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Title:Dash Text Continued Development - Full Launch of Distributed Charity Program - Tx Tracker - Service in more countries - New POS and Remittance Integrations - Renewed Website
Monthly amount: 81 DASH (14267 USD)
Completed payments: no payments occurred yet (2 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2019-06-16 / 2019-08-15 (added on 2019-06-11)
Final voting deadline: in 4 days
Votes: 407 Yes / 59 No / 3 Abstain
Will be funded: No. This proposal needs additional 130 Yes votes to become funded.
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Proposal description

UPDATE! Dash Text public API Page is now live! Check it HERE : 

QR.CR and SPARK POS already integrated! Cryptobuyer and Anypay coming soon, help us get Dash Text integrated into all Dash POS systems!

UPDATE: Dash Text is now available in the US! Number is 607-307-DASH, try it out and give us your feedback!

We recently added a second school to the Dash Text Distributed Charity Program, the Don Bosco School!

  • What does this specific proposal fund?
        This proposal funds Dash Text’s ongoing costs - including all developers, administrative staff, business development, providers, and       other costs.

  • Distributed Charity Pilot results:
        The pilot of the Dash Text Charity Program was a total success, current statistics:

        -50 Tx per day per school
        -2 total schools in the pilot
        -2000+ transactions to buy food
        -4000+ Empanadas and other breakfast meals
        -2000+ beverages

     Visit to contribute!
     Full Donation portal will be at

  • Deliverables of this proposal:
        -FULL LAUNCH - Dash Text Distributed Charity Program
        -Expansion to new countries: USA, Spain, Mexico, Brazil and others.
        -Integration with exchanges and other platforms for payments and remittances.
        -Full public API page.
        -Transaction Tracker
        -New commands and features.
        -Revamped website with new functionality
  • Cost Breakdown:
     Budget requested per month (DASH Rate = 151 USD/DASH)

     Website New Design and Update:            1000 USD ------- 6.6 Dash
     Team Compensation (10 people) :            8000 USD ------- 53 Dash
     Marketing and Multimedia:                       1000 USD ------- 6.6 Dash
     Providers and other expenses:                 1800 USD ------ 11.9 Dash
     Proposal fee refund:                                                               2.5 Dash 

     Total cost per month:                              11,800 USD ------ 80.6 Dash

     PROPOSAL DOCUMENT can be found here: Dash Text Proposal

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1 point,1 day ago
Voted yes. Heard this app was used during Venezuelan power outages.
2 points,1 day ago
Hello 3d1409ae! That is true! Dash Text was extremely useful during the power outages, and on top of it we ran a refill campaign and were able to top up thousands of people's phone numbers using Dash Text so that they could call and text their family members to see if they were ok. We are very happy we could help so many people.

Thank you so much for your support!
-3 points,1 day ago
Dream on. The power outages are getting ever worse. In many areas (like in Zulia) there is more time when they are Without power than with it. That means that the internet doesn''t work either for the most part. Simple conclusion: No power, no crypto use, no text messages.

It is all a big illusion !

We are just wasting our time and money here.
1 point,2 days ago
Definite yes from me! Just tested this and it works great! Now I can use my Windows phone to send and receive Dash. Yes, I use a Windows phone... Don't judge.))
1 point,2 days ago
Thank you so much for the support nerdmoney, I had a Windows phone myself a few years back, brings the memories, so happy you're able to use Dash in it with Dash Text!

3 points,7 days ago
For anyone who is wondering who/how this works, check out Mark Mason's interview here: and know this works due to Block Cypher's API. That's where the security comes in.

I get that people like Ariana, and probably everyone, doesn't want to support the corrupt government of Venezuela. However, this project is a catalyst to undermine such governments, not support them. The people can't fight against the brute force of this government. Their choice is to fight and die, and have their families killed, or undermine those in power, or in other words, thrive outside the government's controls - black markets. This government can survive as long as someone is willing to pay for oil, that means a long long time. Throwing their bodies into a death pile isn't going to help. Dash text just might.

The reason Dash is less likely to fall into the hands of thugs is simply because those thugs would have to be on the ground, threatening one person at a time for their passphrase, etc... doable, just like taking their wallet, but not efficient large scale. And it's easily hidden from government intrusion/taxing in a "black market" which all crashed economic systems have to survive.

