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Title:DashMoney - Dapp Development (July 23): DashGetPaid (DGP)
Monthly amount: 149 DASH (3859 USD)
Completed payments: 2 totaling in 298 DASH (0 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2023-07-12 / 2023-09-09 (added on 2023-06-29)
Votes: 535 Yes / 23 No / 52 Abstain

Proposal description

DashMoney Proposal - Preface
   Greetings! And thank you again for passing my last proposal. I come to you this time a bit conflicted, but a good conflicted because of something that I think could be big.

  1. Firstly, now that I have released the first version of DashGetNames (DGN), DashShoutOut (DSO), and DashGetMoney (DGM). I find the create then release cycle, which always leaves the deployed site separated from the released code because development is always ahead of release, lacking. (I think this is unsatisfactory for you the community but for me as well.)
  2. Secondly, my intentions have always been to build products ahead of time and then MNOs can choose if they want a working project. But things don’t always go to plan and in this case that may not be a bad thing. Because fortunately, an idea, that I can not pass up, has come to me. But this idea will require a lot of work, and I want to make sure it is something that Dash MNOs agree to even host and have on Platform. This is the closest I think any crypto can get to becoming money. Money as Medium of Exchange so as DashMoney, I will pursue it.
DashMoney Resolutions (To fix the above mentioned issues)
  1. Open source everything. My resolution is to release the live versions of DGN, DGM, DSO and DashGetTogether (DGT), so that the version presented on the DashMoney Dapps are the versions on Github.  ( – THIS IS COMPLETED) Also I am fully open sourcing all my projects going forward so everyone can have the latest and most up to date versions.
  2. I have extended the time frame for the proposal to ensure full coverage of development for this new dapp. And increased the ask, because it will be a lot of work, and I will be putting in the work to make sure it gets done right. And now finally, let’s get to the actual Dapp!
DashMoney Dapp Offering (DashGetPaid - A killer Dapp!) 
DashGetPaid (DGP) – a Dash Platform Marketplace. Any Dash user can be a merchant.

Money is first a medium of exchange, and therefore you must have equal sellers to buyers, and if you are using money then there is no need for off-ramps or exchanges to convert the money into something else. Exchange through money is completed with just one buyer and one seller.
      DashGetPaid is the dapp to do just that. If you experienced DSO or DGT, you have gotten a little taste of the interaction and UX that is possible with Dash Platform.
      There has been a bit of contention in DashMoney as dapps like DGN and DGM require fully loading the wallet and therefore, there is a noticeable wait before you can interact. While dapps like DSO and DGT actually only load Platform data so there is much less waiting and the UX is much improved. This brings me to DashGetPaid and how it will work for both the buyer side and the seller side.
      For the buyer when they login to DGP, they can immediately go to a menu or product page created by a merchant by just searching the merchant's name on DGP. For the buyer, they can choose from the merchant’s offerings and there will be a simple shopping cart to add what they want from the merchant. When the buyer is ready, they can place the order and pay.  The merchant will also see the orders as they are placed and verify with his wallet in DGP, the received orders have paid. The merchant will then fulfill the order.
      Perhaps an example will help. Let’s say you were going to order food from a food truck. A food truck with a merchant page on DashGetPaid. So you log in (as a buyer) and can immediately search for a merchant by name. You enter the food truck's name and the menu will appear quickly, because it is just platform data which only takes a few seconds to load. And then you can select a hot shrimp rice bowl and a tea. This will be in your cart, and you place the order. (What makes this nice is that while you are ordering, the Dash wallet will be loading in the background) then you go to the 'Orders' tab (The buyer interface will be split into two like DSO but instead of ‘Everyone’ and ‘For you’. It will be ‘Find Merchant’ and ‘My Orders’). You, the buyer, can review the order and by this time the wallet will be synced and ready to use. The buyer then pays Dash to the merchant. The merchant will see the order, prepare the food and when he sees the payment is made, he can call out your Dash Name and hand you your food and tell you to please come again.
      From the merchant side: (The merchant interface will be split like DSO as well. First tab will be ‘Orders’ and the second tab will be ‘My Store/Menu’ for adding products/offerings.) You will add a product to the ‘My Store/Menu’ with product name, description, price and possibly images (like how user images will work on DashPay) (UPDATE - NO IMAGES WILL BE INCLUDED FOR NOW - DISCUSSION IS DOWN BELOW IN THE REPLY THREAD), and these products will appear when buyers search your store or restaurant name. Also it will be just a easy to sign in as a merchant or a buyer. You can just pick buyer or merchant(seller) on sign in.

      There are no QR codes to scan, no converting to fiat. Everything is in Dash and operates through Dash Platform. I hope I was able to convey this idea adequately to you. In essence, any one with a Dash wallet and Dash Name can open a store/menu and be a merchant and anyone can purchase directly with Dash from them!
I like this idea so much that if there is someone that can do it better than me, please do.

Proposal Offer

For 2 payments of 149 Dash, I will build DashGetPaid to completion. The source code will be entirely open on Github during development and after, and I will host as long as I can find a free hosting service, which I currently have with Vercel.
I arrived at 2 payments of 149 because releasing the live versions of DGN, DGM, DGT and DSO would have been a 1 month proposal by itself. The next payment is for DashGetPaid and for it to be ready and in a state that performs even better than all current DashMoney dapps. It will be mainnet ready. The bump of 99 to 149 because other than DashPay, I don’t see anything that has the potential DashGetPaid has, and therefore to ensure DGP is build well.
(If this proposal does not pass, I will still leave everything open source.)

