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Title:Dash Electrum Dec 2018 3 months funding
Monthly amount: 138 DASH (10790 USD)
Completed payments: 2 totaling in 276 DASH (1 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2018-12-17 / 2019-03-16 (added on 2018-12-06)
Votes: 864 Yes / 200 No / 40 Abstain
Will be funded: Yes
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Proposal description

Electrum is probably the most popular open-source SPV wallet for bitcoin. Early 2017 I've picked up maintenance and support for DASH Electrum.  Since then, I've assembled a small team of three developers.  This is a proposal to fund the continuing development and support for Dash Electrum.
Note: continuing funding now is critical, since it may influence release of changes, required to support Dash Core 0.13.

Scope and deliverables:

Since last proposal, we've
Execution and Schedule:
Work already performed or in progress. Deliverables are released publicly as soon as they are ready.


We are positioning Dash Electrum as the default front-end for dash ecosystem, with focus on privacy by default.
Our current roadmap is the following:
  • Dash Core 0.13 release
  • submission of Android version to Google Play and FDroid
  • instantsend support
  • coding in the new Bluetooth hardware wallet support, including mobile support (with cooperation with HIDEEZ)
  • privatesend support
  • applets/plugins:
    • masternode monitoring
    • budget proposals monitoring (incl. discussions)
    • pay for fiat services
    • point of sales
    • shared masternodes
  • keep up with the upstream development
About me:
I'm active software developer for over 25 years and for last 15 years I develop mainly in Python. I'm in DASH since late 2014 (you can track my posts on the forum). I package dash electrum for more a year now.

Amount requested:

This time we will request 3-month funding that would cover our burn rate + deficit + at current exchange rate which is $71.8USD/Dash at the moment of this post.

Budget calculation:
  • deficit at the Dec 2st: 197.94DASH
  • burn rate: 69.58DASH for 3 month = 208.74DASH 
  • proposal submission fee: 5DASH
Total: 411.68DASH over 3 month or 137.22DASH per month

To provide transparency, funds would be directed to a separate wallet, as with previous proposal.
In case of DASH appreciation, any leftover funds would be spent to extend the duration of the project. In case of DASH depreciation, we will go into a deficit mode again and will submit a new proposal after the end of this 3month period.
Once again, continuing funding now is critical, since it may influence release of changes, required to support Dash Core 0.13.

More info:

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0 points,21 days ago
Dash Watch January 25th 2019 Report on
Dash Electrum Dec 2018 by akhavr
0 points,1 month ago
Electrum is very much needed for coin control features.

Users who only use the Trezor web wallet for instance or a mobile wallet are compromising their privacy.
1 point,1 month ago
There are not enough users of the Electrum wallet for this to be a good funding option. In the future we will be encouraging people to use the Evolution wallet instead of this anyway.
-1 point,1 month ago
I think this is valuable and useful, even if it's just because of partners that might need electrum.
-1 point,1 month ago
Dash Watch December 26th 2018 Report on
Dash Electrum Q3 and Q4 support and development by akhavr
3 points,1 month ago
Nothing personal but I do think Electrum sucks and there are lots of better wallets out there.
1 point,1 month ago
At this prices, I would suggest we either stop funding after to 2 months or akhavr needs to pledge longer support.
-1 point,1 month ago
Sorry over read the last part, (yes votes from me)
0 points,1 month ago
Yes from me.
1 point,2 months ago
From a developer perspective, I think Electrum is very valuable and useful, and it seems to be used by a large number of businesses. The team has been great when I have contacted them and as such I hope to see this pass.
1 point,2 months ago
Congratulations on an excellent product for the Dash ecosystem!

I will continue to recommend Dash Electrum to users. I would love to see this available in 32 bit for people with old computers, especially in Venezuela. You sent me the 32 bit installer, it works on my laptop. I want to see the 32 bit version supported and linked on Will that be possible?
-1 point,2 months ago
I will talk to web site support to include 32 bit version there too.
0 points,2 months ago
Excellent. Voting YES. Best wishes for success!
0 points,2 months ago
I support the project because the Electrum design is the only Android wallet that enables precise coin-control (to a specific key-pair). But I ask: Is the current version is supposed to be working?

First, only two servers show up in the "choose from peers" list. Second, no matter what privkey or addy I set it up with, it seems to go on synchronizing forever.
-1 point,2 months ago
Yes, it works for me for daily use.

Sync is an issue sometimes. Can you provide more details on forum, to help us trace the issue? Usually reconnecting to a different server helps, though.

Also I'd ask for your server list, since I have many more and the wallet usually keeps connection to 3 or 4.
1 point,2 months ago
Is there a way to tell how many people are actively using this wallet?
-1 point,2 months ago
At in `download_count` field you can see the number of downloads for each release.

That's as much statistics as we can get, since we explicitly do _not_ track any activity with or within the wallet.
0 points,2 months ago
voting YES. I am a huge fan of the Dash Electrum wallet. It is easy for beginners to master with the simplicity of the Seed (and ease of download compared to the QT wallet).
My Dash Electrum tutorial (133 views). May 2018:
My older Bitcoin Electrum tutorial (67,000 views) .2014: