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Title:Dash Text Ongoing Development Dic-Feb - Full Charity Program is LIVE - More Integrations and New Countries
Monthly amount: 76 DASH (3833 USD)
Completed payments: no payments occurred yet (3 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2019-11-15 / 2020-02-12 (added on 2019-11-11)
Final voting deadline: in passed
Votes: 510 Yes / 217 No / 24 Abstain
Will be funded: No. This proposal needs additional 188 Yes votes to become funded.
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Proposal description


-Full Distribuited Charity Program is LIVE!

-Integration on the Cryptobuyer POS system, people can now pay with Dash Text in many stores including big chains like Rori, Traki, farmarato and more!

-Dash Text new ONE LETTER commands! Use Dash Text as fast as possible with the brand new one letter commands!

-PREVIEW: Introducing Dash Text Kiosk! Buy Dash with Debit/Credit seamlessly

  • What does this specific proposal fund?
  This proposal funds Dash Text’s ongoing costs - including all developers, administrative staff, business development, providers, and other costs.

  • Deliverables of this proposal:
  -Support and Maintenance of the Dash Text Distributed Charity Program, which is now live at
   -Service availability in more countries
  -Integration with exchanges and other platforms for payments and remittances.
  -Transaction visualizer page maintenance and improvements, live at
  • Cost Breakdown:
     Budget requested per month (DASH Rate = 69 USD/DASH)

     Team Compensation :                      3950 USD ------- 57.3 Dash
     Providers and other expenses:                 1200 USD ------ 17.4 Dash
     Proposal fee refund:                                                               1.3 Dash 

     Total cost per month:                                 5200 USD ------ 76.1 Dash

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0 points,14 days ago

Is it a fact or not that Lorenzo has used photoshop steal money from the treasury and was caught trying to hoodwink dashwatch with fake bills? Why should the treasury a scammer again?

Do you disagree with all the screenshots that show that the service was down for long periods? There is no evidence either that lorenzo has hired anyone and has refused to give a breakdown (so clever ).

You have shown poor judgement by trying to justify fraud and I am not surprised that you want to turn a blind eye again to these fraudsters.
-1 point,13 days ago
@ValenciaDash you're sounding just like George Donnelly! I notice that your account has just appeared right after George left DASH. I don't see any contributions you've made to the community so far? If so show them.

I also notice you don't have a Masternode, which means you either don't believe enough in the DASH project to put your money with your mouth is, or you have not been successful enough in life to be able to financially afford one.

You caused deliberate damage in the DASH Mall And Parking project asking for MNOs to downvote the proposal after it was passing with enough votes. That caused the proposal owners to loose a lot of positive votes due to your comments. I asked you to stop posting confusing messages but you continued knowingly causing more damage.

The only thing I see coming out of your comments is damage, resentment, bitterness and a desire to bring others down - very similar to how George Donnelly behaves. Just take a look at all the press releases George has been in recently badmouthing DASH

Here's a few but there are many more

Perhaps consider going to work with George Donnelly? He has a very similar style and set of values to you.

I warned the community about George Donnelly that he will work to discredit anyone to make himself look good. That is exactly what Donnelly is doing right now discrediting the DASH project in the press. The reason is because his efforts failed and he needs to take the limelight off himself as the head of the failure.

Instead of moving on like any normal person Donnelly has to cause damage to others - irrespective of the harm it causes to people in Latam that are working hard. His ego protection comes first.

Contrast this with when Lorenzo and Alejandro did not get their funding on many occasions they did not once complain or go to the press and badmouth DASH. Instead they accepted responsibility for their errors and did the right thing to step down without any badmouthing of DASH. They where open about their mistakes and recorded a video explaining everything.

What did George Donnelly's marketing give us after 1.5 years of funding and what do we have to sown for Donnelly's contribution? Answer: few transactions a month after the artificial incentive promotions Donnelly ran ended.

Lorenzo has provided DashText, DashHelp support centre and other innovations which are still serving the network today. We have something to show for their work. Lorenzo has also stated that he is prepared to hand DASHText over to the core team if he should pull out of the project. I don't see bad intent there.

The manner in which you write with the aim of causing damage and putting people down and discredit them is very similar to how George Donnelly behaves. Perhaps you should go and work for George? You come across as sharing similar values and approach to people in life.

Lorenzo has answered every issue raised about the bugs reported. Some where genuine but many were deliberately mis-reported e.g. using a free DashText Number that was only intended for use by school students to practise on. that number was never promoted by DASHText but realbitcoinclub user was using it even after Lorenzo informed him NOT to use it. Other false claims such as DASH Text was hacked when in fact it was a Spoofing attack, not a hack on the DASH Text. Other errors that were reported where on features that where NOT YET RELEASED by DashText yet realbitcoinclub omitted to mention that small detail and was using that feature to demonstrate errors.

I am not going to give advice on how any MNO should vote on any proposal. It is down to each MNO to look at the facts and decide for themselves. All I will do is give my own opinion.
0 points,13 days ago
I dont have as much free time on hand like you to type 5 pages and not answer the hard questions, so I'll keep it short.

Q1 : Are you calling "financial fraud" an error?

Q2 Do you disagree with the screenshots that prove the service was down for large parts?

If financial fraud doesnt concern you then maybe you dont have any judgement at all, poor is an overstatement.

Calling me Donelly, instead of answering the hard questions is very childish and you should try and improve the maturity level of your discourse.
1 point,15 days ago
To proposal owner : this was a tight budget round this month, maybe there will be more budget available next month and you perhaps get the necessary votes then.
0 points,15 days ago
Dear Masternodes,
DASH text has been integrated into cryptobuyer. Think for a moment. Would Cryptobuyer put their name behind an unreliable service and integrate it into their platform with companies such as Traki which is one of the most influential and important department stores in Venezuela? Do you really think they would risk their reputation to do that? Think MNOs don't just listen to a barrage of negativity without using reason.

I would like to draw your attention to the two users posting strongly negative comments in this proposal, note they are both not masternodes these users are: ValenciaDash and realbitcoinclub who have been providing strong feedback in this proposal. Masternodes are the one's that are most likely to give the best feedback based on their real world investment. Ask yourself people that have not made a large financial investment - who are they most likely thinking about? Are they as likely to be working in their own interests (or perhaps someone else's interests that may have a grudge against DASH? Maybe someone that has recently left DASH because these two users have only started posting the barrage of comments in this proposal and not previously.

