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Title:Dashcart continued development proposal. An app to buy Giftcards, pay for Utilities and soon also flights, hotels and Uber Taxis with Dash in Nigeria
Monthly amount: 58 DASH (1404 USD)
Completed payments: no payments occurred yet (3 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2018-09-17 / 2018-12-15 (added on 2018-09-14)
Final voting deadline: in passed
Votes: 250 Yes / 193 No / 65 Abstain

Proposal description

We have a team functioning together with a separate/differing abilities and goals in different part of the country, but we are posting a proposal as a unit to be efficient. We work on a low budget and to do this we must work as a unit. 


1. Create a Dash Retirement plan that allows people save a minimum of 1% and Maximum of 5% of their Salary in Dash and Gold daily/monthly/yearly. Fiat will be deducted from the users accounts and the Dash will be sent to the address that the users registered with. NO DASH FUNDS WILL BE HELD WITH ALTSAVINGS.COM.  

2. Organize three days summit for 200 SME and merchants in collaboration with the Blockchain association of Nigeria so as to enable the merchants talk about their products and services to over 300 attendees and also to show the crypto ecosystem in Nigeria about the services DashCart and AltSavings render.

3. Target of over 5000 users of DashCart/Altsavings that will automatically mean over 5000 download of New dash wallet and not just download like every other meetups but consistent use of the app and Dash.

4. Training of Nigeria cars/cocoa/timber farmers and importers and Exporters to use Dash as it is faster and cheaper than Fiat. We will be doing a documentary with CNBC Africa on how Dash is been used by farmers, importers and exporters. 

5. giving access to the un-banks allow them to be able to use their mobile Top-ups to buy Dash and Gold from AltSavings using the Vaultoro API.

6. Buying and selling of Gold have not been in anyway easy in Nigeria and Africa but with altsavings both the Bank and the Un-banks will be able to easily Buy and sell their Gold using Dash and Mobile topups on our Altsavings App.

7. Exclusive interview and documentary with the first cryptocurrency TV in Nigeria and CNBC AFRICA. 

8. Using Dash to pay UBER TAXI (in Nigeria alone) booking and payment of flight, hotel, train ticket purchase in over 100 countries in the world including Nigeria, Ghana, Zimbabwe and Venezuela we will be using Airhob API. This will increase the demand of Dash with an estimate of $50,000 and over $100,000 annually coming from sales of flight tickets, Train tickets, Hotel booking and utility bills with a discount of 5% for all payment in Dash.

Why DashCart?

Nigeria trade over $128 million worth of BTC yearly and when we meet with a lot of BTC users at the last Africa Blockchain Summit and we spoke about Dash. What they usually reply is; "Why should i buy Dash instead of BTC" ? This have been the frequent questions which for sure Dash has little Use Case in Africa.  So a need for merchant Adoption and utility is imperative. We had to create an App ( that can solve this problem for good. By creating this application we would be able to create a use case for Dash which BTC doesn't have apart from trading. We would be able to transfer most of the BTC users to buy Dash for their travel, electrical bills, TV subscription e.t.c. 

What is DashCart:
The first utility application for Dash in Africa that allows flight booking, train tickets, hotel lodging and payment with  dash we also have services such as of electrical bills, TV subscription, mobile top up, buying and selling of gift cards and micro transaction we are giving a 5% discount for one year with Dash.We will be  partnering with a major exchange called Check out the app on PlayStore or download here:

Why AltSavings: 
Altsavings is a product for the northern and western part of Nigeria. There is a demand to invest in gold and majority of the people in the Northern part of Nigeria do that for speculative reasons alone. So they buy Gold when low and sell when high. Many of them do that by selling their golds online: you can see a lot of buying and selling from this site:

Our last summit with them made us to create the altsavings app so as to make sure they can easily buy dash on our app without having to sign up with any exchange. They just need to register and add their naira master card along side their Dash address. We are using exchange API on the altsavings site so as to easily disburses DASH as soon as the users add their cards on our platform they also can now use the Dash bought to invest in Gold and they can sell it off easily and receive Dash which can be converted back to fiat via the same platform. We make sure anyone within those region can have a monthly savings in Dash or Gold. We deduct a min of 1% or max of 5% of monthly salary in fiat and convert to Dash and then to Gold. We had over 1,000 signup at the moment as both civil servant and business men where interested in Dash in as much as they can use it to Buy gold using the Vaultoro API effortlessly. 

