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Title:Dash World: Evolution in Marketing
Monthly amount: 1175 DASH (32800 USD)
Completed payments: no payments occurred yet (4 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2016-04-06 / 2016-08-20 (added on 2016-03-09)
Final voting deadline: in passed
Votes: 631 Yes / 747 No / 0 Abstain
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Proposal description

Dash World: Evolution in Marketing

Dash Evolution’s giant leap toward the creation of a new type of decentralized crypto-currency makes the project even more exciting than ever before. The problem: the world does not know about Dash yet.


Dash marketing efforts are falling far behind Dash’s innovations. Its numerous improvements over the Bitcoin protocol such
as InstantX, PrivacyProtect (formerly DarkSend), 3rd network tier, decentralized governance and funding by blockchain are all revolutionary steps toward the permissionless, P2P (peer-to-peer), decentralized society dominated by the Crypto-Economy.

Even more than Bitcoin, Dash challenges the ways we shape and manage society. William Gibson famously quipped:"The future is already here, it's just unevenly distributed.” Dash offers tools for the future of today but the knowledge about it has yet to be distributed. Dash needs to establish itself as digital cash for the new society of the future we create together.


Dash World: Evolution in Marketing places all strategic efforts under one umbrella with the clear focus on Dash’s three main advantages and promotes Dash as:

-- An exciting, permissionless investment opportunity, via its MN network,
-- The perfect digital cash for the emerging P2P decentralized economy,
-- As enabler of our right to privacy via its revolutionary PrivacyProtect (formerly DarkSend) feature.

Tactical steps:

-- Marketing focuses on specific areas such as:
---- Masternodes as an investment,
---- Dash’s property as digital cash,
---- PrivacyProtect (a.k.a. DarkSend) by creating “stories” around each revolutionary feature Dash Project represents.
-- SEO (search engine optimization; think Google optimizing) work fixes weaknesses such as:
---- Meta Tags that are now lacking (these are shown as snippets in Google search results),
---- Schema micro-data implementation (structuring the information),
---- Meta tags in foreign languages (with the help of the Foundation).

-- An outside marketing company helps with:
---- marketing audit;
---- positioning Dash in weekly media;
---- press contacts;
---- events and conferences organization (speaking engagements);
---- Reddit and other community outreach avenues;
-- Working internally to develop the new products to be a part of the emerging P2P crypto economy Dash should be able to power as its currency with marketing that further drives development and merchant adoption.
This Proposal joins our efforts into a needed structure with the technical, sociological or innovative side of the Dash Project. It places all creative energy on the boat that sails in one direction and spreads the message. It aims at creating excitement without and within. It does not want
for many a valuable project to linger in a limbo alone, trying to find its place under the sun on by itself, its gives everyone and every effort a space in the Dash World:Micro-economy of Dash it, we strive to create.

You can also peruse a full, nicely formatted PDF document of this proposal. (Forgive the captcha please; it keeps the doc private)


This solution-focused proposal aims to tackle the matter from different angles and to align Dash’s technical genius and enormous creative energy coming from its community and the Darkcoin Foundation with out-of-the-box marketing thinking and actions. Due to the very nature of Dash’s versatility, we propose to think holistically while forking
(sporking if you wish) our marketing efforts. We think of and promote Dash strategically:

-- As an exciting, permissionless investment opportunity, via its MN network,
-- As the perfect digital cash for the emerging P2Pdecentralized economy;
-- As enabler of our right to privacy via its revolutionary PrivacyProtect(formerly DarkSend) feature.


How would you feel if you were sick and your doctor prescribed a medicine without listening to you describe your symptoms first?
                                                                   Patrick Renvoisé and Christophe Morin in Neuromarketing

The ability of a marketer to “diagnose the pain” of her prospect is the first step toward meeting consumer’s needs. But how to diagnose the pain of someone not owning or even knowing about a non-tangible asset that emerges from arcane realms of alien binary strings language as a solution to the mathematical puzzle, a.k.a. DASH? (when capitalized we’re referring to the currency, when in lower case, to the project) If there isn’t a clearly defined need for our
product we ought to invent a narrative creating it. The best way of creating a need for Dash is to sell its STORY.