First ValenciaDash caused significant damage to the DashMallParking by posting a message for MNOs to downvote their proposal that has already had enough votes to pass. ValenciaDASH has nothing to do with the DashMallParking and was not authorized to do this by the proposal owner Yoana. So the question is what motivation would a user have to do that? ValenciaDash then put "good luck" at the end of their message to signify intended to support DashMallParking - how could that be good luck to put confusing instructions to downvote a proposal? I took the time to highlight several times to ValenciaDash user to stop posting messages about downvoting but they continued to post conflicting messages in the DashMallProposal to cause more confusion to the MNOs. Please think about it. If they really were supporters of the project would they deliberately want to cause confusion? This to me shows an intent to cause damage to the DASH Mall proposal.

In addition, now we see in this proposal we see ValenciaDash using language that is of an inflammatory nature against the proposal Lorenzo such as "fraudster" and language such as this instead of addressing the issues they want they are attacking Lorenzo's character. Please think about this carefully.

Secondly we have the user relabitcoinclub that has provided some feedback about errors they found with DASH text. Lorenzo addressed all the feedback in details one by one in the google documents and gave detailed explanations for every single error message reported by realbitcoinclub. I recommend please read this document because it addresses every issue raised.

But also please note the tone of realbitcoinclub's feedback. He again is using terms that are attacking the character of Lorenzo e.g. " Lorenzo seems to be totally inside his own world of reality" and other such comments.

realbitcoinclub loved using DASH text and also provided some really good constructive feedback originally in this proposal in my opinion but as the proposal went on the tone changed in his messages.

The same is true for ValenciaDash that states the following about Lorenzo" Dash should have never trusted a scammer because they are only going to defraud the treasury again.."

These two users have appeared out of the blue in this proposal and DASHMashParking two valuable Venezuela proposals one of which I have contributed to significantly which was DASHMallParking. This type of strong negative feedback, with attacks on character of the owners of the proposal, did not happen before. The question therefore arises why is it happening right now? What do you think their motivations would be to put these projects down?

Each MNO needs to decide for themselves how to vote but just look at the tone of the messages posted by these two users. There is a way to give strong constructive criticisms of a project without attacking the character of the proposal owner - which realbitcoinclub and ValenciaDASH have been. Realbitcoinclub initial feedback would have been good feedback in my opinion on its own, but then the tone changed in the messages and personal attacks started when Lorenzo did not respond to them.

It is up to each MNO to decide for yourselves but I ask look at the facts - the issues raised by realbitcoinclub and Lorenzo's responses. e.g. Lorenzo specifically stated to realbitcoinclub NOT to use one DASH Text number because it was only used for the school kids to practise on yet realbitcoinclub used that number and got errors and reported them as such. Which he would do because it was not a number promoted by DASH Text *except*for the school kids. Other errors reported where for a DASH TExt feature that was not even released yet and yet this was not mentioned by realbitcoinclub who presented it as if it was a released feature.

They both also said DASH text was hacked. First this is false. There was a fishing attack which is not the same as hacking the system itself. That is like saying someone gave someone their online bank account to a hacker and the hacker got access to their account using the password. That is not a hack of the bank system that is a hack of the person who owns the bank account.

Don't just listen to one side of the arguments. Look at both sides. Don't just go off "chatter" do the research and find out for yourself and make your decision.

Every single issue raised by both of these users was fully addressed by Lorenzo in his document and in the message below about the kids having mobiles.

What I would say is look a the tone of the messages. Are they attacking the character of the person or are they providing only feedback on the issues.

These two users have appeared out of nowhere, since the last funding cycle with their comments. Think why would that be? Who could be behind this?

I recommend you take the time to read Lorenzo's answers to all the objections raised by realbitcoinclub before coming to your conclusions. Here again is the links to Lorenzo's response.

The MNOs were asking if DASH text needs to pay for further development. The answer is yes because new bugs, issues, integrations arise and need to be dealt with like any other software.

In my opinion Lorenzo would have been raised to address the issues raised by realbitcoinclub much earlier in the voting cycle. If he had this proposal would have passed because every single objection raised has been cleared up by Lorenzo.

Note also what ValenciaDash says about one of the most respected long term contributors to the DASH network DASHWatch: This is Valencia Dash's view on DASHWatch:

"Also worth mentioning that Dashwatch isn't doing their job. They just publish information they receive without verification."

MNOs perhaps consider asking yourself these questions:

1. Do you share ValenciaDash's view about DashWatch?
2. Do you agree that a non proposal owner should instruct MNOs to downvote a proposal they have nothing to do with when it has already got enough votes to pass?
3. Do you want to believe in users that attack the character consistently of a proposal owner?

If not then vote accordingly. Please think carefully. DashText is bringing the DASH network tremendous value. To lose this service would harm many Venezuelan's that are depending on it. There may be some bugs or issues, that need also to be fixed, as with any software but that is the very reason we need to pay for the continued maintenance and development.

I am not going to say how I will vote on this proposal because each MNO needs to come to their own conclusions. I have just expressed my thoughts on what I can see. Please decide for yourself using the evidence presented by both parties.

-1 point,16 days ago
So just Fraud wasnt enough. Lorenzo doesnt pay any developers to maximise his own profits and it comes as no surprise that this service has been hacked.

Dash should not allow its name to be used by anyone, let alone proven fraudsters. Headlines will be "Dash Service Hacked".

Do you want to pay a photoshop fraudster like lorenzo to do "charity"?
-1 point,16 days ago
1 point,15 days ago
I don't know why you got whitelisted to comment on Dash Central, but let me tell you your behaviour is not only horrific but directly undermines your credibility. Its hard to take anything serious from you when you swarm a proposal with comments like this (33 comments just from you).

There used to be a time that warnings were given to people that swarm proposals with comments like that, i guess that time is over.
-1 point,14 days ago
@qwizzie 100% agreed on your comment.
-1 point,14 days ago
@realbitcoinclub, you need to understand that MNOs, such as myself, have also invested their own time, sometimes hundreds of additonal hours, providing support, feedback, marketing advice and council to projects such as this to help make them work. If a user then attacks that proposal in a non-constructive way that user also damages the work of the MNO that has done the work on the project. This is the case with DashMallParking and I have also conversed with Lorenzo on many occassions about his project work.

If you had provided the feedback on the bugs in the way you originally gave the information it would have been useful for this project to improve. But now it has comes to light at least some of the information you gave was deliberately misleading - and then after this you started attacking the character of the proposal owner. MNOs do not tolerate this because it does not foster a collobrative enviroment and it can cause damage to all the work the MNOs have spent coaching, supporting and providing council to proposal owners on projects. I will remember your name and that of ValenciaDASH and do my homework to find out who you both are and who you are associated with.
-1 point,14 days ago
Deepblue - You might think of yourself as the next einstien and you might invest thousands of additional hours. So what? Doesnt mean you are adding any value or not wasting everybodys time, writing 5 page comments. Nobody has asked you for your "expertise", so stop singing your own praises from the rooftops.

All I see you doing is making 5 page ill-informed arguments to favour proven fraudsters who are just trying to run a new version of their scam. The community has spoken and they dont want to give these cheats any money so you might have to learn to live with it.

