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Title:Dash Ninja Funding Q1 2021
One-time payment: 53 DASH (7962 USD)
Completed payments: 1 totaling in 53 DASH (0 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2020-12-13 / 2021-01-12 (added on 2020-12-16)
Votes: 865 Yes / 15 No / 8 Abstain

Proposal description

Hi everybody, I am elbereth, I was there when Dash started (with another name ;-) ), I helped as I could with testnet, explorer, etc.
Then I had an idea to create a monitoring website for masternodes : Dash Ninja.
I created it from scratch, alone. To understand better how Dash works. I hosted it on my private server since then. I maintain it and make evolutions myself.
I always offered my help for free, then for a time DCG helped me (thanks! It was around 90$ per month at the end), but it ended 2 years ago.
For the last year, I was barely able to spend time on this project due to financial reasons.
With Covid-19 hitting hard this year, it is now possible for me to divert more time and effort on this project if it could be sustainable financially.
The goal is not to make money on it, but I need it to be viable option for me (I cannot left behind paid missions in order to work for free on Dash Ninja).
This funding will allow me to take paid work time to work on it !

Dash Ninja needs a lot of work to become now as useful as it ever was.
This first proposal will make possible for me to invest the time needed for the code to catch up with all new features of dashd since 2 years.
There are 3 targets for this first proposal :
1. A new hosting server, separate from my personal server. With better IO for the DB access, plenty of RAM and fast disk access. Only Dash Ninja will run on it.
2. 4 days a month to work full time (or 4 days FTE) for development (me) to bring Dash Ninja code up to the new features in dashd 0.15, 0.16 and 0.16.1.
3. Better document everything, so that starting another Dash Ninja with the code base is easier.
This means:
- Working masternode monitoring detail page
- Working governance monitoring (some things are very broken)
- Clean-up of old (now useless) code in the back-end
- Fix all quirks that prevent all the pages from working correctly (or at all)

The source code of Dash Ninja is readily available for everybody to check. You will be able to check my progress from the commits to the different public git repositories. And specifically on the GitHub Dash Ninja's Project page.
The code will stay licensed under GPLv3.
- Front-end:
- Back-end:
- Database:
- Control scripts:
- IRC bot script (Eggdrop):
- Database daily automatic dump:
I will commit to publish a monthly state of developping Dash Ninja on this forum.

1 Person Part Time Salaries $1,500.00 x 3
Server Fees $100.00 x 3
Proposal Fee $400.00 x 1
Total: 5200$ for the quarter / 1733$ per month
In Dash (@ 98,11$): 53 Dash for the quarter / 17,67 Dash per month

Current traffic:
Some key figures from the front-end from 17/11/2020 24h (as an example):
- 134k unique page access per day
- 85% of requests are to the RESTful API
- 9.34GiB outbound traffic
Tor & I2P are much less traffic intensive (respectively 400 and 300 unique hits per day).

Server details:
VPS was tested, and it didn't work at all. I really need a dedicated server with 64GB of RAM and at least SSD.
The cheapest I could find on OVH is the Rise-1 model (around 100$/month taxes included).

The future (after this first quarter of funding, for the next proposal):
Then, after this first quarter, will come another proposal :
1. Continue paying for the hosting server. Again this will be strictly for Dash Ninja.
2. Up to 4 days (1 FTE) of maintenance (server+code) and evolutions/improvements:
- To help fix bugs and keep everything up to date. This also covers updating for new dashd versions.
- This will cover adapting the site for new features in dashd or new features requests (list of things possible below).

Possible features updates (for the next proposals):
- Better document the REST API
- Provide some extra information for Masternode payment (for ex: estimated next time for payment)
- Provide a price API to be able to get Dash prices overtime (everything is already in the DB)
- Cache improvements all around, for speed improvements
- Easier deployment of the whole Dash Ninja application (Docker also?)
- Fix/improve the IRC bot scripts
Thanks for your support.

How to contact me:
- Keybase: elbereth
- GitHub: elbereth
- Dash Forum: elbereth

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1 point,6 months ago
This site is always a great resource. Keep up the great work!
0 points,6 months ago
Thanks !
0 points,6 months ago
I think the way this project is proposed and described is brilliant. I wish all proposals were as clearly set out as this. An easy yes vote from me :)
0 points,6 months ago
Thanks !
4 points,6 months ago
Hey Elbereth, I really like proposals like that one as one does not need to spend to much time to decide how ot vote! Yes from me of course :) keep it going....
1 point,6 months ago
Thanks! Appreciated. :-)
0 points,6 months ago
Thanks for keeping this open source. It would be great to have a nicely packaged deployment option to be able to easily create local instances.
0 points,6 months ago
Yes, that's one of the things I want to work on after it becomes on part feature wize with current Dash state. Maybe Docker. I know I looked quickly at that but could not invest the time needed.
0 points,6 months ago
Time flies. For all these years the first thing I do in the morning, daily, is to go to the Dash Ninja and check if all is fine with my nodes. Thank you, elbereth, for your useful service.
0 points,6 months ago
Thanks! Good to know my website is useful. :-)
3 points,6 months ago
Thank you for creating and hosting this for so long for free, absolute 100% yes. I also appreciate the clear breakdown in the proposal including details of a forthcoming maintenance proposal. (and on a side note, thank you for your unpacker, which I've used before too!)
0 points,6 months ago
Thanks! I tried to be as clear as posible, the guys on Dash Forum helped me complete some stuff (thanks to them).
(my unpacker was not updated in almost 5 years... lol)
2 points,6 months ago
Yes, thank you for this resource.
0 points,6 months ago
Thanks for your vote.
2 points,6 months ago
a very easy yes, from me.
0 points,6 months ago