Think of our marketing “sporks” as our stories.
We suspect a lot of people would like to own a bank and therefore, our first story is a dream of financial independence.

Dash Masternodes as an Investment Opportunity

Before we get to the nuts and bolts of tactical steps that we will embark on to implement our strategic vision, consider our Discussion of a Crypto-Currency Masternode Network as an Investment Opportunity. This is an “open source document” – work in progress that the community can and is encouraged to improve and make derivative works out of. It will also serve as our “master” document – as the basis for the activities described henceforth. The PDF can be found here @

The narratives like this one will then split our marketing efforts in order to amplify the message. For example:

-- one “master document” such as this becomes a PowerPoint presentation and then
-- a slide share and
-- a bunch of info-graphics and
-- a series of derivative articles and
-- all of that morphs with a live stream (of the PP presentation) creating  
-- a video that than (also using its transcript)
-- create another article / buzz / Twitter / Reddit...and other community outreach activities. (we will assign a community manager to do Reddit and bitcoin talk)

All marketing activities, be it “big” events or promotion or supportive tweets, will also be ever growing resources to draw on as we position Dash in media, be it weekly media stories in Crypto news or main stream media we plan to attract.
And then more, pushing for, creating and promoting “Dash World: Micro-economy of Dash,” helping in creating strategic alliances and partnerships with compatible crypto or payment projects and promoting them.

Dash is an open-source, decentralized project. Our marketing efforts would be much better served if built as an open, organic, open-source like campaign that grows, tweaks, adjust and improves itself as we progress. Its motto: CONTENT AMPLIFICATION & spreading the message via multifaceted marketing strategies.

The outdated manner many a company uses for their marketing efforts is to give the money to a big, mostly indifferent PR firm, for an automated promotion of a generic, short article and leave it there. Even Dash fell into that trap when it used the “PRWEB financial package,” and paid $879.00 for such a one-time press release. ( One could argue this is not the most efficient way to further the cause.

What we propose to do turns that method upside down. Each segment of our marketing efforts forks endlessly and spreads the word about our project and its advantages, both in the decentralized worlds of crypto and centralized worlds of institutional oppression.

1. Our “base” documents like Masternodes as an investment opportunity are left for the community to improve and expand on them. We create several derivative presentations out of the base document and the ideas it generates:

a) VIDEO and / or POWER POINT presentations that are then:
-- used by our core team member, Dr. BobLQ (more about him in “Who are we” segment) and his business partner, Jason Santos, a young Bitcoin and alt-coins enthusiast, in Manila, The Philippines, for presentation to two Meetups:
1st Makati Digital Cash Meetup and its 454 members (last accessed on March 8, 2016);
2nd Makati Internet of Things Meetup and its 215 members (last accessed on March 8, 2016);
These presentations, or one should our partners in Manila merge them, would be live-streamed online so most of their 669 members, and an wider audience can follow it in real time.

-- our members and Ambassadors can use the video & PP freely for their own private or public presentations of Dash Masternodes as an Investment Opportunity,
-- the PP presentation is then published & spread all over the social media via our community collective efforts,
-- Amanda of The Daily Decrypt creates a program about it, 
-- the video & PP presentations are used and re-used as easy to follow promotional material by anyone.

b) INFOGRAPHICS or a 3D narrative of the  Dash Masternodes as an Investment Opportunity that are then:

-- promoted all over the Internet;
(one of numerous examples how to promote an Infographic is Review My Infographic service that for $30.00 gives a feedback and post it to its 7,000 ++ Twitter / Facebook followers;
-- submitted to Infographic directories like,,and 20++ others);
-- published & spread all over the social media via our community collective efforts;
-- used and re-used by anyone as easy to follow promotional material.

c) ADOBE SLATE derivative (
-- our members and Ambassadors can use it freely for their own private or public presentations;
-- published & spread all over the social media via our community collective efforts;
-- the link is used and re-used as easy to follow promotional material by anyone.

d) SLIDE SHARE presentations on
-- our members and Ambassadors can use it freely for their own private or public presentations;
-- published & spread all over the social media via our community collective efforts;
-- the link is used and re-used as easy to follow promotional material by anyone.

