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Title:Dash Thailand - Dash Adoption / Consumer Activation / Business Development / Strategic Partnerships in Thailand and Beyond
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Payment start/end: 2019-03-17 / 2019-06-15 (added on 2019-03-09)
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Proposal description


The Dash Thailand team successfully built the infrastructure and ecosystem for Dash in Thailand since the last quarter of 2018. By growing our merchant network, strong community engagement, hosting regular events and intensive marketing activities, we have continuously increased Dash transaction numbers and volumes. In fact, the current ANYPAY charts i.e. give a good indication that Thailand has become a leader for real live Dash usage (see charts below).

The larger we grow and create attention in Thailand or international social media channels, the more local, regional and global stakeholders proactively engage with us - merchants, payment providers, booking platforms and so on. This shows us that we are on the right track and it helps Dash to grow locally and globally. In order to fuel the Dash ecosystem as a whole, we have also started to intensify our cooperation with other Dash teams around the world to built synergies and combine our efforts - together we are stronger and can grow to one Dash Nation.

For the upcoming quarter, we want to accelerate that growth by intensively focusing on further merchant adoption and strategic partnerships on the one hand and strong consumer activation on the other hand. Thailand remains our focus but with some great opportunities and our worldwide connections, it makes little sense to stop there.

“Team Thailand sets up businesses with a sustainable strategy of making real relationships with the local business owners and most importantly bringing returning customers to the business.
It is not enough to simply "activate a merchant" one time. The Anypay map clearly shows, if a business took a payment on the first day they are set up, but then has not taken a dash payment in 30+ or 90+ days. Do they really count as a dash accepting merchant? What is the likelihood that if someone visiting the area uses Discover Dash and walks in to a business without warning to spend Dash, how much success can they expect to have? In Thailand, you can see their business penetration is deep, not shallow. The businesses they activate are constantly green an yellow on the map, meaning Dash payments are happening there this week and this month. Can the same be said for other places?”
Derrick Freeman, ANYPAY


The last year has been full of great events (please also visit and follow our facebook page to see more info: Some of our recent highlights and activities include:
  • Onboarding which offers mobile top-ups with Dash in 145 countries and over 200 mobile providers. We helped to get many happy Dash users on their platform. Dash is now their number 1 cryptocurrency in transaction volume and numbers. Try it out too!
  • Dash user activation event with Digifinex (6th largest global exchanges) after the official partnership with DCG. Check out their platform and trade Dash here
  • Working Partnership with Thailand’s largest exchange
  • Partnership with Nodeswap (Masternode Crowd investment Platform - staking as a service). Register here:
  • Presenting Dash at the world's biggest hacker congress C35C3 with over 16k attendees
  • Dash event with Dash super fan Alle Farben and over 400 attendees
  • Onboarding first global Art dealer and currently planning first Art Dash crypto exhibition in April
  • Growing merchant network in locations highly relevant for the Dash community (W market, JJ market - one of the worlds biggest Markets and one of Thailand main tourist attractions - great visibility)
  • Meeting with Thai SEC
  • Strong user engagement through Dashback programs, special discounts, and promotions for Dash payments at our merchants
  • Extending Dash community outreach to Chiang Mai and Pattaya (Thailands 2nd and 3rd largest cities)
  • Variety of merchant and community engagement events (Eat and play - Restaurant and game shop co-event, Flyboard community session, Dash Body Awareness event, crypto-lunch, etc.)
  • Dialogues with several Dash Teams - DCG, ANYPAY, Colombia, Venezuela, DACH
  • Free invitations to and community partnerships with several conferences (Blockchain Summit, Supply Chain Forum, Secure Bangkok 2019, Coinadvice)
  • Engaging with university- and school students and startups in several event
  • Dialogues with exchanges, payment providers and services around the world
  • Establishing MOU with Payment Service Winstantpay
  • Dialogues with hospitality service providers

We have adjusted our sales, merchant adaptation and customer activation strategies based on the insights gained in the past months and intensified our focus on business development and strategic partnerships.


Our merchants have given us very positive feedback on our super easy setup process and Dash on-/off-ramp approach. We have also started emphasizing on strategic areas in Bangkok (e.g. JJ Market, one of the biggest weekend markets in the world or W Market, the place where many members of the Dash community in Bangkok are located around) and will propel our efforts in the coming quarter. Secondly, we started testing new sales approaches, namely a mailing marketing campaign for hospitality offers as well as shops listed on Thailand biggest food delivery service - Foodpanda. We have found out that rather than looking for crypto-enthusiastic stores (e.g. Bitcoin-accepting shops), merchants that use high fee online services such as Foodpanda or online payment solutions such as Line Pay tend to be more open to trying out Dash’s free payment solution. To strengthen this value proposition we offer these merchant free access to our Dash social media marketing channels, thus giving them access to crypto-enthusiastic customers. By doing that, we have created a great way of merchant - user interaction (e.g. exclusive restaurant promotions for Dash users).

