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One-time payment: 1300 DASH (36047 USD)
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Payment start/end: 2016-04-06 / 2016-05-21 (added on 2016-03-10)
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TL;DR (Version 0.1) A website for storing trade-by-trade data of Dash on its cryptocurrency exchanges. Funds will initially be used to offset hosting costs. By mid-June, DashTrader will be used to provide analytical data (think and news feeds based on stories that may influence Dash's price (but moreso analytics). I already have a product up and running for traders (so I'm 2 steps ahead of 90% of budget proposals), but I will take it offline if I can't procure funds to cover the hosting/download/upload costs of detailed trade data.  1300 Dash requested (one-time payment for past and future development).

**UPDATE** Use of Funds:

As Evan and other machine learning theorists know, some of the most effective classifiers must be trained on as much data as possible. Though many resources plot the movement of Dash and other cryptos, none of them are dedicated to Dash specifically, and there are little to no services that supply the exact amounts, times, and prices associated with each trade on each exchange. This type of high-granulation data is needed by crypto traders to train neural networks that react to market movements, however, it is also fairly expensive to host and is a rarity in the crypto community for this reason. Such data can be found for Bitcoin at, though to my knowledge no other crypto has this type of service due to its costs. Read: This would be a major plus for attracting algorithmic traders to trade Dash as opposed to other cryptos.

Trading?? Who cares about speculation?
Advertising proposals are common in Dash's monthly budget proposals. I am of the opinion that adoption of Dash will begin not with advertisements, but with traders. A meteoric price rise will do more for Dash's user adoption than any amount spent on advertising will. After the traders come the coders, entrepreneurs, and daily users.  See Bitcoin, 2013.

Why would speculators buy Dash?

The real question is, why won't speculators buy Dash? Though Dash is #7 in overall market cap, it is not listed on any major exchanges, and is #14 in total trading volume. Part of this has to do with the masternode system (see below), but the rest of it falls on us. We really need to 1) Put Dash on a major exchange 2) Bait traders with highly-detailed data and analytical software. Beyond being just another Bitcoin-company-clone, DashTrader will (attempt to) offer sentiment analysis from community forums, as well as linking users' monthly profits with their OneName profile as a sort of "reputation system" for the financial world.

In July, Bitcoin is set to halve its block reward. The way I see it, either Bitcoin's price will double, or other cryptocurrencies will replace it. In the first case, I believe "rising tides raise all waters" and Dash will see an influx of trade volume (if it's on a major exchange). In the latter case in which Bitcoin fails, I think Dash has a shot at taking the throne of being the one, true, decentralized digital cash, even before Evolution is released. This is especially true given Ethereum's centralized approach and its desire to be a programmer's commodity.

Can speculation serve as advertisement?

Let me put it this way. As an algorithmic trader myself, I am confident that one price spike will draw more attention to Dash than any amount we spend on "marketing campaigns". What we need is high liquidity (i.e. many people and their bots buying and selling Dash).

What's interesting about Dash is that once true investors obtain Dash they don't sell it, because they can make a substantial return holding it as a masternode (especially if they expect Dash's price to rise). This is exactly the reason we were taken off of Bitfinex. However, it can also be the reason for a meteoric price explosion.  The masternode system lays a pricewall at Dash's floor, so that the only volume it gets results in people buying it, and bots / day-traders selling it.

Since Dash has 1/3 as many coins as Bitcoin, it really won't take that much initial investment to spark a Dash price run. Want to know what is really going to get people's attention? Dash on the moon.

Do we really need a separate site for all of this?

Yes, the Dash ecosystem could use a dedicated analytics service. I also think it is a wise decision to separate price speculation from the overall Dash community. Not everyone wants to be bombarded with news over which way the price will go inside their community forum. Having an outlet to point traders to would be an overall benefit for the original Dash community.

Are you the one to make it? is currently logging data for 95% of Dash's current trade volume. You can easily poll the site to download trade data yourself. See and compare it to

If you try downloading the files, be aware most of Dash's trade data is on poloniex with the DASHBTC pair. Downloading that file today and again tomorrow should prove to you that the website is updating automatically. Some pairs still have not received a trade since I started logging them and are empty files ("no file").

1300 Dash? That seems like not that much! Or maybe it seems like a lot! Also, isn't 13 unlucky?

As DashTrader evolves into an analytical software, I will likely put 100+ hours into developing this website over the next 2 months. Therefore, I find just under $6,000 worth of Dash (which could go up or down over those months) to be a reasonable request and in fact below minimum wage in my country. In return, I am asking that we do something useful with the remaining budget, such as pay an exchange to put Dash on its ticker before the bitcoin block halving in July.  Specifically, we can message multiple exchanges simultaneously (BTC-E, Bitfinex, Kraken) and tell them that we are only willing to pay one of them and make a deal with whoever agrees first.