Why the Merchant adoption and integration training?
We have learn a lot from the Venezuela team and we would like to do what they have done for their country too. This will help us achieve Mass adoption in a continent like Africa. By training and integration a dash payment system on their website we will be increasing the use case of Dash in Nigeria which in turn will increase transaction and demand of Dash in Africa.

Return on investment:
1. With a minimum wage of 50,000 Naira and a 5% monthly deduction of fiat to convert to Dash we will be making a sales of $34,722 for Dash monthly which is at a speculative amount of 5,000 customers. Presently we have over 1,000 clients registered on our wait list from the DashyAfrica conference and Blockchain Africa Conference.

1. Over 201 established SME will be registering as both co-operate entity and also their staffs showed so much interest to our platform.

2. With a minimum of 5,000 users for we will be generating a solid utility for Dash and a min of $34,722 monthly with our present survey.

3. Over 5,000 new users which automatically aims at over 5,000 new and active wallet download.

4. Integrating DASH API to over 201 Best SME from and an addition of 100 merchant that have showed interest by training them on how to use the POS as the Nigeria naira currency have been included.

5. Ongoing partnership with,,, coindirect, e.t.c.

6. Consistent utility for Dash in Africa which will be able to divert the BTC traders to Dash USERS.

7. Global exposure of Dash from CNBC Africa and the first cryptocurrency TV which have started already. They wrote about our product before the launch: 

1. We have over 1,000 Nigerians registered on the altsavings platform waiting for the full launch. 
2. No other cryptocurrency offers this services as we have made our survey and we have been able to know that Many Africans are interested in cryptocurrency but they want easy way to buy and sell their crypto which altsavings have already created. No more registering in exchanges to buy Dash with this services it will be easy and fast. 
3. Investing in Gold have been what a lot of Nigerians are interested in so with this services we will be able to make sure Nigerians can use their Dash obtained to buy Gold on our platform using Vaultoro API. 
4. Presently crypto is been used for only speculation and no use case in Africa but with the we will be able to use Dash in not just Africa but over 100 countries in the world. 
5. CNBC Africa and Bloomberg are already in contact with us so as to give us a free documentary of our work which will be of great exposure to Dash. 
6. Our services are fully registered under CAC and we are in full compliance with the Government policy.  We also have two lawyers working with us full time. 

Over View

 Before now Dash users cannot do anything with their Dash in Africa but DashSquard have been able to create a utility mobile application that allows booking flight, hotel booking and train tickets and then pay with dash then buying and selling of gift cards used in any store, payment of electrical bills in six state in Nigeria, payment of TV subscription, Mobile Top-ups in all African countries, Micro transaction that allows dash users send Dash to friends and Family without need to convert to Fiat first in Nigeria via which can be downloaded from play store. 

Demo For AltSavings
Dash retirement MVP plan is a “Now” and “Future” based software system which has within it all the elements that would quicken adoption; thereby increasing adoption in a way the Dash community has never witnessed.

The system will be in charge of helping people save for their retirement in cryptocurrency (Dash) and also assist people who are somewhat skeptical about the future of cryptocurrency save some parts of their salaries/wages in cryptocurrency so as to edge huge losses if anything goes wrong.

How it works

The system uses a financial model which minimizes losses to the barest minimum for both the fearful and courageous investors, thereby making it possibly for everyone to get involved in the dash revolution. The system works in a manner which only demands insignificant percentage of the investors’ salary so as to deduct that amount every month from the investor’s salary account and then sending it in cryptocurrency (dash) for them a minimum of 1% and Maximum of 5%. NO DASH FUNDS WILL BE HELD WITH ALTSAVINGS.COM

With the way the system design has been laid out, all that is required from the investor is that he/she registers on the system, select the bank they operate with and select the percentage that should be deducted from their accounts and how often it should be deducted (i.e. Daily, Weekly or Monthly).

