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Title:Dash Watch Renewal May 2018
Monthly amount: 141 DASH (55216 USD)
Completed payments: 1 totaling in 141 DASH (2 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2018-04-18 / 2018-07-17 (added on 2018-04-24)
Votes: 715 Yes / 128 No / 4 Abstain
Will be funded: Yes
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Proposal description

Pre-proposal Link:

What we’ve accomplished so far:

  • Website built tracking all funded proposals since beginning of the DAO with over 20 metrics, multiple views, and advanced filtering

  • Calendar/Timeline of all funded proposals and their respective milestones and events (editable by proposers upon sign-up)

  • Globe showing location of all funded proposals

  • Monthly research, outreach, and communication with all active proposals

  • Reports issued monthly on all active proposals in PDF format
Website Tutorial:

Summary of things to come:

  • Twitter and Email Alerts to masternodes and community when there is important news from any proposal instead of only once a month in our reports
  • Video Report Summaries (starting a trial now at the end of April, if desired, could be expanded to cover all of our reports)
  • Executive Update Summary at the top of our reports for masternodes who don't have time to read entire reports but would like a quick run down of how things are going (starting a trial now at the end of April, if desired could be expanded to cover all of our reports)
  • A tracking system for each proposal's inidividual deliverables, milestones, and events built into website with the budget, schedule, and status for each (deliverable, milestone, or event) shown (upcoming)
For a detailed breakdown of our progress and budget please take a look at our last month's monthly report:


With this proposal, we are seeking funding for continued development and improvement of the Dash Watch platform, as well as ongoing funding for the communication, reporting, research and verification team. Since we first submitted our proposal in November, we significantly expanded the scope to include monthly follow-up with proposal owners and reports on all ongoing proposals. In February this included over 40 monthly reports and in March this entailed 65 reports on those who responded to us and several of those who did not. In most cases, this required researching the proposal, posing customized questions, back-and-forth correspondence, and individualized report writing. We release our reports three days before each voting cycle closes to maximize their utility and relevance. With continued funding we plan on developing and deploying a more rigorous deliverable tracking method for all proposals, creating report summaries in video form in addition to our PDFs, as well as on-camera video interviews of select proposal owners that opt to give the community a more in-depth look at what they are doing, as well as implementing a new landing page with statistics, charts/graphs relating to approved proposals.

Our reporting team is composed of four and soon-to-be five highly-skilled college educated individuals, one full-time developer, and a few part-time research and data verification and entry personnel. The added scope of this proposal has required additional individuals to help collect, manage and organize all the data that is gathered. It will be our continued responsibility to actively seek the most accurate, relevant, and up-to-date information on all ongoing proposals.

About Team Dash Watch

@paragon on Discord - Project Manager

Core/Reporting Team

Reporting Team’s Shared Discord Account @DashWatchTeam (#5277) on Discord

Alex L/@dash-Al (#0877) on Discord
Gethen J /@GJacobs123 (#5867) on Discord
Peyton R/@PeytonDw (#0877) on Discord
Matthijs B @MattDash *#6481) on Discord

Research, Data Verification and Entry

Elizabeth G /@Serendipity#59022 on Discord
Jay J
Hajie H
Suneera M

Most members of Dash Watch are readily available on Discord for community members and proposal owners. Alternatively, you can email us at or message us on the forum at DashWatchTeam.

What are we proposing to do?

Dash Watch will continue to collect and publish proposal performance metrics and proposal updates. In order to keep the community as fully up-to-date as possible while also keeping us as efficient as possible, we are making use of our brand-new pre-formatted logic-based survey questionnaire this month to make life easier for proposal owners. Going forward we will aim to more clearly ascertain and map out milestones and deliverables for proposals along with their respective dates and costs at the start to more effectively track proposal fulfillment over its lifetime. We would like this new system to be implemented into our website as well. We will implement our new improved landing page with proposal charts/graphs, and statistics. We also will release brief video summaries of select reports for those who prefer audiovisual content. Another goal is to begin carrying out regular on-camera interviews with some of the proposals that the community would like us to engage with to provide a more in-depth look at certain proposals’ progress and the people behind them.