The character of the proposal owners was attacked because they have proven themselves to be cheats and reputation is a big thing, if you havent had a chance to come across this in your exalted career as a CEO.
-1 point,13 days ago
@ValenciaDash I notice you don't have a masternode. Don't you believe in the project enough? Or, perhaps you don't have enough money to afford one? Money comes from success. Well, OK here'a another chance then show me something that you have done to positively contribute to the DASH network. Someone as good intentions would be able to show something. So far, I'm not seeing much from you. Just a new username that appeared right after George Donnelly left.

If you have no reputation, no masternodes and all your messages so far are causing damage to people and projects. It's clear your nobody worth taking seriously.
-1 point,16 days ago
4 points,17 days ago
Regarding the screenshots reporting bugs on Dash Text:

Please take the time to read this document, in which it is easy to see that Dash Text works great more than 99% of the time, and like any software platform, sometimes it presents minor issues, which we work to fix very swiftly.

-3 points,17 days ago
So the way you calculate 99% uptime is by saying that this user found only "40 errors in 4000 Messages"? Are you trying to be funny or do you think people reading this are stupid?

Your explanations leave me in no doubt that the service was down for most of the time as screenshots show and transactions claimed by you are fraudulent.

Lots of chatter on social media that you don't have any programmers on your team and are cheating dashwatch by not sharing a cost breakdown.

Dash should have never trusted a scammer because they are only going to defraud the treasury again..
0 points,17 days ago
The numbers being reported by this proposal are clearly fraudulent. Please go through the screenshots before voting.

Scamsters + Charity = Embezzlement

Also worth mentioning that Dashwatch isnt doing their job. They just publish information they receive without verification.
1 point,17 days ago
With regards to more of the concerns:

1) All kids on the charity program are in the 12-17 year old range (highschool), most of them have phones, and the ones that don't, use their parents phone numbers to receive the donations
2) For tracking this kind of stuff we released the stats page, it might be a good idea to add the charity statistic separately, in the latest DW report we are already doing this, 720 Tx in October, 294 of them where made by beneficiaries of the charity program. Organic Tx are not minimal and we are working with Dash Mall, Dash Help, Cryptobuyer and others to bring the numbers up, the CEO or cryptobuyer Jorge Farias Is on a media tour speaking on live TV about our integration and inviting people to use Dash Text.
3) With 1$ when we launched the pilot, kids were able to eat 2 empanadas and 1 beverage, we reported this back then. However due to low level of donations we brought it down to 0.5$ per kid, and now they can get only one empanada and a beverage. 0.20$ per empanada is very low and I don't know where did Feliz get that number from. Maybe a street merchant?
4) Our website was developed alongside Wayu Inc, it says so on our website, I never said the company was a US company, Feliz misunderstood that, I said they were a high profile company with many US clients, I have all the evidence of this cost, in fact the net cost was even higher than this because of out of scope adjustments and modifications, I would be happy to share all these details with DashWatch, and you can go into WayuInc site and ask them how much they charge for building a website. Feliz says this website is mediocre while he copycats our design and uploads a reaaaally mediocre site on Wix, also copying a lot for what Dash Help does, and was asking for my support on this for a proposal. Here is the site he made:

The Dash Text charity website has an entire backend module for school principals to upload content of their own school (social media style) to incentivize donations, with this functionality program could hopefully expand naturally without our team having to submit all the content. It supports images with text previews, videos, is a full fledge site, integrated with our newly developed Dasher Pay Payment Gateway which also works with Dash Text.
-1 point,16 days ago
Seriously you are attacking me personally for building a DASH related WIX Site for free, for fun in my free time, that even backlinks to the DashText Twitter and Instagram channels to provide another backlink?? You say I am copycatting your design :D ? I guess you would have to sue WIX for that! Tell them someone is copying your design! They are using the same HTML tags!!!

Wow you simply prove how much of a narcistic personality disorder you have, that you really believe that I would be copying your design... I have used a standard WIX template, maybe your website has been made from a standard WIX template too and you have been scammed by your high profile partner which can not even translate a text to english????

What is the purpose of these personal attacks??? Why dont you simply stick to providing the demanded answers to the legitimate questions in a professional manner?
4 points,18 days ago
Check our UPDATES list at the top of our proposal, we keep providing value and useful solutions, thank you to all our team members and collaborators for making all of this possible!
-5 points,18 days ago
You mean, you are providing hackable, untested solutions and when criticism comes up you pull out the white rabbit, creating a bubble of hopes about future features, to misguide the MNOs and manipulate them to ignore the reasonable feedback???
5 points,18 days ago
Dash Watch November 2019 Report on
Dash Text Continued Growth and Development by LorenzoReyC
2 points,18 days ago
Thanks for the report.
-1 point,17 days ago
Dash Watch hasn't verified any transactions, uptime data or even salaries. Lorenzo can get away without answering any real questions.

Without these, the report is worthless and a waste of time and money.
-2 points,18 days ago
I would like to add that Dash Text has been using my images (which i provided to Lorenzo) on their Instagram channel without crediting or the DAO at all for that:

I have the originals right here which do not have the DashText logo.

The guy (Carlos) on the first photo can also be seen in a video here where Dash Text also completely missed to credit me at all:

The same video was released on my own instagram channel

The reason why Lorenzo is simply ignoring all this is because he would not be able to deny any of the facts nor give any appropiate answer to the questions!


The fact that Lorenzo wants to downplay this as trolling is just proving how incapable he is of managing this situation which he created by insulting me instead of simply answering the simple questions.

Please read the whole history of this comment section, how it developed from asking for reasonable feedback to a smear campaign against me, calling me a crazy troll and bad actor...
-3 points,18 days ago
There has not been a single answer by Lorenzo to credible screenshots that clearly point to fraud. It wont be the first time as everyone here is well aware.

Lorenzo should answer the hard questions instead of childishly claiming that he is being trolled by "bad actors".
5 points,19 days ago
What i like about our governance model is that in the end all that matters are the incoming votes.
People can comment like 17 times per person in here in an concerted effort to influence the outcome, but in the end the votes are all that matters.

Right now the votes are telling a very clear picture.
3 points,18 days ago
This is true, however intense trolling attacks have proved to be successful in the past, we must be weary of bad actors trying to influence proposal cycles.
-2 points,18 days ago
Looooooool, intense trolling attacks... bad actors.... COGNITIVE DISSONANCE... YOU ARE RIDICULOUS!!!

You are simply outlining that you are totally unable to cope with any reasonable criticism which would lead to a better product and service for the DASH community...
-3 points,19 days ago
Please check the screenshots on the Discord Channel #dash-talk which I just released over there outlining and proving my intense experince with Dash Text during the past 3 months.