After each customer have added their debit cards, they will be sent a dash kit which contains necessary introductory information about Dash and they will be given free $5 worth of Dash after the first debit on their debit card has been made as a welcome tip and the funds deducted will be converted to Dash and sent back to the clients account.

Marketing Execution Details:

Ø Dash Purchase using top-ups: this is an option which we make available for the unbanked citizens; this will enable their involvement as they can send top-ups to their dash retirement accounts which will then be converted to Dash after the top-up token has been confirmed to be valid.

Rationale:this will guarantee the involvement of everyone ranging from the banked to unbanked and ensure we cut across people of different financial needs and approach.

Ø Customer care: we will be providing a “time frame” customer care service which we be in charge of assisting registered users and prospective users alike with their needs and questions regarding the system and its operations.

Rationale:this will guarantee a quick solution/response to any form of problem customers could be experiencing within the system and also prompt answers to their respective personal questions about the system.

Ø 24/7 Blockchain Consultation: we will be employing the expertise of two certified Blockchain lawyers that will be in charge of handling any issue which might from the government and also will be assisting customers with the solutions to their respective issues as regards to the Blockchain from a perspective of the law as regarding to custodian of asset if anything happens to the clients so we will introduce them to paper wallet and hardware wallets.

[color=#000000][b]WHO WE ARE?

Dash Squad is group of passionate people (12 team in the north east and western part of Nigeria) made up of developers, analysts and marketers with the goal of furthering dash’s mass adoption currently in Nigeria and beyond.

We believe that the cryptocurrency revolution has merely begun In Africa and Nigeria. This gives Dash an edge to be the first cryptocurrency introduced as a medium of exchange and a store of value for its citizens.

We have been evangelizing the use of cryptocurrency for months now in Nigeria growing it use one person at a time. Including helping stores and business places see the benefits of using cryptocurrrency as a medium of exchange of which,,, is one of our successful business parrnership.

-Establish a dash office in Nigeria which has received over 200 visitors for meet-ups/seminars who needs to learn about Dash and DashCart.

- Establish partnership with to buy and sell Dash so as to easily train merchants via

- Added to help provide Dash to Nigeria and Ghana

- Consistent winner of Dashforcenews contest from April 2018 till 26th of July 2018

- Over 201 SME ready to integrate Dash via our partnership with connectNigeria

- Started the first utility software for:

a. Mobile top-up : This service allows the user to top up their airtime using Dash, Utility bill- users can pay for their electricity bill and DSTV subscription using Dash. p

b. Micro-transaction: Converting Dash to fiat when sending small amounts of money to friends and family can be difficult. Dashcart micro transactions allows you send fiat without going through the stress of converting your Dash to Fiat

c. Gift cards: Users can exchange their Dash or Bitcoin for gift cards that can be redeemed across various stores.

d. Save via mobile top ups: To aid financial inclusion of the unbanked, users who do not own a bank account can save via top ups and they will be credited Dash or gold to their private wallet.

We have over 1,500 emails on our wait list presently.
Available on play store: DashCart

- We have been able to introduce dash to over 300 Military personnel as a solution to cross border transaction limitation currently experience in Nigeria.

- We have organized over thirty successful meet-ups/seminars/conference cutting across over 1500+ Nigerians both online and face-face

- We are the first to speak about Dash in a Nigeria Blockchain conference which was organized by Nigeria Blockchain Alliance with an estimated number of 350 attendees.

- We have opened over 800 new dash wallet in Nigeria which we got noticed by Dash force news

- We had a DASH MUSIC AND CULTURAL FESTIVAL with an estimate of 700+ attendees where all music artiste where paid in Dash and vendors sold their foods, cloth with Dash.

- Team members have been able to setup 247 new Dash wallets so far and more on the way. 

Team Profile
Dashsquad is a Nigerian based Dash team that has dedicated most of their valuable time to spreading information about Dash within and outside the nation through various reliable means.

