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Title:Dash Retail Ambassador
Monthly amount: 507 DASH (15022 USD)
Completed payments: 1 totaling in 507 DASH (2 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2017-02-03 / 2017-05-20 (added on 2017-01-19)
Final voting deadline: in passed
Votes: 21 Yes / 378 No / 0 Abstain

Proposal description

Proposal  Name : Dash Retail Ambassadors Project:  Creating Dash Retail Ambassadors in key US cities  Location:Washington DC, Richmond, Charlottesville market then expanding to other US
Funds Request: 507 Dash per month for 3 months  123 Dash/mo direct to customers as incentives and 384 Dash/mo for execution by myself and a small staff 

Concept: This is a project focused on helping people who have barely heard of crypto currency and have no idea how to setup a wallet and proceed
through a transaction. This is 99.999% of the world.  Do you know how to get everyday people to use Dash in retail transactions?  I don’t mean in five years but right now in 2017, three or four years ahead of any other crypto currency. You put an actual face on Dash and guide people in their first exposure to cryto currency by way of a real person who walks you through the steps face to face. You meet with customers in a retail store that they already love. I am imagining a coffee shop, an ice cream store or a brew pub. You setup the event in partnership with the retailer and promote it well ahead of the date. You direct interested people to your table or booth which has been provided by the retailer.You explain to the customer why they should use Dash/crypto and give them a convincing discount for doing so right there on the spot. As part of this encounter you teach them how to setup a wallet, send currency and make a purchase. You buy them a pizza, an ice cream or a coffee just for opening up a Dash wallet while in the store.  If they
later ping you with an email etc. you send them back enough Dash to buy another
cup of coffee etc. at that store. Now they are comfortable with the process and
they know at least one merchant who takes crypto currency.  They also go and tell their friends to get in
touch with you.  You only need one group of people loyal to one retailer to get this started.  Pick the right store – get the rightcustomers.             As a DashNode holder and voter you might ask: why are we giving up valuable Dash to buy coffee for people in one silly US market?  
In short this is a very cheap way to steal the retail market from
Bitcoin  by way of actual retail brick and mortar adoption of Dash ahead of the slowly growing trend. Dash becomes stratospherically more valuable than Bitcoin because there are tangible places
to spend the currency in your neighborhood. Try buying a hot coffee online. Want
to wait 4 years until Bitcoin penetrates to your favorite hangout?  Don’t wait for Bitcoin to solve the problem of
instant transactions. This window will close. You don’t need big purchases to make this a success nor do you need to make this happen on a worldwide scale at first. It’s called market
concentration. That is not happening with Bitcoin that I am aware of. Further-
you want to penetrate to the everyday person – not the cutting edge early
adopters.  All you need to realize to fund this again in the future is that this method opens markets for Dash ahead of Bitcoin and that will translate into Dash gaining in value against the Bitcoin.  Dash could overtake the present value of Bitcoin much sooner than anyone expects. And I ask- who benefits from this by a huge
multiplier? Every Dash holding, node holding person.   If you truly believe in the virtues coded into Dash such as instant spend, anonymity and democracy- get directly to the average person right where they live.   

The Numbers:As part of this proposal ask that the Dash community earmark a dollar amount for this “ giveaway” Lets say-2 coffees per person or 8$ (.7 Dash/person
appx). For example -123 Dash gets potentially 175 new and unique customers per
month to setup and use a Dash wallet for a purchase at a store they already
support. These 525 new users concentrated in one market will infect the region
with interest and a direct experience with Dash. I estimate that this group of
525 new users will cluster around 4-6 retailers and neighborhoods. This is enough
people to create a noticeable effect through concentration. Until the process has been refined and additional staff trained I would plan 1 to 2 events per month. The goal is to give each person
the appropriate time to go through the steps so time per customer can only be
estimated at this juncture. Much planning and coordinating will be needed ahead
of each event to make it successful. I am looking for a reusable tool set to
bring this to other retailers with more personal contacts per Dash spent.  