-6 points,18 days ago
This is what experts say to the quality of @dash_text work exposing users to risk of being hacked and the brand of @Dashpay to be harmed... I wish DashText, Lorenzo Rey, would simply listen to the feedback of his testers instead of insulting them for reporting bugs...

"as you mentioned they need implement 2fa asap or can harm the other players in the ecosystem be a custodian is not for newbies and requires some level of experience in the field. they clearly not developers"
-6 points,18 days ago
I find it so annoying that I have to invest my time to pull off this transparency campaign! Lorenzo why are you such a liar and manipulator?!

You know exactly I have been reporting all these issues via Signal and you know that I have given you these feature requests of Sending without Confirmation as I was worried about the cost of SMS for the end user and I also told you that we need the One-Letter-Commands to raise User Experience for these with broken keyboards.

AND you received these images from me which were made with my camera where I still have the originals without the DashText logo on them. You really want me to release the originals to prove my point once again???

Do you think that all the MNOs are fucking stupid?! Attacking me on a personal level while ignoring the feedback provided, while not answering any of the questions I am raising?????

HOW THE FUCK ARE THE KIDS PAYING IF THEY DO NOT EVEN HAVE A PHONE, KIDS IN VENEZUELA RARELY HAVE PHONES ESPECIALLY NOT THE POOR ONES, bring in some clarity, admit that my questions are valid concerns that is all I am asking for...

-6 points,18 days ago
I added another reply to this Thread proving all the efforts I have put in to grow Dash Text, testing their software, improving their software with feature requests, out of love to the DASH DAO:

I have little hopes that Lorenzo will change his attitude. Truly narcistic personality disorders can not be healed nor changed just like that... Lorenzo is displaying exactly these attitudes...

He is taking all the credit for the new features never mentioning any collaborative efforts, he can not accept any critical feedback, he is ignoring the bugs and outages as if that would not be a thing. He attacks the messenger personally as if that had anything to do with the bugs reported.

Lorenzo is shooting the messenger, abusing his perceived superior status, its that simple.

Both of these images have been provided by me and he is not mentioning anything of that on Instagram, not a single tag, not a single thanks:

Lorenzo wants to appear as the big boss, the big creator, but what we need in the DAO are people that are able to truly collaborate and not just be able to mentally massage some MNOs or other community members to get them funded.

In the DAO we need people that put their ego on the sideline. Insulting other hard working community members, downplaying their efforts is exactly the opposite.



The DAO has been overpaying a very simple service which has nearly zero real adoption aside from the charity which is paid adoption!
-5 points,18 days ago
Dashwatch - Many live screenshots shared show that this service was either down or unusable for a long time. The accuser also claims that wrong numbers were being promoted.

The transactions look highly suspicious if these were to be true. Have you verified any of these claims ?
3 points,18 days ago
We are addressing this very briefly. Dash Text has been operating for about 99% of the time with brief minor issues due to providers, other extremely minor issues like typos have occured and we have fixed them promptly. We recently announced our integration with Cryptobuyer and they're promoting Dash Text nationally, you think they would do that with an unreliable service? Dash Mall and Marking use Dash Text regularly, Dash Help team as well. This is clearly an attack by a person who couldn't get his way and now is trying to get the service defunded, and who has been trolling various proposals for a while.
-4 points,18 days ago
Wow Lorenzo, I am impressed on how you keep ignoring the fact that a truly engaged community member simply wants to raise the quality of the service Dash Text is providing in the name of the DASH brand...

Might be that this DASH community member is also heavily invested into DASH and wants the DAO to succeed and warn them about POs that are apparently not able to admit any real issue...

But you wrote it yourself, you are still downplaying the issues, therefore I added some more information and released the knowledge I have that Dash Text could be hacked easily:
-4 points,18 days ago
I was hoping you would address the allegations rather than talking about other things.
3 points,18 days ago
Shortly we will.
-3 points,18 days ago
Thanks!!! Me too!!!
0 points,18 days ago
It's something to look into. The trust with this team is a bit lacking. A) Lorenzo and Alejandro we're involved in some fraud with misreporting salaries. B) They ran the Dash Merchant VEN team that signed up loads of merchants-- but these merchants got extremely low usage
-3 points,19 days ago
To anyone unaware about the 17 screenshots proving the issues mentioned you can find them here on the Dash Forum:
5 points,22 days ago
Yes x13.
3 points,22 days ago
Thank you so much for your support 3d1409ae!
-3 points,21 days ago
I hope you can appreciate that I have worked hard (for free) even moving to Venezuela from Spain, to promote the freedoms offered by crypto and Dash. I have actively promoted, tested and provided feedback on your service, I have tried to communicate with you directly and help you as much as I can but have been ignored and even insulted by you - this is very frustrating when I am trying to help Dash first and foremost. I cannot continue to promote this product whilst it lets users down with poor stability and has little plan/action towards organic growth. Please answer these queries to reassure the DAO going forwards
2 points,20 days ago
@realbitcoinclub, having read your feedback again I notice you started out praising DASH Text and how it has benefited you. But then slowly your comments and it seems you're against DASH Text as a project. I'm unclear how you can go from supporting a project to not supporting a project in such a short time? I also notice that you have posted a very large number of posts in this proposal but you have not held the other proposals to the same standards as you are asking in this project. I would be grateful if you could answer the questions I've given below in the 4 points. One other point which struck me as a little unusual. I notice your name is "Bitcoinclub" which surprised me as a choice of name for a DASH advocate - what's your connection with Bitcoin?
0 points,19 days ago
I have outlined the pros and the cons, I evaluate each action independently, I am not a typical human who is making friends and then keeps supporting these blindly, nor do I make enemies and keep hating on them blindly. I evaluate each action independently, friends nor enemies do not exist in my world. Does that help you understand my comments?

You are being very much evaluating things without actually investigating. You can see on how much I have been supporting DashText and DASH since over one year now.

DASH is a fork of Bitcoin and DASH is my favourite Bitcoin...

Check me on Instagram, Facebook, wherever you wants, I am living a very transparent life, exactly because people who are living "normal" lives with "normal" expectations have a hard time understanding me otherwise.

I just released 17 screenshots on the Discord Channel #dash-talk which underline my experience with DashText transparently...
2 points,21 days ago
@realbitcoinclub my DASH forum name is the same DeepBlue you can send me a DM and we can arrange a time for a call. I'm not on Discord or Redit or any other social media.

I've read all your comments. But you have not answered my own questions. So here they are again:

1. How much do you think DASH text is worth the network paying / month for the service. Forget the fact it is run out of Venezuela or anywhere else. How much do you think the service is worth per month.

2. How much money do you think it would cost DCG to run the DASH Text service bearing in mind the average DCG team salary is 6.4k / month.