Anyway, I think this is one of the best uses of Dash funds, as this will be useful in all developing nations with a population of cell phone users (just not all smart phone users) and I can see this growing exponentially everywhere. It's so awesome that people can use it in the USA now, think of how easy it is to remit funds to your family with no 3rd party help, when Dash is accepted in Columbia and especially Venezuela. No need to convert those funds! It's beautiful!
1 point,7 days ago
Hello TanteStefana, that is an old video oh how we used to work, we no longer depend on blockchain providers like blockcypher, sadly their APIs broke a few months back and we had to do complete re-engineering of the platform since we couldn't find an alternative reliable provider. We are fully independant now in terms of blockchain development, full PHP Code and we run our own Dash nodes on Linux servers we control, I explain some of this in my recent chat with Rodrigo from Dash Brazil:

Regarding your other comments I completely agree with everything else you said, and we're very thankful for your support!

-2 points,9 days ago
DAO funds are supposed to promote Dash as a currency on its way to a widespread payment solution. In this proposal the DAO is being converted into a milk cow for problems caused by chavista politicians - and supported by a big part of the Venezuelan socialist society.

The problem with "charity" programs in this staunch socialist and ruined country is that the funds immediately end up in the hands of the ruling class which are the gangs and black market thugs with party ties that control the run-down economy.

The corrupt government of Venezuela takes place on all levels - and in everyday life. This proposal sounds more like a stabilization program for a nasty regime in this failed state. We don't wanna finance regime stabilization in a dictatorship where thousands of people are locked up in jail for speaking out the truth.

The Venezuelan mentality has to get away from living of other people's hand-outs !

3 points,9 days ago
Hello Ariana, Dash Text is a software platform that allows people to use Dash via SMS, that is what we do, and that is exactly and literally what you described, a system to promote Dash as a currency on its way to a widespread payment solution.

I want to clarify this because you're not the first person to conflate this proposal as a charity proposal, it is not. We are a software platform already present in 3 countries via SMS with more to be added soon, and also available on Telegram on more and more countries, we have integrations for remittances and easier person to person sending with just phone numbers instead of long addresses.

The charity program is (in the eyes of many, me included) a clever way to allow people who want to donate to do it effectively and with transparency, and it helps the adoption of Dash as well. I completely respect it if you have a different opinion regarding humanitarian help to Venezuela or regarding charity in general, but I just want to clarify that voting for this proposal is not voting for a charity. Distributed charity just happens to be something that our platform is useful for and many people like the idea. We respect those who disagree and donations come from individuals who want to donate out of their own will.

With that said, if you think it is a net positive for Dash to have a platform that allows people without a smartphone or reliable internet connectivity to use Dash, then we hope we can get your support, thank you very much for taking time to comment on our proposal.

-3 points,10 days ago
Two things:

1) Where are you based ?
From which country are you operating out of ?

2) The concept of charity payments sounds very much of a few transactions here and there, but nothing that increases the Dash use significantly. Do you have numbers and projections how many additonal TXs you will be generating with this project ?

Thank you.
4 points,10 days ago
Hello Ariana!

1) We are based in Venezuela, all members of our team currently live and operate here.

2) Members of the charity program pilot currently make 40-60 Tx per day to buy food in each location, when we get to just 10 locations for example, we are talking about 500+ Tx per day, every single one to buy a meal with Dash, we believe this is very powerful.

Venezuela is currently receiving dozens of millions in humanitarian aid, and several million in different cryptos who are all trying to help Venezuelans in some way. Dash is the only cryptocurrency who is getting real usage from these donations, all other cryptos are sending money for someone here in Venezuela to exchange it for the local currency and buy food, getting zero actual usage of the crypto.

The charity program is still in its pilot stage, for the full launch we hope to make a lot of noise worldwide and later on even allow people to donate different cryptos, which will be instantly converted to dash and evenly distributed to the people.

The Dash Text charity program is the first truly distributed charity in the world, its a super innovative way to change how humanitarian aid is done, making it more transparent and seamless, It generates real use in these communities, and a lot of real transactions everyday.

We hope to get your support!
2 points,12 days ago
You have my full support, voting yes.
1 point,12 days ago
Thank you so much for your support qwizzie!

3 points,12 days ago
Keep up the good work for Dash. I hope to see the Distributed Charity System be a huge success longterm. Voting yes.
1 point,12 days ago
Hello RobbyDash01! Thank you so much for your support!

-1 point,13 days ago
Majority of your budget is allocated around administration/hr 16000usd to be exact

Im curious to know why it costs so much to maintain and run this program from a human resources prespective.

When clearly the api and or other providers are costing less then 2000usd
1 point,13 days ago
Hello Realmrhack! We currently have a team of 10 people working on the different aspects of this project and we are delivering results in all fronts, increased transaction numbers, wallet count, innovative features and integrations. We are requesting a monthly Dash amount that we consider to be fair and the net monthly cost of the proposal is still below most other proposals.

We hope to gain your support!