now for quite a while. I read lots of opinions and statements, etc. from all the different members of the community.

Do me a favor and count all the statements macrochip has made on social media the last years.

How many of those statements provided value to the community and the network?

Now you come here pick 3 or 4 questionable outbursts from a fight with an individual who is really really toxic and deceiving for years and caused a lot of harm to our investment.

What wd be the percentage in a comparison?

And your reaction to that is to dispel him and starting a witchhunt?!

Stabbing him right in the back and showing solidarity for the disturbed attacker?

Interesting approach.

2 things I want to add is, that as far as I know he doesn‘t really moderate at

I am often there and I haven‘t seen anything you accuse him or the team of.

So your whole complaint is pointless.

Then he was only voicing his disgust about Ice-whatever-crazy-sockpuppet recently in a specific side channel, which was designed exactly for something like that.

Funny thing is, that it was triggered by your post here.

Another problem is that you put it online on DC now for everybody outside the network to see.

Lots of other projects go here to have a look at our governance system.

And you pointed them right to sth. that could turn others away and could be exploited by our enemies.

Why didn’t you approach the team or the community on discord?

Interesting how you work against our investment.

And the more I think of, I come to the conclusion that you might be this certain individual.

Your behavior clearly points in that direction.

saying you are not the deceiving haunted doesn’t make it better.

Show me something of value you have done for our community, so that I can reevaluate my perception of you.

Where is your critic of other individuals being far more destructive?

Or just leave and try to fool someone else.
-2 points,5 months ago
It's not cherry picking. It's all over the place. All over Reddit, all over BTCtalk, and anyone who has been around for a while should know this. This is not hidden. Posting this here does not reveal to any troll anything they do not already know. If anyone from the outside comes here and this makes us look bad, well guess what, OF COURSE it makes us look bad. That's my whole point. STOP making us look bad. There have been so many complaints about basilpop, you can't say approaching the team or the community has not been tried before. Did you read ? It's just one example. Whenever it is tried, we see basilpop apologists come out and come up with all kinds of excuses for why this is not being dealt with, or kumbaya peacemakers trying to sweep it under the rug, while more people keep getting driven away. Here's a thought. Moderators should not be assigned because they battle trolls. They should be assigned because they are actually good at moderating and will not cause a negative image to be associated with Dash. I am simply fed up with it after watching it for so long. If ripping on DashForce is what I have to do then so be it. Learn not to make boneheaded decisions and don't be part of the problem.

If he doesn't moderate at, why is he a moderator? If he is not moderating, then the only thing having him as a moderator does is having him associated with Dash, and telling everyone that the Dash community is okay with this.

There are other individuals who are also destructive, but they are not moderators endorsed by the community. What do we have to lose? If he is not a moderator, will he stop doing all this great valuable troll battling you are so fond of?

You can think what you want, but none of those Reddit users that DashForce listed have anything to do with me. You focusing on who I am is a textbook ad hominem attack and has nothing to do with the fact that I am right.
1 point,5 months ago
Thank you for the proof of your past value to the network.

Your feeling that you think that you are right, doesn’t make it a fact.

also your little insinuations and your manipulative language doesn't help your case.

And I can’t help myself, but you sound really familiar.


Good luck with your crusade!

I’ll watch you fail again!
-2 points,5 months ago
You call it manipulative language, I call it logic that makes you uncomfortable.
Listen to yourself.
"What have YOU done to help Dash? Your argument is invalid unless you have Dashy street cred!"
"Why did you post this on DC, it's embarrassing!"
"I'll watch you fail!"
"Your behaviour points to you being an obsessed troll sockpuppet"

If you have to resort to red herrings, maybe it's time to see the light and change your position.
3 points,5 months ago
Dash Talk discord is great. Would like to join MN channel. Thanks!
3 points,5 months ago
Hello I have been with Dash for over a year. Am I the only one who notices the typical Dash Force "news" article reads like a sixth grade book report (Justin Szilard) or a personal blog (Joel Valenzuela)? Other commenters are praising the writing? This stuff is pure cringe. I challenge you to go read a few dozen articles with a keen eye and see what I mean. Does every article need to go into full used car salesman mode and spoon feed readers why this integration is an example of how Dash enables that, eliminates the need for this, strengthening the diverse Dash ecosystem, or how Dash community is important and rises above internet trolls? There is a limit to how much sugary fluff, shilly overselling and run-on sentences a human can take. If Dash Force News wants to be taken seriously as a news organization and not a Dashy Newsletter preaching to the Dashy choir, it needs to improve the quality of the writing. Focus on the actual subject of the articles, which really should not be Dash most of the time if you are doing it right. Dash already has an image problem. why are you making it worse.

