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Monthly amount: 116 DASH (8002 USD)
Completed payments: no payments occurred yet (2 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2018-12-17 / 2019-02-14 (added on 2018-12-14)
Final voting deadline: in passed
Votes: 371 Yes / 134 No / 74 Abstain
Will be funded: No. This proposal needs additional 247 Yes votes to become funded.
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New proposal posted:

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7 points,10 days ago
Nathaniel, i support you.
I urge all the other MNO to take a look at the Dash Watch report mentioned below in the comments.
Nathaniel has done a superb job so far, despite receiving very little funds for all his work and efforts.
I can imagine, being defunded so many times can be discouraging and frustrating, after all he accomplished for Dash.

He and his team showed even better results than Embassy D-A-CH, and on a fraction of funding so far !!
The december rate of funding has already passed unapproved, but we can at least grant Nathaniel the January rate of funding, for him being able to continue.
Dear MNO, if there are any doubts, please take a look at the Dash Watch report, mentioned below in the comments.

Easy YES !!!!
0 points,4 days ago
Thanks for your support.

Kindly support our new proposal posted.

4 points,12 days ago
Dash Nigeria Defunding Statement and Path Forward.

Unfortunately we were defunded during the most recent voting cycle. Nevertheless we remain committed on making Nigeria the next Dash growth market.

After we posted our proposal, we started of strong with a 8:1 vote ration indicating demand for our proposal. Unfortunate for us even later in the cycle more prominent and more discussed proposals were posted later, drawing attention away from our own proposal and most recent achievements.

But the blame is on us, as we just recently switched to our new strategy which we have executed so far successfully. We cannot expect to convince every stakeholder in such a short timeframe of this successful new approach.

Needless to say unfortunately we had to let go of the majority of our team for financial reasons. They have had a great impact for the two last months working with us and we’ll try to get them back after being funded again. We will therefore only be able to operate with reduced impact.

Even without funding we will follow up with our integrations leads to get them finished and we will keep you updated about releases.

We still project to comfortably claim the #4 spot on for Nigeria after two more months of regular operations based on our recent performance and broader Dash ecosystem merchant adoption trends.

Our consumer adoption strategy will then follow shorty after.

We will post our new proposal very soon and will make Nigeria the next Dash growth market.

Thank you,
Nathaniel Luz
Dash Nigeria BizDev Lead
2 points,17 days ago
Dear MNOs,

It's 2 hours to the voting deadline and there's 276 Dash still free.

Our ask is for 116 Dash.

Dash Watch Reports and Dash News Coverage show reasons for our proposal to pass.

Kindly support our proposal.
2 points,18 days ago
4 points,20 days ago
voting YES. (currently writing this from New Zealand where acquiring Dash still SUX VERY HARD). What are the MAIN priorities in Africa???.
Here are some priorities I think are most important, and Dash acceptance at retailers ranks lower down the list:

1) On-ramps and off-ramps for Dash to African fiat currencies.

2) Emphasis on Dash as a long term investment (saving/delayed gratification). This would include excellent teaching material/videos online where investors can learn about on/off-ramps from fiat and wallets. Additional: Services such as CrowdNode.

3) Dash trading pairs on as many exchanges as possible, with InstantSend and recognised by the exchanges.

4) Remittance services (Dash specific would be incredible).

5) Merchant acceptance of Dash. (not high on my list)
3 points,20 days ago
Thanks greatly for your support.

We're committed to getting Dash listed on as many exchanges as possible in Nigeria.

We're still working on integrating Dash into, a major remittance company in Africa. This is scheduled for Q1 2019.

We have plans to get some videos out Q1 2019 also.

Expect amazing results from our works.
4 points,20 days ago
you have my support, good luck.
2 points,20 days ago
Thanks greatly for your support.

Let's make Nigeria Dashy.
5 points,20 days ago
Dash Watch December 25th 2018 Report on
Dash Nigeria BizDev by Nathanielluz
-1 point,21 days ago
Voting No you're spam is everywhere
1 point,21 days ago

Could you give evidence of our spamming?