 Operational steps Getting started
Select food retailers who are located near colleges or an educated influential population.Identify, train and pay a small team of DASH Retail Ambassadors to:Communicate the idea to select retailers in that regionWork with those retailers to get the project in operation.Speak effectively, persuasively and comfortably with customers Train new Dash Retail Ambassadors 
Achieving LargerGoals Get a large population to continue to use Dash beyond the trial phase Help people understand Dash and the value of the cryto currency revolution.Fine tune the approach and repeat each success until there is a momentum in the area that reaches a critical mass.Use the project to consolidate the local users of Dash /cryto into a class of customers with enough purchasing power to attract more
retailers. Once a retailer has a small horde of Dash, get one of their food suppliers to accept Dash as payment on deliveries. (I am hoping to move this
currency into the farmer, producers network surrounding the city)  Focus the retailer and customer’s attention on the features of Dash that are unique and exceptional among the crypto currency options such
as: anonymous usage, fast settlement times and the democratic decision making
of its community.   Since P2B requires a near instant settlement of transactions, using Dash in a point of sale retail
initiative will showcase Dash’s strengths.  Focus marketing on retailers of consumable products for a high level of repeat use of the currency Create a report monthly as to the status of the project Set the duration for 3 months. If successful I would like to reserve the food markets ofDC, NY, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Seattle, Austin, San Francisco for further
implementation and funding under my management. Target food retailers selling:Local sourced food, produce and prepared foodsArtisanal small batch Ice cream High end artisanal PizzaRetailers at farmers markets 
 The Action Agenda Work with ONE retailer at a time
explain to them that Dash will be used to get new and surplus business directed
at their store. Explain that their company will be advertised to a growing list of crypto users who are looking to spend their crypto in brick and mortar
stores in Washington DC.Ask the retailer what they would offer as a discount to those customers if we could move them there on one particular day as a proof of
concept project.Ask if they would agree to keep accepting Dash after the event with a lesser discount for a period of time. (for ex-2 months  at 10%) Explain the ins and outs of Dash and crypto currency to themHelp them setup a Dash wallet to receive fundsSend them Dash (a small amount) Get them to send it backEstablish that the retailer risks nothing on this projectSet a value of Dash to be received in these purchases (example200 Dash per event$)Give them a fiat cash advance to HOLD while you test the project at their business and they accept Dash.Create a marketing piece for them to send off to their subscriber baseIn this marketing piece the event will be on one day only. Stay at the place of business for the majority of that day and help customers setup a Dash wallet make a purchase and ask questions.   
Project Managers Background: Deep roots in the local food system around the Washington DCmetro area with hundreds of contacts in the grower, producer, wholesale and
retail system.  A producer of wild foods,
artisanal cocktail mixes and originator of charred oak ice cream among others.   Founded the largest online farm-to-table
retailer in the DC to Philadelphia region until sold in 2012. An expert in staging
coupon and incentive based sales.  Hopes
to supplant the current monetary system with Dash in the farm-to- table system
and export it to networks of small batch producers worldwide. Please request a one-on-one interview if interested as part of the voting process. 

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3 points,7 years ago
way to much money for a first project... prove yourself first and then ask for funding... do some of your own initiative, prove your ability to deliver and then like everyone said, a much smaller project....
2 points,7 years ago
yeah it's way too much even if you were a known community member.
you should start off much slower and prove yourself first. then come back in a month or 2 with a much cheaper much more scaled back project.

I suggest you start off with a meetup/presentation first and see how that goes...

DashForce Meetup Contest:

This contest will incentivize worldwide Dash meetups and presentations all in one place. This will help to avoid overwhelming the Dash budget proposal system and masternode owners with multiple meetup proposals every month. It will also help to standardize best practices so each Dash meetup is the best it can be.

We will start off the contest by rewarding the First 3 meetups who fulfill all the requirements listed below. As we grow we will eventually move into more of a real contest and choose the Best 3 meetups to win monthly prizes.
For our maiden voyage DashForce will be offering 7.75 Dash to each of the first 3 meetups who do the following....
1 point,7 years ago
I don't feel that the number of people that you will be engaging with in this scheme warrant the amount requested and therefore I must vote "No". I do like the idea, I just think you need to start smaller and cheaper. Thank you for submitting your proposal.
0 points,7 years ago
We are now at 165 No votes and I can see that this has a low chance as submitted. I see that most are using this forum and I will move few comments on other forums here. I thought this exchange of some value and I will continue to direct those who have bought dash nodes as a result of my efforts, those who have become dash users via my efforts as well as those public figures who have worked with me in the past to make a few comments :

tungfa said: ↑
good idea and definately needed
but tbh we had a similar proposal recently (100 merchants for x Dash) and that failed hard to deliver
how do you propose yours will go any different than the other (who maybe managed 10 merchants all together) ?
Well, Everyone has a different skill set.

