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Title:DashTaxi October
One-time payment: 128 DASH (9886 USD)
Completed payments: no payments occurred yet (1 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2019-09-15 / 2019-10-15 (added on 2019-09-19)
Final voting deadline: in passed
Votes: 302 Yes / 269 No / 19 Abstain

Proposal description

UPDATE 24.09.2019
Please find:
- Business Plan here:
- Predicted Profit and Loss Account here: 
- report about DashTaxi proposal:

You will be able to test our app on 28th and 29th of September at Dash Convention. We will be with our taxi in Zurich and, if you're lucky, you'll be able to get around Zurich with our driver. All you have to do is install our PoC app once it's ready (we will inform you).
* we plan to have one car only
** app works on android only

Current app flow:
Dash Podcast with DashTaxi:

Actual proposal / request
We are asking you for support for the month of October to continue the development of the app and start setting up business part of it, which contains the entity with DAO as a shareholder. We also ask you to consider the reimbursement part of our proposal, which contains our test campaign in Zurich and the difference between Dash price when we put previous proposal at $150, we got first tranche at $103, second at $80 (almost 40% funds less in total). As we strongly believe that DashTaxi will be both - perfect adoption tool and good business for Dash - we haven't stopped working on it and we even invested more of our time and money to it.

Previous proposal results
We've been able to:
  • work for 1,5 months (18th Sep) with a team of developers, project manager, product owner and business analyst over the Android dapp proof of concept for DashTaxi platform. We are now planning to present you the app on Dash Convention personally and have some test rides in Zurich
  • create a business plan elements that prove this business can be self-sufficient in terms of funds in around 6-9 months from starting the pilot in Colombia (see below)
  • create and work on marketing plan for DashTaxi promotion
  • get crucial connections to the people from Dash Latam, who confirmed there is a place for DashTaxi in Latin America and are willing to help us with the pilot
1043 - this is the sum of votes we got last time (806 Yes / 235 No / 20 Abstain).

DashTaxi assumptions
  1. DAO will be a shareholder of DashTaxi and get it's part of profits once the platform is profitable (within 1 year we assume)
  2. DashTaxi is not an Uber competition - it's a tool to push the adoption for Dash, but.. recent problems of Uber/Lyft/Bolt over the regulations and profitability show us we can be a serious competitor for them. Our business model assumes 15% of the fee for us (comparing to 25% of Uber/Lyft)
  3. DashTaxi will be easy to use as Uber is - user can register, add credit card and get first Dash, driver will get CC from DashTaxi to payout earning in ATM if he's not happy with keeping Dash
  4. Pilot will happen in Colombia, where there is 90k of Uber drivers and almost 2,5mln passengers (according to our math we need 50 drivers to bring income that allows us to be self-sufficient in terms of $)
  5. What we need is a great user experience in our app to give a perfect tool to drivers and passengers with incentives of getting more earnings that competition does
  6. DashTaxi, with the help of community, will be a proper business earning for itself and sharing that income with the community
  7. DashTaxi will be a DAPP finally - we will use DAPI, usernames and DashDrive once it's published to mainnet
  8. DashTaxi codebase will be a start for next Dash dapps
Current status:
1. Apps
We have an PoC app ready. You can sign in to tests here:
At the end of October we will publish open testing versions of the apps to you. Also - you will be able to see the app working during the - we will be there.

2. Business Model
So far we're able to present you business model canvas and predictions of income and revenue for the first three years of functioning. We have assumed the minimum possible growth plan ("safe plan"), and we showed there the project can get enough revenue to be alive itself after around 6-9 months without any outside help. First year should be closed with $3,5mln income and $0,5mln revenue in total. Year II: $22,5mln / $3,5mln, year III: $58mln / $9mln.

Business model
Business model canvas: New window

Why ridesharing?
In our opinion this is a perfect environment to boost the adoption of Dash instant payments, promote Dash and its unique features and finally to support Dash Evolution. We believe that Dash cryptocurrency can become the first choice of micropayments and the way we think it can be achieved is through a service there is a demand for but at the same time is a pioneer thanks to the Dash payment solution it incorporates.