Dash Force's approach to one of its purposes, social media and countering online trolls, also needs serious work. Between the news articles, youtube shows, the social media army and community management, Dash should be moving away from circle jerk groupthink, not towards it. Whether it is answering questions from outside users, or Dash's own internal governance, there is a high risk when one organization is put in a position of so much influence. The instamine is not a subject to be mocked. Monero and Fluffypony do not have to be the butt of every joke. Dash users have different perspectives. How about covering a debate or offering different views about the future of Private Send or even the security of Private Send, instead of just singing Dash's praises about how it has never been broken and is better than all the other privacy coins. Instead of always unicorns and flowers about how Dash never suffers from governance problems while the rest of the crypto scene goes to shit, how about covering different views about the most controversial proposals in a way that is objective?

Dash needs a news organization. Dash Force is filling an important role that, annoyingly, no one else is filling. The people involved in this organization, one of Dash's longest funded organizations, care about Dash and will continue to support Dash. Such an organization should be funded. But on this proposal I have voted NO because this is the most effective way to get the message across.
3 points,5 months ago
I agree with what you stated on a couple of things, at least partially.
But i guess it's impossible for them, being able to satisfy EVERYONE.
And you have to admit, it's easier to criticize and judge, than to actually create and write content on a regular basis.

It makes not much sense to me, voting against this DFN proposal in the critical point of time we are in right now.
To all you NO voters:

Do you really want Dash to be without it's major news outlet in the coming months, when Evolution finally goes live?
Perhaps rethink whether it is wise to defund DFN while Dash hits it's most important milestone in history.

With all due respect, but voting NO right now will only hurt Dash even more,
and jeopardize any recovery for which we all hoped for.
0 points,5 months ago
If you think the articles on are childish, the most effective way for you to get your point across is to write a better one (or commission someone else to do it) and submit it for publication. Then we can see how it performs with objective metrics and analytics. Withholding their funding at the zero hour is just fucking petty and damaging to our ecosystem.
-1 point,5 months ago
Just out of curiosity:
What is the Instamine for you if not a subject to be mocked and when was the last time DF wrote something about it (or Fluffy for that matter)?
4 points,5 months ago
Thank you to everyone for your support and who has voted for Dash Force. It's very much appreciated.

Sadly on the last day of voting cycle we've had one large block of around 82 no votes today resulting in our proposal being put back in to not passing territory.

I hope as a team that we have clearly demonstrated our dedication and passion for Dash as we have been working harder than ever including working as a team over this holiday period.

Before the voting deadline ends I would encourage any no-voters or masternode operators still yet to vote to read the following.

I have listened to community feedback regarding the YouTube channel. I previously did not want to mention this to the community until it was finalized. However, my hand has been forced as the Dash Force project is now in jeopardy of being defunded. Over a week ago I discussed an opportunity with the talented Isabel from Venezuela who has been recently blessing our community with Dash Merchant videos. It was too premature for me too officially announce before Christmas because 1.) I wanted to surprise the community 2.) Nothing has been promised or agreed as this opportunity was dependent on this proposal being funded.

Isabel's videos -

Isabel has been offered a position in the Dash Force team as a YouTube News presenter for Dash News. There are still a few details remaining that need to be finalized on the back-end as we'll need to provide guidance and support in video editing, supplying hardware, software and equipment, scripts, news coverage, organizing guests, helping with understanding of Dash technicals etc.

As Isabel is 18 years old and still studying at uni this will be a part-time position and she'll not be able to start until mid January as she is currently in Chile and will not return to Venezuela until January 8th.

We have discussed 1 news recap / interview video a week (Similar to what Amanda was previously doing). Plus 3 merchant videos like the ones currently on her YouTube channel (link above). Essentially, Isabel will be paid in Dash and living on Dash in Venezuela visiting new merchants listed on creating International exposure for Dash and also helping to inspire the youth of Venezuela to adopt Dash. When Isabel feels comfortable and settled enough we also discussed the opportunity of Isabel having a place on podcast to help balance it out.

