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Title:Dash Town Hall
One-time payment: 15 DASH (2661 USD)
Completed payments: 1 totaling in 15 DASH (0 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2021-10-12 / 2021-11-11 (added on 2021-10-01)
Votes: 676 Yes / 89 No / 94 Abstain
External information:

Proposal description

Dash town hall is a governance site similar to Dash central or nexus. The site offers Request for proposals, public voting and eventually delegates. We will also be making some efforts to co-ordinate the various discussion platforms (Dash central, forum, Reddit etc...)

The major advantages the site will offer initially will be:
Public vote tally's for active and draft proposals
A working request for proposal system (Using the draft proposal system)
Public votes directly in line with the MNO votes

Dash town hall mission:
-Building a meritocracy where dash users discuss, vote, contribute
or simply audit any and all aspects of the Dash treasury system
-Creating an extension to the treasury system where proposal concepts
and requests for proposals can be evaluated by the community without financial commitment
from either Proposal owners or the treasury
-Increasing trust and community involvement
-Setting the standard for transparency

DTH current features:
Simple Proposal system overview
Public vote to express community opinion
Draft Proposal build tool
Request for proposal system
Vote delegation guide

DTH planned features:
Historical records of each proposal cycle
Historical MNO vote counts
Historical Public vote counts
Historical Proposal owner record of proposals submitted and Dash received (Built but not yet published)
Delegate votes and reports on each proposal
Delegate vote history
Masternode monitoring tool including notifications

Forum with vote- prioritized comments and...
Collection of conversation currently spread across multiple platforms

Mobile application to make voting convenient
Notifications of voting deadline, proposal status changes etc.
Custodial voting including public vote designated votes
Obfuscation of votes through delegates
Best practices guide/wiki for security and privacy 
Transparency guide for Proposal owners (built by community)
Investor ELI5 guide to Dash and the proposal system
Code of to acceptable community behavior (built by community)

The ask for this proposal is 5 dash for the proposal fee and an ongoing 10 dash monthly upkeep.  Ideally we would like to add more moderators, and this will increase our capabilities and our costs.   

Forum discussion:

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0 points,7 days ago
I voted yes on this as well, but with the low ask. Let's give it a chance, PO is open to feedback on what the community would like to see. Good enough for me.
1 point,7 days ago
I'm against all moderation. If you want to talk openly come to, I'm there and you could influence my 1-2% of the active Dash MN votes ;) maybe others too.

That said this ask is low and the heart seems in the right place so I will give it a chance.
1 point,7 days ago
Thanks...I'm still struggling with the moderation thing... What platforms do you find have the best public discussions? Imho the lack of participation is more of an issue... we'll be working on adding more languages asap...of course this probably complicates the moderation issue.
2 points,20 days ago
This need for this proposal is a little lessoned now that DCG have said they are going to put governance into the main desktop wallet. I like having multiple options but really the most important aspect is to build and promote the social aspects of proposals / pre-proposals. In particular, the moderation needs to be automated and tolled that you don't get the censorship you find on platforms such as r/dashpay.

I take issue with some aspects of your current working example First of all you must remove all third party tracking and APIs e.g. google. Secondly, you need to completely remove the need for an account. Let anyone participate when they pay, no need for Yet Another Account and Password. Yes, both DC and DN have accounts when it's not necessary. This is your chance to do things differently.

Note, I am not voting on any proposal that includes google APIs / analytics, including the DCG marketing proposals. If people need to do tracking / analytics then they need to do it in-house instead of handing it over to someone else.