Each bit of amplified content can then be further promoted all over the Net.

e) We do not want our efforts to only linger on the fringes of the Internet and depend on the Google’s mercy so
a professional “amplifier” of our efforts with connections is needed. We propose to partner with The Vanbex Group for the simple reason: they do not do generic PR services and do not do a wire as they have personal relationships with all bitcoin media as well as with mainstream media. Depending on our story (stories) and the angle that will depend on whether the mainstream media would like to pick it up. The Vanbex are not offering us thousands of dollar sponsored stories that any outlet can offer us. They have a more superior service with real connections. 

Check out The Vanbex Dash PDF at
The following is what they bring to the table:

The Vanbex Group works hands-on with projects in the crypto-currency industry to better communicate their message, draw out their value proposition, and create a buzz around the opportunity consistent with achieving the project goals. Unlike many PR agencies, The Vanbex does not use PR newswire service. They have relationships with and are published in the,,, Coindesk, btc manager, Merkle, Bitcoin magazine, Brave new coin, Econo times, and other publications that are not just bitcoin related.

The Vanbex can help dash on many aspects starting with a full marketing audit that will be extremely helpful in pointing out inefficiencies, places for improvement, places that Dash is doing well, insight to a proper path to obtaining our goals. They work with our social media team or provide that service of us (think Reddit and synergy of Vanbex and our
Reddit masters like buster, Inthewoods, thedashguy) and they help us get speaking gigs. They will work closely with the Dash Community and Developers to properly narrate Dash’s story to the world. Through their media contacts combined with their knowledge of the industry, we hope The Vanbex will be able to properly build Dash’s communication strategy.

The Vanbex approach includes the following:

  1. Positioning Dash in weekly media stories published in Crypto news
  2. Community Outreach
  3. Solidifying market position
  4. Dash speaking engagements at events/conferences
Press Timeline:

  • Month 1: Building the foundation
    • Marketing Audit
    • Press story: Origins of Dash
    • Press story: Developers behind the project and community
    • Press story: Use Cases and Positioning in the marketplace
  • Month 2: Gaining Momentum
    • Press story: Technology Innovations
    • Press story: Crypto-currency Comparisons
    • Press story: Industry developments
    • Press story: Partnerships
      • Publicize strategic alliances and partnerships with others in the Crypto/Payments industry
  • Month 3: Solidifying Market Position
    • Press story: Community Achievements
      • growth numbers, usage volume, transactions
    • Press story: Proving use case stories
      • use case examples that became reality
    • Press story: Dash is backed by a strong team
    • Press story: Dash technology is the future
(The above press stories can be changed and/or new angles can be added as time progresses)

Vanbex will also help organize our participation in the key events we aim to participate in during the trial period:

Wired Money                                                                ï»¿d10efearless ideas & decentralization trends
June 23, 2016                                                                  ï»¿July19 – 20, 2016
The British Museum, London                                      ï»¿Marriott Marquis, San Francisco
(DASH is better money narrative)                                    (Dash Evolution presentation)

NOTE: participation in these events, including soda-machine presentation on d10e in San Francisco will be separate, independent proposals. It will serve to market our participation before and to spread the world about our success(es) afterwards.

We also plan to promote Dash into the Lamassu ATM machines on one of both of the events. “One of our top priorities from a business development perspective is to improve direct access to our network for end users. We believe crypto ATMs are a great way for regular people to get access to DASH without being adept to
crypto-currency online trading and Lamassu has currently the largest number of machines operating around the world of all the manufacturers
,” said Evan Duffield, Dash lead developer and founder.

Dash World: Micro-economy of Dash

P2P decentralized, permissionless Crypto-Economy is soon going to be our reality. While this segment of our proposal is not directly linked to the marketing purposes it is worth mentioning for it outlines a broader vision for the Dash World. We can act as we’re already free and start building our own blocks of the Crypto-Economy by creating the micro-economy of Dash, even through the marketing efforts described in this Proposal.

We do not need to outsource work as we, the community, have an enormous wealth of talent, energy and creativity that needs to be used, not only as the energy behind marketing efforts but more importantly as the force that drives fledgling steps for the Dash World: Micro-economy of Dash.