We have significantly increased the scope of our project since the original proposal was created. Initially, Dash Watch promised a functioning website that tracked and displayed proposal metrics for proposals starting from February 2017 as well as a proposal calendar and milestone tracker. We have added coverage of all approved proposals since the treasury’s inception and added monthly proposal reports for all ongoing proposals along with an all-inclusive proposal map and an upcoming proposal statistics/graphs page. This month we plan to start implementing proposal summary videos, proposal owner interviews, more comprehensive reports for bigger-budget proposals, and potential integrations with other Dash projects that create synergy such as Dash Boost or Dash Nexus.

Proposal Reports

Dash Watch publishes monthly reports that outline fundamental aspects of a proposal’s progress.

Our reports include the following:

  • Financial Information - including proposal expenditures, remaining budget, budget changes

  • Milestones/Deliverables - a clear list of what milestones or deliverables have been accomplished since the last report or the beginning of the proposal

  • Challenges/Hurdles - outlines challenges that the proposal has faced currently as well as anticipated challenges

  • Future plans - outlines the proposal’s plans for the upcoming months

  • Any additional news or information the proposal would like to share with the community
  • We also include an executive summary for community members that are limited on time and want a summary of the report.

We are continuously iterating on our reporting system balancing both the time constraints proposal owners face while at the same time still acquiring and providing the necessary information to keep the community updated on all aspects of a proposal. We continue to work on our report format and information gathering model and welcome feedback from both the community and proposal owners on how this system can be improved to add additional value.

Proposal Map

We have created a worldwide map of where proposals have been or are currently being carried out, it can be found here:

Proposal Calendar 

We have created a calendar that outlines key proposal events or milestones, it can be found here:

Proposal Statistics Graphs/Charts

We’re developing a new homepage page to illustrate general proposal statistics, categorizations, and trends. Beta site:

Audiovisual Content 

Starting in April, Dash Watch will begin creating short videos for selected large impact proposals (~10 proposals a month). These videos will be produced by the reporting team as an additional measure to engage the community by utilizing a different medium to convey content. We will create a YouTube playlist so that proposal report summary videos can be seamlessly streamed back-to-back.

We also have plans to schedule more in-depth interviews with proposal owners and publish these in a video format. We hope that this will increase proposal owner participation and buy-in. At the same time, the community will benefit from the interview being carried out by a reporting team member who has full knowledge of the happenings in that particular proposal.

Cooperation with Escrow Services

We’ve realized that Dash Watch has some overlap with some of the services that escrow agents provide. We are tracking and reporting on the same milestones and budget the escrow agents do. We believe it would significantly cut down on some of the escrow agent’s work if they let us help with the process. We are happy to work with any and all escrow agents in following up and keeping in contact with proposal owners. This will be a complementary added service of Dash Watch for any escrow provider that would like to offload the responsibility of milestone tracking.

Twitter and Email Alerts to masternodes and community members

We want to make sure we relay the latest information we learn to masternodes and community members within as short a time frame as possible

Deliverable, Milestone, and Event Tracking for each proposal which breaks down the scope, schedule, and status for each deliverable, milestone and event  (upcoming)

This will provide a quicker way to stay up-to-date on all the components of any single proposal negating the previous need to always have read the initial proposal text, all of its updates, or reports in order to be fully aware of how well a proposal is progressing

Increased Reporting for Targeted Proposals 

To ensure we return the most value to the network, Dash Watch’s monthly reports will go into even greater detail on proposals which compose the largest amount of the budget. We will more thoroughly cover deliverables, budget, and schedule. We’ve heard and seen the community feedback regarding several big projects lately - the community wants to see more detail on the larger proposals and we will accommodate. 

Community Engagement and Support

Dash Watch maintains constant lines of communication with proposal owners to ensure we have the most up-to-date information. We are readily available to proposal owners and the community through email (, discord (@DashWatchTeam @paragon or @dash-Al), and forum (DashWatchTeam).