3. You have expressed your view that you think proposal owners should disclose their salaries. If that is true why are you not also asking the same for the DCG so we know how much each core team member is getting? Why have you also not made any comments of the same nature in the DCG salary proposal which I think is hugely overpriced? Why have you not given your comment there where there is the most use of our funds? Why are you focusing exclusively on this proposal? Surely to focus on the proposal that is take the most money of all proposals should first be the priority? Surely?

4. You have stated that DashText should consider self funding mechanisms I have also raised this with Lorenzo however at the moment there simply is not sufficient users to generate sufficient revenue. Normally service such as this need to first build up millions of users then move to a monetization model. However once again I'm asking you why have you also not put the same requirements on the DCG for them to be financially self sustaining. Why, when DCG is asking for 50,000 times more money that this proposal.

Can you answer all of the above questions please because I've asked you these questions previously and you have not answered them - or at least I could not see your answers to them.
-1 point,19 days ago
Thanks for lining out that you are not on Discord, this makes me aware that I should publish my feedback on the Forums of DASH as well. I never make calls. I am all for written communication as that makes it much easier to reflect what has actually been said and done. BTW Discord is not Social Media! Its an essential communication channel if you wish to truly participate within the DAO.

I will publish a thread on the Dash Forum so that you can also see the screenshots which prove that I have been the number one user of DashText by far, acquiring 140+ users and 40+ merchants for DashText within the past 3 months.

Everything I have said is valid criticism that leads to a better product in the end. All I care about is that we release better software for the DAO, I do not care about my personal reputation, I care about the truth, and that it is very common in our society to shoot the messenger instead of being grateful for that information is what we are witnessing right now with Julian Assange.

You can find me on and see how many pictures I had released about DashText and how I have been promoting that service like nobody else.

It was Lorenzo who gave me shirts and cap to promote DashText, he thought that he can buy another minion to be his blind follower, but I am not like that, I do not care about friendships, I care about the DAO.
-1 point,19 days ago
DeepBlue, I do not have any opinion on these questions and I do not want to invest more time thinking about this, I would like to keep the feedback as short as possible, so far I am the one who is still awaiting any feedback by Lorenzo.

Apparently Lorenzo is ignoring the feedback in the hopes that this would lower my credibility. Therefore I just released all the proving Screenshots of the last 3 months of me interacting with the DashText Service on the Discord Channel #dash-talk

I find it really interesting how you are trying to justify Lorenzos behaviour while you keep ignoring that he did not even react to any of the valid criticism... Instead he had started to insult me privately on Signal, which I also released on #dash-talk

I have been very patient and friendly with Lorenzo during the past three months, I wanted to believe that he might wake up and overcome his ego, but apparently he has a very hard time to admit any failure nor be grateful for all the hard work I have put in to test his service and assure that the quality of DASH is being kept high.

Lorenzo has been abusing his status inside the community to attack me personally as he can not live by the ever growing standards. The DAO is a public entitfy and surely every time we are growing and attracting more competent community members.

If the DAO wants to grow in the best possible way we must have members that can admit when others are coming up that find failures about their product otherwise we will simply have some proposal owners to be sitting there manipulating the community members by calling them "friends" and mixing personal with professional relationships.
0 points,20 days ago
Typo: when DCG is asking for *50 times more money *than this proposal.

I know there are typos in all my responses. I just don't have the time to proof or correct them so please excuse me.
-4 points,21 days ago
1) Regarding the charity, very very few children in Venezuela have phones, how do they make purchases?

2) Based on the following figures, it seems there is very little use of Dash Text outside of the charity program:
The charity website says you have received $3725
The total count of DashText transactions in Venezuela is 5405
The total count of DashText wallets is 3401
Do you have a plan to grow Dash Texts organic usage outside of charity that you can share with the DAO?

3) In Venezuela, an Empanada costs $0.2, you are giving each child $1 per day. For context, a low cost employee in Venezuela earns just $10-$20 a month! Please could you explain how the children typically spend the money they receive?

4) Your website cost $3150, when queried you said it was made by a professional company in the USA. However the text is all written in Spanish style English and looking at we can see this is an amateur at best. We have talented developers in Venezuela that you could have hired at a lower cost for a better result - and paid in Dash! Please could you justify this cost (evidence to Dash Watch would also be appreciated)?
5) As one of the strongest supporters of Dash Text I am constantly let down by how unreliable it is and the lack of reception to the feedback I have been providing. For example, I tried to use Dash Text yesterday (over 24 hours ago) and it didn't work. I reported this issue to both Dash Help and Dash Text but there has been no progress in over a day other than a different error message leaving me unable to move my funds. During the past several months whilst I have been actively using this service I have received the following errors (and this includes testing with multiple phone service providers and many different phones as I was onboarding lots of varied merchants and users during that time):

- The service number 2030 was down for several weeks until it was eventually replaced by 9910 and 3457. This measn no one was able to use DashText for several weeks. Further to this, it took a few weeks for this new number to be updated on which was still promoting 2030.

- The service number starting 0424 for Movilnet phones has been down several times, each time leaving users without service for a few days.

- The service numbers 9910 and 3457 were down for a day.

- The service returned a strange error message 'could not fetch content' for half a day.

- The exchange rate of VES to DASH was not updated for 1 or 2 weeks which meant users would overspend a lot on every transaction.

Please explain these constant issues and the lack of communication around them as well as your plans to getting this service to a stage where it is fully usable without constant issues.
-1 point,21 days ago
Just to clarify where I have the numbers from:

On it says 3401 wallets.

On it says there have been 5405 transactions since 01.05.19 until now. (The stats page does not allow any date earlier)

On it says that each kid gets distributed $1

On it says how many donations have been received in total: $3725

On the report of DashWatch it mentions the website cost.

I also have text message histories and screenshots to prove all the outages as I reported them directly to Lorenzo via text message, it was the first time that I was reporting an outage via Dash Help yesterday. Dash Help was really helpful and they did a great customer support, very polite and very professional.
-2 points,25 days ago
Lorenzo, how does the provider cost add up? Can DashText become self sustainable in the long term or will it need constant DAO funding to maintain the providers and other expenses?

What are the expenses you have on your team in detail? How many employees are you hiring and what exactly is their job? Does DashText need constant software maintenance, when will the product be "finished"?

Would you be able to make the customer data (phone numbers) of DashText a DAO owned property or does the DAO have to fear that once you get unfunded you might run away with all the customer data and sell it to just like George Donnelly did...???

I am just raising some obvious concerns, so that we can find a way to get your proposal funded! I am a huge fan of DashText and I hope we can expand that proposal and focus even more on widespread DashText adoption!
2 points,23 days ago
Hello realbitcoinclub, for all expense information we are in constant communication with Dash Watch.

