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Monthly amount: 375 DASH (19854 USD)
Completed payments: no payments occurred yet (4 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2022-07-12 / 2022-11-08 (added on 2022-06-29)
Final voting deadline: in 7 days
Votes: 30 Yes / 313 No / 50 Abstain
Will be funded: No. This proposal needs additional 697 Yes votes to become funded.
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Proposal description

Proposal: Dash Sponsors Pro Football/Soccer Team In Portugal

World of Football NFT or WoF, is an NFT brand with 22,000 members across its platforms and counting, bringing real-life professional football to the blockchain through a series of 4 NFT collections with both digital and real-life utilities like never been seen before in an NFT project (most prominently, voting rights for a 5th division professional football club in Portugal named Forjães SC). 

On May 27, current members of Forjães SC voted "YES" on accepting Cisco Terreros and WoF as their chairman and owners of the club, making us the first NFT brand to own and manage a professional sports team.
Cisco Terreros (middle) with Forjães President, Antonio B (left) and club's Technical Director Fernando T (right)

As we embark on the remarkable job of operating Forjães SC, we are tasked with all revenue-generating assets for the club such as marketing sponsorships, jersey and merchandizing sales, and new membership sales, to name a few. With that, the long-term contract with our current jersey sponsor, textile giant "Etfor," has come to an end. For that reason, World of Football and Forjães SC are seeking Dash as the official jersey sponsor of our new jersey.

Why WoF and Forjães?

We were founded as the first blockchain group to take ownership of a professional sports team, disrupting the status quo of many layers of club ownership/management and the disconnect between rich and powerful owners and their local communities. What started out as an idea in 2021 has come full circle as a tangible and sustainable business. We've created a community of NFT holders that now own a historic club in Portugal.

Forjães SC is a beloved club with 55 years of history, rooted in one of the most quintessential towns in Portugal, the costal city of Esposende. With a rich history of football that dates back decades, the club draws generations of fans, season ticket holders and players alike.

Now that we've accomplished the monumental task of acquiring the team, our next goal is simple but no less grandiose. We aim to make Forjães SC the world's second team. The blockchain's team. The internet's team. Every football fan has a first team; the team you'll always feel a connection to and associate with nostalgic memories. Now, with the globalization of sports, the technology of web3, and the ability to connect with individuals around the globe with a simple click, we intend to make Forjães a team that anyone, from anywhere in the world, can passionately support, just like they do their first team.

We are no stranger to managing football teams either! Cisco Terreros, founder of WoF and chairman of Forjães, offers a deep resume of knowledge, successfully managing professional football clubs and building teams from the ground up. In the past 20 years, Cisco has worked for the Olympics, Real Salt Lake (professional football team in USA), Columbus Crew SC (professional team in USA), and most recently has worked as a FIFA licensed agent, managing more than 300 athletes and negotiating more than $40m in athlete transactions with some of the biggest clubs in the world.

Why Dash?

As its slogan states "Dash is digital cash you can spend anywhere," providing a unique solution to one of our problems... how does a DSO (Decentralized Sports Organization) pay its athletes, coaches and staff from across the world as well as accept payments from its members and merchandize sales? As we began researching crypto-based solutions to make such transactions, one of our mentors, NFT holders and early investors, former CTO of Dash, Bob Carroll, suggested Dash and its easy-to-use wallet solution.

Furthermore, as a crypto-heavy growing community, we need to offer a way for our members to pay their dues, buy merchandize and Dash allows us to have a fiat-merchant services alternative. We believe that by offering a 10% discount FOR ANYONE who pays with Dash (instead of fiat), it will encourage new wallets to adopt  Dash as their new form of currency and begin utilizing the coin. (See screenshot of our current shop checkout page already implementing Dash as our non-fiat form of payment)

Our goal is to make Dash the main form of payment for our players and coaches, making it the first professional sports team to pay their staff in Dash as well as receive revenue through our website, all while promoting the Dash brand to our blockchain-centric community and football community across the world, thus increasing wallet transactions with Dash as the main token.

For that reason, we, WoF and FSC, dream of having the Dash logo on our jerseys, promoting the service to our global fanbase.