  1. Database containing all approved proposals, their details, and performance metrics (continued)
  2. Web application to view proposal data and progress with advanced filtering and tagging ability (continued)
  3. Fully built database and web application displaying proposal status along with objective metrics (continued)
  4. Monthly published proposal reports (new with Executive Update Summary (first trial iteration just released)
  5. Monthly proposal update summary videos on community-requested proposals (upcoming trial just released)
  6. Monthly audio/video interviews with community-requested proposal owners (new)
  7. Growing statistics page with various data surrounding the treasury system (new)
  8.  Twitter and Email Alerts to masternodes about any important facts discovered (upcoming)
  9. Deliverable, Milestone, and Event Tracking system built into website for each proposal with each proposal's budget, status, and schedule shown  (upcoming)

  • Reports - ~90% of active proposals’ reports will be posted at least three days before voting for the cycle closes. This gives time for MNOs to look through reports for any proposals they may be concerned about for continued funding. A select few reports may not be posted until after voting closes because their project has been completed and thus do not need continued voting.
  • Report Summaries on Video Trial Completed by end of May
  • On-Camera Video Interviews by our reporting team of community-selected proposers by end of May
  • Metrics, Map, Calendar - updated on a daily basis
  • Proposal Owner and Community engagement - we are in daily contact with proposal owners
  • Twitter and Email Alerts for masternodes and community members to ensure each proposal's most important latest news is made known (Completed by End of May)
  • Deliverable, Milestone, and Event tracking system to hold each proposal to greater account (Starting in May will take several months to finish and get all information input)


  • Dash Watch Communication, Analysis, Reporting, and Video Creation Team: which includes a minimum of 4-5 full-time highly-skilled, college-educated team members ~ 34k/month

  • Dash Watch Development 10k/month (1 full-time developer 60$/hr)

  • Dash Watch Research, Verification, and Data Entry 5k/month

  • Video Editing 1.5k/month

  • Project Management 6k/month

  • Accounting, Legal, Tax Administrative Costs 3k/month

  • 20% Cushion as a depreciation hedge, or to cover unforeseen costs, and or onboarding additional team members as needed, or for expanded scope. If unused, this will be rolled over and used for future months as it was in previous proposal - 12k/month\
  • Total: 71.5k/month at (513$/Dash) = 139.3 Dash
  • + 5 Dash Proposal Fee/3 months  = 141 Dash per month

(We are not bearing the risk of Dash depreciation or the benefit of appreciation. All appreciation and unused funds will be rolled over to future months and any shortfall will be requested with another proposal)

Our funding ask has increased since our initial proposal because we have vastly increased the scope. The individualized communication with proposals owners and reporting is a very labor-intensive task which is we have four highly-skilled and talented people solely dedicated to this task. Furthermore, we anticipate the amount of monthly reports will increase over time as there are more recurring proposals than completed proposals per month. This will likely require more team members to be added in the future.

Our web development needs have remained stable but we did have to pay slightly more than anticipated ($60/hr). We retain a small budget for our part-time data entry and verification team to keep all the metrics on the website up-to-date. I have asked for a humble project management salary despite the scope and time dedicated to this project being significantly higher than expected. This cycle we’ve also asked for funds to offset accounting and accountant’s cost that are associated with paying the entire team in a tax-compliant manner. Any and all excess funds will be rolled towards future months including any appreciation as it was with our last proposal - this includes the 20% cushion we’ve asked for. If the price of Dash increases, we will not ask for continued funding until we have exhausted all excess funds.


We are requesting a monthly payment of 141 DASH for the next three months to accomplish our scope of work. Any excess funding will be rolled over and used to lessen the amount requested on future proposals. The increase in cost in proposal outreach and documentation costs was accurately predicted in our initial proposal. This increase in cost is due to our significantly increased scope and an increasing number of proposals in the treasury system. We will be continuously upgrading and improving our application’s featureset as well as the completeness, accuracy, uniformity, and presentation of the information we collect. We will request feedback from the community regarding additional features, more and/or greater-depth coverage, etc. The amount of work required on an ongoing basis may change over time and that will dictate the monthly cost which we will refrain from trying to predict now and will simply request at the appropriate time.