Additional Info
      DashGetPaid because of the buyer and merchant sides of the dapp, it will be twice the size of any DashMoney dapp so far and the interactions and work with the data contracts and wallet will be slightly more advanced but is entirely feasible.
 (Post DashGetPaid Development) – If I do finish early I will continue to work on my previous dapps as I still have lots of ideas for them.
  1.  Like when Identity Credit Transfers are implemented on SDK, I will add “tipping” to DSO and DGT through credits.
  2. Create a contacts list feature for DSO, DGM, and DGT so that when you trying to enter a name or sending a payment, it will first pull suggestions from people on your contact list so that you don’t accidentally send to someone you don’t know.
  3. Bring in DashPay profile so the DashPay images are on all DashMoney Dapps.
  4. Further improvements to Local Storage for faster experience and improve input forms for better responses and error handling.
 Of course, all subject to change if better ideas come to me.
Technical Information about dapps - These dapps are developed in React JS with Bootstrap Components with a focus on Mobile usability, and they use a Class-based approach. With the source code, you can ‘git clone’ the repo, ‘npm install’ and ‘npm start’ to have the Dapp running in your local browser (Port 3000) from your computer.
      Lastly, I believe DashGetPaid has the potential to be a great compliment to DashPay upon the activation of Platform on Mainnet, and I don’t know of any crypto that is any where close to having the freedom and possibilities that Dash and Platform combined can offer! I sincerely appreciate your consideration and hope to build great things with you.

Why DashMoney?
The focus of DashMoney is to further the use-case of Dash as money. To be more specific, I want to facilitate the transactions of Dash between individuals. My interest lies at making Dash into money, because money is the highest and greatest use-case of any product or service in a free market and provides all individuals the information to make accurate and economic decisions based on "Economic Calculation" as described by Ludwig von Mises. To be more clear, money is first a medium of exchange. Store of value and Unit of account are secondary.
Secondly, if you find any code or ideas that you want to copy, improve or change, and bring to market, please do. I do not believe in "intellectual" property as it is antithetical to private property. It is contrary because in enforcing "intellectual" property, it follows that you have to restrict another person in the use of their private property. If you can out compete me, please do.


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4 points,8 months ago
Thank you all for passing my proposal. is currently up and running! The Github repo is here: I recommend you copy it and save it as you did purchase it. Thank you once again and has a great Dash week!
1 point,8 months ago
Was an easy yes for the community given your track record.
1 point,8 months ago
*have a great Dash week!
1 point,9 months ago
This is relying on dash platform to be working?
1 point,9 months ago
That is correct. All the functionality is performed on platform. I recommend that once the code is released in about 2 weeks (depending on testnet status), that everyone copy the repository from Github. At that time, the released version will contain all the needed functionality. (Merchant - store and item creation, and receiving orders with payments; Customer - view merchant stores and placing orders.)

It will still need some ironing out and probably UX changes that I will continue to work on, but the main functionality will be there. The reason for copying the repo is that, the website - doesn't do anything more than give your browser a frontend to communicate with the Dash Platform.

If the website goes down, it can be very quickly replicated by others wherever anyone wants. But if you have a copy of the repo then nothing can stop you from using it on your computer with localhost (your browser operated locally). So unless Dash Platform goes down or the masternode network is shut down, no one can stop you from using it.

Of course this code is just the testnet version, but changing from testnet to mainnet, shouldn't be too difficult.
-1 point,9 months ago
100% behind this, as a small merchant, I have been wanting a Dash marketplace since I joined the community.
2 points,9 months ago
Vlad2019 — (From Dash Discord)
Thanks, very interesting suggestion. I will support him. I have several questions.
1) What if one of the sellers starts selling child pornography through such a store?
2) Where to store the js files that work with the platform so that they cannot be blocked? ipfs?

Dash Money - (Response)
1) If someone were to sell something illicit, I hope the authorities would stop them as platform is completely open. Really it comes down to freedom of choice, as an example just because people commit murder with guns, doesn't mean other people shouldn't be allowed to use guns to protect themselves and their families. I believe your freedom is not limited to what the worst thing some other person does.
2) That is why I will open source everything. This just came to me, the code or js files could just be stored on platform itself too.

With this proposal, I believe we will definitively know if Dash is something more than the 1000s of other cryptos or if Dash is just another digital rock like Bitcoin.
If Dash does want to become money for all, if it does want to fulfill Satoshi's dream, the dream of every freedom loving individual to be free of the fiat banking system, but if it doesn't then let's stop pretending with ourselves and I will stop wasting my time and your time with these proposals. And lastly I would only suggest to everyone to change the name of Dash to Nash -> Not digital cash so that noone in the future will be mistaken.

But otherwise, we go down this path and we see how far freedom will take us.
1 point,9 months ago
Agree on your points! Good idea too. My vote is Yes!
0 points,9 months ago
Perhaps I too can be a bit overzealous, perhaps. But I feel strongly that interactions must be between individuals with no 3rd party fiat off ramp and if there is someone that creates a Dash marketplace better than DashMoney, I would be happy to hand over the domain to them.
You will find me a fair judge, and more than happy to hand it over.
1 point,9 months ago
Well, I have given it more thought. And I do not want perfect to be the enemy of good. These are the decisions I have come to and please give any comments or suggestions.

1) I have decided that I will not be implementing any images on DGP while it is in development on Testnet, so it will not cause Dash Core Group any issues.

2) Before I activate on Mainnet, I will submit a decision proposal to ensure MNOs, still want the DGP dapp.

Also from what I understand of platform, the data stored on platform can be removed by MNOs, so if there is unwanted content it can be removed.
These decisions do not inhibit DGP from becoming a viable Dash marketplace and your feedback is appreciated.