Regarding when will the product be "Finished", as you may know, no software platform is ever "finished", if you have users, you have a platform to maintai, providers change, regulations change, you add new features, problems occur, you fix them, and its constant development, we are a DAO funded organization and will continue to provide our service to the DAO at a low cost for the foreseeable future.

As a DFO, Dash Text is owned by the DAO, all the data is property of Dash and we will never run away with it or try to sell it to other parties like the scammer donelly you just mentioned. The commitment we have with the DAO goes deep into everyone on the Dash Text team, but we will be happy to sign the papers necessary once the structure is set up.

-1 point,23 days ago
Hey Lorenzo, you missed to answer many of the questions asked and your statement about software platform being "finished" makes no sense. Of course a software product can be finished, usually projects have clearly defined goals and evaluate the cost and opportunity for each goal.

As you referenced DashWatch, i just visited DashWatch and then I realized that on your first proposal early this year you claimed to be building a WhatsApp integration, did I miss that feature? I have used your service with Telegram and I had to instruct 95% of all Venezuelans on what Telegram is before they downloaded it and started using it to add the DashText Bot. A WhatsApp integration would be a whole different story, why has that feature never been delivered?

Inside that same report it also claims that the development cost of the website for would be at $3000 which would pay the salary for a website designer for a full year here in Venezuela, while that website is very basic. Have you been developing that website in Venezuela? I am asking as that is what other MNOs have been assuming here, that the cost/vaue proposition would be excellent as you are operating in Venezuea.

I also checked the DashWatch report and it does not show any details about salaries nor expenses, to a level that would be adequate for any professional business plan. There is no bank in this world that would give you a credit on that level of planning. Do you have any detailed business plan at all?

As I was living in Venezuela during the past 6 months, I was able to get to know hundreds of Venezuelans and I asked many of them about their salaries and rent cost. Me for example I am renting an office space with several rooms for $100 monthly right now, at the center of the city.

I was able to investigate on how much an employee at TRAKI earns, the most successful retailer in Venezuela with very high ambitions and very professional staff, they pay $80-$100 for a normal employee that works five day per week 12 hours per day.

I was also able to get to know a few software developers which told me that their salary is between $250-$500 while working six days per week. A graphic/video designer earns between $50-$400 monthly depending on their skills and if the clients are abroad or in Venezuela.

I am wondering how your expenses for your team add up and how many software developers you are employing full time on that project. A text message based wallet is fairly easy to develop with a single developer, me myself I investigated on the gateways and on the SMS cost, I was able to get tariffs for as low as 0.001 USD per SMS and your transaction count has been at about 500-1000 monthly, that means the cost for that service might be quite low.

A detailed report about your cost and expenses would include all the details, so that the MNO can earn trust into your work.

Just pretending that your are the noble guy while others are scammers wont earn the trust to expand that project at the scale it would deserve to be expanded. Especially as you have been involved with the Dash Merchant scam in the past, where the Dash Watch team had been misguided already, therefore it might not be sufficient to simply report to Dash Watch, but more transparency would really be helpful to get the DASH DAO going forward surely and with full force.

In the community of decentralized international collaboration it is very difficult if not impossible to enforce any written agreements, especially if you are located in Venezuela and additionally it would be hard to prove that any agreement has been violated.

Therefore I suggest you to take a much easier approach and solve the issue right away by delivering the customer data to the DAO. You can simply use your customer database, encrypt all the data and send that file to the Supervisors. In that way the DAO would be much more flexible on future decisions not feeling like obligated to keep sailing on your boat as otherwise you might take the customers hostage.

The DASH DAO has lost a lot of trust into projects located in Venezuela and I can totally understand that, I have seen the culture here and people here act differently than what other cultures would expect. In absolute respect of these cultural differences we must find a way to collaborate internationally making all the DAO stakeholder happy and there is just one way to achieve that: Transparency, transparency and more transparency.

The goal here is to get DASH going forward in full force in Venezuela, I came to this country to see what is really happening and after I arrived I realized many irregularities, I came here with the expectation that there would be 2650 Dash Merchants accepting DASH, which was part of your promise, while right now we have 700-800 DASH accepting merchants here.

Can you imagine how disappointed I was to realize that DashMerchant had been reporting false merchant numbers as that was a huge factor in making my decision to move exactly to this location, as I assumed that this location would deserve full attention to get DASH growing as fast as possible?

Transparency is not a crime, it actually avoids conflicts and grows opportunities. Why are you hesitant to provide answer to these questions stated about?

The most important question of all to me is if DashText is planning to become self sustainable and how do you want to achieve that and when?
0 points,22 days ago
@realbitcoinclub I would like to address some of your comments. First of all I have to say you it is so refreshing to get feedback such as yours. Someone who is asking good quality questions to genuinely understand this project. I only wish that other MNOs and contributors who have doubts and questions about a project give their feedback in such a constructive way that you have done. Many times valuable projects don't get the votes even though they are valuable projects simply because there is misunderstandings or that it is diffucult for written communications. Speaking to individuals sometimes helps a lot. I recently spoke to one MNO who had very different views but after a 3 hour call I can say we had a connection and I could tell both he and I where actually saw many things the same.

I cannot answer all your questions and I hope Lorenzo takes the time to address them. I would like to give my feedback based on over 1 year speaking with Lorenzo on his projects.

The first point about how much it costs for a developer at around $250 - $500 USD. First of all this is an employee not a business leader. There is a huge difference. Someone that is an employee takes very little financial risk. They are employed or work for someone else and they don't have to take the risk to invest time, money and resources building something from nothing in the hope that it will be continue to be funded. In addition quality leaders are rare to come by. My view of Lorenzo is that he is not just a leader for his team but he is also an entrepreneur and an innovator these qualities are very rare in a person. These types of people can earn significantly more money than just an employee who is a developer. If feel the question to ask is not should the leadership of DASH text be paid the same as a employee developer but what should a leader, entrepreneur, visionary and MSC electrical engineer be paid for creating, managing, marketing and maintaining DASH text service for DASH?

Regarding your point on there not being 2500 merchants and you only found 800 merchants. First I do not know if you have visited all merchants to know if these figures are accurate or where you got the value of 800 merchant from? If it was from George Donnelly team then we know for a fact that Edward Stover had commissioned a check of the Dash Merchant program and reported many merchants as not accepting DASH. However the Dash Merchant team had proven with video evidence that a sample of at least 12 merchants reported as not accepting DASH By Edward Stove and George Donnelly where infact accepting DASH and these had not been reported correctly. Therefore could you please state where you got the value of 800 DASH merchants. However even if there are 800 merchants accepting DASH, and you are living in Venezuela you know the situation there and many merchants and families and people have left Venezuela due to the crisis situation there. It may not therefore be misreporting as you are saying, but infact a high closure rate of merchants due to the situation in Venezuela at this moment. One thing is for certain. There is definitely a % of merchants that were signed up that must have closed due to the crisis however we do not know how many. Therefore we cannot state for certain that DASH merchants was reporting false numbers. What we can say for certain is that the numbers of active merchants remaining is less than that which was reported. If you have definitive evidence that the stores never accepted DASH then please present that evidence here. You say you were dissappointed to find only 800 merchants were accepting DASH. However my question is do you actually need more than 800 merchants to live well? I don't know about you but I personally only visit about 15 to 20 stores in a month to live well and get all my needs met.

