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Title:DASH DELIVERY SERVICE: Entire cities accepting Dash as a payment method with Delivery Service + Advertising campaign with merchants + Merchants training team with Deliveries
Monthly amount: 35 DASH (7092 USD)
Completed payments: no payments occurred yet (5 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2021-09-12 / 2022-02-08 (added on 2021-09-11)
Final voting deadline: in 6 days
Votes: 44 Yes / 51 No / 19 Abstain
Will be funded: No. This proposal needs additional 472 Yes votes to become funded.
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Proposal description

UPDATE:  Thanks to an alliance and hard work together with the BiciBike Delivery team, users of the city of Cabimas can make purchases at any commercial premises with delivery service paying with Dash.

Dash stands out as a less friction solution than many other payment options including dollars in the delivery services in Venezuela.  

  Users who can buy $4 of products with Dash can do so, but with dollars often need to buy a total of $20 in purchases even if they only want to spend $8, with Dash merchants don't have to worry about having the right change or People do not have to worry about buying more than they want, In addition, they receive the products in the comfort of their home.

  The strategy for Venezuela since our inception has focused on closed ecosystems, this time we are achieving it in entires cities , taking advantage of the good fit with real use cases and users recently trained by our team throughout the territory.

We have managed to cover two of the most important markets in the City, Costa Mall shopping center and Farmatodo Cabimas.

During the first month we will be announcing discounts in supermarkets and pharmacies in the city, we will focus on strengthening Dash sales so that more users can pay for food, markets and medicines with Dash

Additionally, we have a recruitment and training team within the mall to add Direct merchants to Dash.

We have 10 Authorized Movistar agents offering their services with Dash, including unique delivery services for their plans.

1500 transactions per month during the first month of the cycle.
+2000 transactions during the following months
500 New users per month knowing the benefits of Dash, Dash purchase tutorials with delivery service.
Promotions and discounts   for users who make their payments with Dash through the delivery service platform or with Delivery services by WhatsApp.

During this bidding cycle, we hope to double the amount of Dash sales with a 5% profit through WhatsApp for people who want to make purchases with delivery services.

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0 points,1 day ago
I wanted to "offer simple points on what makes the DashDeliveryService project worthwhile to fund" How about we give this a try:

Proof of on the ground delivery service delivering everyday goods and services with seamless Dash payment. How's that?

Remember, if you reject this as evidence you MUST EXPLAIN WHY otherwise you're not serving properly as a MNO.

You have Dash being used on the ground in Venezuela in a capacity that no other coin can even come close to replicating. Dash, due to its easy and instant transactions is able to be used seamlessly to pay for goods and services to be delivered to the doorstep in Venezuela.

That alone should be enough reason to support this proposal. No other coin, and no other country have this much adoption. Let's vote Yes! And continue supporting this team and their innovative and sharp efforts in Venezuela, the country that needs cryptocurrency the mostt!
-1 point,1 day ago
1 point,1 day ago
-1 point,4 days ago
This is a NO from me sadly, you have not provided a budget, you have not shown any evidence of usage of this service. We have no idea how your business model is to become self-reliant, we have no idea how you intend to spend the requested funds.

The DAO can better allocate this DASH.
-2 points,4 days ago
You're wrong and you're lying. You don't have these stringent data reporting requirements for any of the other proposals you've supported in the past (I checked). You are using this as a way to atatck your economic competition while pretending to be 'an old man'. You should be ashamed of yourself for being a self-serving scum-sucking idiot.
0 points,4 days ago
Oh again with the pleasantries, I've read the updated Description of this proposal and still I see no evidence this is effective, has adoption and is on a path to self sustainability, I will be voting NO on this proposal together with the mall one too.
-2 points,4 days ago
>Oh again with the pleasantries

You start off with the FUD, then you meet the FUD hammer.

>still I see no evidence this is effective

There is plenty of evidence, but its impossible to get a man to see WHAT HE IS PAID TO IGNORE. You repeatedly ignore their advancements because you are dishonest and have ulterior motives.

Just for starters. Also,

3500 payments per month in Venezuela. A portion (~20%) of which are paid with the DashDelivery service. These services ACCEPT DASH DIRECTLY AND PROVIDE DELIVERY. You are DELIBERATELY IGNORING THIS WHICH PROVES YOU ARE A BAD ACTOR.
-3 points,4 days ago
Also, you can watch ANY ONE of the 7 videos on their home page below which CLEARLY show people paying with DASH in parking lots

Like in this video:

This is the same proposal owner as DashMallAndParking and they have provided MUCH PROOF of their work and successes. NOWHERE ELSE in the ENTIRE WORLD can you pay directly with DASH as much as Venezuela. Not even NH and that's supposed to be where Joel Valenzuela, who got 320 Dash a month, is from.

So you're COMPLETELY FULL OF SHIT when you say you don't see any evidence this is effective. You are, like I said, a LIAR!