Project description
DashTaxi is a long term project with the development strategy spanning till 2020. We have started the work on this project by asking ourselves: What are the goals we want to achieve by introducing DashTaxi? We have listed them in the following way:

  • introducing Dash to passenger transport market
  • popularization of Dash cryptocurrency via creation of an example of an application based on such technology, used in everyday life and with high media potential.
  • showcase of DashTaxi opportunities
  • building an application that is used globally and is an easy entrance to the world of cryptocurrencies and modern forms of transport
Economic goals
  • acquiring 2000 drivers in the first year
  • popularization among customers 500k trips in the first year
  • gathering valuable feedback from customers and drivers (at least 15% of users will share their opinion with us)
  • building brand communication channels exceeding the reach of 500.000 people
  • building a user return rate of at least 25% in the first year
  • 100.000 of registered passengers in the first year
Brand image goals
  • building a sense of security and trust (brands and Dash cryptocurrency)
  • reducing the mental barrier of entry into cryptocurrencies
  • popularizing the use of Dash cryptocurrency in everyday life
  • building high awareness of the DashTaxi brand in South America and the grounds for global expansion

One of the very first choices we had to make when planning the development of DashTaxi was the pilot market we want to target. Knowing that we want the solution to be introduced first in the places where it can bring high value we think the best decision is to start testing in Colombia. An extensive market research proves the decision is right.
The question on where to launch the solution first was not the only one we had to find the the answer to and hence we have carried a number of analysis which you can find the details of here:

About me
My name is Maciej Krasowski ( | I come from Poland, city of Lodz. My background is programming (Ruby / Javascript). Since 2014 I am running a software development company called BinarApps ( |

About BinarApps
BinarApps is a software design firm developing custom web and mobile software solutions for international growth startups which employ a team of over 70 software developers, graphics and UX designers, system architects, quality assurance specialists and project managers. The company is centrally located in Poland, in the city of Lodz and serves clients from sixteen countries on four continents and has successfully completed over 100 projects from a diverse range of business fields.

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1 point,8 months ago
Dear Community,

You may think about how we are able to gather such numbers of drivers and passengers if there are not so many crypto enthusiasts in comparing to known payments solutions. Our approach is simple - we will provide them the ability of buying / selling Dash inside our platform thanks to the integrations to local exchange providers. From usability perspective using DashTaxi will be as simple as using Uber. So for someone who's not interested in cryptocurrencies - we will be the platform which is 1:1 alternative to Uber, but - more income for drivers and cheaper or the same prices for passengers. Additionally it will bring the possibility of jumping in into the crypto world for non-coiners.

As mentioned in our Business Plan - DashTaxi has got plans to become profitable business starting in around 6 months from the pilot starting (April 2020). This assumes 60 drivers minimum doing 700 rides per day. We assumed it will take 6 months for us to gather such number of drivers, but - it's a minimum effort based assumption. We believe it might be done faster.

Please find our Business Plan here: and predicted Profit and Loss Account here:
0 points,8 months ago
@ddpunk I see you have put a business plan together. I will take a detailed look through it and give you some feedback in the next 10 to 14 working days.

May I ask: Now that you have done the work on the business plan how did you find this exercise?

One difference I notice right away is that you have gone from simply stating that you would "give it a try" to now actively investing in the project yourself with your own finances. That is a positive sign. I suspect that in the process of building the plan you could see there could be financial potential for your project - something you would not have seen without doing this plan.

Do you not feel more motivated now you have thought through the key aspects of your business idea?

The other benefit for your is that now you have something concrete to approach the DIFF for funding. It shows that you are serious about your project.

One other point I would like to suggest. If you could produce a youtube Video going through your plan and discussing each part. You will then be able to highlight the planning work and show you are serious about your project.

I was down-voted for making constructive comments in your first round of funding. But as a consequence two good things came out of my comments. 1. You decided to move the trial to South America which previously you had not considered 2. You wrote your business plan which has helped you clarify your project and increase your chances of funding. 3. You are more likely to be considered seriously by the DIF. I have made other to the point critical comments in other projects but been down-voted there also for my contributions. But after the initial knee jerk reaction people can see the comments that were made were valid and useful. My role, as an MNO is to safeguard the DASH investments to ensure we only fund worthwhile projects that have the greatest return potential. It is not to sugar coat feedback so as not to upset proposal owners. If the project can be demonstrated to have real benefit to the network it will have a much greater chance of getting funded.