In terms of software updates let me ask you. How many times this year have you updated your operating system with security patches? Would you prefer to stop upgrading and patching DASH Text with security or do you believe that DASH text does not require any software updates?

In terms of other activities for maintaining DASH text e.g. the integrations that are occuring e.g. with cryptobuyer - do you believe those integrations would happen on their own without anybody doing any work to keep in touch and maintain those relationships?

May I suggest you consider asking some other questions which I believe may be more important for the health of DASH network than some of the questions you are currently asking. e.g. How much do you think the DASH text service is actually worth per month to the network?

Please state how much you think in terms of value in USD is the DASH text worth paying for ?

I can see you are also very concerned about price. However I notice that you have not questioned the DCG that are charging us 6.4K per person / month e.g. 250,000 USD for 39 people to do anything from Admin to Development work. yet to run DASH text costs less than the price of a single DCG team member. Why have you not also given feedback of the same nature to DCG proposals? I have. Why have you not? If price is really a factor could you please also give feedback to DCG because they have developers and people working throughout the world and not just the USA e.g. Ernesto Contreras is living in Mexico and is Venezuela - should he be paid a regular DCG wage and others like him. Should the DCG also be held accountable for being self sufficient financially e.g. developing apps that take a commission to pay for their services?

Could you also state how much you think it would cost to run DASH text service from the USA as a comparison.

I have asked you some challenging questions in this reply however I have done this with positive intent. I really appreciate your feedback and the way you have given it. I just wish that other MNOs who have doubts or questions about a project could also do so with the same constructive way you have done because it would help strenthen these projects and help every one understand more clearly what the project is about and why the cost is what it is.
-1 point,22 days ago
I can certainly say that Dash Merchant has been reporting many fake merchants, but that should be obvious to anyone by now as numbers dropped from 2650 to 850. I have personally investigated and I would also like to share that information with you so that you can get that information to the MNOs, as I do not have access to the MNO channel.
-1 point,22 days ago
What is your name on discord DeepBlue? I actually would like to share some more insights with you, as I have been intensively working with DashText and Lorenzo during the past 3 months, but I would be shy to share this here publicly as we all know that DashCrypto is just waiting to release the next scandal about DASH. My name is "Feliz" you can drop me a message there or you can send me an email to to get in touch.
-1 point,22 days ago
I totally agree that the proposal owner who has many different skills should receive a salary that makes him work happyly on that project, while at the same time I believe that looking at the cost calculation should always be a collaborative work between the project manager and the investors. Therefore the cost should be outlined very exact and if Lorenzo wants to earn a given salary he should not be shy about that but clearly define what he wants to earn and what he is going to pay to the normal employees.
-1 point,22 days ago
I think a service like Dash Text is so simple that it does not need any frequent updates nor maintenance once it is actually running reliably, just like normal SMS have not been changed a lot (they still have a capacity of 150 characters). HTTP, TCP/IP, MMS all these protocols have been developed once and are being updated rarely. That is the nature of a protocol over a product. Dash Text is much more of a protocol and any upgrades could be done by new proposals which would outline the exact upgrade that could be done.
-1 point,22 days ago <-- Check the flag of Venezuela, now you see 851 merchants listed, that number was at 2650 a few months ago, before they cleaned up the fake merchants that had been submitted by Dash Merchant Venezuela
-4 points,25 days ago
Hey Lorenzo, I justs analyzed your statistics and it seems that the only country where your service actually matters is in Venezuela. You have like hundred times the transaction count in Venezuela compared to all other nations combined. Wouldnt it make much more sense to then focus on Venezuela and forget about expanding to other nations for the moment to prove the concept here?
0 points,23 days ago
Our main efforts are in Venezuela, however it is good for the SMS platform to be available in as many countries as possible, if the tx are low in one country, the cost for the providers of those SMS messages is also low, so there is no point in shutting down other countries just because right now the demand is low, we hope the price of Dash will go up and many people in other countries will start adopting it as well.
-3 points,23 days ago
I was talking about focusing on the biggest opportunities to prove your concept being self sustainable. Instead of going for the numbers of acquiring more and more countries without activity, spending energy abroad which could be better invested in the Venezuelan market.

You have been telling me repeatedly that you are totally worked out, you had very little time for any kind of communications with me, even as I have been the top promoter in Venezuela making up for 1/3 to 1/2 of all the transtions during the past 3 months.

I simply suggest to FOCUS on what you are capable of achieving, as that is what broke the neck for George Donnelly. If George had sticked to Colombia, keeping his budget tight, he would probably still be working for the DAO. I want you to be successful with DashText. I want the DAO to be successful.
-4 points,25 days ago
I would like to add, that DashText is an extremely important tool to get users adopted to Dash in an easy and fast way. I have been onboarding more than 40 merchants and 140 users in just a few months here in Venezuela using DashText as it is as easy as sending them 1000 VES via text message without them having to install any software. After that I give them some time to realize how DASH grows or falls in value. But the great thing is, that in relation to the Venezuelan Bolivar its growing in value most of the time, which gives a great impression to the users.

DashText also enables the street merchants to participate in our economy, which do not have access to any banking POS which usually only use cash. I have been onboarding and paying more than 10 street merchants regularly during the past weeks, even creating a circulating economy as these street merchants talk a lot and they are very present on the street giving a great publicity to dash being for everyone, check out this video to understand what i am talking about:

Its an absolutely critical tool, I totally love it and I wish DashText would be more transparent so that the MNO would be willing to put even more funds into its expansion. I truly believe that DashText might be more important than any smartphone wallet, even in countries where smartphones are common. It also takes away this hurdle of backing up the seed phrase or understanding what a seed phrase is as it is a centralized service. But there lies also the issue, as it is a centralized service, it requires much more trust, therefore more transparency by the team operating that service would be needed.
3 points,27 days ago
Yes from me. I like how this combines Dash Text with a large well-distributed Dash charity program.
1 point,18 days ago
We are experiencing very low demand of people to buy Dash to donate to this charity. It's actually a standard operating for charities to have sales-people that work to get donations coming in (ie. people don't donate to charity much own their own, they need pressure usually)
-2 points,25 days ago
Dream on , qwizzie.