Writing guides for investors and such like is nice but there's no place for it here in this proposal. Stick to the main goal. If you want to write guides and how-to's then do it in your own time because you believe you dash.
2 points,20 days ago
This entire project is done on my own time because I believe in Dash.
1 point,25 days ago
Is there a way to give ownership of what is created to the Dash Trust? All the work in Dash Nexus Is gone now. Tomorrow, Rango might get fed up with us and close this down. Although I like the idea of a lot of independent places to discuss and vote, I don't want to keep paying for new ones to be created from scratch, and the data accumulated to be lost.
0 points,25 days ago
Yes. Absolutely. The goal for this project is to somehow turn it over to the community...I don't want to be running it. There's a big demand for a civilized place to hold discussion...that means moderation and a moderation team. Who should manage the site and this team? This is the main question I'd like to have answered. If you're interested let me know.
0 points,25 days ago
...We've migrated the 'concepts' from Nexus to the 'drafts' tab of the town hall. You can also vote on them, giving proposal owners and the community an idea as to how important/successful these things might be.
0 points,26 days ago
Right now it's one email one vote. Eventually we'll ask users to verify wallets so that it will be one dash one on an annual basis or something like that

Comment moderation: Someone suggested on the forum limiting the comments to 3 comments per user. We'll likely build a team of paid moderators who will help guide the discussion, but given our culture of extreme freedom of might make sense to 'hide' comments, vs 'delete' them if at all possible. I've envisioned a system where moderators have the same authority as a given number of if 3 people downvote it, it's hidden (with a link to show it again)

All of these things could easily be put to a vote on the Dash Town Hall - Town Square...and the community could decide vs me making these decisions on my own or spending 5 dash to make each one as a community...
-1 point,23 days ago
I want to vote yes in general for this proposal, but this is unacceptable.

"so if 3 people downvote it, it's hidden"

MNOs constantly brigade those that they disagree with, even if they are raising a valid point. We already have a problem around here of far too much group think. Hiding unpopular opinions is going to kick that into overdrive. I have to vote no as long as this is in the plan. No matter how many downvotes someone acquires their comment should always still be visible by default.
0 points,22 days ago
I'm not sure I understand your suggested solution. Should posts never be hidden? If they should be hidden, who should hide them and when? ...Our mission is to build a meritocracy. The value of an idea (and hence a post) should be judged on it's merit, and those of higher quality should be elevated/highlighted.
4 points,22 days ago
I don't believe posts should ever be hidden. Organization by popularity or engagement is fine. If unpopular posts end up towards the bottom of the comments list that is fine, just don't hide it. Its important that minority opinion voices have some way to be heard.
0 points,21 days ago
How about a similar design to how reddit does it? Where the posts are never 'removed' but viewing the comment requires clicking on a 'show comment' or that entry's row or something? Vote on this comment (up or down) to show support/disapproval.
1 point,20 days ago
I think that format it fine for something like Reddit, and like I said organizing comments based on popularity is fine, but to reiterate: I don't believe posts should ever be hidden.

Just sort them by popularity, do not hide posts.

The mix or sorting by popularity and giving Masternodes a limited set of comments per proposal will be good enough to clean up the comment section to make it more reasonable and readable. Hiding comments won't accomplish anything else other than making sure that minority opinions stay minority opinions.
2 points,20 days ago
I think sorting by popularity will make it very one-sided. I think the comments should first be separated into YES/NO/ABSTAIN, and *then* sort them. That way the best arguments for each position will float to the top.
1 point,19 days ago
I love that idea.
0 points,20 days ago
So your comments would be based on how you'd voted on that proposal? What do you mean 'separated'? Would you envision a forum for each of the 'camps'?
0 points,19 days ago
My take on what he's suggesting is this:

Imagine opening up a word document, going to layout and selecting "Three columns". This will organize the page like this.

The three columns would No Yes and Abstain. How you cast your vote will determine which column you end up in.

Within each column then organize by popularity.

Does that make sense?
1 point,18 days ago
I can envision this on a PC but on a mobile device it might be hard to format in a way that made it workable. This would seriously impact the way the conversation develops too because it would be challenging to have a 'back and forth' exchange. I'm not opposed to it, but we maybe need to do more work on shaping it in a way that makes it easy.