Ponder, for example:
-- Misconduct wine & Richard (member: bigrcanada.86/). Misconduct can sponsor d10e event in San Francisco with a case or two of its
wines. We can organize a Dash auction to stir a buzz and donate the proceeds to
a local charity. Or we can demonstrate how purchasing the wine with Dash works.
I have zero doubts the collective genius of community will come up with some
brilliant ideas;
-- The soda-machine project that was a hit at the Bitoin Conference in Miami in January of 2016 and now think:
-- Camosoul who sourced machine, refurbished, retrofitted it
--  Moocowmoo- Code, InstantX Detection,
--  Oaxaca- Funded Booth, Ideas and support,
--  Solarminer - Screen and relay code, paper wallets,
--  Splawik21- Ideas and support,
--  Raptor73- 3D drawings,
--  Thedashguy- Web design, paper wallet design,
--  Fulltimegeek- Custom Android wallet with fast paper wallet import and IX sending,
--  Hashfastengineeirng- Added IX to Android wallet
--  QuantumExplorer- Added IX to Apple wallet all of them related only to the soda-machine
project and now think of:
--  Dash Tennis Tournament in Brazil,
--  Amanda of The Daily Decrypt Dash and her tireless work in promoting Dash,
--  Juan Galt and his presentation in Anarchapulco,
--  Alex-ru and his videos;
--  Buster and his broadcasts;
--  Wifi Portal…
… and think how much knowledge, talent and hard work only this small group of randomly chosen people represents. (not to mention that Solarminer also contributed to the soda-machine presentation with the screen and relay code and  paper wallets; that Tao helped with Remote InstantX Video; that Perry contributed with Video; that Eric Sammons boosted all of this with his article…

The community members are the ones who know the product and its value and potential the best and are thus better
qualified (knowledgeable) and more passionate than any outside experts.

That’s the micro-economy of Dash in a nutshell.

The Dash Evolution 2nd Tier opens the door to very interesting strategies like smart contracts and all sorts of
different ways to decentralize how we conduct business in a peer-to-peer economy. We hope and help create a decentralized, dis-intermediated Airbnb or Uber (imagine the app without the company), and more than anything a pure decentralized, P2P, dis-intermediated Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. (the social network and ad exchange)
“We should push for the P2P Decentralized Profitable Revolution.  Anyone can contribute AND profit from their efforts,” (not only the spying companies that also censors us and sell our data as a “new asset class”) and this is what this
approach aims to achieve.

Henry Giroux recently said: “We should live to improve our lives and the lives of others with great compassion, dignity and a sense of justice. Large numbers of people should not be struggling just to survive, condemned to the perils of economic and political deprivation.” Today, centralized organizations like the corrupt central banks, governments serving the plutocracy and corporatism control the entire system by force, inserting themselves in all facets of life so the first step of achieving the goal Giroux’ outlines is to remove intermediaries. P2P decentralized society dream
is not that far-fetched anymore.

The possibilities are endless.

Who Are We

Roman Latkovic
works as free-lance Internet Marketing &  SEO expert and is known for his honesty and stellar results delivered to his clients. Some examples below:

Roman is also the chief architect of the Dash World: Evolution in Marketing proposal and, should the community chooses to fund it, the future Project Manager responsible for the execution. He’s also a long-standing member of the Dash Community, the Darkcoin Foundation member, and an early Darkcoin / Dash investor. He has authored the first draft of DARKCOIN: Private e-Cash Manifesto:   

Several years ago Roman, together with Dr. Robert La Quey,Ph.D., conducted a Case Study, TWITTER:THE DARK SIDE: Does Twitter’s Enable Massive Click Fraud? In the Study they created 1,677,769 fake clicks to one single Bitly link without being detected in order to prove the Bitly / Twitter security vulnerabilities. You may check out the screen shot of the Bitly analytics @ 

On 30 November 2009 The WIRED magazine published an article Partners with Security firms to Block Spams, Scams from Twitter, discussing the security issues we disclosed, (source:

Roman is also a writer and a filmmaker.Hollywood’s dreams facilitator, Melody Jackson, Ph.D. , wrote this about Roman:
“Here’s the true life journey that reads like a Hollywood suspense story: Roman's life has infused his stories with passion, tragedy and triumph.”
Check out his personal website @ 

Dr. Robert La Quey, Ph.D. (“Dr. BobLQ”), a python-programmer is also known as the oldest hacker in the world. Check out this brief snippet from La Quey’s CV:

“While at Rice University, with Dr. David Reasoner, Dr. La Quey designed core instrument electronics for the NASA Apollo Lunar Surface Experiments Package (deployed on the Moon by Apollo 14, 15 & 16). From 1969 to 1973 Dr. La Quey was a research physicist at UCSD, developing space craft instruments for NASA.