The overall strategy behind our approach is to achieve short-, mid- and long-term strategic goals. We have realized, that the more exposure we are getting locally with small restaurants, hotels, and other merchants, the more inquiries we receive from bigger and global merchants and services. Therefore, our short-term door-to-door and mailing-based merchant onboarding is a fantastic and necessary basis to establish partnerships with bigger merchants and service providers – locally in Thailand, regionally in Asia and even globally. Of course, lead conversion takes more time, the bigger and formalized a company is.


Further building strategic partnerships and develop business opportunities for Dash is key for our team in the upcoming months. We are currently in talks with various merchants, exchanges, brokers and various payments providers around the world as well as large partners such as hospitality service providers.

With DTAC, Thailand's number 3 telecommunication provider and biggest accelerator house in Thailand we are starting a strategic partnership with Dash Thailand to consult and educate the companies in their acceleration program.

Our goal is to act local and global at the same time. With partnerships such as the global mobile top-up services we have onboarded recently, we want to help the efforts of DCG and other global Dash teams around the world. Our ongoing dialogue with these teams has already helped to improve sales approaches and identified common pains, such as integration issues, local needs for payment services or user activation.

Combined efforts, such as ANYPAY’s Dashback program or their additional Dash map helped to activate Dash users. We are currently working on further ideas with other teams, such as a platform for Dash paid local tour guides.


In terms of community building, we have extended our community outreach from Bangkok to Chiang Mai in northern Thailand and to the east, to Pattaya, presenting Dash as a real-life payment option in the 3 largest cities of the country. Beyond that, we have established ourselves as well-known speakers and get regularly invited to present at big conferences, university, schools, and other industry events. With several community partnerships, we have managed to increase visibility for Dash without paying for expensive event sponsorship.

Our online community on Facebook, Telegram, LINE,  Twitter and Reddit have grown  organically and we are implementing marketing campaigns to increase the reach even further in the coming quarter.


We are slightly increasing our monthly budget by 8.5 % to 19,177 USD (239 DAS) to be able to grow our sales operations and support team as it’s needed to keep the quality in our established network.

Please see the link to the financials here

Dash Watch has reviewed our finances and reported the accuracy in the Dash Watch February report of our past proposal. Please find the link here

We hope you like our ideas on growing Dash in Asia and around the world. We are happy for suggestions and to answer any questions. Please leave us your feedback.

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3 points,20 hours ago
I find it disappointing that Masternodes are already starting to peel away from this proposal. We can't ditch our groups this early in their life. We need to give them a chance to build out their ideas.

You have a Yes for me for now.
0 points,5 hours ago
Thanks a lot for your support and the motivating comment!

We believe that the Masternodes just have a tough time at the moment making decisions as the treasury funds are very low.

We can just hope that most Masternodes saw the work we do in our regular updates and activities:

And the potential for Dash in Thailand. I mean Thailand is already now #2 for many consecutive month after the US in Dash transaction numbers and volume combined over Anypay POS by denomination globally. All statistics can be seen here:

... and that's just one of many developments and achievements for Dash in Thailand.

So It would be very sad if can not use the momentum we created in Thailand to push Dash here even further.

Thanks again for your support
1 point,1 day ago
Dash Thailand now already for many consecutive month #2 after the US in Dash transaction numbers and volume over Anypay POS by denomination.
Please see more info & stats also of the last couple of month in link below.
1 point,4 days ago
What is the breakdown of how the funds will be used?
1 point,2 days ago
Hi Milkenewhouse,

Thanks for your question.

The requested funds for the coming quarter are planned to firstly maintain our normal daily operations generating sales leads, supporting merchants in- and after the integration process, educating the consumer and merchants through events, meetups, and marketing campaigns. Maintaining the ecosystem we built in the past 6 months and ensuring all merchants are supported in operations and marketing is key to ensure the transaction volume increases.

Secondly, we are working on strategic partnerships and business development which consumes additional time and resources from our team. We consequently plan on increasing our team including freelancer on a commission basis.

For the upcoming quarter, we want to accelerate growth by intensively focusing on further merchant adoption and strategic partnerships on the one hand and strong consumer activation on the other hand.
In order to manage the balancing act of maintaining and accelerating the existing ecosystem and, at the same time, emphasize business development and strategic partnerships we increased our budget by around 8.5 % (less than 2000 USD at the time of proposal submission) for sales support, travel costs and commissions as well as for merchants support.

Please see our budget sheet for further details

We hope your question is answered and we are happy to provide more info as needed.
1 point,5 days ago
Please see at the link below our regular updates and activities in the last couple of month:
3 points,9 days ago
I live in Bangkok, I went to a Dash event last night here organized by this team and paid my drinks in Dash. I eat about 80% of all my meals now and pay in Dash with about 50% of those transactions being with Anypay. I think this is exactly what we want but in a lot more places in the world. While our budget is low we just need to stay focused on some critical areas of the world and make sure we gain more and more traction with more and more benefits for users and merchants to use and accept Dash.
1 point,9 days ago
Thanks a lot for the great comment and support. It would be amazing if more people from the global Dash community would visit us here in Thailand and also see with their own eyes what a great Dash country Thailand became in the last 6 month. That's an invite to everyone :)