I encourage all MNO's to take a look at ddpunk's business plan. They have done the work to put the plan together. We now have responsibility to provide feedback on that plan.
1 point,8 months ago

I have to say I am thankful for pushing me to prepare Business Model earlier. I have this job done already and next thing is to listed to the feedback and adjust it if needed.

I would prefer having you at my side as a coach than getting from you such "tests" ;)

There are couple of things I can't agree with though:
Ad. 1 - The trial was planned to be done in South America from the beginning (please see first proposal). We changed country from Venezuela to Colombia though

To sum things up - I appreciate your effort you put into reading through full proposal and making suggestions. It means you're treating this seriously, treating us seriously.
0 points,8 months ago

I have just logged to review your business plan however I did not find it on the link you gave. All I can see there are income projections. I followed this link:

I mentioned on my original post it would be 7 to 10 days before I could get the time to review the Business plan. I am CEO of a business I schedule my time. This time now was the only time I had free to review your plan.

Proposal owners need to realise that MNO need enough time to assess proposals. You posted your Business Plan 2 days before the deadline of your proposal. This did not give me enough time to review it. The plan looked quite comprehensive, well put together and I had scheduled this time now to look at it.

Proposal owners need to understand that people that can afford to buy masternodes are likely to be successful business people that have limited time due to other business commitments.

I would also like to address your comments you made above.

1. You mentioned I'm putting you through "tests" by requesting a business plan rather than a coach. That is not correct, and it was not my motive for asking for your plan. I requested a business plan so that I could properly understand and assess your business model. Without a business plan a project has much less chance of success due to core business fundamentals not being considered.

MNOs take seriously any proposal we vote on. We have 70K per masternode invested. We take proposal voting and assessment very seriously.

Proposal owners need to understand the concept that MNO have made a major investment in DASH with currently each masternode costing 70,000 USD. We have to remain impartial and vote based on the strength of the project and the leadership quality of that project. It seems from many POs feedback that if an MNO disagrees or provides feedback that goes against what the PO wants it is seen as being against the proposal owners in some way. MNOs vote on what they believe will bring more value to their investment. We don't vote against a project that we think adds value because that would devalue our investment. When you have 70K / masternode invested you would understand this point.

We also evaluate if the team leaders are suitable for the position based on their feedback. Good leadership skill is one of the most important factors for a project to succeed. The responses that we receive from proposal owners gives us important clues and indications of their leadership capabilities.

I also notice that my comments in your proposal have once again been downvoted. Clearly my contributions here are not welcome, and it does not act as a positive motivation to want to assist when each time I'm downvoted.

Since your business plan is not online when I had scheduled this time to review it I am therefore now going to give this time instead to another project that has requested my assistance and appreciates it.
0 points,7 months ago
DeepBlue - I have requested your "friendship" on Discord. Please, can I have a session with you once you have some time? I appreciate your comments and suggestions and I like your "business owner" approach. I feel I can benefit a lot from it. Of course if you have time.
0 points,7 months ago
For the records: no idea who is downvoting you. I always appreciate your comments, whether I agree with your or not.
1 point,8 months ago
Business plan is available here all the time:
1 point,8 months ago
Please indicate the target countries where DashTaxi would be launched?
1 point,8 months ago

Colombia is the first pilot country. This choice has been made with our advisors, including George from Dash Latam. We've been thinking about Venezuela for a start, but because of some issues (internet access etc) we moved our focus to Colombia. Latin America is our first choice because of the strongest Dash Community support. Also - Colombia has great numbers of Uber drivers/passengers and Uber (around 90k drivers and more than 2,3mln passengers), which means the market is perfect. Another factor is the adoption of cryptocurrency which is at reasonably high level. So Colombia was the obvious choice.

Additionally for that we will pilot the project in paralel in our country and city, Lodz, Poland.