Besides the Core Quarterly call, the ongoing podcast series has served the network and community well as an information outlet and bridge of communication for Core team members to engage with community especially developers outside of Dash Core leadership roles. In my heart I sincerely believe we have demonstrated our worth and commitment to the network and served the Dash community well.

The Discover Dash mobile application Dash Core / KRIP partnership was something we had wished to include at start of proposal cycle but we respectfully had to remain silent until Core was ready to announce. A lot of time and energy went in to this partnership and I would be disappointed for the network to see support for this come to a halt.

In the event this proposal is not funded with the Dash price at its current levels. Personally speaking, I will not be able to work for free and will have to seek other employment to cover my monthly outgoings. I expect my other team colleagues have similar responsibilities and commitments that they will need to prioritize as well.

I would strongly urge all to consider the full package the Dash Force proposal provides to the network and make a decision based on the majority as Dash Force is so much more than just a podcast.

Thanks for your time and continued support.

3 points,5 months ago
Amazing news! She did a great job and would definitely be a fantastic addition to your team.
2 points,5 months ago
Do you know if there is any way to validate votes? I vote on Node40 and sometimes I wonder if their site works. I want to make sure my votes are being counted for this proposal.
0 points,5 months ago
Nice one, hiring Isabel is a very good move. I think with your guidance and experience she can go far. She does, however, need to be given enough leeway to shake things up and put her own stamp on things.

You still need to reign in the hour plus YT marathons.

If this fails, just submit again next month. By then we'll have a better idea of where this is going.
-2 points,5 months ago
0 points,5 months ago
Just wanted to mention that I voted yes. I try not to post or comment on other proposals, but Dash Force is a great value to the Dash network.

Best of luck moving up in the vote count for funding. Thanks for all your team does for Dash. With what might be considered a "media-blackout" regarding Dash... its great to hear the Dash Force voice.


Scott @DashRacer
4 points,6 months ago
The Dash Force team is a pleasure to have part of this project and we all know where their hearts are. They are always looking for new ways to help Dash.

I enjoy the weekly podcasts interviewing the other teams working for Dash, and I think Mark is an excellent host to be running these shows.

Voting yes.
6 points,6 months ago
This is one of the most passionate projects we have. An easy yes from me.
-2 points,6 months ago
Perhaps they asking for four months funding so they don't have face any more backlash any time soon.
6 points,6 months ago
Not much to add but if only all projects requesting for budget work so hard and provide so much Dash would be much further. All in.
3 points,6 months ago
How could anyone vote no?
3 points,6 months ago
So YES, especially to Joël and Justin for their excellent writing skills.
3 points,6 months ago
dash news is a very important part of the dash ecosystem, its how i keep up to date on dash info. One thing i also need to mention the yt vids and how other yt channels can grow huge numbers in a short amount of time. we need to find a way to get more viewers. maybe talk about broader things and tie it into dash (money is 50% of any transaction) or seo better or interview and interact with yt personalities that have broader non crypto audiences to help grow the yt channel subscribers. im voting yes, but would love to see more growth in yt subscribers.
3 points,6 months ago
just to give u an example, isabel from venezuela is getting as many views as dash yt vids .
0 points,6 months ago
I am dismayed to see a four-month funding ask, when the Core team never does that. Core only asks for one month at a time, which ensures that they're never over- or under-paid.

Dash Force made clear in the past that they followed the example of the Core team when it came to payroll practices (i.e. not revealing salary amounts), so this seems a wide deviation from that stated policy.
4 points,6 months ago
Dash Force as a whole--most especially Dash News--is an essential part of this ecosystem that takes on and performs numerous tasks beyond simply reporting the news or funding meetups. Dash is fighting an uphill battle against detractors and obfuscators who would simply prefer that Dash be ignored and forgotten, and Dash Force has been on the front lines of that battle the whole time. With the inclusion of things like the DiscoverDash app being pushed to Krip phones, etc, it's clear that Dash Force is an organization that deserves the network's continued support.
1 point,6 months ago
I think Dash Force should focus more on on the following:
- How to get information out in a neutral way (the sites name change is good step in the right direction)
- Actively combating disinformation and so on.
- There is no need to keep taking credit for work, it better that other that are not dash fans read it as from a neutral source *
- I often read article that are on Dashnews, which where already perfectly fine coming from the more neutral source or actual company, I think there is no need for that, or at least make it more short and to the point, while still hitting SEO targets.
- I think proactively contacting various prominent crypto places such as exchanges, wiki like pages and correcting miss-information, perhaps sending out some good bags and so on is much more worth or time.