We know that the vast majority of the value we will provide is still untapped as we iterate to find the most suitable way to present masternodes the information we collect. We hope you appreciate how much work has gone into our efforts as far as finding and training our team and refining a system that's scalable to communicate with proposal owners and collect data. We would really appreciate the opportunity to optimize all of this and unleash the full potential value of Dash Watch. 

We believe that Dash Watch adds a much needed level of accountability and follow through to the governance system. In the past, many distressed proposals have slipped under the radar. Our efforts will help discover these distressed proposals. Our mere existence as the eyes and ears for masternode owners increases proposal owner communication, accountability, and follow through. We would like to continue to ensure that those receiving funding are followed up on regarding their deliverables and are held publicly accountable for their progress, or lack of thereof.

Our value proposition is to provide a clear and concise set of metrics and reports that will allow any person viewing a proposal on to easily gauge if that proposal is delivering the value it promised when successfully funded by the DAO. 

We hope that you see the value in this work and that you will allow us to continue to improve this service. Thank you for your time reading this through, and please feel free to leave any and all suggestions, modifications, and feedback. Thank you!

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Discussion: Should we fund this proposal?

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0 points,5 days ago
Can you integrate better with this site to add the info directly into pages here?
0 points,12 days ago
Absolutely, yes. I have seen the work these guys put into this, and it's badly needed. Let's do this!
3 points,20 days ago
I just wanted to give a big thank you to all those who posted here in support of us as we certainly would not have been able cross the finish line and keep this effort going without you:

stillcantstop (solarguy), thesingleton, TroyDASH, Mastermined, name3, JoL, Schnuppdog, Arthyron, ec1warc1, cedbrown, Trikiloga, unchained, Criticalinput, quantumexplorer, kbu66, A_node_to_a_Master, feedbands, nuancer, and vancoinman.

Thanks as well to everyone else who supported us outside of the comments section including Chuck, Robert, Strophy, and Philipp from Core, Joel, and Mark from Dash Force News as well as bigrcanada, joezippy, bituzer, jeffh, splawik21, walter, JGCMiner, hilawe, jimbit, Sequal, biltong, moocowmoo, Rimey, Simon the Ravager, pasta, techsquad, JoL, foxtrot, rock, Dashracer, Nate, rion, toknormal, Dashwok, jmmon, Darkcoin, mastercozy9, oaxaca, Amanda B Johnson, krish, tantestefana, Ichigo13, solowhizkid, macrochip, masternube, agnewpickens and many others whom I don't have in my message history. We appreciate the trust you have put in us and acknowledge the seriousness of the responsibility we've been entrusted with and will do our best to not let you down.

For those who didn't support us, we hope to gain your support in the coming months as we improve our offerings to better meet your needs and expectations, but please don't hesitate to let us know where we are falling short on Discord or the forum at paragon or DashWatchTeam. Thanks again everyone!
3 points,20 days ago
This proposal is extremely important to the long-term governance and accountability system of the Dash Network. Yes, the Dash-Watch product is new and there is plenty of room for improvements. We have only seen the first iteration. Let's keep the progress going, everybody should vote yes!
5 points,21 days ago
I thought about it a bit more and I have perhaps judged to harshly, their is still plenty room of improvement, but DashWatch also seems to be hard at work.
1 point,20 days ago
A vote for dash watch is a vote for accountability.
4 points,22 days ago
One of the few proposals left that can still fit into the budget. Yes
5 points,22 days ago
Absolutely yes, let's not give up on this project when it's just starting to pay off!
3 points,22 days ago
Voting Yes! I have been in contact with Paragon and I'm impressed with his team's work ethic and professionalism.
3 points,23 days ago
paragon and his team are doing a great job!
4 points,23 days ago
voting YES.
With so many projects going through, we need accountability.
-2 points,22 days ago
This is entirely too expensive while I appreciate what the role this service is attempting to play.

Even if completely successful, this is a really high bureaucratic drain on the monthly budget. Whoever you are contracting to is overcharging you by a multiple of 10.

This somehow needs to grow organically. In terms of independent financing, consider partnerships, integrations, or even 3rd party advertising.

I know that nothing is easier for funding than throwing up a large proposal, but it's simply not sustainable.

We want to avoid another Green Candle scenario. We can't let this treasury go in the direction of every large liberally govt treasury in the world.