Job title: Dash Adoption Activist project manager and founder Dashcart/AltSavings
Social media link:
 Degree in computer science, skilled in C++. PHP, Mobile Application Dev, Solidity
Western Part Of Nigeria

Lucky Uwakwe
Qualification: C.S.S Digital currency specialist, MSc digital currency and blockchain technology University of Nicosia Cyprus
Social media link:
Article mentioned:

Rebbekah Asseh
Job title: SEO, content Developer. Social media marketer
Social media link:
Articles Written:

Tope Alibi
Job title: Blockchain lawyer for Dash Nigeria
Qualification: Degree in Law from Nsukkah University, Well versed crypto adoption activist for DashSquard
Job Description: Digital lwayer, Digital Content Consultant, Blockchain and crypto researcher, freelance writer

Financial Details:

Marketing Execution Details: [b][/b]

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1 point,5 years ago
@RealMrHack the owner of this proposal have been able to let you know that no proposals where funded for utility base. They have done countless meetups and i have asked two ambassadors to get me total sales of Dash in most of the Exchanges and the result are encouraging. They only need good use case for Dash. I am of the opinion that this proposal is too broad and maybe they focused more on the utility and savings app. I have asked Dash Watch for their report and it was great. I will be voting YES for this.

@RelaMRHack instead of comment with the intent of making sure their proposal fail why not help them out and advice them on how to structure their proposal properly. You don't want Africa proposal to succeed have seen your comment on all their proposal and i can conclude that you are one shallow dude. can you please ask KuvaCash all the money the DAO have spent on their proposal what have been the result thus far? is there any utility in Zimbabwe presently? or you just some emotional MNO.

@Juwon123: i saw your recent proposal and how @Quasen with TanteStefana have helped you to structure it. MNO's please take time to read and comment more on pre-proposal it will help a lot.

I will be giving you 5 Dash to submit it next cycle kindly drop your Discord Username i will contact you when am out of work. As i said earlier i will be voting YES.

Good Job and Good luck.
-2 points,5 years ago
Fellow mno we have spent considerable amount of dash thus far, at various dash africa projects coordinated by one team or another,

If after all that dash all we got is 0 utility, as per this proposal we need to rethink where we stand when it comes time to vote.

Please vote with facts not emotions,

We all want Africa to succeed but not at the behest of few individuals who after all these funds and countless "meetups" and various other marketting efforts has so far not convinced a single african to hodl dash and inspire them to the better part of their entrepreneurial spirit.

Voting NO
0 points,5 years ago
Mr hack. How does utility and holding rhyme? We didn't say we have zero holders we said utility.

You are always quick to comment on proposals just for the fun of it. Aezel on DN made things clear to you on discord but you still run down here to say whatever is on your mind.

Keep writing without facts
0 points,5 years ago
I think it's time that various people from team Africa or the various teams of Africa ? Not really clear which is which, and if they even work together. But at anyrate that they do some interviews via the 3 amigo's podcast or tao of satoshi, because just maybe there is some sort of barrier in communication that we have so that we can overcome it.

At anyrate, the spaming of various channels is not the way to go.
Nor do I get why I got downvoted in another Africa proposal.

I would really like Dash Africa to succeed even at 1/3 of the speed in Venezuela would be good assuming the keep the same budget size requests.
This title and other titles don't help in anyway, it makes MNO feel like we are the badguy at are unwilling, towards Africa proposal owners.
0 points,5 years ago
*I with title I meant the flyer
0 points,5 years ago
"If this proposal fails we will have utility for Dash in Africa"

Seriously guys! Are you suggesting despite the work that has been done in Africa thus far, we have "zero utility" still....unless this proposal passes.

Just saying. Maybe this is a language/culture issue, and you expect people to believe your claims?
1 point,5 years ago
It hard to know that there is no single utility based proposal from Africa from DC apart from Kuvacash. Many other ambassador have done a great Job getting dash out here and we need to now bring in use case for dash ecosystem in Nigeria. And am still saying this boldly apart from topups by bitrefil Nigerians doesn't use dash for anything else. We have topped highest users of bitreffill top ups through out this year. Most Nigerians using BTC use it for trading alone and ICO this is the first of it kind in Africa. So yes there is no single use case for dash until more development project are funded
0 points,5 years ago
Hello MNO, kindly support our proposal:

If this fails we will have Zeri utility for Dash in Africa

Failed partnership with Uber in Nigeria: kindly watch the demo Video with the Uber integration already active:

Failed Partnership with CNBC Africa and CryptoTvPlus for the free video documentary

Zero means of buying and investing in Dash or Gold

Zero means of liquidation for merchants

Zero Merchant Listing on Discover Dash.