The Proposal:
  • One (1) year deal
  • Dash brand featured on front of all jerseys and training kits (including home, away and 3rd jersey for senior team, all youth levels in Portugal and US)
  • One field banner at Forjães Stadium (visible during all home TV broadcasts)
  • Two (2) :30 second TV ads during all home broadcasts
  • “Match Recap presented by Dash ” social media post, for every season-game
  • Season MVP presented by Dash, to be presented to the Most Valuable Player each year
  • A specially discounted shop-page and/or code for all Masternodes to purchase co-branded merchandize at cost (vs. retail)
  • All Masternodes to mint at no cost a ForjaesSC-Dash 3D designed NFT jersey (only available for Masternodes)
  • The official crypto coin for all merchant services needs within (as illustrated on the screenshot of shop below)
We are asking for an investment of 375 DASH per month for 4 months.

What the money will be used for:

As you can imagine, operating a professional football club isn't cheap. In fact, a lot of sports fans have the misconception that owning and operating a professional sports team is a profitable endeavor and although it can be through equity and the evolution of the club (e.g. taking a club from 5th division to 3rd division), it is a very costly operation. For that reason, 100% of the funds generated from the jersey sponsorship will assist us in covering some of the following expenses:
  • Coaching staff monthly salaries
  • Medical and supporting staff salaries
  • Professional players' monthly salaries
  • Stadium operations' fees
  • Costs related to away-game travel (such as athlete per-diem, hotels, buses, and other related expenses)
  • Youth team ops, coaches and support staff salaries

If any of you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email

Thank you for your time. We hope you feel inspired by our revolution and compelled to vote "Yes" for our unique and never-before-seen approach.

(For a complete look at our business plan, the Dash pitch deck and roadmap, please visit [i]this Google-Slides presentation[/i])

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Discussion: Should we fund this proposal?

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0 points,1 month ago
We don't need the fake war of sportsball, we need real revolution.
2 points,1 month ago
I think the ask is too high, like others here, not just because we are in a bear market, we had a block reward reduction last cycle, this is an ~8% ask of Budget for 4 cycles. As for whether the network sees any benefit from supporting this, past sponsorships have returned very little value to the network.
1 point,1 month ago
I can appreciate that and thank you for your feedback. I will review past sponsorships and try to identify why they did not provide much value to the network to ensure we can prove the opposite. Because I still do believe our ask, despite of being a sponsorship, is very unique and I promise you, never seen before (e.g. a pro team managed by a web3 DAO). Keep an open mind and an eye out for our new and updated proposal
2 points,1 month ago
It's always hard for an outsider who nobody here has ever heard of to come in and ask for substantial amounts of money as their very first contact with the Dash community. Of course we welcome new people and fresh ideas, but you could increase your chances dramatically if you spent some time hanging around for a while, involving yourself in the community, understanding how it ticks, what worries and excites people and allowing us to get to know you.

That also includes getting familiar with the history of Dash treasury proposals. We've had sponsorship-type proposals before. Did you check why they succeeded or failed? Even if the proposal succeeded, if the sponsorship was considered a success? What the community reaction was?

Unfortunately, the timing is also bad. We're struggling to keep our main development team afloat amidst a brutal bear market that dramatically cut the value of our treasury. To me it'd feel frivolous to spend 1500 Dash on a sports sponsorship right now.

And that's not even looking at the merit of the proposal itself. I am not very familiar with Portuguese soccer. What exactly is a 5th division team? Five levels down from the top league? I mean I fully understand we won't be on FC Porto jerseys any time soon, but would it be money well spent on a mostly unknown also-ran?

That value proposition is not clear. You're talking a lot more about what Dash could do for your team than what this deal would do for Dash. How many GRP would it deliver by channel over the course of the season? How does that compare to other sponsorships or OOH ads? Any other success metrics? Who would produce those two 30s TV ads? Where are they broadcast? ...

What would you deliver in each of the 4 funding periods? What would we have to go by to see if we want to continue paying you after the first one or two cycles? What if you get only partial payout?

So many questions... I see you posted a pre-proposal in the forum and unfortunately got few responses. You shouldn't have taken a lack of responses as encouragement though. Long story short, I think it's an intriguing idea, esp. if targeting crypto-minded fans, but it's badly thought-out and the timing is even worse.
1 point,1 month ago
@MasterNoodle, thank you for making some very valid points; based on those points plus some amazing mentorship and positive guidance/feedback from @GrandmasterDash and many others, I will resubmit a new proposal, with more clarity on the ask, deliverables, KPIs and a way lower asking number.

If appropriate, I would like to offer some insight for you from the other side of the coin, "the proposal owner": I understand you are one of the 4k+ custodians of this DAO and you must do whatever it takes to protect our asset, but I hope you also appreciate that not everyone who is submitting these proposals are here just for the money. If I were in your shoes, I too would be a heavy guardian of our DAO, but I hope my feedback helps you appreciate that there are people like I and my community who are honest, hard working, have been down a long road to reach this point and aren't here to simply take but rather, build together.