4 points,22 days ago
Dash Nigeria: BizDev Dashmas present: integration now live.

Merry Dashmas everyone directly from Nigeria!

As we are coming to the close of our first proposal period of November and December we’re now at the stage where we can, in collaboration with our partners, close and release the integrations we’ve been working on for the last couple of months.

One of which is []( Yellowcard offers Nigerians the opportunity to buy online redeemable codes to convert fiat into Dash at many retailers throughout Nigeria.

This is especially interesting in Africa where some people can only pay with cash because they have no bank accounts and thus cannot use traditional online exchanges.

Yellowcard is also currently working on rolling out credit card->Dash services and on expanding their services to 160.000 stores in 10 more african, 4 middle eastern countries and the U.S.

We also supported them with integrating [InstantSend] in order to distinguish Dash from other coins on their platform and to give their customers the real Dash experience from second 1.2.

Over the last two months we’ve been focusing on establishing a solid liquidity and on boarding foundation for Dash so we can now, starting January, proceed with integrating Dash into high profile services like Taxify and Bitpesa.

As it stands today our next proposal would not pass. We want to confidently encourage MNOs to give our team another look and support us making Nigeria the next major Dash growth market.
3 points,23 days ago
Update: OTC exchange service Tehlex has finished their Dash integration. Trading will start on the 25. Servicing Nigeria with more Dash liquidity
3 points,25 days ago

Qualymart e-commerce in Nigeria offers 20% discount for paying in $Dash in collaboration with Dash Nigeria.

As we draw close to the year celebrating the yuletide(like Christmas in Nigeria) season you can take advantage of their end of year promotions by purchasing one of their watches for yourself or someone dear to you.

A special 20% discount awaits those who place orders paying with Dash.


This is one of the achievements of the Dash Nigeria Business Development Team.

Vote for our ongoing proposal to continue seeing Nigeria becoming one of Dash’s major growth markets.

Important notice: the Dash Nigeria budget is not subsidizing this rebate.

This is one of our many successful business integrations.
4 points,27 days ago
Thanks for the proposal, and your work.

A suggestion, I think it is important to have Dash integrations updated on since it is one of the truest metrics that exist to verify the growth of merchants.
And in your proposal, aimed at the acquisition of integrations almost essential.

Remember the shops of the airports, or the nearby have to be a priority objective.
2 points,26 days ago
Thanks for your comment. Here's the link to the list on of merchants accepting Dash in Nigeria for last month:

We'd upload the list of Merchants onboarded this month at the end of the month.

Thanks for your support.
4 points,27 days ago
Wow. That's really the only word that comes to my mind when reading this proposal. It seems evern time I turn my head to look away, they are pushing the envelope further and further. This is what we asked for guys! This is what we wanted! If you want mass adoption, this is what you need. Decentralized teams willing to go the extra mile for Dash.

They have 8 full-time staff. I don't know any statistics on this, but this is the 3rd largest DAO team that I've seen so far. There's DCG, KuvaCash with 20+ full time, and maybe some others but to have several teams in West Africa pushing for global adoption is a dream come true for us.

We are pushing ahead in markets that no other coin has the wherewithal to even approach. During this bear market our treasury allows us to keep working without even flinching. So I'm whole heartedly voting Yes and recommending any good-natured masternode owners to do the same. These guys are working hard for the network everyday, providing good news about Dash to the masses.

They need our help, and they're not asking for much. The salaries for these roles are only around $700 even though these are very senior roles Note: Nigeria is not the poor country it is often portrayed as. Aside from the burgeoning business/tech/movie sector in the country, Nigeria is poised to have more people than the USA does in 2050.

