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Title:Promoting Armenian "What is Dash?" video to Armenians on Facebook
One-time payment: 27 DASH (1842 USD)
Completed payments: 1 totaling in 27 DASH (0 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2020-08-14 / 2020-09-12 (added on 2020-08-07)
Votes: 719 Yes / 134 No / 18 Abstain

Proposal description

Promote the Armenian version of the highly successful "What is Dash?" video created by the Armenian Crypto School to the Armenian speaking world via Facebook.

Armenians are largely on Facebook. It is the largest social media website in the country. Over 50% of the population is on it.

The Armenian Crypto School is the largest Armenian crypto community in the world with a following of over 6,700 Armenians on Facebook.

We've created over 20 videos with the intention of on-boarding and educating the Armenian speaking world. Armenians are late to the crypto party. In our videos we regularly reference Dash and often use the Dash wallet and Dash as examples when discussing various things about cryptocurrency. This is great because our audience's first crypto interaction is high quality educational material that highlights arguably the best cryptocurrency.

Here you can find the scripts of all our videos in English to confirm for yourself,

Several months ago, we published in both English and Armenian a well received "What is Dash?" video. In fact, it was so successful that it is now featured on when you google "What is Dash"

Some choice comments from reddit and youtube about our video:
" I found not a thing to correct. It's like you read every resource you could get your hands on and condensed it into 17 minutes of pure knowledge goodness. I'm quite impressed. I'll definitely link this video in our wiki.... This is exactly the kind of proposal owner I love to see: Easily verified track record with tangible prior work. I wish you much success!" -Basilpop

"This is great! I'm so happy to see you making videos on Dash. Miss you both!" -Demelza Hays

Link to rest of our positive comments on youtube:

Our post eventually led to an interview by Tao of Satoshi with Cash Alternative TV where we discussed our initiative,

When we originally posted the Armenian version of video to Facebook we did a "boosted" post for $5 over 5 days and got incredibly good results. We reached 12,976 people and had 3,360 thru plays at a cost of $0.001 per thru play. (

There are 3 million Armenians living in Armenia. Supposing half of them are using Facebook that is a target audience of 1.5 million Armenians. If we are able to achieve the same cost per thru play for the video it would be $577 to reach this audience. However there are diminishing returns the longer you promote a video and the price per view would go up. We believe that with a budget of $2000 we can reach every Armenian in the Republic of Armenia on Facebook over a 6 month period.

Cost Breakdown:
(@ Dash price of $100)
$2000 for boosted "What is Dash" post: 20 Dash
Reimbursement for proposal fee: 5 Dash
Compensation/tip for video girl, Mari: 2 Dash
Total: 27 Dash

We will send receipts for the boosted posts to DashWatch over the funding period to provide transparency that the funds are being spent as stated.

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2 points,2 months ago
we hope this proposal is approved, also please reach out to us at and we can assist in creating a Marketing plan and show how we develop our community here in Brazil.
1 point,2 months ago
Do you want to comment on these accounts known to be used by this proposal owner on Discord and other places?

* MikeNewHouse
* DashQueen
* Morpheus
* ArmenianCryptoScool
* DashCryptoMemes
3 points,2 months ago
Wait a minute, are you trying to say the PO is actually the one that trolls under alias MikeNewHouse ???
1 point,2 months ago
How is this known?
1 point,2 months ago
Several Moderators in Dash Talk pieced this together over a month ago. Some of these sock accounts were banned from Dash Legion. Evidence comes from multiple sources and eyewitness accounts. As discussed in Dash Talk mno channel.
2 points,2 months ago
Sorry, can't support this. I'm kind of surprised at all the early yes votes here. I've never really been convinced at the effectiveness of promoting our informational videos, and we've already spent money on this kind of thing in the past with not much to show for it. I don't think this is the right time to be doing this form of marketing, and if we are going to promote youtube videos, we need a more coordinated and nuanced overall marketing strategy, and it would need to involve a resource allocation of way more than $2000. $2000 of aimless "awareness" marketing is not going to bear any fruit here imo.
0 points,2 months ago
The DAO has never spent money in the past promoting an Armenian language video.

The Armenian local crypto economy will surely generate more than $2700 worth of economic value to the Dash ecosystem.

We're talking about a million plus people learning about crypto for the first time ever or who have already learned a little bit about it from our school. They are going to hear about Dash first. It is going to be their reference point to compare to any other cryptocurrency. This is the nuance you are missing I believe. Just because this is an inexpensive ask to the treasury doesn't mean it isn't valuable. I think you are missing the bigger picture or severely underestimating the market.

If you want us to come back with a bigger ask and a more comprehensive marketing solution for Armenia, the reality is it is still too early for Armenia. The market is still too immature. When the time is right perhaps we will come back with such a proposal. The education we are providing to Armenia through our school is accelerating this process.