Dash is not a charity program. All this is exactly what in investors in Dash DO NOT wanna hear.

This project rather harms Dash.

-3 points,25 days ago
Yup, sadly people beleive in alot of hopium by becoming a handout solution
0 points,27 days ago
Hello qwizzie thank you so much for your support!
-6 points,26 days ago
Oh no, not again.

We are getting flooded with Venezuela proposals...

Thank you. No.
3 points,25 days ago
Venezuela is actually the biggest opportunity for DASH and we can not get "flooded" enough with proposals from here. The whole cost of operation is ten times lower than in other nations while DASH is totally accepted and supported by the government. Nicolas Maduro the president of Venezuela recently mentioned DASH in a one hour presentation he was moderating personally to promote Venezuela as the first crypto nation world wide... DASH really solves several problems here and is not just another investment opportunity for the rich class... Refills with DASH are a huge thing, then they have issues with their banking terminals which DASH solves and DASH is more stable than their national currency, it also allows them to rent out their places for DASH where they can not participate in AirBnB as that would require a bank account in USD or EUR. Sooo many opportunitites....
3 points,25 days ago
@Ariana, This program is about the development, operation and maintenance of the DASH text service as a whole. I know it could be confusing because Lorenzo also mentioned the Dash Charity Program in this proposal to keep the community up to date with what is now possible with DASH text, however that is only one service out of the many integrations that is operational through DASH Text. This proposal is not about making donations to the DASH charity program Lorenzo mentioned it to show what is possible with the service.

The DASH Text service is operated, maintained and developed in Venezuela where the costs are considerably more competitive than countries such as the USA.

Are you saying you don't want the DASH Text service? or that you don't want DASH Text run out of Venezuela? If it is the latter then if you could get a quote from USA for the following so we can make a comparison:

1 hire an experienced network security professional to ensure the safety of the service.

2. Developers to maintain and build on the DASH text service,

3. Marketing people to setup new deals and gateways

4. Computers, infastructure to securely run the service.

Then send your quote here for the monthly costs so that we can make a comparison with this proposal. However even if we were to run this in another country this team have built up connections with the integration partners so a service run out of the USA would have to build those partnerships again. I would see it somewhat difficult for a team in the USA to setup partners such as cryptobuyer that is based in panama and in other South American countries were DCG themselves have stated is their primary focus for marketing the DASH service.

One comparison that may be useful: According to DASH core team budget proposal in this funding cycle the average monthly Salary for a single DCG member is as follows:

$250,000 / 39 = 6.4k for just one DCG member on average per month.

With this proposal we are running DASH text service with many more people, along with the software, infrastructure and marketing for less than the monthly salary of one DCG team member. In addition they are creating further integrations into the core service to make is more useful, including the recent integration into Cryptobuyer POS system.

I realise that MNOs don't have much time to read proposals and it is a little confusing to mention integrations they are making in their proposal but they are just trying to showcase the service and how they are expanding into new areas.
-3 points,27 days ago
So are we MNO insane,? Long term funding of charities is not what dash was designed for.

Continuing this gravy train of handouts is just a waste of dash, which does not provide any ROI to DASH,

Lets ask this question..

If the users are (underprivileged) in poor financial shape, and are seeking handouts, what is the possibility of them purchasing DASH in the next 6-12 months?

This program is akin to purchasing followers on Instagram and or twitter for 'advertising / brand outreach'

By requesting funds from the dao and dispersing them in fractional increments even a monkey can create transactions, but they DO NOT DELIVER ROI TO DASH!!

I am of the view "give a man a fish feed him once, teach a man how to fish feed him for life"

We need to focus on projects and or organisations that deliver real value by retaining users in a fashion that is consistent with the values and objects of the DAO

I am not sure why the fellow MNO are not taking this into consideration before voting

Voting NO

Thank you
3 points,26 days ago
@realmrhack, could you clarify your reply. Are you saying that the service DASH text is not worth 5k per month? If that is your view could you also therefore state how much you think having DASH text serving Dash network is actually worth per month and give you reasons why you give that value based on actual values. Thank you.
1 point,18 days ago
It appears this proposal is more for the Charity than for the Dash Text system
1 point,27 days ago
This proposal is not requesting funds from the DAO to give out to charity, we simply built a portal that allows people who want to donate, to do it in a transparent way and beneficiaries will receive dash that they spend directly.

Dash Text is not a charity, it's a software platform to allow people to pay with Dash via SMS in several countries. We do remittances we do payments, we have merchants signed up who use our system, more than 6000 people have created Dash Text wallets.

We keep providing value, real adoption and solutions to allow people to interface more easily with the Dash Network even if they don't have good smartphones.

If you don't like the School Meal Program, I can understand that, but before voting No I encourage you to consider everything we do in order to position Dash as the top cryptocurrency for payments around the world, and not focus just on that particular aspect as if we're just a charity.

-1 point,25 days ago
Hey Lorenzo, it might actually be the issue the way your presented this proposal, you put up that Charity info graphic first and very little information about the concrete goals of DashText for the future. To which countries do you want to expand? Why? When? How? What is the general strategy? What do you want to deliver?
1 point,28 days ago
Does this project drive purchases of Dash with FIAT?
0 points,28 days ago
a) i looked into the project. It seems a great project, BUT it doesn't drive purchases of Dash with Fiat. Ex: there is no spot on the website to buy the Dash to donate with a credit card. So it's roughly targetting users who already possess Dash.
b) Therefore, my recommendation is: it's a great transparent charity model, but is unfit for DAO funding since it does not drive purchases of Dash with Fiat.
c) That it's best suited as a standalone project that the owners need to find a way to make sustainable (ie. charging a small % fee on donations).
-1 point,28 days ago
d) basically due to the DAO funding, the website is able to not charge a fee on donations. So the view: that we're just subsidizing the charity so that the owners don't have to charge a small fee %.
0 points,1 month ago
Stats for the last month don't look too good. Any ideas how to improve it?
4 points,1 month ago
Hello GrandMasterDash! During October there were more than 700 Tx, they went down from 1000 but we still think they're at a decent amount. Due to the decline in the price of Dash, our budget is reduced and there is little money for marketing or incentives.

However with the newly launched Charity Program there has been and will continue to be a lot of PR surrounding it. And we're launching the integration with cryptobuyer this week as well, so November looks to be a pretty good month in terms of Tx count, and we will continue to work hard to gain as many users as possible.

Thanks for your feedback!
-1 point,25 days ago
Hey Lorenzo, would you be able to make these statistics pages public? I believe that would help a lot to grow more trust into your efforts!
-1 point,25 days ago
Oh i just realised you put up that link but sadly I can not visit that page from inside Venezuela... Would you be able to mirror that site so that Venezuelans can also access that data?