* I am sorry but for people outside our Dash bubble(yes I talk to them both online and in person), most things are taking with a grain off salt, thanks to our still not to good of a name in crypto, and other coins shamlessly using all the dirty marketing tactics that are out there, maybe credit can be taken on MNO only section on Dash nexus
5 points,6 months ago
I - and half of other valuable members of Dash community around the world - would not be members of Dash community without Dash Force team, their outreach and support. Furthermore, they are always supportive if you approach them for any support or advice.
2 points,6 months ago
Crypto Daily YouTube: 117K subscribers.

Latest view count in thousands: 26, 25, 25, 19, 28, 33, 27, 30, 29, 35

Dash News YouTube: 3K subscribers.

Latest view count in thousands: 1, <1, <1, <1, <1, <1, <1, <1, <1, <1
3 points,6 months ago
look at my comment beneath. there is more to it than just view-count.
2 points,6 months ago
I'm not sure that is a totally fair comparison. Crypto Daily caters to Bitcoin and general crypto market interests, wheras Dash News caters mainly to Dash interests. The Dash community, while passionate and respectful, is quite a bit smaller then the BTC and general crypto crowd. It would be nice to see these numbers rise, though!
-1 point,6 months ago
You're right, it's not an entirely fair comparison. Crypto Daily caters to the crypto community - the converted - whereas Dash is aiming for mass adoption. Dash is aimed for use by all families members, not just the geek in the household.
7 points,6 months ago
This is a proposal that provides a lot benefit to the community, and it is fun to be a part if it. Voting YES!
7 points,6 months ago
You are real fighters. The podcast yesterday with Ryan was amazing. I enjoy your work. Keep it up :)
-3 points,6 months ago
Generally speaking, I would say DF has improved but I am still voting No as there is no way for me to filter out my frustration with your youtube channel. I know there's a bigger picture here but your weekly marathon rambles are not aligned with Dash's goal i.e. mainstream adoption. There is nothing mainstream about these rambles and this is evident in your view count. Clearly there is a place for such broadcasts - among the hardcore - but imo your average Joe has zero interest in sitting through one hour plus broadcasts, every week.

Yes, it means you have to dumb it down and make each video less than 10 minutes. You need to inject some energy and get out from behind those desks, at least sometimes.
3 points,6 months ago
what are you talking about. Yt is only a part (1/6) of the whole DASH FORCE package. Can I assume that you have nothing against the other parts, cause than you would have voiced your critique accordingly?! So you agree with 80%, but you vote No. Please explain yourself and your logic!
-2 points,6 months ago
That's exactly it. For the most part I support them but their YT presence is so bad, it's embarrassing, a very poor reflection of what dash claims to be.

How can other youtubers get so many subscribers and views - even within the crypto space - yet after such a long time, Dash News can't? Above, I posted comparative stats for Crypto Daily (regularly getting 20K+) and it gets marked down. It seems people are in denial against the bare facts. Remove the emotion from my posts and just look at their YouTube count.

Elsewhere, Dash News has done valuable work, therefore I should vote Yes? Then how else can we have our voice heard? This is a protest vote and I'm not the only person criticizing their YouTube presence.

Dash News has an attitude of "we're not all about flashy videos" etc, but that's exactly it; lethargic. A blockchain designed for the people, yet they have insist on running a show with niche appeal.
3 points,6 months ago
Generally curious, if the YT channel went away would you still support the podcast? I'm leading a bit here, because the YT channel isn't made for video media nearly so much as just an alternate marketing channel to listen to the podcast. In the podcasting world, 50 minute or longer broadcasts are quite the norm. Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good.
-2 points,6 months ago
Quite the norm, if you're hardcore. There are two completely different audiences. On the one hand, dash (the product) is supposedly aimed at universal use, yet their youtube "outreach" is pathetic. Instead of stroking the tails of the converted - the dash die-hards - they should be spending their time on more productive things and growing their audience. It's Christmas so I feel obliged to be hones; their youtube presence is lame and unprofessional But hey, they manage to find the time to mock me on their youtube channel, what more can we expect?