We will also fail the crypto space in Nigeria after we have promised to have a full utility for Dash in Nigeria ranging from flight, hotel, tax, bills, Uber request and payment, train ticket and payment for the bank, un-banks and BTC traders. Kindly watch this video with proof of those on our wait-list for the full launch:

Thank you for your Support.
5 points,5 years ago
Despite all the concerns raised in here; I wish to justify a few things.

1. The budget is low relative to the work set out to be executed in this proposal.
2. I have spoken to all parties involved in this proposal (the proposal owner and his team in the Northern part of Nigeria). It is a joint proposal to be executed in two different parts of Nigeria of which the proposal owner (known as the one who submitted it) takes full responsibility of ensuring all work is executed.
3. Dash card works and works perfectly, I checked it out and suggested some improvements and incentivizing users which the proposal owner loved so much and will implement immediately.

What to be sure of: THAT;
1. There is an intent to boost Dash utility with this proposal.
2. Some works have already been done and in practice.
3. It will be an unfinished business to leave this here.

Cheers and I hope this proposal gets all the support it needs.
1 point,5 years ago
Dash Watch September 26th 2018 Report on
Nigeria - Mass Adoption by Creating Utility - Phase 1 by Juwon123
3 points,5 years ago
I think you have identified some basic services that the people in African countries seem to want. I will vote yes and I hope you manage to make this work.

If you manage to get this working do you have any ideas about producing profit with your services so at one point you will be able to be self-sustainable as a team?
1 point,5 years ago
Yes we do. Thank you for your support.
4 points,5 years ago
I'm willing to give you the benefit of the doubt, by supporting this 3 month proposal of yours for just this october superblock. After which i will take a hard look at the feedback and consider continued support or not.

On a sidenote : maybe its best to avoid mentioning that this budget proposal will directly create a higher Dash price (point 04 on your info graphic), specially in current market conditions.
1 point,5 years ago
We have taken note of that. Thank you for your support. We won't disappoint you.
3 points,5 years ago
Dear MNOs, this proposal is not the slickest available but is a very important proposal. It's a bit jumbled, true, because they have several proposals here in one request for funding. The African teams work on such low budgets, it is hard to do a proposal for each of these items spending 5 dash each time. I told the proposal owner that it was too confusing for MNOs to understand what they were trying to do, and frankly the way they are communicating this is hard to understand. After talking with them some time, I'm going to try to clarify what all this is, but I am NOT a team member and I may get this wrong.

1. the "Retirement system". This sounds much more custodial and fraught with legal complications until you see all it is is an automatic way to purchase Dash through heir service using an exchange, and receiving the funds in their own account. It won't be held in a custodial account but rather, delivered, through the exchange, directly to the owner. Calling it a "retirement system" makes sense to these guys and their intended audience, but it's really just a way to automatically take a small % of your income, turn it into Dash, and put it away for the future.

2. Merchant Dash training is pretty self explanatory. They want to continue bringing in merchants, but the merchants need to learn how it all works. Dash Africa has been training people all year, and they have a virtual army of people on the ground, all trained to teach!

3. Merchant Adoption : probably the same group, working toward the same goal. Sometimes more "Points" isn't good, OP! Consolidate! LOL. I mean, I don't think these guys are university trained business men, who specialize in putting together proposals, and when you add to that the language barrier, our African teams have a hell of a handicap.

#4 is a hopeful promise, which is a tangent to what this visual is supposed to be doing :/

5. "Import/export training to farmers using Dash" YES! Get the entrepreneurial spirit some solid direction so they can enter the world stage! Don't stop at farmers, but anyone who makes anything that can be sold. Hand crafted items are worth something in the west. Westerners don't do that kind of thing anymore, so they pay for beautiful things made by hand!