He worked at the Princeton University Plasma Physics Laboratory where he worked in the theoretical physics group. In 1975 Dr. La Quey formed a small think tank, Maya Corporation, performing analytical studies for NASA and Cal Tech’s Jet Propulsion Lab.

During the late 70’s Dr. La Quey helped to found International Remote Imaging Systems, Inc. IRIS went public (NASDAQ:IRIS) in the early 80’s and now has a market capitalization of over $300 million. After IRIS, Dr. La Quey consulted for a variety of companies including Ford Aerospace, Logicon (acquired by Northrup-Grumman) and Idacom. (acquired by HP)”

Roman and Dr. BobLQ keep successfully collaborating. Just last year, they finished “work for hire”, Bob as an inventor, Roman as his scientific assistant, on the Quiet Machinery patent. The United States Patent Office has received our submission at 30NOV2015 (eFiled Application Information EFS ID 24205057; this work is now being processed by The USPTO)

The Vanbex Group brings a team of experts and specialists who represent many different aspects of Bitcoin /  Blockchain. Since 2013, they have designed and directed for some of the most innovative and successful companies in the Bitcoin/Blockchain industry.

Please check them out:
-- the Vanbex website @
-- the Dash – Vanbex PDF @

Kevin Hobbs, Director of Operations
-- LinkedIn @

Lisa Cheng
, Founder
-- Linkedin @
-- personal website @

Budget Breakdown

DASH is pegged to US dollar @ exchange rate of 1 DASH = $4.51 at 01:10 PM ET on March 9, 2016.

DISCLOSURE: Due to the short-term nature (4 months) of the trial period for the Dash World: Evolution in Marketing, our partner’s fee ($3,000.00 a month, The Vanbex Group) would be paid in US dollars. There’s isn’t a DASH / USD pegging option in the budget payments mechanics at the moment.

We plan to hedge the price fluctuation risk by placing the financial risk / reward in the hands of one or several whales. At the time of submitting this proposal, one of the respected members of the community already pledged to hedge the 1st month and we have tentative agreement for the remaining three months.

Expectations and Metrics

During the four (4) months long trial period we hope to, if not merge the efforts, to at least closely collaborate with the Darkcoin Foundation and its Improvement of DASH public awareness efforts in order to maximize efficiency of our joint marketing efforts.

While four months we propose to measure several metrics:
-- Number and quality (voted by the community) of our media appearance in both crypto and main stream media;
-- Hits and visits on the Dash original website, using Google Analytics. Before and after the marketing efforts;
-- Alternatively we can use the community already set up to be devoted solely to the marketing purposes;
-- We’ll track how many shares our studies / articles get across social media and how many different media outlets we get Dash into. We focus on real, organic views;
-- The number of members;
-- The number of masternodes;
-- The price of Dash, in both BTC and USD;
-- Growth in transaction volume;
-- Growth in online discussions and interest around Dash.

Clearly, in such a volatile environment as the crypto, we’d have to carefully evaluate would the price change have anything to do with our efforts, see if the eventual increase in MN numbers can be attributed to our efforts or is just an anomaly. (a spike vs. linear progression we’ve seen thus far)

Dash World: Narratives

Other Dash narratives with which we will spread the Dash World ideas will be only briefly outlined here.