While they continue with this provably broken youtube / podcast format, I will vote No. It's a very poor reflection of what dash is or aims to be. I want a news dao that is serious about growing it's audience, that isn't afraid to step outside their comfort zone, and actually reaching the very people dash is made for.

On the one hand they sit behind their desks rambling on, telling us how great and undervalued dash is. Yet there they are PROVING why it's so undervalued! I mean, what do you expect from three guys shooting the breeze for one or two hours every week, like lonely old men sitting in the pub, reminiscing on the past. It's like they are Betamax, telling us they are technically superior to VHS.
0 points,5 months ago
I don't believe you actually listen to podcasts. Pls go subscribe to some, especially in the crypto space there are many, the ARK podcast, Pomp's off-the-chain, there are so many now, an hour long show is not unusual. Do you not like having them interview Ryan or other members of Dash core?
0 points,5 months ago
The Ryan Taylor video you refer to has, to date, 1303 views. That's less than the masternode count. In other words, pretty much the only people watching it were MNOs.

Personally, I think Ryan is very likeable and his work to date exceptional. I think initially he was a reluctant public speaker but, as it goes, he's actually quite good at it. But this alone does not make one hour plus broadcasts watchable, as evidenced in the numbers.

Just because everyone else does long broadcasts, it doesn't mean this formula is ripe for mass consumption. The classic example I use is Nintendo. Prior to Nintendo, gaming was 95% male dominant - does that sound familiar? Nintendo made gaming family friendly. Likewise, we might say that Crypto Daily has achieved some broad appeal as he regularly gets 20K+ views per video. So I ask, given the amount of time DFN has been operating, is it not reasonable to expect that they can at least match those numbers? More so when someone like Ryan talks. The great leaders of our time - Jobs, Musk et al - garnered admiration from a broad section of society, not just the geeks. Of course, I hope for Ryan to rise to such heights.

The comparison you make is to the cryptosphere when, in fact, Dash News should be targeting a much broader audience. If not, how does dash differentiate itself and stand out when it's behaving exactly like all other two-bit cryptos?

It seems this open-ended live format is problematic. If these interviews were pre-recorded and edited to less than 10 minute, then maybe the numbers would increase, and more importantly reach that broader audience.
2 points,6 months ago
I have to admit that your argument is valid. The podcast on yt only caters to those enthusiastic Dashers.
It is long and it takes time to watch through it.
Time most of the people don’t have nowadays and easily are scared away by just looking at the 1:20 hour duration.

Still it is interesting for me to look behind the scenes and to get in touch with my fellow Dashers I share the same vision with.
It has tremendous value in terms of community building.
A healthy community we need for mass adoption.
Furthermore ideas, arguments and information is provided we all need in our daily work to educate outsiders.
+ for the daily fight against misinformed, trolls and haters on social media.
+ outsiders have the possibility to see that we are legit by getting an idea of the people behind Dash.
+ We can point them to the source, cause we are no faceless scammers.

And I don’t see how your protest and No vote(s) strengthens our position in the market.
Because like I said it is only a part of the DashForce value proposition.
And even if it doesn't affect you, there is value for others and myself fighting next to you.
Wd you stop a business entirely just because you disagree with one branch?

The best wd be if DashNews added a new tool in their marketing-mix, that offers 5-10 min videos about the stuff what is going on in Dash.
We all sure miss DashDetailed.
But aren’t there other beautiful and intelligent woman out there ready to fill the void?
I watched Bloxlive yesterday. Something like that wd be great for yt.
And maybe a partnership with a brief weekly Dash update wd be already enough.
0 points,6 months ago
Thank you and yes, I agree with all your points.

Greater diversity needed to attract all the different people we say we're trying to cater to. More consumer friendly. Equally, I agree with you that these interviews are helpful to the hardcore. But I feel our everyday users should be the focus, our priority.