6. Correct me if I'm wrong but you're not asking to fund this documentary, are you? You're saying that getting these things moving will look good for the documentary? Or are you actually funding a documentary?

#7 the payment system, to get integrated with it, costs the same amount of money, according to the team, as integrating 100 countries, thus the 100 countries. This sounds like they are overreaching but really, they're just saying that's what their work will enable.

Again, it's hard to read through this proposal, they tried to give details, and some of it isn't coming across correctly. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is 1/2 of our current West African team. Their requested budget is 58 Dash!

58 Dash can do so much for this team and for Dash to keep them going. Please reconsider voting yes.
1 point,5 years ago
Correct me if I'm wrong but you're not asking to fund this documentary, are you? You're saying that getting these things moving will look good for the documentary? Or are you actually funding a documentary?

No we are not funding any documentary. We had two videos already from the first crypto tv station in West Africa and it was totally free and

CNBC Africa want to cover the work we doing with the DashCart and with our works for farmers.

This is the first of it kind in Africa and they want to be the first to air this for free. If you check our financial details there is no payment of such. Thank you so much for the clarification. I hope MNO's will give us a chance.

We fully understand we had to join projects together but since this is giving MNO's too much time we won't come up with a joint proposal again.
-1 point,5 years ago
Still, I think they are packing too much into a single proposal. It's too hard to understand, and so it will be too hard to know if they delivered or not. Also, why would I have to vote for things I don't want to get things I do want? Break it up. Demonstrate successes with smaller projects. Build confidence, build creditability, then larger projects will be funded. Include the 5 Dash in the requested funding. This all or nothing approach is not working for me.
0 points,5 years ago
What I meant to say with #7 is that it costs the same to integrate Nigeria as it would to integrate 100 countries, Here is what one of the guys said "Okay, well, the 100 countries issue is this. We do not extend altsavings to 100 countries just the and the reason is that the service we using charge us 800$ annually and if we limit the API reach to just Nigeria we will still pay $800 so we decided to make it fully accessible to the countries that their they are operational because we know that there are Dash users already there who might need that service too. We are more focused in Africa but anyone within those countries can also use the app"
1 point,5 years ago
We have taken due consideration to all the comments from MNO’s and we appreciate and will follow through. Next time we won’t have to do a joint proposal. We are sorry for that and please MNO’s should give us a chance. This is a three month proposal if the MNO’s are not impressed within the first month we can be defunded but we are very sure we will deliver to our best with prove and documentary.

We have noticed three issues raised by MNO’s

1. Plans are too broad:
We are team of very passionate Dash Advocate in Nigeria and we are located in the north, west and east. We have a team functioning together with a separate/differing abilities and goals in different part of the country, but we are posting a proposal as a unit to be efficient. We work on a low budget and to do this we must work as a unit. And this is one of the reason why the proposal is divided into three. Dash Use, Dash merchant adoption and Dash Savings. This will be handled by three different groups with their own unique case. Instead of burning 20 Dash we decided to use the money with us to finish up our App and we submitted the proposal as a unit.

2. Proposal too detailed: we have summarized this with the above info-graphic to help MNO’s have a full grab of what we want to achieve.

3. Over Promise: No we are not over promising: we already have the dashcart application working, we have the MVP for the Uber working and presently working with UBER DEV in Nigeria, we have the MVP for the AltSavings too and we will be working with vaulttoro dev to finish up the app. We have over 120 merchant signup for our events for merchant adoption event. And yes we will be gibing a 5% discount to all Dash users which can be verified by anyone with the dashcart app.

Kindly give us the chance and we promise not to disappoint.
1 point,5 years ago
This proposal is too broad, attempts to do too much. Promises the moon, attempts to be all things. Easy no here. This is a prime example of over-reach, and over-promise. If you try to do it all, you end up doing nothing. You need to focus and start small. Achieve those successes first. Maybe, just focus Merchant adoption and training. Save the Flight booking, "global exposure", Import/Export, etc. for future proposals.
If you respond to this comment with an eleven paragraph response, that only proves my point.
2 points,5 years ago
We have a team functioning together with a separate/differing abilities and goals, but we are posting a proposal as a unit to be efficient. We work on a low budget and to do this we must work as a unit.