Hope at the very least you are no longer surprised why people are finding this a worthwhile proposal.
0 points,2 months ago
The most significant example of this was
We spent almost $500,000 to promote general awareness/informational content about Dash online, and we ended up shutting it down because it was not an effective use of treasury funds. I'm not really sure why this is much different. I might seem a little jaded, but it seems to be every proposal in this category for the past couple years makes all kinds of promises about millions of people learning about crypto for the first time, but there are never any tangible results. How will success be measured? We've paid for a bazillion clicks, views/impressions before and it hasn't done much for Dash adoption.
0 points,2 months ago
Marketing to a saturated market vs a virgin market are different things.

You are comparing apples and oranges by comparing our proposal to a huge advertising effort that started 2 months into a multi-year bear market aimed at a competitive market. They are completely different things.

One success case will be observed by being able to walk up to an Armenian in the streets of Yerevan in 6 months, ask them if they've ever heard of Dash cryptocurrency and many of them saying yes.

The alternative is the Dash Treasury prevents 27 Dash being added to the supply of the over 9.7 Million dash which is significantly less than the rounding error I just did. Going up to someone in Armenia, asking them about Dash and them saying "no, I haven't really heard of many crypto at all".

You have to imagine what the US was like 6 or 7 years ago. When you went to a bar and talked about Bitcoin and most people have never heard of it. That is what Armenia is like currently. But, as demonstrated by the growth of our facebook crypto channel there is growing interest and people are receptive to learning. They will see the value of Dash/Crypto along with the rest of the world as we collectively wake up to the state of the global monetary system.
0 points,2 months ago
I don't think that your success case is going to be achievable with this proposal, nor is there a method provided by which to measure it.
You're right that it's not a lot of Dash at stake here, but I am concerned that this will set a precedent again for allocating more resources towards this type of marketing, which I just don't think is effective, even in regions where cryptocurrency might have less than average exposure.
3 points,2 months ago
Thank you for your efforts to support Dash's expansion in Armenia. Could you provide more information about the market in Armenia and your long-term intentions? I'm specifically interested in the following:

a. Is there a direct fiat onramp in Armenia that will allow users to easily buy Dash without a high markup? My fear is that the only onramps may be expensive debit card solutions that would dissuade people from purchasing. Or worse that they would need to buy Bitcoin first and transfer that to another exchange that has Dash. If the audience get interested but are unable to act, that would have a big impact on the success of the effort.

b. What happens after the video campaign? If that's all you plan to do, with no strategy to grow merchants or encourage a useful ecosystem to emerge, my fear is that 6 months from now we have good brand recognition, but no plan or local team working to capitalize on that. 12 months from now, whatever progress was made will likely already be fading away without follow-up building and expanding on this initial work.

Thanks in advance for your answers.
2 points,2 months ago
Thank you for the thoughtful questions.

a) EXMO and CEX are two relatively popular exchanges used in Armenia. Both exchanges deal in Dash currently.

b) After the campaign if we accomplish good brand recognition in Armenia that will be a huge success. Generally, people around the world don't know about Dash. Especially unsophisticated crypto users.

Please keep in mind that the Armenian Crypto School is first and foremost an educational entity. We are not exclusively an adoption team for Dash. While it would be great to grow a merchant network and supercharge the crypto ecosystem in Armenia that is outside of the scope of our activities. For $2,700 worth of Dash, if we can get brand recognition for Dash within Armenia and more generally within the Armenia diaspora that'll be a win for the network and will ultimately lead to more Dash users than otherwise.

As mentioned in the proposal, the crypto ecosystem in Armenia is very immature. We are positioned to be the largest most trusted source of crypto information for the Armenian public. Going forward, as the environment matures, we will be doing everything in our power to amplify the impact of crypto within Armenia and the diaspora. These are our goals, independent of our association with the Dash DAO. Bitcoin's so called "first-mover advantage" has been a strong impediment for better projects like Dash to leapfrog them. Similarly, for Dash to have a premier reputation and strong brand recognition within Armenia will be a boost for network.

Already we get messages and comments from our followers asking us what are the best Dash wallets and we regularly get comments in our videos indicating to us that our messaging is resonating with our audience and that Dash is perceived to be on par with Bitcoin.

Lastly, I'd like to point out that the Armenian diaspora is huge (relative to Armenia) and lots of money moves back and forth between Armenia and Armenians from all over the world. That is a usecase that does not require merchant adoption or a highly sophisticated on the ground crypto ecosystem in order for people to draw value. So we don't feel like our activities are in vain in the short-term. For instance, we hired an Armenian translator to help polish our scripts and we pay her in Dash. We interviewed 8 translators and 7 of them were ok with accepting Dash. There is a growing interest in cryptocurrency within Armenia and a void of resources - which we are filling.

Again thanks for the question. Hopefully we've laid out the case for generating value for the network.