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Title:Dash Text Ongoing Development May - July - 8000+ Wallets - Dash Text Invitation Promo- Work on Kiosk functionality with Dash Retail - Automated Salary payments engine development and much more!
Monthly amount: 53 DASH (3635 USD)
Completed payments: 3 totaling in 159 DASH (0 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2020-04-14 / 2020-07-13 (added on 2020-04-08)
Votes: 724 Yes / 68 No / 14 Abstain

Proposal description

ARTICLE: Why you should be using Dash Text right now even if you have a smartphone

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Dash Text Invitation Launch in VENEZUELA.

-NEW FEATURE -Dash Text Invitation: The first step into Dash

-Paying with Dash Text at Burger King!

-Users paying with Dash Text in Merida Venezuela!

-Integration on the Cryptobuyer POS system, people can now pay with Dash Text in many stores including big chains like Rori, Traki, farmarato and more!

-Dash Text new ONE LETTER commands! Use Dash Text as fast as possible with the brand new one letter commands!

  • What does this specific proposal fund?

This proposal funds Dash Text’s ongoing costs - including all developers, administrative staff, business development, providers, and other costs.

  • Deliverables of this proposal:
  -Developing the Dash Text Kiosk, the easiest way to buy Dash with debit card.
  -Increase Our Tx numbers back to about 1000 Tx per month organically
  -Activating the service in Mexico and Canada.
  -Delivering Integrations with Taurus in Mexico to enable remittance sending with a 11000 ATM network.
   -Transaction visualizer page maintenance and improvements, live at

  • Cost Breakdown:
Budget requested per month (DASH Rate = 70 USD/DASH)

Team Compensation and Development Costs:   2600 USD ------- 37.5 Dash
Service Providers and other expenses:                 1000 USD -------  14.2 Dash
Proposal fee refund:                                                                             1.3 Dash 

Total cost per month:                                                    3600 USD -------   53 Dash

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0 points,5 months ago
Easy yes from me, glad you are in funding still.
1 point,5 months ago
Thank you so much for your support agnewpickens!
1 point,6 months ago
What we need to add another country ? i wanna that Dash Text can survive and come in Haiti. Because we have a lot of people without internet connection and Dash text can be very important for them to use Dash.
3 points,6 months ago
Hello Carlomile3, Haiti would be a pretty interesting country for us to enable Dash Text, will definitely look into this, and thanks for the support!

0 points,6 months ago
Also a yes from me, good luck.
0 points,6 months ago
Thank you so much for your support qwizzie.
1 point,6 months ago
Yes from me, you have demonstrated your value to the network.
1 point,6 months ago
Hello agnespickens, thank you so much for your support, we will continue to work hard to bring value and more innovations to the network, stay tuned.