Proposal “DashWallet-Exclusive-Dash-Web-Wallet“ (Closed)Back - Dash-Exclusive Web Wallet
Monthly amount: 489 DASH (100503 USD)
Completed payments: no payments occurred yet (3 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2017-08-19 / 2017-11-16 (added on 2017-08-18)
Final voting deadline: in passed
Votes: 46 Yes / 745 No / 37 Abstain

Proposal description

STAGE 1/3: (9/4/17 - 10/3/17) Development of first exclusive Dash Web Wallet (full details below)

STAGE 2/3: (10/4/17 - 11/3/17) Implement DashWallet Marketplace for users to exchange Dash for completed services and product sales.

STAGE 3/3: (11/4/17 - 12/3/17) Acquisition OF FinCen MSB License through our brokerage company clients to become the first legally compliant Dash web wallet to allow users to buy/sell Dash directly within wallet.

Overview of Stage 1/3: 489 DASH

DASH needs and should have an exclusive, Dash-only web based wallet. In order for Dash to expand further and reach our goal of becoming the world-wide 'Digital Cash' we need a user-friendly, intuitive and secure web wallet that even the most tech-illiterate can easily use. Our two biggest competitors (Bitcoin and Ethereum) have had exclusive web wallets for their coins for 1-2 years now, while Dash has had to settle with non-exclusive integration into typical software multi-wallets. Our goal at is to finally change this once and for all and fill the void we have been missing for years with our exclusive Dash-only web wallet. 

Our Background and Experience:

My name is Logan, and I'm the Owner of I'm also the Founder of the leading US-based Website Brokerage Firm, founded in 2011. We have brokered more premium web properties valued from $1,000,000 - $10,000,000 than any other company over the past six years. We have worked directly with Fortune 500 companies in both the US and Canada, and have hundreds of Buy and Sell side clients in Europe and Asia. We understand what makes a successful website tick; prior to brokering a website we complete deep reviews and valuations. Analyzing every possible metric from Google Analyics traffic, Profit/Loss statements, employee roles, marketing budgets and performance, YouTube channel metric analysis, social media pulse, etc. All websites we review, evaluate, and sell generate between 5,000,000 - 30,000,000 unique monthly visitors. If our proposal is approved we believe can also generate these type of unique monthly visitors, which will greatly increase DASH awareness and help onboard hundreds of thousands of new DASH users.

As I want to be as upfront and honest as possible in this proposal I will say that we have had many interested parties ask about acquiring from us. These interested parties have ranged from Founders/Board Members of competing cryptocurrencies, early adopters and well known BTC holders, BCH holders, and many wealthy fiat investors. As I'm a long time DASH supporter myself I believe we have a responsibility to develop a state-of-the-art Dash Wallet, DashWallet Marketplace, and the eventual DashWallet Exchange. We have a long term outlook for the growth of Dash that many would say is purely fantasy, but we think the reality of Dash is it will be the leading cryptocurrency within the next five years. We want to be at the forefront and help fuel the growth and innovation that is Dash. This is why we chose to develop rather than sell it to the aggressive crypto-competitor or wealthy fiat investor, we are in for the long haul and couldn't be happier! Design and Functionality:

Our goal is to make very similar to other top-notch web wallets such as Coinbase. We believe Coinbase has found a perfect middle ground in terms of ease-of-use and security for new cryptocurrency users. We will implement similar tutorials and explanations to ensure new users are to able to quickly and securely begin receiving, sending, and (eventually) buying/selling DASH within

Development Proposal Stage 1/3 (8/4/17 - 9/4/17):

During our first stage of development we will begin work on the core of; the web wallet itself. Our wallet will be in an 'Open-Beta' stage during this time using the testnet so anyone can test our wallet while development is progressing. All source code for the web wallet itself will be open source, and users will control their own private keys. Our web wallet development will be lead by one of the top blockchain cryptocurrency wallet developers in the world. This developer has personally been involved with crypto since 2012 and has lead the development teams on two of the top 5 most used Bitcoin wallets in the world. This developer is in the top 3% in terms of hourly cost at $110/hour, however we believe that only the very best and most experienced developer should lead Our Lead Developer is based in Seattle and will be working alongside our front-end/UX designer and an additional Back-end developer/security expert, both of whom he personally recommended and has worked with before. We believe their vast experience working together will greatly increase development speed, overall user experience and most importantly; top of the line security.

Our development team will be creating from the ground up, the wallet itself will be open source, users will always have access to their private keys, and proof-of-funds will always be available to review. The goal of this stage of development is to have a working and peer-reviewed web wallet that is ready to enter a live, user-ready Alpha build to begin on-boarding new users by the end of Stage 1/3 on 9/04/17.