I have succeeded in this and similar marketing events in incredible ways. I got 500 merchants in the local food system to put actual food products into my distribution system on credit. That was appx 50,000$/ week.

There is something about having passion about a subject as part of being persuasive. On the subject of those merchants - I actually worked with them one one one for some time and got them all on board. Its the personal touch with real conviction behind it.

I have been a huge fan of Dash for some time and have brought it the the attention of many people already- none of who had any experience with crypto at all.

I can share sooooo many war stories that underscore this point.
I once convinced an entire community ( DC area) to rezone my building.

That was many many many meetings with stakeholders community members leaders and politicians and received a unanimous vote by the city,

The federal government overturned it while under construction claiming it was higher than the capitol per the 1910 height act. It was unprecedented to overturn a unanimous govt decision.

I then got them to approve AN EVEN TALLER BUILDING!

I can back up anything I say if one needs more info. I admit I am new to this field but like Amanda J . After reading the Creature from Jeckle Island I had to do a full rethink and this lead to much much research and learning.

Now hear we are. There is NO chance I will not get those numbers.

I have more anecdotes that would underscore this claim if you are not already glazed over.

PS - I apologize for the small posts - I must be having tech difficulties. The forum rejected my single reply so I had to post it line by line .
0 points,7 years ago
I think its a good idea but you are asking for too much money up front; start the pilot and grow from there is my suggestion.
0 points,7 years ago
yeah i agree with fible1, 507 Dash for three months seems too high
0 points,7 years ago
Thanks to all who have taken the time to reply and giving my proposal consideration. I continue to feel that the best way to help the Dash Revolution and to get to know one another is through having an actual project on the table that solicits interaction, understanding and trust. It’s only by working with someone that you get to know them.
Several good points have ben raised that I wanted to tackle one by one.

On Being Known in the Dash Community
A few members have pointed out that I am largely (or completely) unknown to the Dash community. While this is true I am very well known in the communities that I hope to introduce to Dash. I (and my projects) have been written about in the main stream press (front pages of Washington Post business section), on the news and in print as well as numerous publicly available documents. Some projects highlight business ventures and others my stand against govt officials and unfair government practices. I want no notoriety because I do not want to live in the public arena and prefer a private life on my farm.
In short- I want to invite anyone who doubts that I am a person with real roots and accomplishments of record to interview me on the phone where I can offer greater disclosure. I would hope that if this interviewer were well known in the Dash community they could pass their assessment on to other decision makers with a stamp of approval and put that issue aside.
One important value that I bring to the table is that I will bring the Dash Revolution to groups that the Dash community will not have access to for many years or ever. I can prove this today without the necessary unpaid “ internship” suggested. I further posit that Dash needs to get a foothold in those other communities ahead of other currencies because Dash will become the default standard in those circles. As best I understand it – Windows became the standard software because it was included as the standard on IBM shipments and not as a result of numerous personal choices across America.

Lets get Dash to be the default in certain strategic circles.
Recently I spoke with a friend and colleague who over the last few years built a local food wholesale company that is now moving 32M in sales per year and is about to repeat their model nationally. We had a frank discussion about the likely hood of him adoption of block chain currency in transactions. He stated that until the producers and customer began accepting the currency his company would be the LAST to get involved because there was no hew and cry to do so and further- they were doing so well financially that they would not be distracted by researching the subject. By way of an illustration- if I were to convince him to work exclusively with Dash in his very small wholesale network that is 87,000 per day or about 10% of all dahs transaction value. If he takes his template national (10 markets) that one community would EQUAL the entire transaction value occurring right now in dash. I intuitively believe that the present level of Dash transactions recorded is not representative of a real world business exchanges