A Perfect Digital Cash for Decentralized P2P Society Narrative

Our key event targets for this narrative are the Wired Money event in London and d10e in San Francisco:

Wired Money                                                                d10efearless ideas & decentralization trends
June 23, 2016                                                                  ï»¿July19 – 20, 2016
The British Museum, London                                           Marriott Marquis, San Francisco
(DASH is better money narrative)                                    (Dash Evolution presentation)

We are in contact with the organizer of Wired Money and are just waiting on the details. Also, for the d10e event, Lisa and Kevin of the Vanbex Group personally know the organizers and have already started negotiating a speaking spot/sponsored demo for Dash. Bitcoin’s having serious troubles with the scalability mantra will help us make our case.

The ultimate vision for DASH as a currency is to obtain ISO 4217. (ISO 4217:2015 specifies the structure for a three-letter alphabetic code and an equivalent three-digit numeric code for the representation of currencies) Bitcoin has XBT as its currency code so DASH can have XDH or XDS or whatever the community would vote for.

(Note that the NASA veteran Beth Moses has helped Bitcoin in obtaining ISO 4217 XBT as its currency code. We have connections with NASA that might, just might, be of some help when the time is ripe.)

The Right to Privacy Narrative

We are not a Commodity.

However, this is precisely how the institutional, centralized corporate & governmental behemoth that rules our lives sees us: as mere sellable assets. World Economic Forum states that view as clearly as they come in their paper tiled Personal Data: The Emergence of a New Asset Class.

Facebook IPO documentation shows that our personal information – who we are, where we live, who are our friends, what's our educational background, religion and political leaning are -- becomes a saleable commodity and a source of future dividend for investors of Facebook.
Disintermediation,the transference of trust, data, and ownership infrastructure from predatory banks and flourishing spying businesses into distributed peer to peer network protocols would reviewed the spirit of U.S.Justice Louis Brandeis who, in his famous dissent in Olmstead v. United States (1928),defined the "right to be let alone" as "the most comprehensive of rights, and the right most valued by civilized men."

Dash is on the forefront of the struggle for privacy and humanity. There are numerous stories to be written – and Dash can be used, securely and privately, to help oppressed all over the world.
Think Benny Wenda,the West Papua independence leader, International Spokesman for United Liberation Movement for West Papua; or think Occupy Wall Street, think a famous Generation “Y” blogger Yoani Sánches, a groundbreaking Cuban journalist and entrepreneur; or think WikiLeaks; or think Akbar Ganji an outspoken critic of the Iranian government, and a political dissident; or think Anonymous; or think of any human being and / or organization spied upon by the tyrannical governments and corporations alike that need a secure means of communication the Evolution’s Third Tier will provide.

PrivacyProtect (f.ka. DarkSend) is the feature that gives Dash users full privacy when they need and use it. As with the Dash MN as an investment document, we will create a comprehensive outreach strategy and create PrivacyProtect (formerly DarkSend): The Right to be Let Alone platform for reaching both the individual needed protection from the oppressive regime’s snooping and the masses valuing their right to privacy.


One can’t really market a revolution.

One can’t really advertise an idea that has a potential of changing the world. The chopper, a first tool used by the humans, or the pen, or the wheel, or the fishing rod, or the electricity, or the penicillin, or the Net all have changed human kind’s trajectory for good, but had not been advertised; instead they spread slowly and have been adopted by almost everyone.

But in today’s world in which corporate tyranny and governmental subservience to 0.1% and as Chris Hedges wrote, “blinded by hubris, intoxicated by absolute power, unable to set limits on their exploitation of the underclass, propelled to expand empire beyond its capacity
to sustain itself,” threaten our very existence, the crypto revolution spreads like the burst of a supernova.

Really revolutionary ideas like Dash Evolution represents must appeal to the very core of what makes us human: curiosity. We, the human beings, are impressed by the genius and if the genius (of an idea) is courageous, we can’t resist it.

The courage is contagious.  
The excitement is contagious.

If we – all of us together – spread The Dash Project as a courageous, exciting, revolutionary novelty it will have been irresistible and the Dash World will be  possible. The Dash World: Evolution in Marketing does not live in a limbo, and does not keep chugging away the same old, same old: a PR here, an article there, a slide presentation over there. On the contrary, it represents a living, breathing, growing organism that is Dash and helps it to grow and to stay the course.

The world of Dash invites and excites people and welcomes them with open arms.

