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Title:Dash Electrum Support and Development Apr 2021
Monthly amount: 26 DASH (1376 USD)
Completed payments: 3 totaling in 78 DASH (0 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2021-04-13 / 2021-07-12 (added on 2021-04-05)
Final voting deadline: in passed
Votes: 963 Yes / 15 No / 25 Abstain

Proposal description

Electrum is probably the most popular open-source SPV wallet for bitcoin. Early 2017 I've picked up maintenance and support for DASH Electrum.  Since then, I've assembled a small team of three developers.  This is a proposal to fund the continuing development and support for Dash Electrum.

Execution and Schedule:
Work already performed or in progress. Deliverables are released publicly as soon as they are ready.
During next 3 months we plan to deliver the following:
  • follow the upstream development
  • fix dash-specific issues (see github)
  • improve performance
  • better multisig support out of the box (like, create 2-of-3 for your hw wallet, desktop, and mobile)
Amount requested:
After paying Mar salaries, we are 132.31 Dash left.  Those funds will be rolled forward to the next period.
At current exchange rate of 223.51USD/Dash our run rate is ~67.12 Dash per month.  Note, that due to changes in the team construction, our run rate increased.
  • 67.12 Dash * 3 month = 201.36 Dash
  • -132.31 Dash leftover
  • 5 Dash proposal submission
Total: 75.05 Dash or 25.01 Dash per month (26 Dash per month, rounded up)

As usual, in case of DASH appreciation, any leftover funds would be spent to extend the duration of the project. In case of DASH depreciation, we will go into a deficit mode again and will submit a new proposal after the end of this 3 month period.

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0 points,1 year ago
Tried to use the electrum wallet the other day , was just not opening for me .
Reinstalled , restarted pc ... nope .

Had to resort to a non official wallet to get things done (Dash masternode tool) .
0 points,1 year ago
I've not seen your issue created at (or communicated via any other support channels)
-2 points,1 year ago
There are very few users of the Electrum wallet and when people do try and use it they often but up against problems:

I am personally voting no on this, I just don't see it as worth the money we pay.
0 points,1 year ago

If you read carefully the message, you'll see that the issue is with electrum server, run by DCG. Our electrum servers are up-to-date and online.
0 points,1 year ago
That is some real amateur hour shit on DCGs part, I apologize for misunderstanding the problem and blaming your team.
2 points,1 year ago
>There are very few users of the Electrum wallet

Dash Electrum downloads (3 most recent releases combined Feb 2021)

Desktop (Windows, macOS and Linux): 2422
Mobile (Android): 313

2700 new users per month is not "very few" users. Having Dash Electrum as an easy mobile and desktop SPV wallet means that onboarding new users is easy with a noncustodial, but still computationally lite weight solution.

Voting Yes! to continue supporting this critical infrastructure that other coins cannot afford and lament their lack of ability to incentivize.
3 points,1 year ago
You are right that isn't very few users and now I can't seem to find where I initially saw much lower download numbers. Even in the past it was averaging around 1000 downloads per month according to the Dash Watch report. I seem to have been mistaken. My b
1 point,1 year ago
Understandable, even I find it difficult to keep up with the latest figures at times. Thanks for being reasonable!