On Working for Free as a Proof of Worthiness.
I respect without explanation that the Dash voters can establish any criteria for worthiness. I would like to suggest though that not paying people for valued work is a bad strategy. I have been in the position to run many large projects in the past with many employees and contractors. I have found that at the end of the day you get what you pay for. When suggesting that someone should work for free you cannot attract the time of those who have other options. The most competent people are the ones you really want. When you try to pay people less than their worth they leave your system for other opportunities. When you pay someone less than a living wage – they cannot survive while working for you. All to often when I work on spec without a pre-negotiated written contract I simply do not get paid. It’s just a fact of business that you do not negotiate for payment after delivering a service of real consequence.
Usually the concept of prepayment or post payment is negotiated by the metric of risk management. Even a written contract does not ensure payment. I get things done where others do not by understanding and balancing each side’s risk and reward.
Lets look at my proposal as a study of this.
I have pledged to get about 175 people to open up a Dash wallet and use it in several transactions. I am aiming at a population that has NO real experience with crypto currency and I am asking them to take the time to work with me. I intend to do this PERSONALY at first and not delegate this task until I have a methodology documented. That’s 175 people at 10 minutes each or 29 hrs. working directly with people per month. Additionally I do not expect that there will be a line where one person is standing behind the next person to make my life easy but that they will come and go. So in reality this will likely take 2x my estimate or 60 hrs. Also there is a need to setup meetings with retailers not all of which will be successful and a need to advertise and communicate etc. I would estimate this would require another 60 hrs. per month. So now were are at 120 hrs. per month or full time. Additionally I must set aside time to popularize this accomplishment within the Dash community and give them confidence in this expenditure. If I had to hire someone to accomplish all this with some level of reliability I would be paying out the entire sum that I am receiving. This is not really a business opportunity but rather represents a cycle of reimbursement for no personal benefit.
I think the risk reward benefit is that the Dash community risks 507 dash per month or (13x507)= 6,591 to see whether I deliver. I would presume there is a way for Dash to simply stop funding this at month 2 if they don’t like what they see. I see this as project to introduce my skill set to the community for one to three months and not lose money yet make no substantive monetary gain. I have great hopes for future opportunities with the Dash community having this successful interaction on record. Further I believe that getting greater adoption of Dash and crypto into the world at large is a service to man. I believe a fight is coming wherein those that are loosing the power to create money and wield influence will seek to destroy what Dash is trying to accomplish. Says Paul Woodward ” Power is never relinquished without a struggle”

The Road Ahead.

Whether accepted or not this project is my overture to the DASH community that I would like to become involved in a material way. I take no offense when someone says no. I have raised 40M in funding for real estate and recently 5M in private capital for food projects. I get told to take a hike all the time – but I believe in what I my time to and that eventually gets me to a yes. Thanks for reading this far.
2 points,7 years ago
You are an unknown individual who has never contributed anything to Dash and are asking for a BUCKET LOAD of money over many months and dont want to identify yourself.... I am sorry this won't fly. Proposals need to have some way of identifying who the person is that will deliver the work, unless they are a long standing member who has contributed over the years.

I can guarantee you that this proposal will NOT pass. As said many times, prove your experience by starting small, gaining trust and scaling out from there. 1 month 20-50 Dash, pick 30 people to approach and 2 businesses and let us know how it goes.

Also we had a proposal that passed a few months back which was to get 100 businesses to adopt dash in 100 days. You can guess how badly that went. Your proposal is very similar and Dash is WAY too immature to be presented to people who know nothing about crypto. We are waiting for Evolution to fix this.
0 points,7 years ago
Hi Stealth,
Thanks for quantifying that. Thats a big help. If anyone else can chime in and put some numbers behind what they would vote for I will consolidate those suggestions into another proposal. Thats real progress for me.

Also I have already been working with individuals to setup wallets and they have done so. I have all so brought Dash to the attention of others who have bought nodes. I have asked them to make a few comments. Others are considering node purchase and may do so during the life of this proposal -How do I identify to anyones satisfaction the new customers and node buyers. These efforts to bring the accomplishments of Dash to others I did because I think this currency is the right approach and has a great future. My proposal flows out of my experience with that and my other business history
0 points,7 years ago
people can prove they own a node by signing a message.
0 points,7 years ago
Ok I found one of the master node comments here

Paleo is an old friend. I got him into btc a while back and then he turned me on to dash. I am now a mn. Paleo is brilliant, insightful and a great asset to any team. We'd be lucky to have him on our team. And for good measure, I say these things of my own accord so that everyone may have an insight into his character.
#9Cammibis Studsly, Yesterday at 3:20 PM
0 points,7 years ago
If anyone does vote "no " to this proposal Please let me know how it falls short of what you want to see in a proposal. Perhaps I can make it better or take these comments into consideration on future proposals.
0 points,7 years ago
Tell us who you are in real life so we can confirm that you indeed have the experiences you claim to have.