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Title:Dash Canada - A quantitative approach to breaching a new market
Monthly amount: 150 DASH (10937 USD)
Completed payments: no payments occurred yet (2 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2020-06-14 / 2020-08-13 (added on 2020-06-13)
Final voting deadline: in passed
Votes: 118 Yes / 197 No / 102 Abstain
Will be funded: No. This proposal needs additional 571 Yes votes to become funded.
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Proposal description

You can find the proposal and the budget in a PDF format by following this link :

Our objectives:
● Create a merchants ecosystem of ESG conscious businesses, local food producers, B-corps
● Set a new standard in lead generation and grass-roots promotion for Dash projects.  
● Market adoption via different setups (elaborate contracts for different merchant-types, rewards program for consumers)

Our key deliverables:
Phase 1
- MARKETING - Lead generation and promotion campaign tracking platform for Dash. The community can track our lead generations, progress and recommend us new leads.
Phase 2
- INSTALLATION - Local PoS terminal installation, identify leading market growth via metrics implemented in Dash Retail web application.

Phase 3
- DISTRIBUTION- Customer incentive and rewards program;  building over existing reward programs and creating new programs for grocery stores with previously inexisting reward programs.

Phase  4
- LOCAL FINANCING - Microlending (D-end) to sustainable businesses looking to grow and digital share offerings to local community investors (D-hares). (Based on Synthetix open source code and contracts)

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2 points,23 days ago
Bravo for starting your pdf with measurable outcomes. I really want to vote yes simply for this reason. Let all other potential POs take notice. MEASURABLE OUTCOMES or GTFO

Also expect to get swiftly defunded if you don't deliver my Canadian brothers.

People are asking questions about how you will accomplish your goals. Frankly, don't care as long as you deliver on your outcomes.

I'm skeptical there is enough Dash interest in Canada to warrant the effort. It'd be great if I was wrong. Not sure how I will be voting yet tbh.
0 points,22 days ago
Thanks ! Our job is to prop up interest. We will do what it takes and are ready to put the necessary work, reach out to local merchants, and build new beneficial partnerships.
0 points,27 days ago
Voting yes, nice to see this effort.
0 points,21 days ago
Thanks for your support ! It's always appreciated.
2 points,27 days ago
Definite No. Canada is not our target market. Canada has a functional currency and banking system that can be relied on. I don't see the benefit of getting DASH in Canada at this time of Dash's development.
0 points,27 days ago
Hello Deepblue,

Who is "our" in your first sentence?

I have waited for the right timing of this opportunity in Canada for over 3 years, and probably would have moved to another country to attempt this in a less developed country pre-covid19 if there weren't too many things keeping me home.
If you were looking for more precise answers about something, please rephrase your opinion.

maybe you'll like this though :) :
0 points,27 days ago
Fyi; the monthly amount is actually 301/3, not 150, because until full approval of the network, this is funded by us.
3 points,28 days ago
@dashcanada Love the idea, great to see some traction in Canada, however I have some concerns..

1) around 30k or majority of the funds goes towards planing and misc
2) there is no indication of how the infura will be setup. How will it remain feeless since thats your main selling point
3) how do you plan on addresseing additional kyc costs and aml related activities. Due to fintrac/csa guidelines
4) no indication of how long the dao would subsidize this prop.
5) the costs for POS still have to be requested and presented.
6) who will handle your aml related activities and supervision as per fintrac guidelines
7) how will you accomplish feeless when you have extremely high costs of banking and also exchange fees for using an exchange.

Look forward to your responses

Thank you
0 points,27 days ago
Hello Mr Hack,

Thanks for your constructive feedback.

Keep in mind that :

-Currently, and at least until the end of August, 2 out of 3 current members will receive no monetary compensation for their time invested in this task.

-The 301 DASH collected will go towards a definite attempt to displace the entirety of the existing POS infrastructure in the country.

-This attempt comes at a certain cost. After analysis and planning, the budget for this attempt has been built to yield the highest possible ROI to DASH in this attempt.

-This not-for-profit.

-We have no costs related to the POS devices.

For 6 and 7, see in the proposal that we have assessed the risk of regulatory hurdles at low, and i can't give you free consulting.
0 points,22 days ago
We are not seeking 'free' consulting we are MNO and we have the right to ask questions if you want funding its quite simple.

Given the current situation on the ground with cryptospace, in Canada I am skeptical to see how you will subsidize all this via the dao given that there is ongoing costs, and recording keeping requirements among others

We had another invidual much like yourself who came to the dash dao roughly 30 months ago offering something similar

He promised a dao funded exchange,.. what did we get

I am reluctant to repeat the same mistakes and trust people with nifty ideas without actual concrete evidence of its success!

It all sounds good as an idea its the implementation thats strategically key!

Despite me, being a vocal supporter of getting DFO into Canada I am sadly going to be

Voting No!
0 points,21 days ago
to my knowledge, is a public website. You just had to email us if you wanted more details. Thanks for letting me know how you see things.
Your opinion is greatly appreciated!
0 points,18 days ago
Do not pay attention to Realmrhack. He has been outed as a serial troll and shill for the competition of Dash. He attacks all proposals that seek to grow Dash adoption, while softshoeing proposals that are just starting out and provide limited if any ROI or gameplan.

He accused DashMallAndParking of being a "scam" 8 months ago. DashMallAndParking is one of if not the most performant DAO to-date (besides Core of course). He also attacked the DashHaiti proposal off the bat even though he gave no reason for it and the Haiti team has been working for Dash for 3 years unfunded for the most part (besides some DashBoost funding).

This is all very relevant to consider whenever you read his comments. His modus operandi seems to be to find the most plausible fud line possible then double down on it without responding to reason or logic. In short, he's a shill and a troll.
1 point,18 days ago
ty for info!
-1 point,18 days ago
And your just a butthurt douche bag who is bored behind a keyboard did your girlfriend not keep you entertained?
0 points,18 days ago
0 points,19 days ago
Yes this information is so ALL MNO can review the info you supply its not for me only that is where you may be misunderstood there is other Canadian MNO here too..