Thanks Paragon, but please see what's possibly on a much smaller budget.
0 points,22 days ago
Independent financing for a governance-related website. What the hell.

DashWatch has 1 customer the DAO with its MNOs so nobody else should be funding this.
4 points,24 days ago
I just finished a one hour skype call with the paragon and one of his team members. I want to thank them for taking the time to explain their project to me in full detail. There are some points they made to me that I want to share with the MNO community:
1) This team went two months without funding (March and April) because they budgeted well in their last proposal. This builds confidence. They will likely be able to do so again in the future perhaps with this proposal. That is awesome!!
2) We had the chance to brainstorm some ideas to keep MNOs informed, such as email alerts and twitter feed. Also we discussed what kind of events should be reported to MNOs.
3) The proposal owner recognized the need to build more engagement and awareness with the MNO community.
4) We discussed the need to remain unbiased in certain ways while always keeping in mind what is best for the MNO community.

Switching to a YES vote. Thank you for your efforts and transparency. Taking that much time means a lot to me.
0 points,24 days ago
Thank you for taking the time to reconsider your position. If you have any additional questions, concerns, suggestions, etc please feel free to contact us or paragon.
1 point,24 days ago
I am voting "no" for the following reasons:

1) Dashwatch it's purpose to keep track of how proposal owners are executing there proposal's creating a easy way to see if they are keeping their end of the deal.
- It fails in this because their is no clear way to instantly see the good and bad proposal owners
- is prime example that should have been reported on, after massive fraud was uncovered. that is a major fail, bringing news should be front-page news for dashwatch, and if their would have been a mailing-list, people should have been informed by email about this.
- Seeing info is not properly reported, and difficult to be found, I wonder how much of the bad things are uncovered

2) Lack of communication
- Would have expected to seen lots of communication between Dashforce news and Dash watch, so to report noticeable well or poorly executed proposals

3) There is no sense proposal owners are held accountable, or at the very least feel some shame, or urgancy to report to them and deliver the product and or service as promised.

4) There seems to be allot of info on there which makes the whole platform uninviting to even start looking into the worst and best performing proposals, I even highly doubt people even look at it.

5) This platform should make it easier for MNO to vote quick and easy

6) Compared to (pre-)proposal forum and dashcentral, it's even worst(please ask yourself where do you go for info and updates ?!?! that should be dashwatch but it isn't
2 points,24 days ago
I wish you were in on my hour long call with paragon. Too bad I did not record it. This website is new and being developed. They have stayed within their budget to the degree that they went without new funds for 2 months. Furthermore, if we stop funding, they may just go away and we lose what was created. The proposal owner admits to the shortcomings, BUT this project and website is only a few of months old and the shortcomings should be expected with such a new project. Please read my updated comment. Thanks.
0 points,21 days ago
You made rethink my vote, and it yes (for now). My points however still stand and should be addressed in due time.
1 point,24 days ago
I think it is the responsibility of each proposal owner to report on the progress of their projects with or without DashWatch. The person who showed all how to do that was Amanda. She always kept us informed. No one needed to be her policeman.
Now we need to spend 141 Dash per month for what proposal owners should be including in what they do for FREE?
I have had some issues with this concept from the beginning, but the cost of 141 a month alone is enough for me to vote NO. It is way to much money! That is $211,000 USD for three months of service! Absurd! Has anyone actually USED THIS SERVICE TO DECIDE HOW TO VOTE THUS FAR??
3 points,24 days ago
Even if proposal owners did provide updates on their own. The only way to keep track of all that is if all the info is in one place and preferably also follows the same structure. This is what DashWatch provides. Without this, I have no idea how MNOs could keep up with all the stuff that is going on.
For the price, first of all, it's not just to run it but keep improving it and good developers cost money. Personally, I have no issue paying that price for what I think will become a vital piece of infrastructure.
1 point,24 days ago
As a proposal owner, I submitted my answers to their questions, they converted it to PDF, and reported to the community exactly what I told them. Did they do anything to verify what I told them was true? Any further analysis?

Has this organization uncovered anything that was problematic and needed our attention? What did they do about it?