# # # #

A Note on Search Engine Optimization for

A cursory look at Dash’s official webpage reveals several opportunities for serious improvements:

-- Schema Microdata,“a set of extensible schemas that enables webmasters to embed structured data on their
web pages for use by search engines [1]” is not present. You can check this claim here:

-- SEO Meta Tags are poorly done or non-existent on pages. While meta description tag is not a part of Google’s algorithm anymore (as a ranking factor) it helps with the click conversion ratio i.e. a carefully composed meta tag induce a searcher to clicks on our and not our competitor’s link. You can check the claim of missing description tag, namely for “What is Dash page” here:
(note that 145 pages on Dash official website do not have descriptions);

-- Even the basic robots.txt file (where Googlebot and all the other bots go first upon visiting a site) can be improved by, for example, excluding “bad robots,” thusly saving some bandwidth while steer clear from these robots. An impromptu audit of the website did not reveal any glaring problems so a full, expensive Audit is not needed.

Please also note that language pages like:
-- Chinese version           @,
-- Russian version            @ and
-- Spanish version            @ would, once Meta Tags have been translated, benefit greatly (the competitors in foreign languages are not as tough as they are in English.)

Therefore the basic Meta Tags and the Schema codes would have to be translated. Should our project be funded by the community we hope for  a closer relationship with the Foundation that would help organize further translation of these important tags in order to avoid overlaps and to maximize efficiency of work while reducing the cost.

Dash Project Expenses Community Report (September 2015) written by Evan Duffield, Daniel Diaz and Robert Wiecko is a serious, important document. In its “Item #4 Longer Term Strategy” the document reads: “We have sourced and contracted Fox Tail Marketing. We are starting with a 2,000.00 USD/month package, which is on the conservative end of this type of service…” with the scope defined in this paragraph:

“They will be initially helping us with:

-- Onsite Optimization
-- Link Profile Optimization
-- Micro-Data Optimization
-- Content Optimization
-- Site Structure Optimization
-- Weekly blog post (Onsite)
-- Guest Blogging
-- SEO
-- Link Optimization
-- Landing pages
-- Marketing automation setup, integration, and optimization

SEO, conversion, analytics, content audits and optimizations.” This contract has been terminated and no (real) work has been done or finalized so this leaves a hole in the Dash’s long-term strategy that must be filled. However, it must be told,
for an unique and highly sophisticated project like Dash, SEO is mostly a mambo jumbo of nonsensical jargon that usually does not add up to much. (the people totally unaware of Dash or only vaguely aware of Bitcoin in crypto-currencies
will never find us no matter the SEO; these need to be found and converted via creative, out-of-the-box thinking) In the course of this work, should we get the funding, we will develop various marketing approaches under a motto: “Don’t’ be

The website is built on Divi theme and does not appear to have Yoast's WordPress SEO plugin installed. What we propose to do is to enhance the  Yoast performance (once we install it) by creating a custom made Schema Microdata “box” where we’d be able to add micro-data code. In the Admin area it would look like this example from Roman’s
personal website:

Custom coding the box is only $95.00and is strongly recommended. (please do not confuse the custom code on the WP
theme that enables a proper placement of the Schema micro-data on the pages and actual creation of the Schema micro-data to be placed in the said box on page by page bases

[1] Source:

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1 point,8 years ago
PLEASE VOTE for Dash World V.2 at It is the same as this Dash World: Evolution in Marketing "original" proposal.

Only that we have listened to the community's concerns regarding DASH's increased price (from $4.51 to $7.00) and have incorporated them into this new proposal that now reflects a new price.

Instead of 1,175 DASH the same dollar value is in 775 DASH requested.
0 points,8 years ago
Obviously a yes from me!
2 points,8 years ago
I know that there is great division within the community about Marketing/PR, how much we should do, and who should handle it. I'm voting yes, because to me it doesn't matter to me who handles the marketing, as long as the information gets out there. Cheers!
0 points,8 years ago
2 points,8 years ago
Dash Round Table Ep.02 - DashWorld Budget Proposal

after listening to this episode i am changing my vote's to yes. the DASH price has gone up quit a bit since this was introduced and i would like to see it reintroduced with a small price tag.