Core Wallet Features to be completed during this Stage:

- Open Beta of intuitive, secure, and easy-to-use Dash web wallet
- Web Wallet will be open source and peer reviewable
- Mobile-friendly design/functionality allows users same access and features on Smart Phone as they have on Desktop
- Easy and seamless user registration process to ensure even the most tech illiterate users can easily setup their first DASH Wallet and begin using DASH
- Intuitive Send and Receive DASH ability from inside user wallets similar to this layout - 
- User ability to manage all of their wallet addresses
- User ability to export their private keys if they wish to move to another wallet
- User security features and options such as 2FA, Confirmation when signing into account from new IP address, etc. Additional user-selectable security features such as the users ability to set max Send/Withdrawal limit per-day, email confirmation before DASH Send/Withdrawal is finalized, re-enter password before Send/Withdrawal is processed, etc.

Budget Overview for this stage (8/4/17 - 9/4/17):

(Allocated funds will be available for live review and audit on our Quickbooks accounting page. 75% of all unused funds will be donated to DASH Foundation, the remaining 25% will be carried over for use on the next Development Stage the following month)

- Lead Developer $110/hr - estimated 250-300 hours (willing to be paid 75% in DASH)
- Back-end Developer/Security Expert $75/hr - estimated 75-125 hours (willing to be paid 50% in DASH)
- Lead Front-end/UX Designer $65/hr - estimated 100-150 hours (willing to be paid 50% in DASH)
- Logan, Founder and Project Manager  - 25 DASH (100% DASH)
- Security Analysis and Penetration Testing provided by ï»¿Synack or other large security firm - $200-$250/hr - 30 hours
- Additional on-site Bug Bounty Program - 35 DASH (100% DASH)
- Business Entity Registration/Creation Services  $175/hr - 10 hours
- 5 PR releases $400/each
- Begin Initial Stages of SEO, Boostability SEO Firm $50/hr 50 hours

Twice-Weekly Project Updates:

One of our biggest strong suits is communication. We believe communication is key to a successful project, and we have used this strength of ours to run an extremely successful start-up over the past six years. Our work has taught us that timely and consistent project updates are key to a happy client and a healthy project. We will provide twice-weekly development reports for DashWallet here on Dash Central as well as on our development blog on We will answer all forum, comments, and Reddit replies within 1-2 hours.

Future Development Plans for Stage 2 and Stage 3 + Additional features, functionality, Etc:

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0 points,10 months ago
Please let us know when they website is ready for registration, so, we can signup. I've been looking for an online dash wallet for awhile, now. Thanks.
3 points,1 year ago
"We will answer all forum, comments, and Reddit replies within 1-2 hours." was last seen: 3d 3h ago :)
4 points,1 year ago
I'm voting no, specifically because of phases 2 & 3. A marketplace & exchange should be able to turn a profit. Why should the community pay for the development of your startup?
0 points,1 year ago
We like to see Dash enthusiasts make proposals. What's your Slack handle?
0 points,1 year ago
How would your DashWallet work with the Evolution roll out? Have you been in communication with our Devs so your new wallet product won't get instantly made obsolete?
3 points,1 year ago
Sorry but requesting 1.467 Dash (~425.000 USD) for a web wallet has no sense. Also.... I've never heard of you. This deserves a no.
2 points,1 year ago
it's better to set up a profit-making website with that domain and use your own money instead of the fund from treasury.

BTW: I planned to do this, but i didn't win the domain auction on Godaddy.
4 points,1 year ago
So now I know who registered for the iPhone wallet, someone jumped on it the second I released the iOS app. I should have known better and registered it before I released the iOS app. The price here is ridiculous as well. Coinbase is also a terrible example being they keep your coins, why he would do this instead of type webwallet I have no idea. However does however say users will control their own keys. A strong no from me.
0 points,1 year ago
Hi Quantumexplorer, was registered in 2009, long before the iPhone wallet.

The interface example of Coinbase is to show the simplicity and ease of use of the user interface. We have tried our best to express our goal of implementing ease of use for new Dash users as one of our top priorities. It's important to remember that not everyone is as tech savy or has been involved in Crypto for as long as you, me or the majority of current Dash users. The iMac changed the world by simplifying the computer and making it accessible to the masses.

The masses will be very slow to adopt to Dash (or will instead adopt a different crypto currency) if we don't offer them a simple, easy to use Dash Wallet. That's our goal! :)

To confirm: Yes, users will have access to their Private Keys so they will own their Dash.

0 points,1 year ago
I'm with Kevmate on this one. Voting. Yes.
2 points,1 year ago
Don't like the price, the idea or this bit of scaremongering: 'If a competing cryptocurrency or BTC holder got a hold of the domain there is no knowing what they would do with it' - if you don't want to hold the domain sell it and let's find out what calamity will ensue.