The proposal owners who want to scam us are going to do it with or without this service watching them. Are they really watching them in any meaningful way? What are they saying about it? What are they doing about it?
1 point,24 days ago
Hi Eric, we actually have uncovered problems with funded proposals through our efforts and helped save the community money by ensuring they received proper guidance from the appropriate Dash community members. I can mention them to you privately, but would rather not single proposals out publicly.

Thanks to Dash's price appreciation, we expanded our scope to include writing reports on around 65 ongoing proposals a month even though we never promised to handle writing reports on any. This is only our third month doing so (reports soon to be released today and tomorrow), and the effort to become much more efficient and effective is underway. We know we don't have everything perfect, but we're working hard every day to get there, and with community members' feedback like your own we expect this process to be accelerated.

With your proposal in particular, I'm sure our team assessed the claims that you made in your responses to our questionnaire and determined that you were delivering as promised and were therefore not a cause for concern warranting further questioning or investigation.
2 points,24 days ago
We acknowledge that the community's engagement with our monthly PDF reports was not as high as we had initially hoped so we decided going forward to supplement the PDFs with video report summaries to see if the community takes to that format better. Some of these video summaries will be out in the next day or two. We also will at the same time post links to both our written and video report summaries on Dash Central for every proposal seeking funding to make sure the community is more aware of our work.

Despite the fact that writing reports was never part of our promise to the community, we did our best to add more value when the Dash price appreciated by covering all 65 ongoing proposals in our reports last month. I will admit, however, that because of the high volume of proposals needing to be covered that we were unable to put as much time and effort into each individual proposal as we would have liked. Going forward, I've instructed the team to further increase the time spent on larger proposals and to further decrease the time spent on lower cost proposals (at least until we are better equipped to handle the proposal load) which should ensure our time is spent as productively as possible for the network.

We also see a definite need to provide even more clarity to voters about each proposal's progress. We will do this by establishing a clear agreed upon list of deliverables, milestones, and proposal events with the individual due dates and budgets for each confirmed with the proposal owners at the outset of each proposal. This will be one of the core components of our website, allowing masternodes to better track proposal progress over time without necessarily even reading our reports, or doing any research for updates, or knowing what the proposal originally promised.

I feel we are 75-80% of the way to the point where the community will much more easily perceive our value, but I acknowledge that in some people's eyes we are presently falling short. As a proposal owner yourself Eric, I hope you can appreciate that this process of releasing a product, getting feedback, and refining the product to meet the users needs takes time. We had many setbacks with both development and locating the required talent and training them, but we never made excuses and are now finished with the most difficult part of this project.

I hope you will have a little more patience and understanding with us as we have worked extremely hard to get to this point and we are doing something that has never been done before (helping monitor the investments of a DAO), and as result we don't have a template to follow which makes things even more difficult when tackling a project as pioneering and interdisciplinary as this.

We now have a super solid team and a much better-defined process and product with a clear path to improving it significantly in the near future, and I would hate to see all of this work and potential go to waste.

Thanks for your feedback though Eric, I'm hoping you'll reconsider and stay engaged with us to ensure we deliver a platform and product that meets your needs
3 points,25 days ago
Yes from me. Your organization is doing a great job holding proposal owners to account and that stands to benefit every investor in this community.
0 points,25 days ago
Thank you for your support!
1 point,25 days ago
Strong yes, I think we need to prioritize this proposal.
0 points,24 days ago
Appreciate your support!
0 points,25 days ago
Dear paragon,
If this proposal pass, that mean than MNO gave you the right to ask questions to all proposal owners and they have to answer to there questions. Because you act in the name of DAO.
Its an yes to see real green orange or red flag on proposal. We have to trust in you inflexibility.
Good luck with your proposal.
0 points,24 days ago
Thank you for your support!
4 points,26 days ago
Easy yes!
1 point,25 days ago
Thank you solarguy!
3 points,26 days ago
easy yes
1 point,25 days ago
Much appreciated, thank you for your support.
3 points,26 days ago
These guys are doing a great job. An easy yes vote.
0 points,25 days ago
Thank you for the continued support quantumexplorer.
3 points,26 days ago
You folks have done a bang-up job so far, IMO. This kind of data and analysis will be essential moving forward as the DAO continues to grow and expand. As I said in your Pre-Proposal, I've seen your members actively engaged on a number of different platforms and I've read how you've been diligent in communicating with other proposals and projects. Your services are very important for the continued health and improvement of the whole of the DAO. Like I also said, though, I do wish you could have waited for the next budget cycle, this one's gonna be rough. Still, you have my full support.
1 point,26 days ago
Thanks for the support Arthryon. This is only the beginning for Dash Watch, over time our platform and our product will be much more useful as we figure out what works the best for the community and proposal owners and consistently refine our process.