Unfortunately, my life lesson is that people only really listen when you talk with your wallet. This vote is my wallet. I understand it seems a bit drastic, and probably in reality I wouldn't sustain such a vote, but there has to be a mechanism to vent my frustration. I've tried expressing this many times before, so I consider this a virtual kick up the butt.
2 points,6 months ago
I do like that DFN has changed the name to "Dash News" from "Dash Force News" (which sounded a bit unprofessional).

I also like that there is now a "Top Posts" on the website. Unfortunately, the website still looks cluttered, with so many boxes/ads in the sidebar; the "Top Posts" is difficult to find unless I'm specifically looking for it (which I am), and perhaps 8 might be too many "top posts"... can you hire a designer to clean it up a bit?

Also unfortunately I'll have to agree with GrandMasterDash about the YouTube... you've had some interesting people on and some interesting conversations, but it's so often filled with so much fluff it's difficult to sit through and sift all the important/interesting points. I'm not sure how to suggest improvements here. Perhaps there is a place for these one hour+ broadcasts, but how about some other shorter videos - something to target average people who don't know anything, something else to target people new to crypto who might not know the difference between different projects, and/or some sort of "biweekly update" with the latest news.
5 points,6 months ago
yes from me
5 points,6 months ago
Yes from me.
9 points,6 months ago
We’ve had our disagreements, but I feel that Dash Force does an excellent job at what they do.

Voting yes.
2 points,5 months ago
Then why have you currently got your five masternodes voting NO for this proposal?
8 points,6 months ago
I really enjoy the news and interviews on the Friday podcast. Easy yes.
2 points,6 months ago
Thank you for your support.
3 points,6 months ago
YES. Love the podcasts and many of the articles are great. I was not a of the brand name 'Dash Force News' but it served it's purpose :-) rebranding is good.
8 points,6 months ago
Easy yes. Dash is fighting an uphill battle in the news/PR world, and without these guys we'd have lost many times over. Please continue doing a fantastic job for Dash.
5 points,6 months ago
I sincerely appreciate your kind words and that our efforts have not gone unnoticed. Thank you.
-1 point,6 months ago
I'm a supporter of Dash Force, but I wish you could have tightened your belt a bit while we march through this deep bear market.
0 points,6 months ago
Where are the numbers? How are we supposed to judge your success?
-3 points,6 months ago
Voting No.

While I value DiscoverDash , the meetup program, and to a certain extent the PR work, the other things (dash news and the youtube channel) are pretty big wastes of money. All they do is provide a place for people who are already in the dash community to feel less apprehensive about their choice of cryptocurrency.

I would vote yes on a revised proposal with lower cost that only had Discover Dash maintenance, PR work, and the meetup program.
5 points,6 months ago
Respectfully disagree. Many other news providers (including mainstream ones) will publish op-eds and content and cite DFN as the source material. Also, the negative sentiment out there against Dash remains bizarrely strong and we need to have informed voice to help counter the FUD. These guys also spend a huge amount of time on twitter & reddit getting the word out.
5 points,6 months ago
This is shortsighted.

How in the world do you get the message out without YouTube and written content? This is basic digital marketing in the 21st century.
6 points,6 months ago
Thank you kindly for your support.

I would just like to address and reply to the comment that states Dash News website is a 'big waste of money' as it only caters to internal community.

The News Site to date has achieved over 2.2 million page views. Analytics in Webmaster Report included in proposal shows site traffic is mostly coming from outside sources such as organic Google searches, Google News feed, and social media referrals. Nearly half of our traffic is now from mobile devices. The website even ranks and gets clicks for Google search terms for competing projects such as (Litecoin + Litecoin News) also included in report.

In my opinion, these next 1-4 months are crucial for Dash. We need all the outreach, and unity we can get right now, not because of bear market, but because I truly believe this is our time to shine. As other projects grind to a halt, we need to keep pushing forward, championing and shouting our use-cases and value proposition as the leading top digital currency for payments and e-commerce from the rooftops.

While it's true Bitcoin had first mover advantage, for which I'll always be grateful to for paving the way forward. I must stress that Dash had first mover advantage as being the first self-funding and self-governing DAO and in the current market climate we have the perfect opportunity right now to showcase that to the world in what we can achieve based on the merit of hard work and network strength.