i've always voted no on the "DASH public awareness“ proposal but Daniel did give a good expense report for how the last funds were spent. i think its meant to be a quarterly so it's about time for a new report.
the funding has gone up tremendously because of the DASH price and the proposal needs to be re-branded and re-focused with a much smaller piece of the pie. DASHworld could help with a audit and optimization of that proposal. i think it's needed but with less funding and as more of a "special funds" proposal.
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Tesla is an interesting phenomena. One should not confuse "advertising" and "marketing." Every action Elon Musk does is marketing. Not to "advertise" is a marketing strategy also. However, there's a huge difference in between a tangible, innovative car that you can put on the streets and an intangible item like Dash that lingers in the arcane world of binary digits. Moreover, everything Dash or its community do in a public sphere, be it videos, Raptor73 graphs, Anarhapulco presentation, Evan's interviews etc., is indeed marketing.

Dash World, especially its "Micro-economy of Dash" segment does not advertise. Instead, it unites all the efforts, structurizes them and injects enthusiasm that than propels creation of useful tools and services within its ecosystem.

As much as I disagree with the statement implying Dash's inaction, I also somehow doubt the $189.06 billion on ads spent in the US alone in the 2015 were done by the people "who don't actually have a product."

This Tesla video is also quite a marketing tool:, a remarkable work worth sharing.
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Be useful in the world. That's how DASH gets exposed.

Quit talking about it and do something worth talking about.

Paying for PR/Advertising is for people who don't actually have a product. Decent products sell themselves.

Ever seen a Tesla Motors Advertisement?


To continue talking about all the nothing DASH does only makes it look more and more ponzi...

Hype + Inaction = Ponzi.
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Thanks for your questions ilia_2s.

Allow me to briefly answer you first point:
-- The Transform-PR proposal was voted out and is no longer in the budget. There is currently no funding going to an outside PR company at this time.

As far as your second Q, please allow me to get back to the issue later. I have to run for a meeting now and because I am in Europe at the moment I will not work again on this until I am up tomorrow.
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This is a really detailed plan. I like the strategy focusing on specific marketing items like the "Masternodes as an Investment". Maybe we can tailor the perfect digital cash to something more in line with InstantX and point of sale.

I am all about metrics, and the hits with analytics and tracking shares will give us the type of information to finally judge what is working and what is not. This looks like a good opportunity to get the SEO cleaned up and get tracking and analytics in place.
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Honestly, right now I think this funds are better spent entering retail, for example in new hampshire. This might mean funding the outreach to Bitcoin merchants up north.

Have not read the PDF yet though
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Your points seem valid, thank you.

However, during the process of submitting the proposal I haven't been advised a pre-discussion is a requirement; on the contrary the whale guided me though the submission steps and informed me when I can start to "lobby," after I have "claimed" the proposal. I am sorry if I misunderstand the process.

Moreover, the thinking is this: should you check out the documents you'll see the proposal is about 34 pages long with a wealth of details, many of which can be changed, given the fluidity of ideas and the proposal's very core: "This is an “open source document” – work in progress that the community can and is encouraged to improve and make derivative works out of."

So, given the 28 days the community has to discuss every nut and bolt of the proposal and is invited to shape and improve it, I believed it is a right order of steps.

Therefore, the discussion on DashTalk has been opened:
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This proposal does not require a contracts system like what is proposed in 12.1.

All of us, myself, Dr. BobLQ and The Vanbex Group understand that voting out is possible. Any change in Masternode vote does not put the proposal’s owner on the hook. If the proposal is nullified, all written, oral or assumed agreements are nullified with it as well.
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Thank you for good and detailed job, but I have some remarks:
1) How it's coordinate with PR strategy that we approved recently?
2) Investors want to see at the top of document what they receive as result and what periods. I suppose that the better way is to divide your proposal to moderate parts with clear result for obvious outlay
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This budget proposal is missing the following in my eyes :

- a pre-discussion opportunity on
- budget proposal announcement on BCT & Dashtalk
- backed-up by contract voting rules which are to be introduced with Dash update 12.1 (i consider this budget proposal topic to fall under a contract category which will need a higher voting treshold to pass as contract)

So to summarize, this budget proposal / contract should be introduced after update 12.1 and should have a pre-discussion and proper announcements.

I'm voting no.