This makes it the perfect breeding ground for Dash mass adoption. The cryptocurrencies that win in Asia and Africa will win the entire thing, so the fact that we already have teams there is a MAJOR BOON! VOTE YES for Nathaniel and his team!
2 points,26 days ago
Thanks for your support
1 point,28 days ago
I'd like to again encourage MNOs to vote on this proposal because we are lucky to have a team in West Africa who are enthusiastic and want to get Dash adopted in their countries, and it is imperative that Dash gets adopted for use everywhere and anywhere it has the opportunity to do so. These people in African countries are ready to use dash and just need a little more informal infrastructure to get Dash distributed and adopted. Dash only has value, IMO, when people use it. Africa, like South America, is a place that has such a need, and it's need for currency has kept it separated from the rest of the world far too long. I believe our teams in Africa can really get the fires of Dash burning strong. They just need a little support. Lets show them some support finally, please!
1 point,28 days ago
Thanks greatly for your support.

We're committed to making Nigeria Dashy. Evidenced are the report from Dash Watch, articles, integrations, etc.
-2 points,1 month ago

You had an initial proposal nov-dec

In this proposal you indicated the following

4 integerations per month (nov-dec)
40 merchants per month (nov-dec)

I think it would suffice to say, based on that information this proposal has not delivered value to the network.

That begs the question why we should continue funding further operations, when clearly the targets are not being met even to a satisfactory percentile of 50%

Voting NO

Thank you
2 points,25 days ago

Have you seen the recent count on for Nigeria? Over 40 merchants listed for the month of November. That of December comes at the end of the month.

Plus did you see the recent announcements of offering 20% discount for paying in Dash and offering 10% off also?

7 points,1 month ago
Hello Realmrhack,

2 integrations are live, (Kurecoinhub and Esusu), yellowcard integration is undergoing tastings before going live, link here:

Kurepay and that are almost done with
integrations are currently trying to sort out liquidity issues due to the recent market dip.

The state of other integrations can be seen here:

Also, while it is ours to approach major businesses to integrate Dash, we have no power over the dates they choose to make it go public.

-4 points,1 month ago
In his previous proposal he confirmed those numbers, essentially so much as so to garuntee that he would deliver 8 integerations + 80 merchants

Please provide info of the 80 merchants from nov-dec

-2 points,1 month ago
20 merchants out of the 80 promised

Thats a 25% success ratio.

Voting No
6 points,1 month ago

We upload the merchants at the end of the month. The 40 for this month have not been listed online.

We have over 56 merchants currently onboarded, accepting Dash.

As the team leader, I verify each of these merchants before listing them online. This is a bit Herculean as they are in different locations.

Integrations some times take months to complete. took us 7 months but now it's in the testing stage, Eunice posted the link above.

Kindly note that most of these integrations were stifled by "liquidity". promised to supply liquidity OTC but they were stuck with the recent market dip.

We're glad to say we're doing well even when we had barely 33% of the budget passed. Priced at $200/Dash, funds released at about $65/Dash.

You may also independent verify from all the integrations listed above the dates when they would go live.

4 points,1 month ago
Realmrhack, do you actually have a masternode to vote 'no' with?
I am voting yes, these guys will be like another Venezuela hopefully.
6 points,1 month ago
Thanks for your support. We're committed to delivering all as promised.
-5 points,1 month ago
@KiwiCodger you and some of the other idiots aaking the question, should consider doing some due dillegence before making assumptions.

Clearly if you lack the ability to ascertain if Im an MNO i question your voting decisions to date.

Thank you.
5 points,1 month ago
I wasn't making an assumption, I was asking a question.

Get the little green MNO box after your name and it will make the query redundant, oh of course, you need a MN to have one of those.
-3 points,1 month ago
Really smart guy?, I didnt know that perhaps you should consder that some people dont want to go around waiving a silly green little badge.

Its optional, speak to @rango

5 points,1 month ago
Not all people on this site are MNOs, but all that have the green box are. You have not stated that you are masternode owner in any of your replies to me, you are just hoping that I will infer this.

I can understand people not wanting to identify themselves as MNO and not having the green box but you are well beyond that point. from here on in your comments will be of minor interest but carry no weight with me, or hopefully with the Dash community.
-5 points,29 days ago
Could careless of your feeble opinions.