It will be extremely counter-productive to not fund the consistent 'main source' of daily reliable Dash content when we're on the verge of Dashpay app launch and Dash Evolution platform. Now is the wrong time to be shutting down the news service. Especially as were increasingly witnessing crypto publications / journalists using the Dash News website as a resource to stay up to date and use as an editorial reference.

My personal Twitter account alone has had at least 1 million impressions every month this year to date with 5 million at its highest. So I do not subscribe to the idea that our reach is only inside the Dash community.

Although I do agree, right now we have acted as the main bridge of communication between Core and the Dash community. We stand united with Dash Core to help syndicate their announcements and developments, to achieve maximum outreach and exposure beyond the community echo chambers. So respectfully, I'd like to express that I disagree with your assessment.

Tomorrow (14th December) we will be having Ryan Taylor on Dash podcast to answer questions from the community. This is now a regular scheduled fixture agreed for the community to take place between Core quarterly calls. We feel our YouTube Dash podcast provides valuable insight for community and gives exposure for Core team members and projects of interest to present their latest developments.

If Dash News website did not exist, it would hinder me to perform at same level in using my influence to network, achieve and deliver external results that you seek and value. They go hand-in-hand. It also takes time and trust to build and foster good working relationships with external sources.

There's a lot you don't see, meaning the daily grind and outreach that goes on behind the scenes. We deliver 7 days a week and have been consistent in our delivery and approach. I constantly try to give my all to support, give exposure and propel all community funded projects including Core. For example: most recently I initiated and arranged for Ryan to be interviewed by DataDash (#1 leading crypto YouTube channel 317K Subs) this coming Monday (17th).

These are the little things you don't see, but I'd like to hope you would've come to recognize these results by now without me having to point them out to you so directly.

We are only as strong as the community is. We appreciate your continued support. Once again I'm grateful for the positive comments. Now let's put our energy and time in to getting new people interested in Dash.

Despite the 2018 market pullback. In terms of developments, integrations, partnerships, team expansions, International community projects and increased merchant adoption it’s been a phenomenal year for Dash.

I’m extremely proud and grateful to the Dash community, Dash Core Group and my fellow Dash Force colleagues. The Dashpay App and Dash Evolution platform release are just around the corner. We’re so close now. I can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store for Dash.

Let's keep up momentum going and most importantly the 'Dash News' flowing. This is how we win!

Happy Holidays wherever you are in the world. Wishing you all a happy, healthy prosperous New Year!
-2 points,6 months ago
We don't have a problem with your other work. But the weekly youtube rant is terrible when you consider how long you've been doing it. Latest view count with Ryan Taylor is 1028 views. You should be clocking in AT LEAST 20,000 per week, if not more. It's quite straightforward, you need content suitable for mainstream adoption and the weekly youtube just doesn't do it.

This is no longer a niche hobby project. It's no longer good enough to run a show like you're some two bit crypto. One day, the competitors will come along and kill it. And you'll be sitting there, behind your desks, calling it cheap and tacky. Complete denial. Honestly, it's like you don't have a fire under your ass. The youtube thing needs a complete overhaul.
-3 points,6 months ago
Who watches the youtube videos and reads the written content?
3 points,6 months ago
The sentiment towards Dash is shifting. If you are on yt or other social media you can follow that trend. It is good to have something where people outside of the Dash ecosystem can go to and get more infos.
Back at the days I was consuming Amandas videos that were shot way back in time to learn more about Dash.
Furthermore I don't see a better alternative. Maybe I am missing something. Who will be doing the news instead? Or do you think we don't need any promotion, marketing, public relations? Where would Dash be without it in this highly competitive environment?
-5 points,6 months ago
Voting NO

1500 dash to run a dash funded mouth piece.

These funda could go towards actual adoption instead of paying individuals to write stories all day, amongst other things

Its like having a paid shill we all know how much that is favoured in crypto

Thank you
2 points,6 months ago
I guess you are doing it for free then. Bring it Realmrhack!
9 points,6 months ago
We don’t have the privilege of organic marketing like Bitcoin does and we don’t have big people like Andreas Antonopoulos, Roger Ver and Vitalik Buterin in Dash.

Mouthpieces and paid marketing is our best chance long term (other than the adoption efforts in Venezuela).

Another shortsighted view IMO.