And no, 13 is my lucky number.

I do believe in Dash and that the Dash I earn through this proposal will pay itself off. I am also rushing to get this site done before the block reward halving in July so that we have something to bait traders with.Please comment with concerns and opinions.Thank command:

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2 points,8 years ago
i think its important that budget proposals get pre-discussed on first, so you can get some solid feedback (more details about use of funds for example or spreading the budget amount in smaller parts) which you can then apply in the final budget proposal.
1 point,8 years ago
I like the idea but I'm a bit in dough about the explication of the use of the funds. does contains good information that isn't show here (yet)
No voted yet.
0 points,8 years ago
Thank you. I encourage others to provide feedback as well. I have updated the site with the link to the thread.

Much of the feedback I am receiving is requesting a budget spread out over many months. Do you think you would be more likely to support a proposal with this type of funding structure?
1 point,8 years ago
I understand my proposal may be unclear or too technical. TanteStefana has provided a nice summary at
Please join the discussion, I really think we can save a lot of money by funding Dash's value as a speculative vehicle rather than consistently investing in marketing.
2 points,8 years ago
To me this makes a lot of sense. Trading volume makes a major part of marketing. The big moves in ETH, FCT, MAID, put them on the radar, not really their technology. You have my vote.
0 points,8 years ago
Thank you. I encourage others to provide feedback as well
1 point,8 years ago
I'm a (small) Dash market making trader. I don't care about historical data. I only care about how wide the bid / ask spread is and where large orders are in relation to this spread. My mission is to dampen away changes in price to encourage merchant and saver adoption. My goal is to make cryptocurrencies like Dash have lower price volatility than dollars and gold when measured against a Big Mac (see the Big Mac index as developed by the Economist magazine). If I make a few nickels here and there from narrowing the spread, fine by me. The general public would love to transfer funds into something with a stable price that is also a store of value. Dollars are not a store of value. I don't believe we want to encourage momentum traders here. Buy and hold speculators are fine. Buy and hold speculators just glance at a chart and don't require a deep archive of detailed transactions. I haven't decided which way to vote yet and I encourage rebuttals to my statements.
0 points,8 years ago
We were taken off Bitfinex due to a lack of trade volume. We need a higher trade volume to remain on future exchanges. We have a crypto that is innately low-volume due to people hoarding for masternode rewards. We need to get put on an exchange and stay on an exchange because:

1) In 4 months, bitcoin's block reward will halve. Whether bitcoin collapses or it rises, a large amount of investment is going to trickle down into altcoins. The cryptocurrencies with the most amount of liquidity will see the most investment, because there is an increased cost to move money between exchanges. Additionally, liquidity is a function of the number of open orders on an orderbook. The more people trading the faster money moves. HFT is a plus. To make the most of this volume increase, Dash must prioritize its liquidity.

2) Because of Dash's unique masternode system, very few people will "cash out" their dash compared to the other cryptos that receive investment. This will cause Dash's price to rise dramatically, if we can make it liquid enough.

3) When Dash's price rises there will be a greater desire to own masternodes, causing the price to rise even more.

4) Dash's high price is free advertising. More people will want to accept Dash at their stores. Major news articles will run stories on Dash and Ethereum. VCs will invest in Dash-Fiat converters and other big money innovations etc etc etc

If Dash becomes as liquid as a typical top 10 crypto, it will benefit more than any other crypto would due to its unique structure. Right now it's #7 in total investment and #16 in liquidity. That needs to change

You basically just asked, "How will allowing people to use Dash for XXX help increase Dash's adoption?" The answer is in the question. The more uses Dash has, the more valuable it becomes.

I really think Dash will get left behind if it doesn't get more liquid by July.
0 points,8 years ago
Good points. I encourage everyone reading this discussion to toss some of their Dash back onto their favorite exchange and place some bids and asks. Even if they don't get hit, it still greatly helps with liquidity. The Poloniex Dash / USD market is nearly dead with a really wide bid / ask spread and I'm sure that is very likely scaring potential adopters away. I'm going to go get my Trezor and put some more liquidity there right now.
1 point,8 years ago
We need high-frequency trading (HFT), i.e. bots. This will increase Dash's liquidity when the markets change in July. Putting your money on exchanges won't really help...