We held off on asking for funding last month because we saw how thinly stretched the budget was but couldn't sustain operations another month without funding. I hope you can understand
2 points,26 days ago
Sure thing, I completely understand, I just meant for your sake and the sake of all hopeful proposals.
2 points,26 days ago
Absolutely yes!
I hope the timing and full budget does not make your proposal slide of the cliff.
1 point,25 days ago
Thank you for your support!
0 points,25 days ago
I had no idea this was so freaking expensive ! voting no needs to be better content or way cheaper.
2 points,25 days ago
To: A_node_to_a_Master, If you read the proposal carefully, you will see that DashWatch is collecting gobs of data. Yes, it is expensive to track down that much detail from that many proposal owners. But in return, we get better outcomes and the reasonable expectation that we will get less scammers because of this scrutiny.

Paragon's initial proposal was designed to be inexpensive so the Dash community could try it out and see that the project is real and effective. He has accomplished that.

1 point,24 days ago
Have you tried reading it, lots of copy pasting going on, it's allot of money, I would be happy do all this so called work for have and deliver a superior web-platform to boot
1 point,25 days ago
Hi, we are open to any suggestions you may have regarding content and budget. Our pre-proposal thread may also address some of your concerns
0 points,25 days ago
Voting no.

Well intentioned, sure, but this project is a tar-baby. You guys got funded, now figure out how to run it without constant life support.
0 points,23 days ago
"You guys got funded, now figure out how to run it without constant life support." - Seriously how? . They provide no benefit to consumers, beyond the small scope of this project.
2 points,25 days ago
"You guys got funded, now figure out how to run it without constant life support"

I have typed out like ten different responses and ended up deleting them because I just don't know what to say to something that stupid. Please tell me you are joking

How do you expect them to aggregate data and keep up with the hundreds of active proposals for no money? Should we also stop paying core or DFN since we funded them one time?
1 point,25 days ago
Our full-time communication and reporting team that is in touch with proposal owners, monitors proposal progress, and issues reports once every month was something that I added to our scope to deliver more value to the network thanks to Dash appreciation, and these dedicated hard-working college-educated individuals who also own Dash do not work for free unfortunately. They were not easy to find, are all very talented, and deserve to be paid in accordance with how valuable their skills are on the open market.

I hope you appreciate that this communication and reporting was not part of our original scope but rather a large expansion of our scope undertaken because the community felt it was desirable to increase the accountability and awareness of proposals. And I can tell you firsthand that we have already helped prevent the network from losing money by following up regularly with proposal owners and asking the appropriate key questions to make sure they are on track. The value to be had from our organization is just in the beginning phase of coming to the fore however, as we finalize and build out our process including even more detailed reports for larger proposals, improved deliverable tracking built into our website and optimized relay of our report information including proposal report video summaries and proposal video interviews among other things.

It would really be a shame for Dash to discard the foundational work we've done in hiring, training, establishing and refining our process of communicating and reporting and in adding to and improving our offerings. I am convinced that with just a little more work, feedback, and refinement a lot more value will be captured from us by the network. I hope the network considers this decision carefully though as we will have no choice to but to cease our operations after this month if not funded.
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Hi papatierra, we have some discussion in our pre-proposal thread regarding our budget. With our current scope and milestones, we believe the requested budget is the amount we need to comfortably deliver. By reducing the budget, we will have to reduce the scope. What are scope changes (reduced deliverables) that MNOs would like to see if we reduce the budget?