I have been a Dash holder for a few years now and despite on not holding nearly as much as many of you or not being on our Discord or forums until now (not because of not wanting to but because of lack of experience), it does not suggest that I don't love the coin, support it and have been a huge fan of it since my mentor was your CTO and introduced me to it.

*For any Masternode reading this*, I hope you give us a chance! Keep an eye out on our next proposal. I will gladly pay the 5 Dash again. Please don't treat us like a band of "take-take" bandits and give my community and I the benefit of the doubt that we too are willing to work hard to build a better Dash and want what is best for our DAO and not our wallets.
0 points,1 month ago
I would _love_ to support this proposal but I feel the asking price as a newcomer is too high. Your club has a very small media presence and I would of liked to of seen more detail regarding expenses.

Draw us in with a cheap / discounted first proposal and then later wow us with performance and growth.

Dash is very cheap right now. Some would say it is at a fair market price but I disagree. When I look at the asking price, 375 * 4 = 1.5 masternodes. I expect the dollar value of dash to double within months.
1 point,1 month ago
Thank you GrandMasterDash for your amazing feedback and honest input! I should have clarified that, although this sponsorship is on the club's jersey, it is also a sponsorship with World of Football (WoF), which combined we have well over 22k followers (through our Discord, Instagram and verified twitter account) and growing daily.

I apologize for this confusion but it allows me to expand on our biggest opportunity; we (WoF) bought this club and currently manage it. Our community is very passionate, faithful and most importantly, crypto savvy.

Our goal with this club is to make it "the blockchain's club", "the internet's club" and in only 4 months, we have grown tremendously and continue to grow.

So our ask is not just for Forjaes SC but for World of Football and our ecosystem.

And if I may leave you with this comment I made to DocAgnew on our Discord server: This is an opportunity to market Dash to a brand new, global audience. The sports world and the crypto world have yet to merge interests. Our project is the first to do so in the NFT space. To follow that with a crypto partnership/investment would not only be a natural next step but also the perfect convergence of sports fans and people with an interest and education in the crypto world. That’s a really unique niche that is hard to find (trust us, building this community has been a labor of love). We’ve curated that audience for you and are ready to use our most valuable asset, the front of our jersey sponsorship, to make Dash the preferred coin of our community. This community will continue to grow and have major influence on other sports communities over time as they make the natural transition to crypto in the coming years. And imagine… after being the first soccer team to pay their staff with Dash… what sport is next?

Hope to earn your positive vote!
0 points,1 month ago
I'm intrigued by this and interested in what my fellow MNs have to say on the subject. Actually paying people is an excellent part of this proposal, however if they are located in the Europe it will be hard for them to spend it without something like dash direct as a bridge. I'm not sure how I'll vote on this yet, I'm hoping to see what other masternodes have to say about it
1 point,1 month ago
Thank you Name3 for your comments and insight, I humbly appreciate it.

Your comment is something we have spoken internally about often, to ensure our coaches, players and stuff can utilize their income once received via the Dash network.

Yes, Dash Direct would be an amazing bridge and we are hoping and praying the platform can get all approvals for an international merchant service partner (debit card) thus making these payments and usage of the Dash a lot smoother for our staff.

But until then, we are bound to utilizing partners like Bitrefill (big thanks to one of our masternode's for their feedback over the phone) as well as other decentralized platforms where they can convert Dash and cash it out as needed.

At the time of this reply, its early morning in Portugal but I am waiting to hear back from our head coach Tiago Mota who I've transferred Dash to in the past, to see how he dispersed or utilized his Dash in Portugal. Stay tuned for an update on this reply.

Thanks again!
0 points,1 month ago
Update to response above: Name3, spoke with our coach who I transferred Dash to and he said he used Binance Wallet, and used the Dash with his Binance Wallet Visa debit card. We are testing the whole cycle of the transaction tomorrow where I am sending him Dash to buy some equipment we need, he will then use his Binance Wallet Visa
3 points,1 month ago
No way this will pass, I'm sorry. We can't afford it and even if we could these type of projects never pay off.
That said, feel free to use Dash for tickets sales and merchandise etc etc etc. It is the best blockchain solution and you should adopt it for that reason alone, not because of a paid sponsorship. Good luck in your endeavors.
0 points,1 month ago
I appreciate your feedback, hope others feel differently than you