It's a no from me
-6 points,1 year ago

To clarify: As mentioned I'm being completely honest about the other interested parties in this domain name. If you read my background you would see I founded & have managed the largest web brokerage company in the US for premium web properties valued from $1mm-$10mm since 2011. I even linked my company URL which is linked to my name and my reputation...not something one would risk if they were truly trying to scam the community. I actually didn't consider that the majority of people here (or anywhere for the matter) aren't familiar with the valuation of domain and web properties.

Another person previously mentioned dash-wallet and the issues we have had with that site over the years: Who is to say that site wasn't purposefully run as a scam by someone with ties to another cryptocoin? They could have easily done that on purpose in order to smear the Dash name. This is why we want to personally develop, to ensure it's in experienced and reputable hands. Selling it to another party isn't a risk we want to take. The longterm success and growth of Dash is more important to us than Fiat.

Just to clarify, this proposal is for Stage 1/3, and is for 489 Dash. The development of a state-of-the-art web wallet is very expensive. I don't want to throw anyone under the bus here, but DashForce is being paid 220 Dash per month and they have no development costs. Their main expense is for freelance writers and moderators. The typical freelance writer who writes 5 articles a week earns 1/10th of what a top-tier lead developer earns in that same time period. It's better to have the most stable and most secure web wallet and pay the best person to do it, rather than save a few bucks to hire a mediocre developer. The 489 Dash covers everything highlighted in this Stage 1 proposal. I was under the impression that the next steps/milestone details were to be posted after the first milestone was approved. This first stage is to get the web wallet running and online, make sure it is easy to use and intuitive for newcomers to Dash, and make it open source so it can be vetted by the community.

To give some basic ideas on the 2nd and 3rd stage of our proposal: The 2nd stage is to implement a Dash marketplace within the site where users can post services and items for sale in exchange for Dash. Similar to an Ebay or, but only in exchange for Dash. There are also several other features for Stage 2 such as user reviews for product & service delivery, custom Dash wallet profiles for each user to easily share their Dash profile with others, etc.

Stage 3 is to to acquire and implement the FinCen MSB through one of our brokerage clients who we have already discussed this with. This will allow users to Buy/Sell Dash directly within as well as hold Fiat in their wallet if they wish. Funds for Stage 3 will be nearly fully allocated on the acquisition of the MSB, but any remaining funds will be used to begin the creation of our Exchange which will be the first Dash exclusive exchange.

Hopefully these additional details shine a little more light on what we have planned for If you think it's best we include the full Stage 2 and Stage 3 proposal details in our original budget proposal we will do so now.

- Logan,
4 points,1 year ago
"DashForce is being paid 220 Dash per month and they have no development costs. Their main expense is for freelance writers and moderators."

Not True
1 point,1 year ago
I'd sooner see proposals to take down the scam dash wallet site and compensate all the people it has ripped off.
3 points,1 year ago
I don't need a description. Web wallets are prone to hackers. Price is too high. ~1500 DASH. Really?
-2 points,1 year ago
Thank you for the comment. Yes, web wallets are prone to hackers, however so are software wallets in certain circumstances. We believe the ease-of-use of a well developed web wallet, and our ability to quickly onboard new DASH users, far outweighs the perceived negatives.

Users aren't forced to use a web wallet, however it's been proven that new crypto users (regardless of the coin/token) prefer to begin on a platform that caters towards simplicity while also being protected by the necessary security features. Web wallets of past that have had issues are those that have been developed on small budgets, they were significantly underfunded and were not lead by an experienced team of developers who had ample experience in the crypto wallet space.

Our proposal alleviates all of these problems past wallets faced. Additionally, our proposed budget allows us to hire the ABSOLUTE BEST crypto wallet development team available, hiring the very best is not cheap, and a DASH web wallet is not something we want to cut corners on when it comes to development cost or security.

-3 points,1 year ago
I don't mind that it is expensive. We can and should afford it, and people want this stuff. I vote yes.
-1 point,1 year ago
Thanks Kevmate!

Just to clarify this proposal is only for our Stage 1 development for 489 Dash. Stage 2 and Stage 3 are separate development proposals that will take place after Stage 1. I was under the impression only the 1st stage budget proposal was to be voted on and then if approved the next portion (Stage 2 & Stage 3) would be voted on during the next budget cycle. I think there has been some misunderstanding of this so we will add our full Stage 2 & Stage 3 details to this proposal so everyone understands what the next plans of development will look like.

Also, our budget will be live and accessible to anyone who wants to audit it via our Quickbooks. A full, daily-updated P&L will be available so everyone can see exactly how the funds are being allocated. As mentioned we will be providing two weekly updates regarding development progress, as well as an open-beta so the community can see our progress live as it's taking place.

Thanks for your support, we look forward to bringing the Dash community!

- Logan,
-1 point,1 year ago
works for me. But I seem to be unusual in that I think we should be spending our budget every month, especially where it give dash a bigger footprint. It looks like other masternode holders don't agree though.