Nigeria have a population of over 120 million people and the dash office is in Lagos, most of our team are not in Lagos they keep on doing their various dash activities in the various places. Instead of dropping different proposal with the low budget we decided to add all together and that is it.
-1 point,5 years ago
Like most proposals from Africa, the use big words and even bigger promises, but when looking at the details are inconstant and lack details where they are needed. Voting until it more clear.

Question 1:
Software in your video you showed is that a working product as is that mockup ?
Question 2:
Why would people pay that high fee of 5% to use this app/service ?
0 points,5 years ago
that is the link to the application.
0 points,5 years ago
Yes, it is a working product. You can download it on play store. We only wanted to expand the service to include more demands: like the flight, hotel, train which we are already working on at the moment. We just got approval from Uber Nigeria and the Nigeria Tax force to allow us use their API. As we have sent our legal documents to them.

No, People are not paying 5%. We are giving a 5% discounts to anyone who pay in Dash.

Most MNO's complained it was too detailed and they won't be chanced to read all and i and the other team decided to reduce the content if you have further question please let me know.

thank you
Ogunseye Oluwajuwon Micheal.
-1 point,5 years ago
@Juwon123 This proposal is full of information and details, but lacks an overall, easy to ready summery so that the MNOs know what it is about in a few sentences. This could doom it to failure. One of the hardest things in the world is to consolidate the message in as few sentences as possible.

Please try to do this, because I understand the proposal, but today I have a clear head, and just yesterday, my eyes would have crossed and I would have closed the window ;)
0 points,5 years ago
Thank you so much TanteStefana . I have taken away all the trivia details and i have added a picture with a short and precise explanation of the proposal.

Kindly let me know if there be anything that needs to be added again.
-1 point,5 years ago
Hi MNO's i would like to make Something clear on this proposal. The crypto ecosystem in Africa and largely in West Africa have no use case even Dash. In Europe you have, in Canada we have a lot of other crypto services that helps adoption.

I have been in contact with core for over two weeks now for a lot of business integration and exchanges like,,, did not want to accept Dash because there is no USE case and BTC is only used here for trading.

After presenting and Altsavings MVP the staffs where excited about this and they promised to integrate Dash.,, are now working on their promise and are already speaking with Core about liquidation.

If we failed in launching this application we won't be able to achieve full adoption here and we will also lose the relationship we have with this firm.

We have over 200 SME that are waiting for proper payment integration for Dash on their platform this are not just small businesses in Africa if we lose this all our hard work will go in vain.

Dash cannot be used to pay for flight in Africa, cannot be used to buy any product or pay for any services in Africa, we cannot pay for hotel, buy food stuffs, gift cards, pay for electrical bills and a lot. We always compare Adoption in Africa to Venezuela and now we have studied the situation and we have provided a solution to this. Let us know why the "NO" votes.

We have spoken to thousand of traders in Nigeria and all of them are really excited about the new system we building and over 1,200 of them have registered to test the system during the Blockchain Africa Event and Nigeria Traders Forum. This goes beyond crypto users even the NON crypto users too. Buying Gold have not been easy in Nigeria and with this system it will.

Let us not forget the summit for Exporters and Importers of products.

Please let us know why the NO vote. I kept the Pre-proposal for a while just because of the work i have invested in it and don't want to lose all of the work i have done for Dash and relationship i and my team have created with our MVP.

CNBC AFRICA will be giving us a free documentary with their staff showing how anyone in Nigeria can pay to UBER TAXI drivers, pay for flight tickets e.t.c without any hassle. CryptOTVPlus want to partner with Dash Africa.

We have our office here which is the first in Africa and we have been receiving visitors and been running several meetups. Kindly support our work and also see that this has a global benefits not just to Africa alone but to the whole Dash Nation cus anyone with an internet can use all of the services on our APP.

Thank You
Ogunseye Oluwajuwon Micheal
DashSquard Team HEAD.
0 points,5 years ago
Please look at the data provided seems to be very inconsistent with the funds received and the actual adoption that happened.

