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Title:DashMoney - Dapp Development (June23): DGN, DSO and DGM
One-time payment: 99 DASH (2921 USD)
Completed payments: 1 totaling in 99 DASH (0 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2023-06-11 / 2023-07-11 (added on 2023-05-31)
Final voting deadline: in passed
Votes: 506 Yes / 9 No / 10 Abstain

Proposal description

DashMoney Dapps Offering

  • (DGN) v1.0 - Where you can create wallets, get funds (tDash), register an identity and purchase names for Dash Platform.
  • (DSO) v1.0 - Simple social message board dapp to speak to anyone on Platform.
  • (DGM) v1.0 - Send and Receive Dash using only a name!

(Please try out on your smart phone as well, the Dapps are meant for the mobile experience.)
These Dapps are currently operational at their respective sites. Remember, a little patience is required with Dash Platform v0.24 testnet like 20 - 30 seconds to register identity and purchase name, but you will get a real taste of v0.24 testnet speed so to better appreciate v0.25 (the upcoming release). For v0.24, if you do hit a bad connection, just refresh the page and try again.. When v0.25 testnet is released, these Dapps will be updated and released, so you can get the full and best experience Dash can offer.

Proposal Offer

For 1 payment of 99 Dash, I will release the source code on GitHub for DGN v1.0, DSO v1.0 and DGM v1.0, as they currently exist and can be used right now.

Additional Offer Info
The entire vision of DashMoney Dapps is not limited to these 3 Dapps, but I hope to pursue a month to month payment to ensure that the Dash Network can choose if they want the Dapps made by DashMoney. To further that endeavor, this is where DashMoney Dapp Development is heading. This is what is planned for the current month (for the next month's voting). Subject to change if better ideas come to me.
  • DashGetMoney v2.0 - Enable messages and payment requests between sender and receiver.
  • DashGetTogether v1.0 - a Group Messager Dapp, so people can be invited to groups and chat. (This dapp currently does not use encrypted communication.)
  • DashShoutOut v2.0 - Rework of the DSO Data Contracts to allow multiple tags and enable editing and deleting messages.
  • And hopefully much more...
Technical Information about Dapps - These Dapps are developed in React JS with Bootstrap Components with a focus on Mobile usability, and they use a Class-based approach. When the source code is released, you will be able to git clone the repo, npm install and npm start to have the Dapp running in your local browser (Port 3000) from your computer.

With DashMoney, the Dash Community does not have to pay for ideas but pays for actual products. Sends a message for developers to come and create on Dash Platform.

Why DashMoney?

The focus of DashMoney is to further the use-case of Dash as money. To be more specific, I want to facilitate the transactions of Dash between individuals. My interest lies at making Dash into money, because money is the highest and greatest use-case of any product or service in a free market and provides all individuals the information to make accurate and economic decisions based on "Economic Calculation" as described by Ludwig von Mises. To be more clear, money is first a medium of exchange. Store of value and Unit of account are secondary.
Secondly, if you find any code or ideas that you want to copy, improve or change, and bring to market, please do. I do not believe in "intellectual" property as it is antithetical to private property. It is contrary because in enforcing "intellectual" property, it follows that you have to restrict another person in the use of their private property. If you can outcompete me, please do.

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2 points,10 months ago
Thank you for passing my proposal. This is the link to the Github with source code :
2 points,10 months ago
Congratulations !
2 points,10 months ago
I will also be linking the DashMoney GitHub to each of the dapps.
1 point,10 months ago
I vote yes!
2 points,10 months ago
Discord Question - I thought relevant to include.
(From xk nft)
Dear @DashMoney Can you tell us exactly what this proposal delivers to the network? My understanding is it just opens up the github repo? How long will you keep the websites up? If the proposal passes will you keep working on this? If it doesn't will you keep working on this? Do you plan on putting more proposals? If so, for similar amount each month?