Next choices depend on the future stability of the project and market circumstances in each country / region. We believe we're good to gain the stability in Colombia with our current 3years plan, where having around 60 drivers on board, we're in a comfortable position as a business.
1 point,8 months ago
a) what is the consumer demand to pay acquire Dash to for this Dashtaxi service?
b) seems that consumers would just use fiat currency (since they already have it, and no hassle to obtain, like with Dash) with Uber?
c) does DashTaxi have a competitive advantage over Uber?
0 points,8 months ago
a) and b)
Users will have the ability to plugin in their credit card and use the app ith FIAT, but only as a top-up feature. It means that every top-up is an exchange action FIAT -> Dash.
Demand - depends on the rides amount. If you have 1000 rides per day with average price at $6 per ride, you have $6000 to be converted into Dash

c) the advantage in terms of $ is that we pay more % from each ride to the driver than Uber does. Our plan is to give the driver 85% (Uber, depends on the region, gives 70-75%)
1 point,7 months ago
c) that is a competitive advantage for the employee. What we NEED is a competitive advantage for the customer
1 point,8 months ago
Dear Community

According to the proposal update, we've published to you

- Business Plan here:
- Predicted Profit and Loss Account here:

Please share your thoughts with us. Thank you!

You can still get access to the app test environment here:
2 points,8 months ago
@ddpunk, previously I had requested you provide a full business plan, however you did not provide this stating you just wanted to see how it goes. If you had done the work and actually provided a full business plan then the MNOs would have see a bigger picture of your project.

Your project got through because you teamed up with George Donnelly and he said it "sounds interesting". However being interesting alone is not enough. We needed to see a full worked out plan of how your work is actually going to be sustained long term. However because you did not provide the plan there is no substance to your project.

The business plan is not only for the MNO benefit. It is for the proposal owner's benefit. Your project is not going through at the moment because MNOs don't buy into the long term vision. The reason they have not bought into the vision was because there is no worked out plan that creates that vision. Which means that MNO will vote erratically.

I know I got a lot of downvotes when I gave you this feedback but the reality is the feedback is what you needed to hear. Good ideas alone are not enough any more.

I feel that you have good intent and that you are professional programmers. But that is not enough without a well thought out plan for sustainability. Also would you not want to actually see the work you do actually go on long term rather than nobody using your work? I know my developers only really get the reward for their programming work when they see their work benefiting people. Not when there is a piece of software sitting on a shelf after all their hard work.

I feel the way your team would work is if there was a business person that had a worked out vision and business plan and then called on your programming services to create that vision. I know you have teamed up with George Donnelly but he has not provided a worked out business plan. He has simply stated it seems like a good idea and you will trial it in Colombia. That is not a worked out business plan. That is a random idea that may or may not work.

MNOs are now thinking more like business angels safeguarding our investments. No business angel would give money without a worked out business plan.
2 points,8 months ago
@DeepBlue thanks for your comment.

The plan was to deliver full business plan this week before DashConvention so I could show it in personal in Zurich. I do hope I can have a meeting with someone from DIF at least to talk about it. And with anyone who's interested.

Part of it already exists in this proposal and previous proposal, such as:
- Business Model Canvas
- first 3 years predicted income / revenue
- Market research
- Marketing plans and approach backed by the research

Please click "Show full description"

What is missing (and I am currently working on it) is Costs and predicted Income. Everything will be put in a single document that covers all of it, so it's easier to go through.

Please expect this doc to be delivered within 24 hrs.
0 points,8 months ago
@DeepBlue, @Realmrhack

Please find:
- Business Plan here:
- Predicted Profit and Loss Account here:

I would be honored to listen to your thoughts and discuss them with you. Thank you!
0 points,8 months ago
Thank you couldn't have said it better myself!
1 point,8 months ago
Hey Maciej (ddpunk),

We have not been able to get in contact with you or your team. Could you please let us know if you would like to work with us on a Dash Watch report about your Dash Taxi proposals. We are also available via email at, or you can contact me directly on Discord (MattDash #6481).

Kind Regards,
Dash Watch Report Team
0 points,8 months ago
Apologies, I have missed your message on Discord.
Of course, I'd be glad to work with you guys. You do great job!
I have sent you a message back
2 points,8 months ago
We'd like to confirm that ddpunk has reached out to us and that we'll be working on a report.