Funds better of spent in venezuala at this point
2 points,5 years ago
Hello, MrHack, Please what Data are you referring too? What funds? i cannot seem to find any.

Before we came into Dash there is lil or no exchanges accepting Dash in Nigeria and @ROTC and my team spoke to several exchanges and when they saw our work they had to add Dash. From, to, to Bitpessa,, yellow which we have been in communication with the Dashcore for some weeks now to provide liquidation.

We have, waiting to see the launch of this application before they can be convinced that anyone will really need Dash as we are giving 5% discount on flight, hotel, train, giftcards, topups and electrical bills. Most of their staffs where excited during our presentation and they are waiting to use our app as they receive salary in crypto.

Our service are also relatively cheap. Major travel agency charge from Lagos to Abuja at N43,000 ($119) but ours is just N23,000 ($63) this is apart from the 5% discount exclusive to Dash. This is a big opportunity for Dash to really see any real adoption in Africa.

We are the highest users on bitrefil in Africa, we have over 800 people waiting for the full launch of the application presently.

We have been consistent with several meetups with proof above, after most crypto TV stations saw our work in Major cities and business men event they had to invite us to speak about Dash.

We are presently in communication with CNBC Africa for a documentary of the grass root work we are doing, We have trained over 200 Nigeria Military personel on Dash, Had major Dash event with above 800 wallet and presently Dash users are already using our application for most of their day to day payment.

We love the work and admire the Venezuela team and we trully looking up to them to duplicate what they have done in Venezuela in Africa but how can we do that if we do not receive funds to execute our plans?

We have two different situation and we had to tackle it differently. Mind you, those in Venezuela will also benefit from the app for flight booking, hotel booking and train payment too after the launch of the application we will have to speak with the Dash_Help team to see how they can work with us too.

Just with the MVP we have been receiving a lot of media attention. Imagine what will happen when the app is out and ready also remember several business partnership we win with this project.

Thank You
Ogunseye Oluwajuwon Micheal
DashSquard Team Head
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You claim you have opened over 800 wallets. Have you seen how much funds you have thus far received?

Or your associates?

To me it seems like your peice mealing the asking of funds from treasury to stay under the radar

Your essentially copy/pasting exactly what dash trip aims to do.

With the exception that you would like to essentially try get into 100 countries.. kind of an overstrretch imho

Voting NO
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MrHack, we have only dropped one proposal which we lost almost all of the funds. In fact I couldn't pay all my contractors and I went into debt but I and my team still went ahead to organise more than 12 meet-up and one conference.

Lastly, we have been on this proposal since Feb 2018 check out my interview with The Desert Lynk I have talked about my plan for long far before dash trip ever came up.

We are paying the hotel and flight agency over 1600 dollars for API access and if we limit it to just Nigeria we still going to pay the same amount that was the reason for the expansion cus it will be waste of funds to limit who can use the app and still pay the Same amount. Hope you get why it isn't over stretch? We are not offering the AltSavings to over 100 countries just the dashcart.

We have all our track record above. We have invested wisely all the funds we received and many media outlet have reached out to us. Check out the interview with Bloomberg and presently working with CNBC Africa to document our work, we also in partnership with cryptotvplus for a monthly broadcast of our activities. We where the first dash Africa group to be interviewed by cointelegraph and cryptonia immediately after election and that was what gave us acces to speak to over 200 Nigeria Military personnel which many of them used dash to send money to their family cus I was in direct contact with the commandant to help liquidate those funds sent in dash.

We just finish a meeting with a Malaysian based exchange to offer quick liquidation to our merchant in Africa you can follow discussion on discord for evidence of the meeting.

Presently in contact with dash core team Jon Kindel about the dash liquidation.

Kindly give us the opportunity to execute this plan as we planed too.

Thank you so much for taking your time to comment.

Ogunseye Oluwajuwon Micheal
DashSquard Team Head
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This is true, I remember the incident. One of the people that worked with them took the Dash and ran. The 3 left behind pulled it together out of their own funds to complete their obligation. To me there is no higher integrity.