(From DashMoney)
Thank you for the question. So currently, The websites cost nothing to keep up, and they will stay up as long as I can find a free provider and this is possible because of the "software architecture" of the websites or dapps.
I think to begin I have to explain the "software architecture" and why Dash Platform changes everything. The websites/dapps their "architecture" is "Your internet Browser directly to Dash Platform" and this is why they cost nothing to host. Because the host I currently use is Vercel and Vercel "thinks", these websites/dapps are "static sites". Static sites means the servers just serves whomever requested the webpage, the webpage and then never talks to them again. It is very minimum for a server provider, like the lowest bar of a website. BUT we know that the websites/dapps aren't "static" they just don't utilize a normal backend server like the entire Internet almost does currently but the websites/dapps use Dash Platform and that is it.
So when I post the github repo, you can host the website locally on your computer or post it with a new name anywhere you want and it will work exactly the same. Everyone has all the control they want.

This "architecture" is really the simpliest that can be used with Dash Platform, but Platform really changes everything because nothing has Authentication, Database Storage, Domain Names and Payments! All in ONE!
I will continue to work on these websites/Dapps. I have 7 Dapp ideas that incorporate the "Your internet browser directly to Dash Platform" architecture. I think I have shared 4 of them already. But I think to finish it will take me 4 months -> my guesstimate. I will put in a proposal each month.

With these websites/dapps, when people ask what is Dash Platform, or what is Evolution? You don't have to explain the complications of crypto to them. You can just tell them to pull up a website. And I am trying to create the lowest bar so the most people can try it. You can't freak someone out with their mnemonic phrase the first time they try and scare them away. Just let them learn. They will understand, "Oh the mnemonic phrase is like my username and password all wrapped into one."
Then they may add like 5 or 10 bucks to it and try out a few things. I make these website/dapps so millions of people can try out crypto and play with it. And not the crypto die hards with deadman's switch already.

And I did just think of one caveat, its that when platform chain is wiped. The Data Contracts get wiped as well. The Data Contracts are part of the source code release but that is the one case where someone, it could be anyone (it doesn't have to be me) has to reregister the Data Contracts. For it all to work again.
2 points,10 months ago
Thanks! Voting YES !
3 points,10 months ago
Would it not be better to use the Dash Incubator for this ? See
2 points,10 months ago
You could setup three Dapp projects in there, requiring a bounty of 33 dash each. If you are interested, you can contact Rion about this.

At least through the Dash Incubator, the Dash community can be sure those Dapps will be open sourced and MNO's don't need to weigh a price on specific Dapps.
2 points,10 months ago
Thank you for your question and the input.

Response to "Would it not be better to use the Dash Incubator for this?" I think it would be possible, but I am trying to achieve many things.

Firstly, in Austrian economics the price of something is not the cumulative cost of the inputs but the subjective marginal utility. It is not as easy as dividing the 3 Dapps by 99/3 = 33 because what you don't see are the 10 or more failed experiments that I did to get there.
What I am trying to say is, it would cost much more to use the incubator. Not only in development cost but development time. I can run 3 experiments on Platform or Dapp Design of which no user would ever see or know about, in the time it would take to explain why I need to do a certain task for the incubator and be paid for it. And those 3 experiments may completely fail, but there is no way to know unless it is tested.

Secondly, to maintain my full creative control. One very provocative example is currently, the login process requires you to enter your mnemonic. I don't feel that that would have passed anyone in crypto's green light test. But in doing so I have created a very easy way for people to try out Dash Platform on testnet. A path of least resistance so that more people can try and experiment. (Having a browser extension login is possible but my focus now is Dapps)

Third and lastly for the question, my one advantage with this is that I can move fast and fail often and Dash Network only pays for what works. As I have said before, with DashMoney, you are not paying for ideas that need to grow in the incubator but a stand alone product (a Dapp) that works. Now I will continue to improve on them but they are complete in that they work and achieve the purpose they were built for. You can try them out on testnet Platform right now.
1 point,10 months ago
I agree, having administrative overhead from another Dash Funded Organization is more expensive than having a team move ahead on its own objective to deliver on promise. Voting yes.
1 point,10 months ago
Response to "At least through the Dash Incubator, the Dash community can be sure those Dapps will be open sourced."
This is a valid concern and I have a simple and reasonable compromise so bearing the cost of trust will fall on DashMoney.
As soon as there are necessary votes (plus 100 votes as a margin of safety for me) for the proposal to pass, within 24 hours I will release the source code, even before voting is finished. If it fails, its on me. This will give developers in the future a point of data going into the future.